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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Brexit Ultimatums Fly Freely Betraying Bad Faith
By Tom Luongo
Mar 9, 2019 - 1:17:31 AM

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So the EU has given the U.K. a 48 hour ultimatum to come up with an acceptable change to the Irish Backstop. But, the problem is, and Brussels knows this, there is no acceptable change to the Irish Backstop.

There can be no re-implementation of a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the EU will not accept an open border because then it will negate its entire legal structure as a customs union.

Rock meet hard place, but this isn't the U.K.'s problem. It is the EU's. And Theresa May has been avoiding the issue the entire time allowing Brussels to set the terms of the surrender negotiations rather than say, "Ball's in your court. We're happy to leave the border open."

That arrangement is anathema to the other 27 countries in the EU. But, again, that is their problem. And it shouldn't be Theresa May's responsibility.

Brussels' bullying on this is pure theatre. There is a solution but they don't want to admit it. They don't want to admit it because they don't have to... yet.

Why? Because they still believe they can get the British people to stand down and allow Parliament to deliver BRINO (Brexit-in-Name-Only) using the Irish border as the stalking horse.

Because that's what the majority of Parliament wants. What they don't want is to be on the hook for it, so they can go back to their voters and claim they fought the good fight.

Blame shifting thy name is politician.

Time is running short for these kinds of games. Bot May and the EU are playing hardball with a British people who are beyond tired of the shenanigans. Leave means Leave and the reality is that many of the important Labour Remainers are in very vulnerable seats if there is a betrayal of Brexit, regardless of how the media and the Twitterati try to spin this.

Because if the public opinion was so in favor of Remain, we wouldn't be where we are today. There would already have been a second referendum called or Parliament would have voted for Mrs. May's deal which is the closest thing there could be to BRINO.

The Yvette Coopers and Anna Soubry's are grandstanding for their paymasters behind the scenes but the backbenchers all know what the political fallout from this will be if they don't just get on with this business.


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Bruges Group@BrugesGroup

Dynamite! - Brexit Party Planning to Fight General Election - Leader of Party strongly indicates plan to fight General Election - not just EU elections - if Conservatives fail to deliver Brexit! Please Retweet! Thanks!

1,70010:40 PM - Mar 6, 2019
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And that's why May hasn't stepped down as Prime Minister. She knows what the political fallout would be and is trying to stay in power long enough to deliver BRINO or hang her opposition with an unwanted delay.

The Remainers have made their case ad nauseum, ad infinitum and it is time to admit defeat. Gods know Mario Draghi at the ECB just did.

Every day the economic data coming out of the EU gets worse and the data coming out of the U.K. is better than advertised by the Europhiles. That's why the fear-mongering isn't working.

People can see through that, they can see the obnoxiousness coming from Brussels and their own government and they simply aren't buying it.

Another few months of this will only make it worse, not better.

Finance Minister Philip Hammond has now issued his ultimatum, again, out of weakness. Either vote for Mrs. May's deal (which is what he wants anyway) or face another three to six months of torture.

But it's people like Hammond who will have to face reality that betraying Brexit will be the real shock. The next general election in the U.K. is 2022 but the EU in its current form may not last that long.

And the British people can sense this as well. What's so great sticking around in a political union that is sinking into an abyss financially?

The institutions that make up the EU are fraying. Political unity is not a guarantee at this point.

Viktor Orban in Hungary is warning the EU that if they are intent on forcing political integration much further, it will not hold together.

"If we are left alone and they do not force islamisation on us, Europe can continue to live as the club of free nations," Orban said, but added that if Brussels forces Hungary "to accept the UN migration pact or the European Commission's decisions so as to make us fit their own Western concessive policies, a breakup [of the EU] cannot be ruled out."

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