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Are you United with Israel? (must watch)
By Michael Girbitz & Gilad Atzmon
Jul 7, 2012 - 2:00:35 AM

Are you United with Israel? (must watch)[Ron: Provided you have a BARF Bag handy]

Ron: If you have a strong stomach I recommend that you watch this superb piece of Jewish propaganda which exposes just how the Jews "INFORM & EMPOWER" ignorant goyim (non-Jews) using Jew controlled social media like Twitter & Facebook. As the voice over says: "An idea can be spread with just one click". What he doesn't say though, is that the ideas insinuated by Yid hasbara to their hosts of virtual friends on the internet are Talmudic distortions that only invincibly ignorant or congenital idiots would accept without rational consideration. Unfortunately the world is full of such people. Sooo, if one of your virtual Jewish friends incites you to "UNITE WITH ISRAEL" don't forget to review the history of what the Jews have done (and are doing) to the Palestinian and Lebanese people before you do. For Gilad Atzmon's tacit endorsement of Israel's most effective PR tool see:


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