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Ed Cavanough, ‘It’s vital to ask the tough questions’ CT, 25/9/21
By Ron Chapman
Sep 24, 2021 - 10:32:50 PM

Ron: Here's a lette I sent today to the Canberra Times.


Ed Cavanough, ‘It's vital to ask the tough questions' CT, 25/9/21, p.23 says illiberal, Trumpian tactics give false legitimacy to public assumptions that 'journalists are biased or complicit in partisan conspiracy'.

In one sentence Cavanough encapsulates the MSM's prejudiced anti-Trump propaganda AND support for elimination of Australian's human rights, fleshed out in his one-eyed lamentation for unloved journalists.

Readers are supposed to concur with Cavanough's presumption that criticism of fake media is Trumpian and hence illiberal and false but doesn't justify the slur on President Trump or anyone else. That's tantamount to subliminal advertising. As Trump gained 80% of the vote in the US election that's also a major assumption and total denigration of those who voted for him. Real journalists know these things.

Tough questions Cavanough and the MSM don't ask include:

Why has the alleged COVID-19 virus never been isolated and shown to exist?

Why is the CPR test used to diagnose COVID?

Why are alleged asymptomatic infections used to justify lockdowns?

Why are Ivermectin, HCQ, other effective drugs and vitamins B, C, D and zinc not routinely used prophylactically instead of Remsdesivir and other contra-indicated drugs and COVID treatments?

WHY were deaths in Australia in 2020 lower than in 2019?

WHY are deaths and injuries caused by experimental anti-COVID injections far greater than those alleged for COVID?

Why do journalists not mention that about 3000 deaths occur weekly in Australia?

WHY don't journalists report these facts?

WHY are these NOT tough questions deserving answers?



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