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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 19, 2022 - 5:26:20 PM

COVID-19: The Casualty List Is In
By General Maddox
May 18, 2020 - 2:48:50 AM

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Since the beginning of the declared pandemic the casualty list has been a very costly one for humanity. Below is an in-depth inventory of the most prominent deaths.

May 15th 2020

On January 30th, 2020 the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared an Emergency of International Concern due to reports coming out of China of a mysterious new pneumonia like illness.

By March 12th, 2020 the WHO had declared Coronavirus a global pandemic for the first time since its inception. The most recent declared pandemic was for H1N1 (Swine Flu) in 2009 which was responsible for claiming approximately 18,000 lives worldwide that year with nearly a quarter of the worlds population infected. H1N1's mortality rate was 0.02% or 1 in 5000 of those infected. Very low when compared to seasonal flu strains.

If we are to believe the crude numbers coming in from around the world, COVID-19's mortality rate is at best 3-4% of those infected. And that's being very generous given what we know of the highly inflated numbers.

But as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic humanity has seen some very serious casualties and that list is in...

Casualty 1: Logic

COVID-19 has caused logic, I.e reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity, to pass away. There are countless examples from around the world where logic was thrown out the window. Here's some from Australia that people have shared with us.

For example:

  • In many places grocery store staff won't place your purchases in a bag for you. You must now do it yourself. Even though they just handled it by scanning it!
  • Customer limitations on stores also defy logic. Some I've seen in my local mall have a maximum number allowed of 9 customers and the store is quite small in square footage but the store right next to it is triple the size and has a maximum limit of 4!
  • Visitation limits for families wanting to see other family members is also illogical. Our government declared that 2 people could visit a family of 10 for example but that family of 10 couldn't go and visit the family of 2?!
  • One way isles in some grocery stores! I mean seriously?! That's to protect me from COVID-19?!
  • 1 person per square meter for as long as you want in a shopping centre but 10 people maximum in a restaurant no matter the size?!
  • You must keep 1.5 metres away from each other!.....Except in schools?!
  • Apparently in order to spread the virus all you need to do is cough or sneeze within 1.5 metres of someone. So by that logic a sneeze or cough has a good concentration of virus in order to infect others. So why does testing for it require the need to shove a swab deep into your nasal cavity? Especially when it's apparently so easily transmissible by sneezing or coughing?!

There's literally hundreds of examples of the death of logic from all over the world. That's merely a snippet from my location. There's so many illogical measures being taken to "protect" us from COVID-19. What's worse is many people think they're a good idea!

Casualty 2: Empathy

Next on the COVID-19 casualty list is empathy. Sadly empathy passed away during the lockdown and restrictions placed on us by governments around the world with little consideration for the impact it would have on society and our lives.

Heavy-handed tactics by police and even military assistance has caused citizens to be fearful of authorities. An activist mother simply walking down a city street with her son was brutally arrested and even had her crying son ripped from her arms because she was exercising her rights.

Trying to gain even a small amount of normality back by flouting imposed restrictions resulted in heavy fines and penalties all under the guise of protecting us from COVID-19.

What has happened to our police services?

They are too busy enforcing ridiculous mandates by the health authorities to see the damage they're doing to their fellow citizens only to have their actions justified and even cheered on by the wider public that has fallen under this same spell of acquiescence to the state.

Casualty 3: Freedoms & Rights

The third major casualty of COVID-19 is our loss of basic human rights and freedoms.

Across the globe governments have adhered to guidelines handed down by the WHO on how to manage populations during the plandemic.

These guidelines have resulted in governments quickly using them to enact legislations that seize power, remove rights and reduce freedoms for all citizens and all under the guise of protecting us from something that's far less dangerous than it was hyped up to be. A supposed disease that's killed less people than seasonal influenza does.

Australia's Attorney General has even said that Australians could be detained or forced into treatment with powers granted to the government by the passing of the 2015 Biosecurity Act.

But what about going to a park and sitting down to enjoy the warm sun? Not a chance. You have to be "exercising". You can't sit still. You know, because otherwise the virus will get you!

According to the rules you're not even allowed to head into town and protest the very laws that are restricting us! Although some Aussies figured out a way to do it.

Victor from

Casualty 4: Truth

Sadly the fourth high profile death we've seen due to COVID-19 is Truth.

Unfortunately lies and misinformation have flourished amidst the whole Coronavirus saga while truth has taken a back seat.

Professor Neil Ferguson, also known as Professor Lockdown, at the Imperial College of London was the person responsible for generating wildly ridiculous death estimates for the COVID-19 pandemic based on an incredible amount of false data and fudged numbers. Ferguson is not a medical doctor. His PhD is not even in a medicine but in theoretical physics! His Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis based at the Imperial College also receives tens of millions of dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation annually.

It was largely due to his poor "predictions" and garbage models that the world locked down. All the while he himself ignored the lockdown so he could visit his mistress.

Another truth that sadly passed away as a result of COVID-19 was the true data. Death statistics have been drastically over inflated. Not to mention the infection rates because of shoddy testing and false positives. Especially in the United States. Doctors and hospital staff were being encouraged to put COVID-19 as the cause of death for patients. A memo from the CDC stated that COVID-19 can be used cause of death on death certificates even if its only an assumption!

Not only have they been encouraged in writing, hospitals have been receiving financial incentives. If a patient is admitted with COVID-19 the hospital receives $13,000! If that patient is put on a ventilator the hospital receives $39,000!

Reports from social media users have been going viral where hundreds if not thousands of them have been taking to platforms like Twitter and Facebook to share their dismay and anger at the health authorities and mainstream media for spreading lies and misinformation.

Full list of over 200 examples at the link here.

Casualty 5: Common Sense

Last but not least the final casualty in this plandemic would have to be common sense.

One might argue that common sense was added to the endangered species list long ago. In most societies common sense has certainly seen a decline. The inability to think critically and apply reason to given situations and events certainly reached peak levels when coronavirus entered the vernacular. There seems to be idiots at every turn. Well COVID-19 has most definitely brought them out of the woodwork.

How many times have you seen someone driving alone in their car with a face mask on? Seriously...what's the point? It's actually dangerous to your health!

How many times have you seen not just people wearing masks in general but people wearing them incorrectly like around their chin or with a hole cut in it so they can breathe properly?!

How many times have we seen people so worried about "social distancing" when you're lined up to go into a store to only have them being completely carefree about your proximity to them once inside.

There's even been examples of people social distancing while lined up in their cars! It's ludicrous.

Social distancing itself flies in the face of common sense altogether. It's ridiculous. It's completely unnecessary in terms of "slowing the spread" or "flattening the curve". The only thing social distancing achieves is aiding in the establishments divide and conquer tactics. Keep us not only afraid of a virus but also each other. There's no evidence proving that COVID-19 is spread by droplets in the air and that staying the magical number of 6 feet or 1.5 metres apart will somehow prevent you from catching COVID-19.

Placing everyone in lockdown instead of simply quarantining the sick and elderly has proven to be a disaster. It just doesn't make sense to destroy entire economies and industries around the world when the former is common sense.

New levels of absurdity have been reached in Nassau County USA putting common sense out to pasture. You can play tennis again...BUT...

As you can see with this small handful of examples common sense surely did pass away during the coronavirus plandemic. Many, many more examples could be added to reiterate this fact. You need not look far. Feel free to add them to the comments section below.

Obituary conclusion

The only way to describe the entire #CoronaHoax is probably with the Face Palm emoji 🤦‍♂️.

Have people died during this plandemic? Yes of course. Have they died of COVID-19? Truthfully, probably not. As we've seen this "virus" has targeted predominantly the elderly. Uncannily enough it especially targets those with co-morbidities. Who'd have thunk it! People are dying with coronavirus not from coronavirus.

Add in the fact that writing on a deceased persons death certificate the cause of death being Coronavirus or COVID-19 without doing any testing to prove it just shows us how much of a scam this whole thing is.

We will surely miss LogicEmpathyFreedoms & RightsTruth and of course Common Sense. Our only regret is not spending more time caring for you and protecting you.

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