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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

EXCLUSIVE (AUDIO): TGP Interviews Jan. 6 Political Prisoner, “Q-Shaman” Jacob Chansley – “I’m Not An Extremist. I’m Not An Insurrectionist. I’m Not A Domestic Terrorist”
By Jordan Conradson
Dec 8, 2021 - 1:36:30 AM

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Jacob Chansley has been in solitary confinement for almost eleven months now, and he was recently sentenced to 41 months in prison for his peaceful involvement in the January 6th protest.

Jacob did not cause any violence, he listened to officers and he was let into the building by Capitol Hill police.

Jacob was arrested on January 9th after turning himself in, not knowing that he would face up to 25 years in prison.

"The whole process was really surreal. I didn't know how long it was going to last.", said Chansley.


The Gateway Pundit reported that the Marxist prosecutor, Assistant U.S. Attorney Kimberly Paschall argued that Chansley must remain imprisoned so that he does not talk about the stolen 2020 election.

Video from inside of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th shows Jake complying with police and urging others to be peaceful.

Although they are trying to steal his first amendment, he is at ease knowing that he can speak to The Gateway Pundit audience without censorship.

Jake is a free-spirited and highly intelligent individual.

His face was plastered all over the fake news media as the face of the January 6th "insurrection", and he is the victim of media slander and ridicule.

In this 40 minute exclusive interview, The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Chansley from the Alexandrian Detention Center in Alexandria Virginia, where he is being held in solitary confinement with real criminals including illegal immigrants guilty of drug trafficking.

Chansley: I'm still in solitary. For the most part throughout the entirety of my time in incarceration, I have been in solitary confinement 22 hours a day, seven days a week. I only get two hours to go out of my cell. Whether that be a shower or shave or use the phone or watch TV or whatever, so it's been rough. For the most part I've been treated well though, I'm not gonna lie. For the most part. I've been treated well, with the exception of a few power-hungry deputies and guards that have treated me poorly along the way. I can say though, I have never experienced real racism until I went to the DC jail. There was this African woman at the DC jail there was one of the doctors there. And she thought I was a racist, and a white supremacist, and an extremist and all this other stuff. And I was telling her no, I'm none of those things. Because I support Donald Trump? You know, you thought that I was a racist? you thought that I was a white supremacist? No, I said, I've dated black women. I love people of all races. I think black women are beautiful. And she's like, ‘I can't believe a black woman would ever date you.' and I was like oh my God. This woman is just outwardly openly being racist. I mean, because if things were flipped, and you had a white nurse telling that to a black man,  "I can't believe a white woman would ever date you." That would be considered extremely racist. But you flip it. It's like, this woman doesn't realize she's being racist? There was also a BLM activist as a guard in the DC jail and I know he was BLM because he was wearing a mask that said "black lives matter". And he was intentionally like provoking some of the inmates, some of the Trump supporters. DC jail is a terrible place. And I'm not from what I understand, Marshalls actually did an inspection over there and I've heard that it was so atrocious that they couldn't even believe it was a correctional facility in the United States of America. But as funny as it is though, I've actually met a lot of law enforcement that have slyly admitted to me that, you know, secretly they were rooting for me. And that they wished that I wasn't being made an example of many of them actually covertly admitted, you know, kind of under their breath that they also believed that the election was rigged and stolen, and I'm not surprised I mean, think about it. The opposition, the other side, the Democrats. These are people that want to demonize law enforcement, they want to defund the police. You know, that means there's a surprise me that law enforcement would be voting for Trump.

Conradson: Yeah, I'll tell you what, the entire country knows that the election was rigged and stolen and the fake news media, what they've done to you and what they've done to President Trump, it's terrible. So how do you feel about how the media has treated you? Obviously that probably was a key factor in what led to that woman treating you like some sort of white supremacist and being racist towards you. How do you feel about the media?

Jake considers this treatment by the media to be "controversializing", which is what many conservatives fall victim to.


Chansley: So the media uses their targeting of individuals, specific individuals to create the illusion that these individuals are enemies of democracy, or enemies of the people. When in fact what's happening is these individuals are trying to expose the real enemies of democracy, the real enemies of the people, which is the corrupt bureaucracy. So the media needed my image for a shock and awe campaign, and they needed someone to make the Trump supporters look totally nuts. So the truth is, I was racially profiled, and I was treated with bias prejudice. And not only was it not fair it was totally inaccurate. I mean, the media use trigger words, while showing my image all over network after network. Now, the fact of the matter is, I'm not an extremist. I'm not an insurrectionist. I'm not a domestic terrorist. I'm not Violent. I'm not an actor. They've said that I'm an actor, I can't count how many times. They said I was schizophrenic, and I'm delusional. And they said that I called myself the Qanon Shaman and even though I never called myself the Qanon Shaman, that was a title given to me by Alex Jones. So they were totally inaccurate on so many different levels and they highlighted my image, they exaggerated my behavior as much as they could to make it look as bad as they could. And I think that I'm a perfect example of how it is that the media is clearly biased and has numerous ulterior motives, and they do not report the truth. And do I think it affected my sentence, yeah I think it's affected the sentence that the prosecution asked for and the plea deal that I received, but to be honest with you, man, I will take the hit. I'll take the hit because life you know, like, it's like, they said in Rocky, life isn't about how hard you can hit. It's about how hard you can get hit, and still keep on coming.

Jake went on to talk in-depth about the swamp elites including the Clintons, and other China allies like Eric Swalwell and Dianne Feinstein.

Jacob reminded us that In 2016, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were involved in a "spirit cooking" hosted by Marina Abramović, who once carved a pentagram onto her stomach using a razor blade, whipped herself, and lay down on a cross made of ice for half an hour, bleeding copiously.

The mainstream will deny that Abramović is a satanist, but her "art" is demonic.


Many of these billionaire elites are the same individuals who were present on Jeffery Epstein's island and that was just one island out of who knows how many.

This is not a conspiracy theory as the leftist media claims, and we are starting to see it with our own eyes.

Jake served two years in the U.S. Navy and this is how his country has repaid him.


Conradson: clearly, you were there to be peaceful, peacefully protest. And you did. You're a veteran. You're not a criminal. Do you think you deserve the pedal political persecution our government has put you through?

Chansley: What I think is this I think the system believed that an example had to be made, but I don't think that they counted on that example being a double-edged sword. And what I mean is that through my pain, the system, as well as the American people, have seen the injustice and yes, it has hurt quite a lot it's hurt me quite a lot. The pain is definitely real, but all fighting hurts. And if through my pain, the American people can see the truth, then the American people can't lose. And I think that through my story, the American people have seen the truth about the justice system because like I said before, conservatives want to think that the justice system is good to go. But the fact of the matter is, it's not okay, the justice system is a human creation. And it is flawed. You know, because it's a human creation, it is susceptible to corruption, and it needs reform, not the kind of reform that we're seeing in San Francisco or in Minneapolis, not that defund the police kind of reform. But what I'm talking about is equal justice under the law. There is a different justice system for celebrities, for Democrats, for BLM and Antifa activists. You know, there's there's a different justice system under the George Soros funded da and there's in many ways as a two tier justice system, and someone had to show the American people in a really obvious was that it was was corrupted in many ways. Now I'm just glad it was me and Kyle Rittenhouse. I'm really glad that car Rittenhouse was probably you know shown and proven to be not guilty. And that's that's an example of where our justice system has worked. So like I said it's not all corrupt, but it is susceptible to corruption. And I don't blame the church in all honesty, more than anything I would put the fault on the prosecution for whatever unjust treatment I have gotten because they could have given me a much better plea deal and they could have asked for much less time but if the world is a better place, due to my sacrifice and my pain, then show me where to sign because I'm whatever the country, whatever the world needs me to be. And a lot of people may say, Well, you did nothing wrong and I'll say it's okay. Because I can take it

Conradson: I know that you have new legal counsel to represent you and you're very unhappy with the work that Al Watkins did, so are many across the nation. Can you tell us more about Al Watkins and an update on your new legal counsel?

Chansley: Sure, absolutely. First of all, I'll say if you can please go to the NCLU and see if you can donate because they're good people over there trying to do a lot of help. Give a lot of help do a lot of good.

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In all honesty, I have no real animosity towards Al Watkins, and I forgive him for what he did to me. I tried in every way, shape, or form that I can to mirror the character of people like Jesus and Gandhi. So if they would forgive him then I will. But I do believe that he abhorrently misrepresented me, and the reasons why I and others can only speculate. I mean, everybody has their reasons for what they do. Sometimes they share them and sometimes they don't. Many say I've done a better job of representing myself to the public than he ever did. And I have to agree with that. And I think that my interviews and what I said at my sentencing disprove the narrative that he was trying to spin in the media, about me having mental health issues or whatever and I'd also like to say that just because I forgive him, that doesn't mean that that's how things are going to end.

The media has pained an awful image of Jacob and used him as the face of January 6th.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Albert Watkins, the lawyer previously representing Chansley, sent a message to former President Trump through the media to take care of "the jackasses that you f-- up because of January 6."


The expletive-filled rant caused many to question how committed he had been to Chansley's defense.

Jacob needs our help.

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