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Antifa Group Demands More Government COVID Regulations At Anti-Mandate Protest
By Cullen McCue
Oct 18, 2021 - 7:56:14 PM

The group also demanded mandatory vaccinations

Antifa Group Demands More Government COVID Regulations At Anti-Mandate Protest

A self-styled "anti-fascist" group demanded stricter COVID measures at a protest in Brisbane, Australia over the weekend. The group held up a banner reading "Pro Vaccine, Pro Health, Anti-Fascist" while counter protesting anti-vaccine mandate demonstrators.

The group condemned "far right groups", which they appeared to consider all those in opposition to vaccine mandates. "We are not gonna let people who wanna undermine important public health measures who keep people in our community alive," a woman shouted into a megaphone. "Far right figures have been mobilizing all across the country, peddling conspiracy theories and lies that the vaccine is unsafe and that lockdowns are a communist plot to destroy freedom," she continued.

The speaker went on to say that the group knows "how dangerous those ideas are" and added that without more harsh government restrictions, Australia would be seeing hundreds of deaths a day. Members of the group responded to each statement with shouts of "shame!"

Intense protests against mandatory vaccinates have been taking place in Australia over the past month. This continued in Brisbane over the weekend when a massive group took to the streets in protest of strict government COVID restrictions and mandates.


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