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Australia: The Concealed Colony
By Institute of Constitutional Education and Research
May 28, 2012 - 4:00:00 PM

Australia: The Concealed Colony


An extraordinary decision in the High Court of Australia in Melbourne on December 15, 1998 led to the application [Ron: set out in the attached PDF]. That day Justice Hayne  declared Australia had domestic sovereignty but did not have international sovereignty, in other words we are still a colony. However, for the future of Australia the die was cast when Justice Hayne also declared in delivering his judgment that it was his task "to protect the system". There was no mention of justice, truth, or historical fact, just legal opinion and "the system'.

The "system" is the continued use of British law and authority in Australia.

Just six months later on June 23, 1999 the Full Bench of the High Court of Australia ruled that the United Kingdom was a "foreign power" for the purposes of Section 44 of the Commonwealth Constitution when the Constitution is the legislatin of the Parliament of the United Kingdom alone. In other words, the High Court ruled that the United Kingdom is a foreign power under its own legislation. Little wonder that many observers think the main legal reference for the Australina courts is 'Alice in Wonderland'.

To anyone outside Australia the current system is unbelievable in a modern society. At the time of white settlement consisting of convicts and their military guards, the few bureaucrats were the colony's rulers. They were not "public servants" in the ordinary meaning of the words but "public masters". The attitude then created among Australian bureaucracy persists even today.

In the words of eminent British authorities the sovereignty of the United Kingdom belongs jointly to the Crown, the House of Lords and the body of voters who elect the House of Commons. At the time of white settlement  this body held legal sovereignty over Australia. [Ron: NO! Arguably the Terra Nullius doctrine was and is as spurious as the current system of pseudo sovereignty in Australia.]. But at the end of the 20th Century the British people no longer have any right to sovereignty over Australia. At whatever time Australia became a nation it ceased to owe allegiance or obedience to the British people through their parliament or crown. This could not have been later than 1945 when Australia presented itself as a nation to join the UN.

This break in legal continuity, which actually occurred in 1919 when sovereignty was transferred from the British people and parliament to the Australian people, has never been accepted or recognised by the legal profession or the governments. As a result, the Australian bureaucracy has never become the civil servant of the sovereign Australian people and has remained an arm of the British government.

Australia is the only OECD country which does not have a Bill of rights in any form. On the basis that Australian civil rights are ptotected by common law Australian governments and their courts refuse to recognise in enforceable law fundamental human rights statements, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1947, and its successors the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, all supposedly agreed to by Australia under international treaties.

Yet the same common law courts which don't recognise the break in British legal authority refuse to recognise and enforce the rights and freedoms which existed under British sovereignty. On February 25, 2000 the Full Bench of the High Court sitting in Brisbane ruled that the people's rights under Magna Carta, the 1688 Bill of rights and the Petition of Right had no validity in Australia and could not be enforced in the courts. Australia's inherited "British" system would be unrecognsable in Britain.

[Ron: The extraordinary document set out in tha attached PDF] ... was never intended to exist. No nation has ever filed such an application with the United Nations and if Australian courts had acted honestly this document wiuld not have been the first.

When the facts and official document which form the bulk of this publication [The PDF] began to emerge, all the participants believed that when the legal problems were found to originate 80 years ago our current generation of lawyers and judges would examine the facts and begin the process of rectification through delivery of honest judgments.

We were wrong, not about the facts of history which show the rest of the world recognised Australian sovereignty back in 1919, but we were wrong about the honesty of current Australian lawyers, legal academics and judges. With few exceptions, their only instinct has been to defend the status quo, their privileges and their income.

Luckily, lawyers and legal academics in the rest of the world instantly saw the absurdity of a nation still governed as a colony. The authors of the application wish to publicly acknowledge the generous assistance of the faculties and staff of the 14 major universities listed below who provided research assistance and copies of major public documents at as time when comparable Australian sources were concealin and denying the existence of the same documents.

The universities span nine countries: France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, the United states and the United Kindom itself.

They include the University of Lausanne, the University of Paris (the Sorbonne), the Humboldt University (Berlin), Trinity college of Dublin, the Italian University of La Sapienza (Rome), the Complutenso de Madrid in spain, the British ...



This submission establishes that those exercising the power to govern over the Sovereign People of Australia do so without the authority of those same people. Instead, they govern through the application of a current Act of domestic law of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, a power foreign to Australia. This submission also establishes that those individuals exercising this power to govern have all individually sworn an oath [Ron: or Affirmation] of allegiance to a Monarch in the sovereignty of that same power, the United Kingdom.

The authors of this submission, being informed and concerned Australians, believed it reasonablre to expect that politicians and members of the judiciary, after having been confronted with the facts of history and the demands of international law, would have declared it both necessary and urgent to create and install a valid instrument to bridge the 80 year legal void resulting from the 1919  chane in sovereignty over Australia.

However, because of the outcomes of direct approaches to all high offices, including the entire court system, within Australia, it has become abundantly clear that that which would cause the Australian Government to become a legitimatemember of the World Community of Governments is unattainable through civil action within Audtralia.

When it became clear that the necesary adjustments were " ... not matters of municipal law but the law of nations and were not cognisable in (a) the court(s) exercising jurisdiction under that sovereignty which is sought to be challenged" an application was made to the International Court of Justice. Despite the convincing argument presented, the sovereign Australian people submitting the application were not granted standing by that court.

Having absolutely exhausted all othe resposible avenues of rectification it is now apparent that the only non violent avenue remaining open to the citizenry of Australia lies with an appeal to the international community who, being co-signatories to the Charter of the United Nations, guarantee the Commonwealth of Australia, under Article 2, paragraphs 1 and 4, as well as various resolutions, the right to enjoy sovereignty over their affairs. That is, the right to self determination, which is the most fundamental of the principles of the United Nations.

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