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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Bonhoeffer's Theory of Stupidity
By Sprouts with comments by Ron
Oct 29, 2021 - 8:14:36 PM

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This 5'58" video was published by Sprouts on Oct 16, 2021:


Ron: I disagree with Bonhoeffer's assertion that stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice because malice can be prevented by use of force. Arguably malice arises from ignorance and is a stupid response to it. Moreover force tends to create counter force and malice rather than eliminating them.

MALICE not stupidity created the situation in Germany that enabled Hitler and his accomplices to gain power.

Arguably the continuing smearing of the German nation with the implication that the stupidity of the German population allowed totalitarian and tyrannous governance consititutes HATE SPEECH. In truth the German nation was a benevolent host to Ashkenazis and International Jewry for centuries and was victimises by them as a result. Once the MALICE of International Jewry became obvious the German nation responded reasonably and moderately to that aggression. See eg: The Haavara agreement from August 1933 - emigration of German -

This bit of history was hidden from us: Hitler's Jewish Army -

Jewish Senior Officers In Hitler's Army -

Official Red Cross Records Show Holocaust Was a Fraud? -

Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. See:


As Albert Pike indicated in his letter to Mazzini in August 1871, WWI and WWII were programmed and organised by Jew controlled Masonry for decades before the relevant events. Moreover, the UK, US and France connived with Poland to cause WWII expecting Germany and the Soviet Union to destroy each other which, in essence, they did.

Germany did not initiate WWII. See eg: WORLD WAR II The JEWS Declared War - AGAINST Germany! NOT the Other Way Around!-
The actual start of the Second World War, according to uncensored history, did not occur on September 1st, 1939 with the invasion by the Germans into Poland, but rather, on the 24th of March 1933, with the first of the following 58 declarations of war against Germany commenced. Indeed, the very first worldwide declaration of war was the one published in the British Daily Express of the 24th March, 1933. Here is a complete historical list of all of the declarations of war against Germany during the 2nd World War, 1939-1945.

58 Declarations of War against Germany:

* 1.) March 24, 1933 The Jews declare war on Germany (in the British newspaper Daily Express':) "Judea Declares was on Germany. This was the first of three Jewish declarations of war, which obviously were not directed against any Nazis, but against the whole of Germany! These facts are always hidden and censored in public histories.
2) September 1, 1939 - Poland declares war on Germany
3) September 3, 1939 - Britain declares war on Germany
4) September 3, 1939 - Australia declared war on Germany
5.) September 3, 1939 - New Zealand.
6) September 3, 1939 - France
7) September 6, 1939 - Union of South Africa
8) September 10, 1939 - Canada
9) April 9, 1940 - Norway declared war on Germany
10) April 9, 1940 - Denmark
11) May 10, 1940 - the Netherlands
12.) May 10, 1940 - Belgium
13.) May 10, 1940 - Luxembourg
14.) April 6, 1941 - Yugoslavia declared war on Germany
15) April 6 1941 - Greece . Plus some 35 others. Has anything comparable ever happened?

Has there ever been, in the course of human history, a situation in which over 50 nations declared war upon one, and then afterwards, declared that the loser was the one who which was solely responsible? Until today Germany has still been denied the usual formal peace treaties by 53 of these countries. Are we to believe that this is a very normal process of war and peace? Germany is therefore still an occupied country. That is, a country without its own sovereignty. That fact is even confirmed by the Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble who said in an interview found on YouTube: 'Since 1945, Germany has no sovereignty.' Source: ( (at about 7 min.). See also: Web of Deceit: The Jewish Puppet Masters Behind World War II -

The Federal Republic of Germany, A Rothschildian Financial Agency -

West German Justice and So-Called National Socialist Violent Crimes.

Germany to pay $1 billion for homecare of ageing Holocaust victims. -

In fact global Jewry and their puppet governments in the UK, France and the US connived at forcing the governments of those nations to deceive the Polish Government into provoking a German invasion which was then used as justification for a declaration of war against Germany.
Arguably the real genocidal elements in Germany were Jew controlled corporations. Overall, the Germany military performed far more honourably than did the Allied militaries. See eg:
Leon Degrelle - The Epic Story of the Waffen SS -

For instance NOTHING done by Germany compares to the deliberate fire bombing of German civilians in some 60 German cities. See eg: The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes -

A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945 -

Churchill And Hitler...And History.

The narrator in this video also says that people allow themselves to be made stupid. Arguably this is a simplistic and misleading assertion. On this planet the general population has been mind controlled from birth (and even before that in their mother's womb) by covert demonic forces who now almost completely control the availability of knowledge and information, including the history of life on this planet. Those controllers have also prevented almost everyone from knowing the truth about life, the universe and everything. Accordingly it is inappropriate to solely blame humans here  for their  stupidity. Their stupidity has been covertly contrived by demonic forces. In effect humanity here has been under a demonic spell for centuries.That spell has ben fuelled by IGNORANCE the substance of which almost everyone  contributes, as this erudite video evidences.

The narrator is probably correct in saying that stupidity is largely a sociological artifact. However, that undermines the assertion that it is individually chosen by humans "giving up" an autonomous position.

The narrator concludes that in most cases a genuine internal liberation from what he calls "stupidity" becomes possible only when external liberation has preceeded it. I take that to mean that to free most humans from the current matrix enveloping our planet it is necessary to LIBERATE conscious human life on this planet from the invisible demonic informational constraints that conceal the truth about life, the universe and everything. In other words ignorance IS lower consciousness ie, stupidity.



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