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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Could It Be That Trump Has Been Setting Up the Left All Along ?
By Patricia McCarthy
Nov 18, 2019 - 5:10:12 AM

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Why has the impeachment theater that has been entertaining the media swells these past six weeks begun to feel like a bad movie-of-the-week?   Tyrant-in-chief Adam Schiff has been thrilling the Left with his anti-constitutional,  Kafkaesque show trial, leaking and tweaking snippets of  his irrelevant not-witnesses' testimony in order to bend public opinion to his malevolent anti-Trump obsession.

We can all suss out the Schiff/Pelosi agenda:  They hope to prevent Trump's re-election by convincing the American people that he is somehow tainted by a fog of nefarious activities both before and after the 2016 election.  Trump is guilty of exactly nothing impeachable and they all know it, but he is an outsider in their DC club of self-appointed privileged insiders and that is what they cannot, will not, tolerate.  The interloper must be metaphorically slain in as public a manner as possible.

But just who in this current doomsday crisis the left has imagined is going to be hoisted upon their own petard?  It is beginning to seem like it may be Speaker Pelosi and the detestable Adam Schiff.  It is beginning to feel like our hate-filled, intolerant Left is being set-up with a long-game play.   If so, the denouement will be delicious.

First Nadler and then Schiff have conducted this so-called inquiry for weeks now.  Nadler's hearings were an embarrassment, so Pelosi turned the gavel over to Schiff.  Big mistake unless she is in on the con.  His ridiculous secret depositions are a joke -- meant to frighten Trump and his supporters -- which is absolutely not working.  Now we have been privy to open testimony of three of his chosen not-witnesses who contributed exactly nothing to Schiff's tale of corruption.

It is all backfiring since they are trying to impeach Trump for what Obama/Biden actually did.  We have all seen Biden's little bit of bragging about threatening Ukraine that $1b would be withheld unless a certain prosecutor was fired within six hours.  That prosecutor was charged with investigating the corrupt Burisma energy company on whose board sat Hunter Biden.  Biden intervened in Ukraine's state government to protect the bribery that was blatantly making his own family fabulously wealthy.

And Ukraine was not the only foreign nation that the Bidens, the Kerrys, the Pelosis, the Clintons and the Feinsteins tapped for millions of dollars that went directly into their own pockets.  See Peter Schweizer's books , Clinton Cash and Secret Empires.  Ambrose Bierce wrote that "Politics is the conduct of public affairs for private advantage."

Surely Schiff knows this.  He has a Ukraine connection himself, arms dealer Igor Pasternak.  Schiff is as bought and paid for as the rest of the players in this oh-so-devious deep state plot to unseat a duly elected President because he is not part of their noxious club of get-rich-behind-the-scenes pols.  Every one of them should be investigated with the spite with which Trump has been scrutinized.  In a just world, they would all be on trial for both corruption and treason.

So, it follows that all this hysteria over Trump's phone conversation with Zelensky is a last-ditch effort to cover up the vast and complex plan by the head honchos at the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the Obama State Department to head off and then destroy the Trump presidency.   The transcripts of Tim Morrison's testimony were finally released.  Morrison is the NSC's Senior Director for European Affairs.  His testimony exonerates Trump of all the Left's fabricated accusations and reveals that one of Schiff's supposed star witnesses,  Lt. Col.  Vindman, is a very bad actor in all this, an anti-Trump, pro-Ukraine spy at the NSC.

It is almost impossible to believe that Trump has not been on to this cabal's fraudulent scheme for a long time now.  Adm. Mike Rogers clued him in to the Obama administration's listening in (wire-tapping) on his phones at Trump Tower in 2015.  That was when he moved his campaign headquarters to New Jersey.  He has known since then what they were up to, so isn't it possible that he has been setting them up for the past three years?  Could he be manipulating Pelosi, Schiff, and their henchmen into a world-class implosion?  It is beginning to seem this may be true.  As the actual transcripts of Schiff's not-witnesses are released and when actual journalists read them, it becomes clearer and clearer that they have nothing.  This attempt to impeach is all about covering up their own crimes.  If this is true then Trump will have kept his ultimate and most important promise, to drain the swamp.

The swamp is much, much muddier and more corrupt than any of us knew.  That Trump has withstood their three-plus year calculated attack on him, his family, his friends and his presidency is a testament to his phenomenal strength of character. That is why he was elected and will be re-elected if the Left can't cheat enough. The Left always cheats, as they did to elect JFK.

This 2020 election will be consequential. They will cheat in 2020 too.  That is what open borders and no voter ID is all about.  All Americans who love this country and our Constitution must vote to defeat these criminals.  As Hugh Hewitt has always said, "If it's not close, they can't cheat."  Reagan had no idea how right he was when he said years ago that "The leaders of the Democrat party have gone so far left, they've left the country."

Caricature by Donkey Hotey (cropped)

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©2005-2020 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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