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Caesar's Messiah Jesus A Roman Invention
By Various
Oct 31, 2013 - 12:34:31 AM

Caesar's Messiah Jesus A Roman Invention

This 1 hour 23' 11" video was published by MrGrimv1 on Jul 22, 2013:

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Source; Cesar's Messiah .
Proving that religions have been reworked to control new paradigm shifts in the past.
Religion is government.
Religious leaders know it's fake!
Now WE know.

Ron's Comments:

This film interviews scholars who specialize in the origins of Christianity and is based on the book, Caesar's Messiah' by Joseph Atwill, which sets out to prove that the Gospels were written at the behest of the ruling Flavian Dynasty of Rome by their rich Jewish allies who were fluent with Judaism. The end result of the Gospels, they say, was the production of a new religion, which was also a form of Roman propaganda.


In my opinion this film is Talmudic bullshit (whether conscious or otherwise) BUT it has some merit in that it highlights the fact that Christianity, AS A RELIGION, was created by Jews in the early stages although it pretends that Romans (not Jews) were responsible. No doubt the Flavians were involved BUT it was the Jews in Rome and Alexandria etc who grafted their lies onto Saul's (St Paul's) work to engineer the distortions this film purports to expose. A couple of obvious problems arise for this piece of disinformation: namely the letter of Pontius Pilate to Emperior Tiberius. See eg:

In fact the Jews (Pharisees and neo-Pharisees) have reinforced the reality of Esu's existence and life by viciously denigrating him and his mother in the Talmud etc for the last 2,000 years. If he was a myth that they created they wouldn't bother.
IF the Jews around Vespasian and Titus actually  organised the creation of a myth that Esu lived and was crucified when he didn't and wasn't, you have to question their purpose and indeed their sanity. THIS book and film purports to answer that, by saying the Romans did it, but they couldn't have done it without a lot of Jewish insider knowledge and collaboration. IF Esu never existed WHY would the Jews bother?
After all the film's thesis is that the Romans created Christianity primarily in order to control the Jews.


The film manages to slyly insert other lies such as that nature worship is all there is and the rest is myth, which is what is important because actual history "is much too complex for the average person to ever get their head around".


At 1 hr 19' 10" we also get this piece of typical rabbinical rhetoric: 'Evangelical Christians are getting away with debunking facts as mere theories. Even subjects like EVOLUTION. But they provde no evidence for their position other than to simply cite religious dogma'.... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a core LIE promulgated by the Jews to deceive humanity and this film reinforces that LIE with a throw away line with ZERO evidence. This is what the Jews do. They repeat lies day and night so that their content is absorbed like subliminal advertising.


This film takes the fact that the Christian religion was a Judeo-Roman invention and tries to pretend that fact implies (proves?) Esu never lived. Such disinformation is Talmudic. Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Christ) incarnated on Earth to TEACH, not to found a religion. The fact that the Pharisees sought to destroy his teaching by establishing a religious control mechanism to distort his teaching does not prove Esu did not live - quite the contrary.


I also felt that the opening and closing voice overs made my flesh crawl a bit...
I can't wait for these clever cretins to be hit with the truth .. shortly.




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