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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Choosing Freedom: A Canadian Star Seed's Experience with the UCC and the global money matrix.
By Ron Chapman
Feb 8, 2010 - 7:18:27 PM

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Choosing Freedom - A 3 Part short video series by (C)Irene-Maus:GravenhorstTM

Ron: Want to see a Star Seed in full flight? I highly recommend that you watch these three short videos. Of course in watching these videos you need to be aware that the legal (colour of law) but unlawful system in force under the Admiralty/Maritime (UCC) law when surreptitiously applied to sovereign human beings through unconscionable adhesian contracts is VERY complex and you must KNOW exactly what you are doing to even attempt to confront the system. Know too, that the bankster cabal which owns our legal systems and everything else is ruthless in its attempts to suppress those who seek to claim their God given sovereignty.

In this case this lass had many witnesses on hand during court proceedings and when the police and other authorities attempted to prevent her living in and selling her dwelling. Had she been a lone woman without community support the courts,* police and others involved in oppressing and scamming her would almost certainly have denied her sovereign rights, taken her property and destroyed her life. Had she resisted in these circumstances it is likely she would have been arrested (allegedly resisting arrest and such)  and incarcerated which under the current pernicious matrix legal system would result in increased profits for the courts and others. See for instance:

* At the time of the origins of the English common law system juries of 13 of one's peers decided culpability and responsibility, NOT judges. That ensured that the community was aware of and determined what was fair and just within the community. The British legal system as now applied in Anglo-US derived legal jurisdictions has almost completely usurped and eliminated that community right and vested it in state appointed judges and magistrates who now direct and control trials and hearings, determining the "law" as they do so, and often actually making decisions and determinations that destroy lives and property. These judges and magistrates are paid by the state and controlled by it. Often, because of centralised control they have little or no connection with the communities and places affected by their decisions.  That means that the community's views can be ignored and it has lent itself to the creation of the current totally corrupt fictitious legal (colour of law but unlawful) system that is now an intrinsic part of matrix social control in, at least, Anglo US derived jurisdictions.

NOTE also that having a knowledgable and committed community around you is probably the best protection one can have against the thugs who run our world for the hidden matrix controllers. In the new world coming active concerned and committed communities will form the sustainable core of all societies everywhere.
In these videos (C)Irene-Maus:GravenhorstTM explains to viewers of her Choosing Freedom series her whole story, sitting down to explain the events that led to the April/May 2006 events shown in the other Choosing Freedom videos. Hopefully this answers questions and clarifies things for detractors.
Choosing Freedom - An Introduction Part 1/3

Choosing Freedom - An Introduction Part 2/3

Choosing Freedom - An Introduction Part 3/3

The following four videos show attempts by a ‘bank’, a baliff and the RCMP to coerce and intimidate this free woman in Vancouver into allowing them to trespass on her dwelling place and to resume ownership of it by damaging it by changing the locks which incidentally, would immediately prevent her living in the dwelling and impede her giving possession of it to a buyer who has contracted to own it. In effect the ‘bank’ whose mortgage has been duly paid pursuant to the provisions of the UCC is attempting to takeover and sell the dwelling which in effect, is seeking to be paid twice, which is criminal fraud.

Choosing Freedom Part 1 of 2
Irene Gravenhorst, a human woman living in Common Law jurisdiction, is confronted by RCMP in Admiralty/Marine Law jurisdiction. Watch the interaction, and notice how RCMP attempt to create a Joinder between the 2 jurisdictions...
For Irene's FULL STORY, please check out...

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