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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Did 26 Million Russians Really Die In World War II?
By Stephen Goodson
Oct 11, 2011 - 11:27:32 PM

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Did 26 Million Russians Really Die In World War II?
By Stephen Goodson

"The true figure of Russian losses needs to be thoroughly researched and reassessed, and may well turn out to be 80% less, that is just over five million. It will be recalled that Bolshevik propaganda was formulated on the principle of telling mammoth lies."

At the Nuremberg trials in November 1945, the Russian delegation announced that the Soviet Union had lost approximately 26 million people (9.2 million military personnel and 16.8 million civilians,) and that this loss would entitle them to extract maximum revenge at the expense of a prostrate Germany and her innocent leaders. Furthermore this gigantic loss was used to justify the expropriation of vast swathes of central and eastern European territory.[Ron: These Yiddish lies were so successful that Jews in the West soon copied them with their own HoloHoax which they successfully used to demand a homeland in Palestine.].

But are these figures credible? The alleged loss of 9.2 million Russian military personnel exceeds the losses of the German military (5.5 million) by 3.7million. The deaths of 16.8 million civilians are even more perplexing. 632,000 persons are estimated to have died during the siege of Leningrad (872 days), but how does one account for the other 16.2 million.

Not a single mass grave has been discovered in Russian territory held by the Germans to date. On the contrary almost all mass graves found in central Europe contain the remains of Germans and their allies, Katyn [Ron: The Katyn massacre was carried out by Bolsheviks ie Russian Jews and blamed on the Germans. That lie was subsequently comprehensibly debunked.] being the exception;  while the mass graves in the Ukraine contain many of the estimated six million victims of Stalin's induced Holodomor.
[Ron: I understand that the usually accepted figure is 7 million Ukrainians starved to death by the Bolshevik Jews under Stalin and  Kaganovich during the Holodomor.].

The einsatzgruppen, who were employed to deal with partisans, have often been accused of having murdered civilians on a mass scale, but they never numbered more than 3 000 at any one time, and that includes cooks and orderlies. [Ron: Clearly blaming the Germans for this "holocaust" is as bogus as blaming Germans for the mythical Shoa. Most of the Russian civilians (and many Russian military deaths) of those who did die during WWII would have been victims of Stalin's policies carried out by Bolshevik Jews].

When German panzers advanced into the Baltic states and the Ukraine, they were greeted as liberators by enthusiastic, cheering crowds and were frequently showered with flowers. One of the first acts of the German army was to reopen the Russian Orthodox churches. A decision intended to befriend rather than antagonize the population.

Tens of thousands of Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Carelians, Cossacks, Estonians, Georgians, Latvians, Lithuanaians, Ruthenians, Tartars, Turkomans and Ukrainians volunteered to serve in the German Wehrmacht and Waffen SS.  Furthermore, Lieutenant General Andrey Vlasov raised an army of over one million Russian prisoners of war, many of whom fought with distinction under the old imperial flag against the invading Soviet army in East Prussia.

Germany had only a small window of opportunity to have carried out any alleged extermination campaign against civilians from June 1941 to October 1942. Thereafter she was forced to fight a desperate war of retreat, outnumbered on the war front by at least five to one.

The true figure of Russian losses needs to be thoroughly researched and reassessed, and may well turn out to be 80% less, that is just over five million. It will be recalled that Bolshevik propaganda was formulated on the principle of telling mammoth lies.

On 9 May every year, a tasteless parade is held in Moscow to celebrate "victory". A victory over whom and for what purpose. Does it celebrate a further 46 years of ruthless communist rule inflicted upon a hapless Russian people or the senseless, suicidal slaughter of tens of millions of Europeans? None of the belligerents is entitled to claim the status of victor. The only victors were the international bankers, who instigated and promoted World War II in order to destroy the freedom-loving Germans and Japanese, who had broken their chains of usury.

[Colour fonts, bolding, underlining and comments in square brackets added.].

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