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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

Balfour Declaration condemned as ‘crime against humanity’
Nov 7, 2013 - 12:19:03 AM

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Balfour Declaration condemned as ‘crime against humanity’

The UK-conspired Balfour Declaration condemned as

The UK-conspired Balfour Declaration condemned as 'a crime against humanity'.
Wed Nov 6, 2013 6:54AM GMT
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The UK-conspired Balfour Declaration that led to the creation of the racist regime of Israel on the rubble of occupied Palestine has been condemned by the Palestinian Authority (PA) as “a crime against humanity.”

The declaration by Britain’s then Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour on November 2, 1917, read that his government considered “with favor the establishment in Palestine a national home for the Jewish people”. More than 30 years later, the Israeli regime was created and installed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

On the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the Palestinian Ministry of Information issued a statement stressing that “since 1917, the Palestinian people are paying the price of the biggest political crime in contemporary history.”

The Palestinian ministry described the declaration as “a mark of shame on humanity.”

The declaration “began the Zionists’ process of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians from their homeland, which continues until today,”
the statement said.

“Britain and the entire world must recognize the usurped Palestinian rights because everything that has befallen Palestine - it’s partition, the aggression, the suppression, the settlements, the arrests, the separation wall, the siege on Gaza, and the millions of Palestinians living in exile - was made possible because of the Balfour Declaration”, it added.

The Palestinian Fatah movement led by Mahmoud Abbas censured the British-engineered declaration as “an infamous and illegal promise” that has brought misery to the Palestinians.

The movement said Britain and other supporters of Israel were responsible for “racist and Zionist crimes.”

Fatah said that “the Palestinian people are determined to get all their rights and to liberate their homeland from Israeli occupation and Jewish settlers.”

It called upon Britain to apologize and make amends for the crimes committed against Palestine because of the declaration.



Comments (15)
Nov 7, 2013 8:34 AM
Israel is in the midst of total ethnic cleansing-genocide-a map of Palestine today would show that 95[[]%]of the state has been taken over by the Jewish settlements etc

Nov 7, 2013 4:49 AM
I fully concurr with the Palestinian Authority's definition of the 'Balfour Declaration' as it was the prelude to actual purpetual war. The rise of Communism, the past abduction of German and European Nationalism by both false education and wars, the oulawing of Independent Thought and Freedom of Speech and Media Censorship within the European populace and currently ongoing in North America to the previous declaration of war of the current 'War On Terror'. Indeed, Earth and man has been afflicted by a very pernicious pestilence in which the Palestinians have continually suffered and endured heavily.

Nov 7, 2013 1:54 AM
In fact this is when Israel has been created not 1947, now we have to make the links. General Allenby when he took Palestine said: "today the crusades have ended", crusades have never been religious wars, it was just the nerve of the war at that time. Now strangely, mysteriously, Israel´s sister has been created at the same time by the same people, who is Israel´s sister? Yes indeed today we can say it plain and clear: the kingdom of najdi saud. Now without a shadow of a doubt, if one of these entities fall the other will fall.
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Nov 7, 2013 1:30 AM
... this is an evidence to international court that Irsael state is an illegitimate state from its so-called inception. UK king & its govt acknowledged the state of Palestine existed during this period.
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Nov 6, 2013 3:29 PM
For the 'why' about this declaration seethe speech Benjamin Friedman gave at the Willard Hotel in 1961and a portion of a talk by historian David Irving ,in whichhe mentions a letter of Chaim Weizmann to Churchill,whereWeizmann states that he can get the US fighting on theEnglish side in WW2 ,JUST LIKE THEY DID IN WW1

Jebel Shamsan
Nov 6, 2013 10:26 AM
Quote ! "It being clearly understood that NOTHING should be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-jewish communities in Palestine. !!!"The above was NOT adhered to by those that now have STOLEN Palestine ! This issue HAS to be corrected !
Jeffin reply to Jebel Shamsan
11/6/2013 12:56:21 PM
Since they (the zionists) themselves don't honor the Balfour agreement, neither should anybody else. The Palestinians could use the entire Balfour declaration to their advantage. From the point you mentioned Jebel Shamsan, to the point of Palestine being mentioned so vividly. "IN PALESTINE" -end quote. The whole thing from the west has been criminal indeed. 65yrs of criminality.

yamoto osaka
Nov 6, 2013 9:17 AM
The Queen and royals must be lynched for this crime against humanity and especially the Palestinian people. The zionists must be setteled in the UK in Buckingham palace.

Scottin reply to yamoto osaka
11/6/2013 2:35:12 PM
The zionists already run the UK monarchy and government as they do ALL western nations with their USURY FRAUD MONEY SYSTEM!

Nov 6, 2013 8:26 AM
The creation of the state of Israel has spawned the greatest post-war tragedy. The world's powers have declined to right this wrong, and like South African apartheid, it will be left to the opinion and pressure of citizens globally to end zionist racism. The notion of American 'exceptionalism' is rightly condemned yet Israel is allowed to practice the same thing unhindered. Sixty-plus years is long enough to see that Israel was never viable and history will judge us harshly if it's left another sixty to continue on it's brutal way.

Defenderin reply to kath1
11/6/2013 10:03:59 AM
Well put; Had Israel worked with the Palestinian's creating true prosperity for both, perhaps things might be different today. This endless stealing and subjugation will prove the end of Israel and this terrible chapter in world history!!!

Pam Cox
Nov 6, 2013 8:7 AM
"UK Crimes against Humanity" shows the British fingerprint in any crime and genocide happening.

Nov 6, 2013 7:50 AM
One has to remember that at the time this decision was the best of a bad world. But for those believers, may I say this. It is a reminder. "Because you have killed my only begotten son. You will know NO land." So how come we get this "Promised Land" garbage ???Balfours decision in todays world just would not happen. Its 96 years out of date.

An Indian
Nov 6, 2013 7:38 AM
It took almost a hundred years for the Indian mutineers against British colonial rule to win their fight for freedom. About the size of Europe sans Russia, a country as diversely populated as India united within itself only after one single man led the campaign. Even so, the British had well-in-advance hatched their plan to divide India as it is today. Palestinians need to reflect on this example of history and wait for the Mahatma or fight for for their freedom. Now.

Nov 6, 2013 7:30 AM
Quite right. All problems arise from this promise. Balfour had no mandate nor authority to do this. It will end in a third world nuclear war, so must be revoked.

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