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Australians' have the right to secede from the purported Commonwealth of Australia
Aug 23, 2009 - 7:31:00 AM

Australians' Right to Secede* from the purported Commonwealth of Australia

If a government contravenes the fundamental rights of its citizens, it abdicates government. The citizens are then absolved of their allegiance to that government.

This has happened to all Australian governments by virtue of the application of the Bill of Rights, 1688.
The Bill of Rights cannot be dispensed with by a parliament (refer Statute of Monopolies, 1623), nor by the executive (refer Petition of Rights, 1628), nor by the judiciary (refer Habeous Corpus Act, 1640).
Section 118 of the purported Australian Constitution reads: Full faith and credit shall be given, throughout the Commonwealth to the laws, the public Acts and records, and the judicial proceedings of every State.

The citizens have the right to secede and come out from under the usurped jurisdiction of the abdicated government, by virtue of Article 1 of Part 1 of the Internationl Covenant on Civil  and Political Rights, 1966, which is the law of Australia by virtue of the application of Sections 3 and 6 of the purported Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act, 1986 (Cth.).

Once seceded, citizens have the right to form a new nation, or join a new nation, by virtue of the application of Article 5 (d) (iii) of the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, 1965, which is the purported law of Australia by virtue of the application of Sections 3, 6 and 7 of the purported Racial Discrimination Act, 1975 (Cth.).

However, as documents used to appoint Australia’s purported Governors- General have been illegally issued, this means that the current  purported Governor-General has held no valid executive legal power whatsoever, to swear in elected members of parliament, members of the judiciary, to appoint any Commissioners, or to give Assent to purported laws of the so-called Federal parliament.
A citizen who chooses to secede has a right under international law to join with others to form a new nation, or join a new nation.

* Secession is the formal act of separation from an alliance, country, federation or similar.

The only thing inhibiting Australians from seceding and forming their own Principalities and a new nation seems to be ignorance and lack of sufficient consciousness to generate a widespread realisation that formation of intentional communities of choice (kindoms as the Australian Love for Life people call it) in independent principalities is possible, preferable and more sustainable than the rat race the matrix controllers have constructed for them. Until a critical mass of more conscious individuals emerges Australians will no doubt continue to give allegiance to the multitude of fictions that make up the illusion of modern life.

For examples of extant Australian Principalities see The Principality of Range View:

And: The Principality of Hutt River, the website of which states:

The Principality of Hutt River is situated 595 km north of Perth, Western Australia and is about 75 square km in area, consisting of some 18,500 acres of land. 

Hutt River is an Independent Sovereign State having seceded from Australia on the Twenty First Day of April 1970 and is of comparable size to Hong Kong (not the New Territories).


The Principality consists of undulating farmland well covered in places with a wealth of shrubs and glorious wildflowers.


H.R.H. Prince Leonard, a keen supporter of both the Arts and Conservation, has named parts of the Principality with such identities as Lake Beginning, Mount Secession, Lake Serenity and Wild Boar Gorge.  His town site, Nain, has been developed with many buildings to provide facilities for the tourists who visit in their thousands each year.

These facilities include The Administration Building containing the Government Office and Post Office, Tea Rooms with Swimming Pool and a charming Inter-Denominational Chapel as well as the arcade housing the Memorabilia Dept. and Historical Society displays and the Sovereigns Reception building.

It is perhaps of interest to note, that Western Australia was actually never proclaimed by Captain Stirling as British Territory, as was required of him under his Letter Patent.

He only Proclaimed a Settlement (the Swan Settlement) in Western Australia.



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