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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Endless Government Free Money
By SARTRE - with comments by Ron
Jul 29, 2019 - 5:09:23 AM

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There is a tyranny in the womb of every Utopia

BERTRAND DE JOUVENEL, Sovereignty: An Inquiry Into the Political Good

Endless Government Free Money

Politicians are all utopians. Promise the world and provide little. For the most extreme deceivers, they keep spending as if there was no tomorrow. And why not, they see to it that endless government free money is available to keep the credit bubble from exploding. As the latest round of raising the federal debt limit works its way through congress, the political class gears up for more government expansion and spending. The notion that paying for public programs seldom hit the radar screen. Low interest rates and a strong dollar have the United States the envy of the world. Yet, this bliss of funny money ignores fundamentals, awaiting a day of destruction.

For decades, this assessment has been made while the world financial markets continue to add to their fiscal obligations as the banksters explode the money supply. The saying that trees do not grow to the sky does not apply, when the almighty dollar paper instruments, keeps their legal tender function. Examine US government spending from the Find an Agency Profile link.

Now review the US Federal Budget Breakdown.

"On March 11, 2019, President Donald Trump released his budget request for fiscal year 2020. Under his proposal, the federal budget would be a record $4.746 trillion. The U.S. government estimates it will receive $3.645 trillion in revenue. That creates a $1.101 trillion deficit for October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2020.

To fund the government, Congress must pass appropriations bills before the fiscal year begins on October 1, 2019. If Congress does not do so, it creates continuing resolutions to keep government departments operational. If it doesn't, the government will shut down.

Government spending is in three categories: Mandatory, which is at $2.841 trillion; Discretionary at $1.426 trillion; and interest on the national debt, $479 billion. This article provides a detailed breakdown of each. You can also find links to past budgets at the end."

Just appalling! Placing all the blame on Trump, Obama, Bush etc., misses the point. Damn the entire political careerists, the greedy oligarchs, corporatists and their lobbyists, the self-entitled masses and the bottom feeders who exploit the giveaway system.

The globalist empire has eradicated the last vestige of the 1776 American Revolution. Eliminating a representative republic with a democracy, ultimately results in a Jacobin mob, which lusts for blood. Off with the heads of opponents is the battle cry of Antifa. Fiscal responsibility is put aside because there are few consequences in running up red ink. The zealots of the left are especially fond of raining down the manna from the heavens to fund their next repressive and tyrannical centralization.

With all this endless free money, government avoids any discussion or debate about individual freedom, much less a society based upon liberty, which is our heritage as a nation. Attempts to analyze and resolve the deficit dilemma seldom acknowledge that balancing budgets has become a non starter. Daniel J. Mitchell writes the following in his article, The (Seemingly) Unending Increase In Federal Spending.

"Now let’s look at the most-recent long-run data from CBO. These numbers are even more depressing because the spending burden continues to grow faster than the private sector. A lot faster.

Which is why the burden of federal spending is projected to increase from less than 21 percent of GDP today to nearly 29 percent of GDP by 2049.

That’s terrible news.

And if you include spending by state and local governments (which currently consumes more than 11 percent of economic output and also is projected to increase), the terrible news gets even worse.

Moreover, the tax burden is projected to climb as well, and that doesn’t even include any estimate of what will happen if politicians manage to impose a value-added tax, an energy tax, a wealth tax, a financial transactions tax, or any of the other revenue-raising schemes under consideration in Washington."

The economic illiterates, who demand a brave new world of government spending, will accelerate dramatically larger indebtedness if they gain and consolidate power. As the punitive schemes of the central bankers devise the next evolution of derivatives and rehypothecation of collateral, the digital green backs shower a hail storm on society in order to pay for a greater controlled despotism.

Never underestimate the creativity of the elitist parasites to encircle the school of dimwits, who are government indoctrinated alums. Transform the country into a PC nightmare with universal health mandates, free college tuition and green energy requirements are examples of spreading counterfeit money to achieve their wonderland.

From the Left, the progressive site Vice presents The Radical Theory That the Government Has Unlimited Money.

"Modern Monetary Theory’s basic principle seems blindingly obvious: Under a fiat currency system, a government can print as much money as it likes. As long as country can mobilize the necessary real resources of labor, machinery, and raw materials, it can provide public services. Our fear of deficits, according to MMT, comes from a profound misunderstanding of the nature of money.

Every five-year-old understands money. It’s what you give the nice lady before she hands you the ice cream cone—an object with intrinsic value that can be redeemed for goods or services. Through the lens of Modern Monetary Theory, however, a dollar is nothing but a liability issued by the US government, which promises to accept it back in payment of taxes. The dollar in your pocket represents a debt owed you by the federal government. Money isn’t a lump of gold but rather an IOU."

Missing in this theory is that Federal Reserve notes are created as an interest bearing obligation. This fact is ignored by economists and politicians because it is impossible to ever retire the debt. The illusion that free money is unlimited avoids the reality that the treasury pays interest to the private Federal Reserve central bank. Gold is a real store of value, while IOU's owed to citizens always loses relative value and purchasing power. Nevertheless, the radical collectivists have a dream of endless money falling from the sky.

[Ron: About 97% of "money"in circulation in the US today consists of FIAT DEBT TOKENS that "live" as electronic digets in cyber space. The assumption that Federal Reserve notes, ie Fiat debt tokens created out of thin air by keystrokes on computers, is "money" on which government Treasuries and private citizens MUST PAY INTEREST to the private owners of Federal Reserve System banks and to commercial banks, is a fraudulent illusion which governments impose on citizens using coercion and violence including the threat of imprisonment. That government coercion is a criminal encroachment on the rights of sovereign human beings.

Governments should be responsible for creating, issuing and properly  controlling the  distribution of interest free money to their constituents. Governments have abdicated that responsibility by giving free licences to private banking corporations (ie private, unidentified individuals who own and/or control those corporations) to create "money" out of thin air (by keystrokes on computers) which they are then authorised to charge interest (usury) on. The banksters also decide who gets that "money" and when and at what interest rate they get it. This situation is absurd and makes the likes of Al Capone and his ilk look like kindergarden operators. And yet this author along with politicians, government bureaucrats, "economists" academics, most commentators and almost everyont else pretends that this process is necessary and appropriate. It isn't.

This author ignores the reality that the current global banking and financial systems operatng through the US Federal Reserve System in tandem with the BIS and the Rothschilds' controlled Central Banks globally are riddled with fraud and on the verge of collapse. The global financial and economic systems are imploding and only appear to be still standing because 'bought and paid for' politicians, bureaucrats, media and other opinion leaders are part of the charade under which the Fed and the ECB et al have created many trillions of USD and euros in imaginary "money" to enable commercial banks and financial institutions to inflate our world into oblivian. See also my comments on: Gilad Atzmon: Milton Friedman’s ‘Capitalism and the Jews’ Revisited -

The existing Western monetary system is dysfunctional due to the fact that private banksters have been given a FREE monopoly on money creation and distribution which they routinely abuse for personal profit. Thay also charge interest (usury) on the fiat debt tokens they fraudulently call "money" which they create out of thin air and lend, while at the same time they do not create any "money" to pay that interest. Accordingly, there is always a shortage of money in the system which can only be remedied by creating more "money" via bankster loans which, in turn, require interest payments, but the money for those interest payments is NOT created. GET THE PICTURE! It's a PONZI SCHEME! Anyone arguing for the continuation of such a system and/or belittling a properly organised and implemented non-usurious, monetary scheme, is a SHILL or totally ill informed!

People, properly organised into self governing communities, can and should organise the creation, distribution and regulation of their money supply, and its reasonable use. Such a system can probably be reasonably described by the modern Monetary Theory (MMT) model.

Whatever is used for "money" is essentially a lubricant; a means to facilitate social intercourse and the production and exchange Of goods and services. IF a community's governing authority issues interest free "money" based on gold or any other commodity or even on the good faith and credit of the community,  to buy goods and services or to build a road or a hospital or to pay hospital staff or other people providing community services etc, and ensures that it gets proper value for that "money", something tangible and usable is produced or provided to the community. That is NOT inflationary, ie it does not devalue the value of money even if the total quantity of money in circulation increases as a result. Those being paid "money" for producing those tangible goods and services can then exchange their "money" tokens for goods and services produced by others. In an honest, healthy economy where the community issues enough interest free "money" to ensure full employment, everyone can acquire that "money" for some valuable good or service or as a gift; or as a stipend provided by the community in respect of the young, the sick, the disabled or anyone else who needs it, for use to obtain goods and services. And as the "money" is issued usury (interest) free, it would be pointless for anyone to seek to hoard it or lend it at interest. The net result is a rapid transfer of "money" as people use it. That increased VELOCITY of "money" circulation begets further activity and so on. There is no reason for a recession or depression to occur unless a community issues too little or too much money for the purpose of properly greasing the wheels of societal interaction, ie to adequately but not excessively, stimulate community activities.

The money meme is a magnet for manipulation and corruption because money is issued subject to interest (usury) payments. As humans on this planet are insufficiently conscious to accept living in a money free environment it will be necessary for communities formed after the coming magnetic reversal and stasis transition period to learn to live without interest being charged on money. THAT will eliminate the commercial bankers' pernicious fractional reserve system under which they purport to lend nine times more money than they have to lend. Apart from preventing bankers from lending money they don't have, issuance of interest free money will eliminate the fraud, theft, corruption, manipulation and convoluted machinations currently associated with the money meme and wealth accumulation and management. The result will be that human social and economic life will become simpler, more prosperous and less stressful.  Why? Because there will be a natural increase in human resourcefulness and labour since no one will need to be unemployed for lack of "money" in the "economy". Useless and counter productive activities associated with much commercial accounting and complex financiang arrangements, and theft and fraud will also decrease freeing up human energy and resources for productive activities. The result will be a rapid increase in abundance for everyone without encouraging hoarders, manipulators and criminals as is currently the case.].

SARTRE - July 23, 2019

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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