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Are we now becoming just like the Eloi?
By RMN Reader
Oct 21, 2021 - 3:03:59 AM

Re: The Empire of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truth....

Are we now becoming just like the Eloi?

Posted By: RumorMail 
Date: Wednesday, 20-Oct-2021 16:44:01


In this recent John Whitehead article he writes;

In Pennsylvania, a man traveling on a commuter train harassed, assaulted and then raped a woman over the course of 40 minutes and during more than two dozen train stops while fellow travelers, watching and filming the attack, did nothing. Not a single witness called 911. Not a single bystander intervened to help the woman. Despite the fact that the man was outnumbered and could have been overwhelmed by those on the train, no collective effort was made to ward off the attack. Only when it was too late, when the damage had been done and the train had pulled into its last stop, did police show up to intervene.

I found this highly disturbing. But this incident also reminded me of an old classic film made from an H.G. Wells story.

In the 1960's film, The Time Machine, the machine's inventor named George travels from the year 1900 through various times in the future and then lands in the far distant future of the year 802,701 where he finds what he first believes is a paradise where the people are all young adults and do not seem to age and they also never have to work and there is food growing in abundance for them to eat. But then George learns that periodically there is a loud siren sound like that which was used during the twentieth century to warn the people of that time, of an approaching air raid attack whereupon everyone immediately went underground to seek cover in the underground bomb shelters. But there was no war in this future year of 802,701. However, these innocent childlike people, known as the Eloi, living in this future time had all been conditioned to respond in much the same way to the sound of the air raid sirens, and which was to go underground. The Eloi actually fell into a trance-like state at the sound of the sirens and robotically ushered themselves underground through an entrance provided to them at the base of a sphinx. And once enough of them had passed through this entrance, the siren sound stopped and everyone went back to normal living. However George was left very much confused by all of this and asked them what had happened. To which one of the Eloi responded, "It's all clear, it's all clear now". These were same words that were used in the twentieth century after the danger of the air raids had passed. But then George, being concerned for the female Eloi named Weena that he had befriended but that had also been one of the ones that had disappeared inside the sphinx asked, "But what about the others that went inside?" "They never come back" was the response George got. It turned out that living underground was another race of beings that were using the human Eloi people as food and that the siren sound and the conditioned response to go underground was the signal to begin the harvest. Later when George makes the attempt to rescue Weena, we see that the Eloi have absolutely no concept of self defense and do not even know enough to raise their hand in a fist to strike a blow at someone or something that is attacking them. They do not know enough to defend their own life, let alone to come to the aid of another fellow Eloi that is in trouble.

In that recent incident in Pennsylvania where a woman traveling on a train is attacked and is also being raped over a 40 minute period, during multiple train stops, but was also surrounded by a number of fellow passengers who could all clearly see what was happening to this poor woman but who did absolutely nothing to stop this attack and instead just stood there and watched this poor helpless woman get forcibly raped; this to me an indication that many people today have been successfully conditioned to behave in this same manner whereby they have allowed themselves to become both mentally and physically numb to the pain and to the suffering of others, and have also allowed themselves to become incapable of even attempting to render aid to someone in need of help... just like the Eloi in the film, The Time Machine.




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