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COVID-19 vaccine
By The Amber Ruffin Show
Oct 18, 2021 - 8:37:02 PM

This   video was published by The Amber Ruffin Show on Sep 14, 2021:

Ron: Well I'm convinced, how about you? If a song and dance team say only idiots don't believe Pfizer and the FDA, who am I to disagree?! What would USans do without the entertainment industry to tell them how to medicate and to sing the praises of "Qualified Medical Professionals".

Question: WHO should be held responsible for the damage done by the COVID-19 scamdemic and anti-COVID injections? Should everyone advertising and making money from it be held accountable?

Incidentally, these F-wits are telling their audience that the FDA  has "approved" Pfizer's COVID-19 'vaccine' and that it has NOW been thoroughly vetted. At the same time  they're singing about "stupid" people  believing misinformation. As the Pfizer jab is still an unapproved experimental concoction which doesn't prevent recipients getting any respiratory illness and apparently transmits spike proteins, it isn't a vaccine and hasn't been thoroughly vettet or approved. Arguably that makes these performers culpable.

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