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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Crime In Sweden - A Warning Example
By Alexekin Rockowia
Aug 17, 2019 - 3:46:45 AM

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An article in The New York Times about Sweden, published on August 10, wrote about Trump's infamous comment about "last night in Sweden" and claimed that "fake news" surround the image of Sweden. However, facts go in line with the image of Sweden. It is in fact the article from The New York Times that is fake news. Today Swedes are used to hearing and reading about shootings and bombs going off every day. Fewer and fewer Swedes feel safe, having not grown up in such circumstances and not recognizing the country they remember anymore. One can finally see the result of decisions made decades ago by all major parties - that is, except the Sweden Democrats, who just recently have set the tone for the debate. So how did it end up like this and what can we expect in the future at all?

Migration to Sweden has reached a record high level. Twenty percent of Sweden's population (which is twice more than twenty years ago) are born in another country; not to mention the second generation of immigrants, and the birth rates among some of their ethnicities. No doubt, the attempts at their mass integration, in accordance with the so-called "Programs" (new neighborhoods around the major cities with almost only non-Swedes), have proven to be a failure. They did not succeed to integrate either them or their children - who, in many cases, turned out to be those responsible for the shootings or the ones who have left to fight for the ISIS.

What we witness today in Sweden is the outcome of too many domestic politicians' bad judgments and mistakes (which must be pointed out): it is not necessarily the fault of the immigrants, who were objectively forced to flee from wars and poverty in their own countries. After all, they did not come to Sweden with an intention to spread violence, crimes and terrorism, even if some of them seem to want precisely that and openly profess hate and contempt for our way of life.

The politicians obviously did not take into account (or did not care enough about) all the tensions that are expected to arise when so different cultures intertwine and collide. In principle, immigration and integration or assimilation of peoples can work: there is a plenty of proof for that. After all, before the policy changed and became directed at welcoming into the country practically anyone who wanted to get in, we did not have today's problems. The case of peoples from the former Yugoslavia, who arrived in Sweden at the beginning of the 1960s - the best integrated group in Sweden, with employment rates as high as among the ethnic Swedes - is the best illustration of this.

Then liberals started to promote "multi-culturalism" - a cheap idea backed up by the talk of political correctness - and the ones who were against it were immediately labeled as racists. Liberals seemed to say that we need as much of this "multi-culturalism" as possible. The truth is that only the few knew what such limitless multi-culturalism could bring. And now Sweden is where it is today.

The fact is that liberal politicians simply wanted to fill in the holes left by declining natality - that is, to replace the ethnic Swedes with immigrants, no matter who or what they were. For the most part, these immigrants were of the kind that can become Swedes as much as the Swedes can become Arabs.

Yes, without these immigrants the economy would be worse than it is today. But this is where the liberal mentality, the root of all problems, reveals its true nature - as demonstrated by a Swedish minister's attack on Hungary, triggered by Orbán's support to women giving birth to multiple children: "What is happening in Hungary is alarming", warns us this over considerate minister. "Now, Orbán wants more ‘genuine' Hungarian children to be born. This policy reeks of the 30s and as right-wing populists."

I would say that this Swedish minister's statement says more about her than about anything going on in Hungary, and that, on the contrary, her politics is what is "alarming" and "reeks" of ancient times: reminding us particularly of the fall of the Roman Empire. As we know, their whole civilization collapsed thanks to the immigrants who invaded it, or, in some cases, were even invited to settle there by the Romans themselves. Now, it may be the Western Civilization's turn. No doubt, history repeats itself.

The crucial question for us today is how to avoid the same fate - or, in other words, what we can do to solve this problem that undeniably awaits us. The best answer would be that these immigrants must be integrated or even assimilated and that the damage has already been done. After all, immigrants of various ethnicities have always come to Sweden. We can take the Walloons, for example: a group that arrived to Sweden in large numbers and successfully assimilated themselves several centuries ago. All of their ancestors are today considered ethnic Swedes, and none of them would identify themselves as the Walloons. But we can also look at Gypsies, who have been in Europe for centuries and refuse to integrate and still live a life of poverty, and we could of course ask ourselves if the same will happen with those from the Middle East.

Otherwise, we have already seen the devastating tensions that can arise and the mass tragedies that follow. We saw them in the whole of Europe eighty years ago and in the former Yugoslavia thirty years ago. This is why we should not rule out the possibility that something similar can happen today. It is something most would be against, even I. But we cannot predict with certainty what will happen in twenty or thirty years - when, in all likelihood, even more terrorist attacks will take place. And we should keep in mind that, early as in the 19th century, Nietzsche wrote this: "Madness is rare in individuals - but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule."

Alexekin Rockowia ( lives in Sweden and is of Serbian origin. He is editor-in-chief of For-Serbia The Website ( and CEO of Yugoslav Wars Archive ( He is also the author of "A Short Book about Nationalism", which is available for sale on Amazon. (

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