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Political Information Last Updated: Apr 21, 2019 - 8:38:50 PM

Cinema, wines, farms ... The Emporium in Madrid of Maduro's Magnates Investigated
By Roberto R Ballesteros
Apr 21, 2019 - 7:36:24 PM

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More corruption exosed in Maduro's Venezuela..

(translated from Spanish)

Much of the plot that bribed PDVSA officials and signed millionaire contracts derived the money to Spain, where he invested in all types of businesses

Photo: Nicolás Maduro.  (Reuters)

The 41st Court of Madrid investigates more than 40 people related to an international plot that laundered in Spain money from the Venezuelan public oil company PDVSA and extracted from it through bribes and rigged contracts. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office and the Unit for Economic and Fiscal Offenses (UDEF) of the National Police have taken charge of these investigations after Portugal and the United States, which investigate a part of the crimes committed in their respective countries, will warn that the tentacles of the organization also reached Spain .

Members of the Government of Nicolás Maduro and Hugo Chávez would be involved in this plot, which uses family members and collaborators to divert the money and reintroduce it into the legal course in the Iberian Peninsula. At the moment the cause is in a very incipient moment. In fact it is under summary secrecy. The head of Court 41, Juan Carlos Peinado , however, is determined to push the procedure and has dedicated until the days of Holy Week to take statements and practice diligence. The scope of the case is of such caliber that researchers estimate that the corporate network could have laundered 500 million euros in Spain alone through the businesses that Venezuelans linked to the network opened here.





Hence, the 41st Court, the UDEF and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office are tracking the countless possessions that the investigated have in the country, which are of the most varied and ranging from cleaning companies to real estate through food-for-take businesses, organization of events, winemaking, agricultural, industrial machinery for boats and aircraft or even film and television . The names related to all these societies extend like an almost endless network, but they have some protagonists as referents.

Among these is Roberto Rincón Bravo , son of US-born billionaire Venezuelan Roberto Rincón Fernández , who probably has the largest of the fortunes investigated . His father testified before the Houston court that he is in charge of investigating the North American plot and confessed his connection with the organization. The FBI, however, never located all the money, part of which could be transferred to Spain through his son, as suspected by the 41st Court, Anti-corruption and the UDEF, which arrested the scion and his mother María Lila Bravo -that those He was visiting his son on June 6.





The agents of the National Police registered the three luxurious properties that the rich son of Rincon Fernandez owned in Madrid. On the one hand, an immense farm of more than 400 hectares located in the town of Villarejo de Salvanés in Madrid, where a house of more than 2,000 square meters with a heliport, a horse-barge, a swimming pool and a tennis court was housed. interior costly paintings and works of art, a collection of top brand watches, jewelry, diamonds or half a dozen high-end vehicles ( Mercedes, Ferrari, Shelby, Land Rover ...). On the other hand, a house in the exclusive urbanization La Finca de Pozuelo de Alarcón decorated with incalculable paintings and sculptures and collections of incalculable value stamps, pens, coins, cigars and even wines, the most expensive in the market. And finally a flat in the Madrid district of Salamanca where there were also collections of tickets from around the world and works of art.

Rincón Bravo also has in Spain along with other partners, as reflected in the Mercantile Register, with merchants dedicated to film and television such as Producciones Cinematográficas Venezolanas Miranda; companies dedicated to the organization of congresses and fairs such as Cibaria Gourmet; wine companies such as Diprovingo; others dedicated to agricultural and livestock production such as Global Maghas, linked in fact to the aforementioned 400-hectare Villarejo de Salvanés estate ; or dedicated to industrial machinery and to ships and aircraft (Tradequip Spain Inspection and Logistics), among others.





The one who was PDVSA's chief of security, Rafael Reiter , is another of the men related to the Nicolás Maduro regime whose operations are being investigated in the context of the macrocause that the 41st Court heads. Reiter has a scattered mercantile conglomerate in Spain for the national territory. In particular, it has Inversiones Vasamer, a business dedicated to take-away, along with its partner Vanesa Carolina Yssea , who in turn has Vasam Ibérica 2015, whose corporate purpose is the cleaning of buildings, and Tervansa Inversiones Inmobiliarias.

The Police and the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office, coordinated by the 41st Court, track the rest of the properties, investments, real estate and companies that the rest of the plot maintains or has maintained in Spanish territory. Among those investigated are those who were financially responsible for Electricidad de Caracas, a public company dependent on PDVSA; and Nervis Villalobos , former Deputy Minister of Energy and close to the environment of Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and his brother, Minister Jorge Rodríguez , whose properties are also being tracked.


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