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Political Information Last Updated: Jun 12, 2019 - 3:55:45 PM

“Call it a Crisis”: Alarmist Group Pressures Media to Update Climate Change Language
By James Murphy
Jun 12, 2019 - 3:53:27 PM

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So-called "green" groups, perhaps worried that the American public is not properly petrified over the scourge that is anthropogenic global warming, have sent a letter to Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN demanding that the networks update their language when they report on climate change. The groups are also circulating a petition demanding that the networks begin calling climate change a "crisis" or an "emergency."

The Call it a Climate Crisis campaign consists of many of the usual climate hysteric groups, including Greenpeace, Public Citizen, the Climate Reality Project, Food and Water Watch, Climate Hawks Vote, the Climate Mobilization, the Sierra Club, Years of Living Dangerously, Hip Hop Caucus, Friends of the Earth, Progressive Democrats of America, Center for Biological Diversity and

"We're asking your networks and newsrooms to call the climate crisis transforming the Earth exactly what it is: a climate crisis," the petition begins.

The group cites one Yale University poll as proof that Americans just don't care that much about climate change. According to the poll, only 29 percent of Americans are "very worried" about so-called climate change. Who needs a poll to determine that? Frankly, I'm surprised it's that high.

Moreover, the campaign blames their network friends for the situation. "Major media have a role in this disconnect, as only 56 percent of Americans say they hear about global warming in the media at least once a month, and 27 percent say they hear about it only several times a year or less," the letter states.

The groups claim that in 2018, only 3.5 percent of network television coverage referred to climate change as a crisis or emergency. They believe there is an "alarming disconnect" between what they believe is the media's milquetoast reporting on the issue and the "dire warnings" that certain climate scientists are floating.

The new campaign accuses the mainstream media of failing to communicate the seriousness of climate change to the public in the proper chicken-little style. They claim that by not being as hysterical about climate change - which they call an "existential threat" - as they should, the networks are complicit in enabling governmental procrastination on the issue.

"Words matter," the letter goes on. "When networks consistently fail to treat climate change as a crisis or emergency, they unwittingly enable complacency and inaction."

Climate change reporting is already insufferable. Can you imagine it with even more hysteria attached to it?

According to this cabal of climate hysterics, it's up to the networks to save the planet. And the only way to do that is to drop any last shreds of journalistic integrity they have left and begin reporting on climate change as an "emergency," complete with red chyrons and hourly updates stressing just how much trouble the planet is in due to this "climate crisis."

"The most straightforward way to send this signal is to call the issue a ‘crisis' or ‘emergency.' In 2018, less than 4 percent of news segments used those terms when discussing climate change. And when disasters like supercharged hurricanes and wildfires strike, too few segments make the connection to the greenhouse gases and the climate change behind them."

First of all, I watched much of the coverage associated with last year's hurricanes and wildfires and that 4 percent number sounds like a straight-up lie to me.

Secondly, in regard to climate change reporting, the public already sees that the climate hysteric emperor has no clothes. Instead of realizing that and moving forward with some other plan for global domination, this group of globalist NGOs wants the major networks to ramp up their rhetoric and tell us that the emperor is even more naked than he was before.

And most of these networks, sad to say, will probably give them what they want.

This letter and petition have nothing to do with saving the planet. In their push toward world socialism, globalists have simply failed in their attempt to frighten the United States into blind cooperation on so-called global warming. Unfortunately, they need the United States to cooperate or their plans will ultimately come to naught. Sure, they can get the EU on board and they can simply bully smaller countries into compliance. But unless America is on board, it won't work.

Is the same group also pressuring China's main news network CGTN to report about climate change in the same panicked tones that they want American networks to? Probably not. After all, Communist China already has the type of government they want to foist upon the rest of us.

Graphic: belterz/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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