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Political Information Last Updated: Jun 11, 2019 - 4:02:57 AM

Denmark Continues to Amaze
By The Irish Savant
Jun 11, 2019 - 4:00:56 AM

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The city of Malmo looks like being the template for Sweden's future, and possibly that of every White country. Nearly 50% of the population is non-Swedish and now murder, rape, kidnapping and ethnic crime gangs are the norm. There are now more murders in a month in Malmo than there were annually in the whole country in the sixties. An Amren essay refers to the 
way in which "the government, both national and local, has lost control of the city's spiralling crime and rioting immigrant population..... institutions are struggling to cope with the multicultural reality which turns everything upside down. Malmö shows us all how Sweden is under attack; institution after institution, from the police down to the post office, are decreasing their activity or collapsing. Whilst the city is on the path to destruction, the experiment continues with an establishment that capitulates to the issues raised by Malmö, and a media which does everything to convince the population that Malmö is good and the issues are to be blamed upon Swedish society."

The poison has spread to the rest of the country. But strangely enough a country just twenty miles from Malmo has taken a different course. A diametrically opposite course in fact. Although last week's election there suggests a left-wing victory in reality the 'left wing' supports policies that would have it dubbed as neo-Nazi anywhere else. The new government is set to actually strengthen existing restrictions on integration and immigration including making the country's  "ghetto" policy even harsher.  Did you know that Denmark has  officially designated ghettos whose inmates are subject to different rules from the rest of the country? Yes it has. (That's one of them in the pic below). In recent months the government has pushed through policies that demand far more extreme intervention in their inmates' lives. Laws passed in March require children to spend a minimum of 25 hours a week in state-approved Danish language childcare from the age of one. Proposed new laws, expected to come before parliament in the autumn, could include extra jail time for ghetto residents when they are convicted of a crime, or stricter sentences for crimes committed inside the ghetto areas.

The 'extreme right' Danish People's Party is proposing that children who live in these ghettos should be subjected to evening curfews, enforced by wearing ankle bracelets. Their leader says he would not consider any practising Muslim woman who chose to wear a headscarf Danish, regardless of her home, language or commitment to Danish values.The government wants to send up to 100 people who have completed jail sentences but cannot be deported because they are at risk of torture or execution in their home countries to the island of Lindholm which, appropriately, is used as a laboratory and crematorium by scientists researching swine flu, rabies and other contagious diseases. 
Even the liberal left Social Democrats (who made big gains by stealing the DPP's clothes) have called for a cap on "non-western immigrants", for asylum seekers to be expelled to a reception centre in North Africa, and for all immigrants to be forced to work 37 hours a week in exchange for benefits. The SD voted in favour of a law allowing jewellery to be stripped from refugees, and a burqa and niqab ban, and abstained rather than voted against a law on mandatory handshakes irrespective of religious sentiment at citizenship ceremonies. In February they backed a "paradigm shift" - a plan to make repatriation, rather than integration, the goal of asylum policy.
Why has Denmark taken such a drastically different approach to their across-the-bridge Swedish neighbours? Some say it's because they're so close to Malmo and see first hand the joys of diversity. But the rest of Sweden can see that too. Undoubtedly the 2005 cartoon crisis was a factor. "For many Danes  it was a new and shocking experience, and one that shaped political discourse," says journalist, historian and general pain in the bollocks Adam Holtun. "It hardened it, but it also has meant that freedom of expression has an elevated status in Danish politics compared to various other countries." You almost expect him to burst into tears. But many if not most other enriched European countries have experienced far worse and yet have totally cucked out on immigration control. And how do the Danes escape the clutches of the ghastly European Court For Human Rights?

Whatever the question, the Danes seem to have found the answer.

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