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Communism is Judaism
By Yukon Jack with comments by Ron
Apr 20, 2014 - 4:34:51 AM

Communism is Judaism


Communism is a quick version of Talmud.  What Communism is all about is on thing and one thing only – to control the state.  Once you control the state you control the secret police and this is the key to understand how so few Jews controlled the whole Soviet.

Communist, Jews, and non-Jews alike will tell you with tears in their eyes what a wonderful revolution it was in Russia 1917. It was NoT a revolution, it was a well planned coup and it was planned, financed and lead by Jews. That it was a “revolution” is the Jew mafia propaganda lie.  Do never ever use the word “revolution” and Russia in any context.

Many people will tell you that it was a “revolution” and that lie is one of the major reason many non-Jews will tell you that communism is a good thing. “Revolution” is Jewish propaganda nonsense for dimwits. Do not ever use the word “revolution” and Russia in any context.

When you tell people that it was Jews who run Soviet they will tell you it had nothing to do with them being Jews, they just “happened” to be Jews, and beside that, the Jews was so few, how could they control all the Russians?

Nearly all of the Project for the New American Century signators are Jews, just as in Russia, the Jewish revolutionaries are hidden behind a banner.
Nearly all of the Project for the New American Century signators are Jews, just as in Russia,
the Jewish revolutionaries are hidden behind a banner, this time they are calling them Neoconservatives,
but they are neither conservative or new, they are Jewish traitors hell bent on getting power.

The answer is that most people don’t understand what political power really is. Most people think if they vote every four years, that is how political power works. We have all been told the blessing of “Democracy” all our life so naturally most people have never given how political power really works a second thought. You don’t get power – you take power.

How did the Jews take power in Russia 1917?  The Jews killed the whole secret police and replaced them with Jews and a few trusted non-Jews. The next step is to go to all the military commanders and tell them that you got their entire family looked up, and if they don’t obey the whole family will be killed. If they refuse they are shot on the spot and the next in line is promoted or simply replaced by a Jew.

Now you control the secret police plus a big chunk of all the armed forces in Russia. Now you can turn the guns at the people. Would you say you had power now? This is exactly what the jews did, they took power by taking over the secret police. This you will never read in any propaganda text and no communist will tell you this either. Why? Because all the Communist Jews want people to think of when it comes to Soviet is the “revolution”,  not how they really did take power over Russia and re-named her Soviet.


To control all the guns is priority number one. To control the secret police is everything, once you do that you can turn the guns on the people. Every single bill on gun ban ever written in America is written by Jews. The Jew mafia knows how you take power. The secret police in Soviet was rank and file 80 percent Jews, and it was not the nice Jews, it was the scumbags of the scumbags among the Jews who went into the secret police – and they controlled all the guns.

This is what really happened and it did not just “happened” to be Jews that controlled the secret police. It was well planned ahead and the reason is that to control the secret police is what made the coup possible. It’s crucial to understand this, because to control the secret police was the key factor to take over Russia. When you control all the guns what resistance could the Russian people come up with? Nothing. The key factor is to control the guns and that the communist Jews did, and it didn’t just “happened” to be Jews. The coup in Russia 1917 was well planned and it was Jews who planned the whole thing.


Of course there was non-Jews involved but the reason is that they bought the Jewish fraud communism. It tells the non-Jews that they are going to be the new rulers and that everybody is going to be rich. A communist will tell you any lie there is plus any unthinkably lie. I have studied communism all my life and I have discussed communism with many hardcore communists and they all lie. They will tell themselves and anyone any lie to justify any atrocity that was done in the name of Communism.


This lying is Judaism to its core. Whatever Jews did to be hated had nothing to do with how the Jews behaved. Most Jews will tell you any lie to not be blamed for what they did. Just look at Soviet communism. Just look at 'Gulag' by Anna Applebaum.  First a Jew writes a book about Soviet, omitting any notion of the Jews that really controlled Soviet. That book is one big lie, and the Jews promotes this lie in their propaganda-machine. I remember when the book came out and it was on all front pages, they talked a lot about it on the radio and TV. Prime display in all the bookshop’s. -This is the truth about Soviet, was the message. Just another day in the Jewish propaganda-machine. How many people have read Gulag and thinks this is the truth about Soviet?


You can NoT understand what communism really is without understanding that Communism is Talmud Judaism re-written for non-Jews consumption. Every single accusation the communist uses, bourgeois, kulak, contra-revolutionary, Nazi, anti-Semite, racist, bigot, white trash, etc. etc. are all code words for anyone that opposes the Jew mafia power takeover.


When you start telling people about Jews and Communism they will typically go into defense mode and start saying that they “happened” to be Jews and Communist.

[Ron: they will also tell you that most Jews are "nice" people and "innocent", yadda,yadda,yadda. And of course Jews "just happen" to control most governments, banks, corporations, universities, academic, legal, medical and scientific professions etc, etc, BECAUSE THEY ARE MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT than non-Jews. And if you believe that you deserve to be their slave and to accompany them on their next placement.]. That’s easy to debunk, all you need to say is that 99 percent of all Jews are Communists. Just let them try to debunk that, because they can’t.

That 99 percent of all Jews are communist is nothing that just “happened” to be so. Talmud tells the Jews that they are a chosen elite that one day shall rule over all non-Jews. To do that the Jews must control the state and to control the state the Jews must control the secret police and all the armed forces, and the propaganda-machine – and that the Jews did in Soviet. According to Jewish yearbook there was seven million Jews in the Russian Empire 1913, four percent of the total population. One Jewish source says that one in three Jews, or 33 percent of all the Jews in Soviet was employed by the state in Soviet.

[Ron: IF 33% of all Jews were employed by the Soviet State that would represent almost every able bodied male Jewish adult between age 21 to 60. The rest would have been females, minors and old people.].


That means that there was probably not one single Jewish family in Soviet that had not at least one in the family that was employed by the state. This is nothing that just “happens” to be so. When ex-Soviet Jews tells about life in Soviet, they will typically use the first or two paragraph to whine about how the poor Jews was persecuted in Soviet. Then they will tell you how high education they have (they must brag about it) and then tell you what import and and high position she or he had in Soviet. Persecuted and at the same time have high position in government. Any thinking person can figure it out that something don’t add up here. They are lying and they are lying because the non-Jews mustn’t realize that Soviet was totally controlled by Jews.

This lie about Communist Jews and Soviet must be debunked at all cost, because only then can you learn your true history and not the lies and fairy tale we are getting shoveled down our throat in the Jew owned propaganda-machine.

Jews in Russia

Main page AJC, American Jewish Committee.

Jewish criminals


Yukon note:  I have republished this excellent piece written by a blogger Hoff  in 2009 , I have corrected the spelling, punctuation, and have added pictures.  I have no idea who this guy is but this essay is great.  Since we in the United States are facing the new Jewish Bolshevik like enemy, this essay provides insight to what we are up against and how the Jews operate when the so-called 'revolution' comes.

discussion in the Rebel Forum

Posted: 1 day 14 hours ago by Yukon #35496
What can we learn from the Jewish Bolshevik takeover of Russia?

The Jews took power and the Russian peasants were unable to resist because they didn't have guns. Never give your gun to the Jew, never allow the Jew to take your guns, buy more guns, you can never have enough guns and ammo when the shooting starts.

Anyone who wants to take guns away from Americans is a damn traitor.

The exceedingly large ammo purchases by government agencies is an end run around our ability to get ammo just before the crackdown comes. Get ammo by any means possible, buy ammunition until both hands bleed.
Posted: 1 day 15 hours ago by Yukon #35495
I've added some more graphics. The best line in this piece:

"Communism is Talmud Judaism re-written for non-Jews consumption"

Marx and Engels, the intellectual fathers of Communism are both Jews, the trio of Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky are 3 more Jews.

450 Jews from upstate New York went to Russia with bags of gold and organized this 'revolution'. As the author Hoff states, this was no authentic revolution, it was a bloody Jewish takeover.
Posted: 2 days 4 hours ago by Yukon #35474
With the recent assault on property rights in Nevada, it is a good time to review this topic that Communism is about negating all property rights. Jewish thinking is Communist thinking.

I have republished this excellent piece written by Hoff in 2009 , I have corrected the spelling, punctuation, and have added pictures. I have no idea who this guy is but this essay is great. Since we in the United States are facing the new Jewish Bolshevik like enemy, this essay provides insight to what we are up against and how the Jews operate when the so-called 'revolution' comes. [Ron: the Jews running the US corporaion ARE Bolshevik Jews. See eg: Dr Peter Beter's Audio Letters Nos.
No. 46, Topic 2; No. 47; 48; 49, Topic 3; 51, Topic 3; 52 ; and 53, topic 2 (an excerpt: 'Topic #2--For nearly two years beginning early in 1978, Russia's policies were controlled by the "peace faction" in the Kremlin, the "White Doves." Meanwhile their Bolshevik enemies here in the United States have continued their relentless drive for war. As a result, the policies of the Kremlin "peace faction" have now been abandoned. Recent events in both the United States and Russia have brought about this change. My friends, you will not
be able to understand events in the days to come if you do not understand the recent Kremlin take-over by the Hard-Liners; and to understand that, you need to remember the background of events which have led up to this point during the past several years.'

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