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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Covid Scamdemic Collapses in UK Today, A Major World News Story Not Reported by Australia's ABC
By Cairns News
Jan 20, 2022 - 4:48:08 PM

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Covid scamdemic collapses in UK today, a major world news story not reported by the ABC

JAN 20

Posted by

UK update

As unbelievable as it may seem, the ABC has not reported the biggest Covid news story since the scamdemic began two years ago. The United Kingdom has dropped mask and vaccination passport mandates, coincidentally after guilty verdicts were announced by the International Common Law Court of Justice against 75 international identities involved in the Covid scam.

Australian media remains tightly censored even though the NWO is in its death throes across the world.

The 5G network officially began in the US yesterday which caused hundreds of international flights into the country to be cancelled because major airlines claimed 5G EMF seriously affected large body aircraft avionics.

No mention of this either on the ABC.

World Series News (link at top) has reported on PM Boris Johnson's statement in UK Parliament this morning.

Have any of our readers seen any of these events reported in the Australian media?

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Piggy | January 21, 2022 at 12:17 am
Well it looks like the International Common Law Court of Justice against 75 international identities involved in the Covid scam was a true story after all. Wow!!! The tide may be turning. I wonder who is going to arrest the Pope and the Queen......


D Johnston | January 21, 2022 at 12:25 am
Hi Editor. I stumbled across it purely by accident at 1am this morning as it was "breaking". Because one of our readers Debra had mentioned ‘From Rome' (a news site) in an earlier post, I was checking it out when the story broke. Pretty freaky huh! I posted a reply on here to Debra straight away saying what I had just seen. (Naturally at around 1.30am you can't very well start calling people). I posted on here again around lunch asking if anyone could shed light on it. I also advised that the video could be viewed on Gillian Mckeith's Twitter feed. But absolutely ZERO mention on MSM anywhere aaalllll day. I felt as if I had been the only one to witness the ‘second coming'!


jazega | January 21, 2022 at 12:52 am
The article several days ago about the cafe owner in Capalaba getting arrested,has the videos of the lawyer serving the instructions from The Hague to the police.
My mate here in W.A. has received vids of legal people with the cops going to vaccination sites and they are packing up their poison,people in the background were saying eff off you murderers.
Lets see who the msm spin this.
mcgowan,palashit,andrews,and all you despicables you will be arrested and tried and pay for your actions .


David Esplin | January 21, 2022 at 1:21 am
"As unbelievable as it may seem" - Do I detect a bit of tongue in cheek? I'm not at all surprised that the ABC chose not to report on this nugget. The mainstream media has been paid off to support the government narrative. 100% tax breaks for starters and they need the LNP / Labor duopoly in power to continue getting their funding. Why would they jeopardise that? Of course, the government will need to acknowledge this development at some point and they'll have a hard time justifying continuing with their draconian, counter-productive, unconstitutional and dare I say unlawful measures for much longer.


brigs66 | January 21, 2022 at 7:05 am
For gods sake wake up...This is part of the plan..roll it back a bit and then roll it straight back in ten fold...


jo | January 21, 2022 at 7:40 am
Unfortunately as Rupert & Co seem to (sink all Aussies) think for Australians this will never happen here unless the happily vaxxed have a change of mind/health. Australia under Scomo has overtaken the "rocket man's" regime from the north of South Korea in regards to political truth and leadership of his people. The best dubbed citizenship in the whole NEW world!


Norman Appleton | January 21, 2022 at 7:48 am
I'd be very suspicious of anything coming out of Facebook. It is a known source of fake news and has shut down or removed information share which stands solidly for the truth and against the scamdemic or WWG


crisscross767 | January 21, 2022 at 8:06 am
The Last Days of the Covidian Cult - Consent Factory, Inc.

This isn't going to be pretty, folks. The downfall of a death cult rarely is. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, incoherent fanatical jabbering, mass deleting of embarrassing tweets. There's going to be a veritable tsunami of desperate rationalizing, strenuous denying, shameless blame-shifting, and other forms of ass-covering, as suddenly former...

The "experts" and "authorities" are finally acknowledging that the "Covid deaths" and "hospitalization" statistics are artificially inflated and totally unreliable (which they have been from the very beginning), and they are admitting that their miracle "vaccines" don't work (unless you change the definition of the word "vaccine"), and that they have killed a few people, or maybe more than a few people, and that lockdowns were probably "a serious mistake."

Faked statistics and propaganda will carry you for a while, but eventually people are going to need to experience something at least resembling an actual devastating worldwide plague, in reality, not just on their phones and TVs.

but there are millions of people who have been complying, not because they are delusional fanatics who would wrap their children's heads in cellophane if Anthony Fauci ordered them to, but purely out of "solidarity," or convenience, or herd instinct, or ... you know, cowardice.

Many of these people (i.e., the non-fanatics) are starting to suspect that maybe what we "tin-foil-hat-wearing, Covid-denying, anti-vax, conspiracy-theorist extremists" have been telling them for the past 22 months might not be as crazy as they originally thought


lindesymonds | January 21, 2022 at 8:26 am
The UK website, The Truth Seeker is running this story also, sourced from the Plazma bitchute channel.
"Covid 19 Vaccinations Now Under Criminal Investigation in England"

Well I have decided just this morning that the sovereign nations of England, Scotland, Ireland, Cymry should off-load the Central Banking Cartel, form their nation states, get their countries back and prosecute the UK political class for being a legal fiction and running a UN Operation, namely: Operation Covid and a genocide by lethal injections on the people.

My decision (as a sovereign person) does raise the question: What is the jurisprudence of the International Common Law Court of Justice and what is its jurisdiction? How is it that a decision of the ICLCJ has jurisdiction in the UK.

The UK is totally a communist entity. It is owned by The Crown - which is the Crown of The City of London Corporation - the dynastic Jewish families which own the central banking cartel. They own the UK as part of their corporate structure. They own the consols of the Bank of England - and that would be allodial title of all estates of the nations which were captured by this entity.

So the UK government, totally onboard with the UN, has decided to start enforcing the decision of the ICLCJ. This has to be part of the same UN Operation. This was a centrally organised, international UN military operation from the git-go. They might have outsourced its JOC to the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board - but Tedros is on that board, as are CDC counterparts / directors from ZOG East. The ‘Globalists' like Gates, Fauci etc represent ZOG West on that Board of interlocking directorates. ‘The Globalists' , the West - naturally has the ‘bad guy' script. The Communist East has already done their genocides and it is the Western economies that have to be taken down before the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved.

In the UK, the Black Hats have simply switched to White Hats and are a conducting a standard issue Communist purge. The Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum rite has been busted, their stupid covid narrative has tanked and the ‘bad guys' like Boris and the ‘out there Jews' and cryptos with the Covid script now must exit stage left "pursued by a bear" - currently massing on the Ukraine border. So they are pretending like some court the ICLCJ has jurisdiction in the UK and authority over them. The idea here is to take these captured nations and populations deeper down the Rabbit Hole chasing the Juela, Jubelo Jubelum.

This nonsense can only mean NATO and the Soviet Union are about to rumble in the Ukraine. They are building Eurasia for the real world soviet and nwo. They are not going to let Central Europe stand in the way of a merger with the EUSSR. Maybe The Owners will collapse the financial system at the same time kind of like an ‘Empire Strikes Back' kind of move.

Kevin Annett is a ‘co-founder' of the ICLCJ. Who are the other Duginists who founded it with him. Sacha Stone? Kevin aka as ‘Eagle Strong Voice' has been the pneumatic drill behind what he constantly publicizes as ‘Canadain Church and State genocide of indigenous children in Indian residential schools'. He even invoked the sacred Wiesel mantra: ‘geysers of blood'. But "Not One Body Found in Canadian Mass Graves'. Jan 20, 2022. Lauren Southern.


crisscross767 | January 21, 2022 at 8:27 am
Vaccine crimes were/are only possible due to criminal misuse of
Corman/Drosten PCR test.

Now the German PEI has determined that 9 in 10 RAT tests are useless.

Unless the effective test(s) is/are named by the AU government and others, published Covid infection statistics cannot be trusted. Again.

Germany: Useless rapid antigen tests under the magnifying

"The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), the German medical regulatory body and research institution for vaccines and biomedicines, which is also a WHO Collaborating Centre for quality assurance, has found out that 92 percent of rapid antigen tests are useless.
Among them are bogus products like Absology Co. Ltd. ACAR-020, a rapid antigen test that has a sensitivity of 0 (zero) percent. This means that it is unable to correctly identify even one of the samples. The same applies to the "New Coronavirus Protein Detection Kit" from Beijing Savant Biotechnology. This test is also wrong 100 percent of the time. And the two tests are not the only complete failures.
The Paul Ehrlich Institute describes an antigen rapid test as useful if it has a sensitivity of over 30 percent. According to the website ScienceFiles, this is highly problematic because a rapid antigen test with a sensitivity of 30 percent means that it will give incorrect results 70 percent of the time.


Gus | January 21, 2022 at 8:33 am
Incredible, should this unfold; lotsa great people doing the tough yards behind the scenes.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Latest Bombshell About COVID "Vaccines" Will Dismantle Big Pharma - Global Res.html


crisscross767 | January 21, 2022 at 8:40 am
Posted on January 20, 2022 by fanofootball

The world number 22 was however seen leaving the court and abandoning his match while clutching his chest with respiratory difficulties in an ATP match. Nikoloz Basilashvili told his team that "every shot I'm out of breath"

Dalila Jakupovic, who was forced to retire from her match after having dropped to the ground, told news outlet The Western Australian: "I was really scared that I would collapse. That's why I went onto the floor because I couldn't walk anymore. I don't have asthma and never had breathing problems. I actually like heat. The physio came again and I thought it would be better. But the points were a bit longer and I just couldn't breathe anymore and I just fell on the floor."

Nick Kyrgios, the world' number 93 player suffered breathing difficulties in the morning and pulled out of the match six hours before he was meant to play.

January 19, 2022
It's not nice but you get what you deserve - all the evidence was there - just need to do a little digging - just people don't want to look at it. Meanwhile my stepdad did not want to take vaccines but was told if he doesn't they won't do his operation. He has stage 3 cancer. Who gives any one the right to play God? That's what p!sses me off so much

Darron England
January 19, 2022
Meanwhile, the Independent reporting about 2/3rds people who have had a PLACEBO are reporting adverse effects! But it's a PLACEBO!

GW: No [[[they]]] are now calling the ADRs "nocebo responses" - [[[They]]] are insinuating all these things that people experience post Jab are just "psychological."

January 20, 2022
RF Kennedy put it well, [[[their]]] business model is to sell products [[[they]]] know don't work and will kill people. As long as the bean counters can show in a spreadsheet that even after paying compensation [[[they]]]'ve made a profit, [[[they]]] do it anyway - $7 Billion in fines and penalties - [[[they]]] shouldn't even be in business any more.

Merck killed up to 500,000 Americans with a drug that they knew was going to kill them before they lied and started selling it.

But now [[[they]]] want to jab the world in the biggest money making scheme [[[they]]]'ve ever had - [[[they]]]'re the good guys and care about our health?

Read on -


crisscross767 | January 21, 2022 at 8:58 am
Dr. Fleming Warns Against Novavax


Alison | January 21, 2022 at 9:04 am
News as issued January 19, 2022 by the International Common Law Court of Justice and its common law Republic affiliates. (

On January 15, the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) convicted corporate, government, and church leaders of Crimes against Humanity and ordered the arrest of seventy five individuals.

( )

Last Monday and again today, ICLCJ Sheriffs armed with arrest warrants sought to detain the convicted felons Albert Bourla and Emma Walmsley, the CEO's of Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, at their homes in Scarsdale, New York, and Greenwich, England.

Both CEO's became incommunicado last weekend when news of their conviction was widely reported.

Meanwhile, new waves of protesters are halting COVID ‘vaccinations' with new ICLCJ Warrants that allow anyone to lawfully refuse the COVID shots without fear of reprisals, to confiscate the banned drug as a "product of genocide and mass murder", and to prosecute anyone who imposes the COVID injections.(Copies of the Warrants are attached)

Yesterday, indigenous elders in Manitoba, Ontario and on Canada's west coast occupied reservation band offices and confiscated and destroyed the COVID ‘vaccines', after issuing copies of the ICLCJ Warrants to the tribal police and RCMP. The police did not intervene.

Since Monday, and in more than a dozen communities across North America, Italy and England, Warrant-bearing protesters have shut down ‘vaccination' centers and stopped the delivery of COVID shots to clinics and hospitals.
"These Warrants turn the table on the tyrants, and make giving and taking the COVID shots a crime," commented ICLCJ advisor Kevin Annett today.

"We call on everyone to use these Warrants to not only defend themselves but put an end to the COVID Corporatocracy. The police have been asked to assist us in making arrests, seizing the ‘vaccines', and restoring the rule of common law and justice in our communities."

The ICLCJ and its sponsoring common law Republics are organizing and educating people around the world to mobilize their communities to refuse the COVID ‘vaccines', resist the COVID police state, and establish new sovereign nations.


Alison | January 21, 2022 at 9:06 am
this news will be a great banner for freedom marches tomorrow


ron | January 21, 2022 at 10:11 am
The International Common Law Court of Justice may well have had some effect, even if it has mainly placed the parasites out into the open, and has let them know that there are some of us left that still dare to have a go at them.

I know the the Common Law Court Great Britain and International had gone through the process and found major plandemic players guilty (in their absence) some months ago.

Again it is common law doing the hard work - if only the common people (that's us) would support the common law, instead of the illegal corporation law.

I support the common law as found in our 1901 constitution.

If we vote the main parties back in next election we will not get our constitution back, so no 1901 constitution common law..

No private corporation court in Australia will give us justice, they will only give us false hope.
Those courts are not ours, they belong to the private corporation governments.


Editor, cairnsnews | January 21, 2022 at 12:30 pm
We don't imagine FB could script the UK Parliament. Ed


Editor, cairnsnews | January 21, 2022 at 12:31 pm
And the most compromised.Ed


Editor, cairnsnews | January 21, 2022 at 12:33 pm
Australia surely must implode after the UK farce. Ed

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