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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

BBC's insult to hero pilots: Veterans rage over Dresden coverage that attacks Britain as being 'worse than the Nazis' but ignores RAF's sacrifice
By Larisa Brown & Inderdeep Bains with comments by Ron
Feb 16, 2015 - 4:15:12 AM

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BBC's insult to hero pilots: Veterans rage over Dresden coverage that attacks Britain as being 'worse than the Nazis' but ignores RAF's sacrifice [Ron: Yabba,yabba, Jew yabba!].

  • BBC coverage of Dresden bombings say Britain was 'worse than the Nazis' [Ron: Of course they were. More destruction befell Dresden in one day than was inflicted on the whole of Britain during the entire war.The British FIRE BOMBING of Dresden killed six to ten times more Germans (almost all of them women children and old man) than the total number of Britons killed in the London Blitz AND the ALL the bombing of Britain during WWII.].
  • Corporation barely mentioned British airmen who lost lives in World War II [Ron: The Pilots of Bomber command were NOT heroes. see eg:


  • One presenter even referred to the Dresden bombings as a ‘war crime’

Ron: Erhard Mundra, a member of the "Bautzen committee” (an association of former political prisoners in the GDR), wrote in the daily newspaper Die Welt (12.2. 1995, page 8): "According to the former general staff officer of the military district of Dresden and retired lieutenant colonel of the Bundeswehr, D. Matthes, 35.000 victims were fully and another 50.000 partly identified, whereas further 168.000 could not be identified at all.” It goes without saying that the hapless children, women and old people whom the firestorm had transformed into a heap of ashes could not be identified either. IF the cold blooded HOLOCAUSTING of half a million German civilians in ONE Day was not a WAR CRIME and a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, what was it? Just a Jewish religious ritual?!].

  • Former defence minister Sir Gerald Howarth blasts 'one-sided account'

The account of the Fire Bombing of Dresden has always been provided by the victors of WWII ie the Jews. And the narrative has always been extremely "one-sided" - pretending that the Germans deserved it and that it was just another typical British bombing raid on a German city killing a mere 25,000 to 35,000 people. IT WASNT. See eg: Dresden, 1945 - And:

It Began 70 Years Ago Today . . . Dresden: A Real Holocaust. See:

A Real Holocaust: Dresden, 13 February 1945:

Churchill And Hitler...And History. -

The pilots of Bomber Command cannot be called heroes -].


  • RAF veterans say the BBC's coverage has left them feeling 'incensed'

[Ron: Sooo, 70 years after the event, those who incinerated half a million German civilians in ONE day feel incensed!  My heart bleeds for them. Their whinging and truth manipulation almost rivals that of their Judaic overseers. In the NEW WORLD coming there will be no room for such bullshit and prevarication! Thank God!!!].

The BBC’s coverage of the bombing of Dresden in which Britain was described as ‘worse than the Nazis’ was condemned as disgraceful by RAF veterans and MPs last night.

Despite dedicating more than 32 minutes of airtime to the 70th anniversary of the fire-bombing that killed tens of thousands at the end of the Second World War, there was barely a mention of British airmen who lost their lives.

[Ron: Really?! Dresden had NO military installations and NO air defences, so how many British airmen actually LOST THEIR LIVES incinerating 500, 000 German civilians in Dresden? Indeed, how many lost their lives during all of WWII for that matter? Later in this article the number is put at 55,000 for the entire War. Moreover, those airmen were sildiers seeking to kill others. The half million German civilians they incinerated in Dresden weren't. In fact, most were women and children What fantastic bloody heroes those airmen were! How dare anyone not not be glorify what they did!].

The BBC’s four major news shows and Radio 4 interviewed multiple German survivors of the bombings.

They also showed a British prisoner of war who berated those who ordered the raids, adding it was ‘demonic’ and ‘evil’. [Ron: Which it WAS!].

The BBC’s coverage of the bombing of Dresden (aftermath pictured) in which Britain was described as ‘worse than the Nazis’ was condemned as disgraceful by RAF veterans and MPs last night 

The BBC’s coverage of the bombing of Dresden (aftermath pictured) in which Britain was described as ‘worse than the Nazis’ was condemned as disgraceful by RAF veterans and MPs last night

But the coverage failed to mention the 55,000 airmen who died for Britain during the war. Nor did it mention the devastating Nazi bombing raids on London and Coventry.

[Ron: Apart from the fact that the program was presumably remembering the Fire Bombing of DRESDEN not the bombing of London and Coventry, the facts are that Churchill and the British bombed Germany for FIVE months (starting on September 5 and 29, 1939, December 3, 12, 14,18, 20 and 21,1939) BEFORE Germany responded in kind. The Britain continued to bomb Germany because, as stated by the British Undersecretary of State, Spaight, the foremost authority on  the law of air warfare, who wrote in his book  Bombing  Vindicated, published  in London in 1944:

“We  began bombing  targets in Germany before  the  Germans  did  so in England. That is a historical fact that has also been publicly admitted. We sacrificed  London, because the  retribution was certain. It is not absolutely positive, but nevertheless very likely, that the  Germans  would  not  have  attacked  London and the industrial  area. Germany sought a moratorium in the bombing war whenever there seemed to be the slightest chance of  such.”

Got that Pilgrims?

Another British historian in Oxford, A.J.P. Taylor, wrote that:

“The British initiative (for the air war) is perfectly clear. The
German bombing of Warsaw and Rotterdam was part of a military
campaign, an expansion of a previous shelling of defended cities.
Blitz (the German air raids on London) began only after the British had already bombed German cities for five months.” ].

One presenter even [Ron: NOTICE how a single word can change the whole meaning of what is said!] referred to Dresden as a ‘war crime’ and another spoke of how Britain ‘deliberately unleashed devastation on civilians’, while failing to refer to Auschwitz or Hitler.

[Ron: Hitler and his government tried desperately to prevent WWII and those facts are indisputable BUT the Jews control most governments and the global media, academia, publishing, education and entertainment so that information is NOT readily available. Similarly, the Jews also control the judiciary in most countries and througout Europe it is a crime to even question whether six million Jews were even within German occupied Europe during WWII.  They weren't, only about three million Jews came within German jurisdiction and the Red Cross records evidence that many Jews were never interned as enemy aliens by the Germans during WWIi. Also, the Red Cross records evidence that only 271,304 Jews died in those camps ie only about HALF the number of German civilians holocausted in Dresden on Ash Wednesday(St Valentines' Day)  in February 1945. See eg:


Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. See:

Official Red Cross Records Show Holocaust Was a Fraud? See:


accordingly, reference to the Holocaust is just a continuation of the HoloHoax and in any event what possible relevanc can the Holocaust Blood Libel of the German nation have to do with the Dresden Fire Bombing WAR CRIME?!].

During the only interview – which lasted just 23 seconds – with an RAF crewman who flew on the raid, the 91-year-old was asked: ‘Did you ever feel guilty about what happened at Dresden?’ Former Lancaster bomber rear gunner Harry Irons DFC simply replied: ‘No, not really.’

[Ron: Surely that is  a personal spiritual trajedy for that vetersan is it not?

Last night politicians, historians and military figures said the coverage was a ‘disgrace’ and disrespectful to the airmen who served and died in Bomber Command. [Ron: Yabba, yabba, emotional horsechit yabba!].

Sir Gerald Howarth, a former defence minister, told the Daily Mail: ‘It is very unfortunate that the BBC chose on all days to produce such a one-sided account.[Ron: Really?! What day would have been more appropriate?].

‘It was just as one might expect from the BBC, concentrating on the negatives. [Ron:

‘What about the civilians in London who were bombed out of their homes? What about the bombing in the Blitz? To suggest that those responsible for the bombing of Dresden were on a par with Hitler or guilty of war crimes is an absolute disgrace.’ [Ron: Hitler was an honourable individual and his military fought honourably within the constaints place upon them by the Techma (global Jewry) and thei Jew controlled  British, French, US and Soviet Empires. anyone who does not know that today, doesn't want to know.].

Despite dedicating more than 32 minutes of airtime to the 70th anniversary of the fire-bombing (aftermanth pictured) that killed tens of thousands, the BBC barely mentioned British airmen killed

Despite dedicating more than 32 minutes of airtime to the 70th anniversary of the fire-bombing (aftermanth pictured) that killed tens of thousands, the BBC barely mentioned British airmen killed [Ron: Were any airman killed while holocausting half a million German civilians during the Fire Bombing of Dresden? The ability to THINK, reflect and make moral judgments is what constitutes being  a true human Pilgrims.]

The BBC coverage of the Dresden bombings (aftermath pictured) failed to mention the 55,000 airmen who died for Britain during the war

The BBC coverage of the Dresden bombings (aftermath pictured) failed to mention the 55,000 airmen who died for Britain during the war.

[Ron: They didn't die for Britain they died for the Techma (Jews) and for the Judaic Empire which has controlled Germany, the US, UK and France since WWII and is now destroying humanity and the planet.].

Most of the BBC coverage focused on an interview with Victor Gregg, 95, who was a British prisoner of war in Dresden during the bombing. He said: ‘I saw people killed every day... but what I saw in Dresden – I’ve never seen women and children involved before.’

Asked by the presenter if he thought it was a war crime, he said: ‘Definitely.

Mike Brundle, who served in the RAF for over 25 years, said: ‘The BBC should have had someone who was a member of Bomber Command on that operation – those are the ones who risked their lives.[ Ron: To holocaust half a million German civilians on that occasion.].


A total of 125,000 men served as Bomber Command aircrew during the Second World War.

Their chance of surviving the war was lower than that of infantry officers in First World War trenches.

Bomber Command had a 44 per cent death rate – 55,573 died in action.

[Ron: What percentage of German in Dresden survived the bombing and the subsequent strafing by US fighter bombers next day?].

The average age of crewmen was 22 but the youngest were only 18. [Ron: How many children under age 18 were incinerated in the Dresden Bombing? Probably a lot more than 125,000!]

A total of 9,838 members of Bomber Command became prisoners of war.

Of the 365,514 sorties flown by bomber crews, 297,663 were at night.

Some 3,249 Lancasters were lost in action – nine during the bombing of Dresden. [Ron: What was  the cause and were the crews killed?].

Almost three quarters of Bomber Command dead were British – the rest were from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Victoria Crosses were awarded to 19 members of Bomber Command.

‘If the war had gone on for another year, how many millions more would have been killed at Auschwitz?

[Ron: This emotional blackmail only works on mental and emotional idiots. It is unpardonable for any rational individual to peddle the HoloHoax myth today.

The meticulously kept German camp records taken and concealed by the Sovier Bosheviks in 1945 and released after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990, evidence that ONLY 173,000 Jews were ever sent to Auschwitz and that 58,200 of them died of typhus while 2,064 died of natural causes and 117 were executed for crimes.  A total of 100,743 were transferred to other camps. As for the remander, Brian Harring states:

'When the SS evacuated the Auschwitz work camp complex in the middle of January 1945, they left a large number of prisoners, mostly Jewish, behind. Many of these were too old or too sick to travel and they were left in their barracks, guarded by a Polish militia that had been raised earlier by Hans Frank, the head of the Government General (as occupied Poland was termed by the Germans.) With the approach of the Soviet army in early 1945, these Polish guards indiscriminately attacked the barracks, with the prisoners inside, using hand grenades and machine guns.

The violent animosity of the Catholic Poles to their huge Jewish community is certainly well known. When the Russians invaded Poland in 1920, one of the greatest fears of the Polish leadership and the government was that the 500,000 Jewish residents of Warsaw’s Nalevski district would rise up against them in support of the advancing Bolshevik armies. Many Polish Jews fled after the failure of the Russian  Bolshevik attack and a number of those left behind were promptly massacred by Poles when the central government collapsed after the German invasion of 1939.

Although exact figures of the dead among the remaining Auschwitz inmates in 1945 are not available, several existing Soviet military reports put the death toll between 7,000 and 10,000. Former members of the Polish militia have subsequently claimed that many of the dead were shot down by Russian troops as they attempted to exit the liberated camp.


The truth of this matter will never be known but at least this is an atrocity that cannot be blamed on the Germans who were hundreds of miles away at the time.' [See:The Russians did not like Jews either, remembering their savagery against them during the salad days of Josef Stalin.


By all means cover it but the one-sided BBC coverage has incensed me.’

A woman who wrote a letter to the Daily Mail added: ‘The BBC is beyond belief. Do we hear you “celebrating” the “hell” that was Swansea burning, or Coventry, or Plymouth, or Portsmouth – with the same unctuous sympathy as you are showing for Dresden? We have nothing to be guilty about.’

Military historians and former military top brass defended the bombing of Dresden.

Historian Frederick Taylor told the Mail: ‘Thousands of innocent civilians as well as soldiers were dying every day as battles raged in east and west – not forgetting the concentration camp inmates who were still being murdered by starvation, violence, disease, and forced marches.

‘How could any resource – including the massive Allied air forces – be left unused in trying to shorten the war and save many, many thousands more innocent lives? There should have been more room for another view.’

Sir Michael Graydon, former head of the RAF, added: ‘It was an entirely understandable target. The bomber crews carried out the duty they were equipped to do with bravery and efficiency. I would have liked to see (the BBC) talking about the lessons of the war and a mention of Bomber Command.’

A BBC spokesman said: ‘The bombing of Dresden has always been a controversial episode. On Thursday evening the main BBC News bulletins reflected this and featured interviews with British veterans in coverage of preparations for the commemoration. On Friday we covered the commemoration ceremony in Dresden, which understandably reflected on the German experience.’

A BBC spokesperson added: 'BBC News has covered in greater depth than any other broadcaster many aspects of the commemoration of World War II - both the human cost on all sides and the military action - and will continue to do so.'

[Ron: this verbal dyherria makes me sick. It doesn't warrant revuttal.].


The BBC’s coverage of Dresden began on Thursday night:

BBC News at Ten, 10.24-10.28pm

Report dominated by disturbing images of German casualties and a graphic interview with prisoner of war Victor Gregg, 96, who talks of bodies ‘exploding’. A whole minute is devoted to survivors Anita John and Nora Lang, who describe seeing ‘the dead everywhere’ and thinking it was ‘the end of the world’.

[Ron: Sooo, the reader is supposed to think that giving a WHOLE minute to the recollections of two survivore of the  Dresden Bombing  is excessive? What about the endless time etc given to HoloHoax survivors?! WHY is that OK? Is it because they are LIARS or JEWS, or both?].

Only 23 seconds are given to RAF veteran Harry Irons, 91, who is asked: ‘Did you ever feel guilty after the war about what had happened at Dresden?’ He replies: ‘No, not really. I think because we were very young and we lost so many boys ourselves.’ [Ron: How sad it is that he should not have reflected upon that experience in 70 years.].

The reporter says the campaign showed how the allies ‘deliberately unleashed devastation on civilians’.

BBC Breakfast, 6.07-6.10am yesterday

Focuses on German survivor Ursula Elsner, who says: ‘We clung to a lamppost but one woman didn’t make it … she was sucked into the burning ruins.’

No one from Bomber Command or UK military is featured. The only alternative view is from Dresden Military Museum’s Gorch Pieken, saying: ‘It is just an example of warfare and of course it makes sense … Dresden was part of the enemy and you have to hit the enemy to end the Second World War.’

The BBC dedicated 32 minutes of coverage to the Dresden bombings (aftermath pictured) - of which just 23 seconds was spent on an interview with an RAF veteran

The BBC dedicated 32 minutes of coverage to the Dresden bombings (aftermath pictured) - of which just 23 seconds was spent on an interview with an RAF veteran

BBC Breakfast, 7.40-7.48am

Focuses on German victims, with no mention of Britons who died. Another interview with Victor Gregg, who says: ‘We were supposed to be the good guys … to rescue the EU from the evil of the Third Reich and we finished up worse than they were.’ [Ron: Indeed you did and most apparently still are.].

Interviews with Nora Lang and Anita John, who says her parents suffocated in a cellar in Dresden.

BBC Breakfast, 8.42-8.45am

Repeated Victor Gregg interview. No mention of Britons who died.

World at One, 7 minutes

Another interview with Victor Gregg, who says the campaign was ‘definitely’ a war crime, calls British forces’ actions ‘demonic’ and ‘evil’ and accuses them of roasting children alive. He adds: ‘I’ve never seen people who didn’t have any weapons being attacked before.’

BBC News at One, 1.16pm–1.20pm

Interview with Ursula Elsner. No mention of British loss of life.

BBC News at Six, 6.16-6.19pm

Report features interview with a former Hitler Youth member, aged 12 during the bombings, who recalls the ‘whole city burning’. Comments from Justin Welby, and footage of demonstrators in Dresden. No mention of British sacrifice.

Read more:

[Colour fonts, bolding  and comments in square brackets added.].

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