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Political Information Last Updated: Sep 15, 2020 - 4:57:43 AM

An Update on Google's Election Game Playing
By Andrea Widburg
Sep 15, 2020 - 4:53:26 AM

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September 15th 2020

Yesterday, I wrote about how Google uses its search engine to make it harder for people to investigate concerns about Joe Biden's declining mental state. Having listened to Scott Adams on Monday and then conducted searches in line with his suggestions, I could see that Google's information manipulation is more subtle and far-reaching than would first appear.

You can read here my September 14 post about how Google's search engine, which accounts for at least 80% of all internet searches, gives Biden an in-kind campaign donation by discouraging inquiries into his possible dementia.

On Real Coffee with Scott Adams, Adams identified second and third level experiments that show Google's subtlety and its continued efforts to protect Biden and attack Trump. (You can see the Scott Adams video at the end of this post.)

Someone pointed out to Adams that the "Joe Biden has [dementia]" experiment needed to be balanced with a Donald Trump experiment. Adams, therefore, did a Google search to see how Google's autocorrect handled a search for Trump and racism.

What you discover, if you use Bing's search engine as a control, is that both Bing and Google do not autosuggest, "Trump is a racist." Instead, Bing returns several different autosuggestions, while Google gives no suggestions:

The impression one is left with is that Google would rather remain silent than risk the possibility that an autosuggest term could provide useful or even positive information about Trump. In other words, while Google is careful not to badmouth Trump, it's taking no chances.

However, if you actually do a Google search for "Trump is a racist," you'll be inundated with results that come almost entirely from left-wing sources:

(By the way, if you do the "Trump is a racist" search on Bing, after you wade through the "news" and "quotes" and get to the actual websites, the second site listed is an article from American Thinker, challenging the claim that Trump is a racist.)

For balance, here's what happens if you type "Biden is a" into Google:

The above patterns are subtle because Google is not using the autosuggest feature to badmouth Trump. It's merely resisting any possibility of "good-mouthing" him. Meanwhile, Google makes positive suggestions about Biden.

Scott Adams took the experiment further by checking out the infamous "fine people hoax." This was the media's fraudulent assertion that Trump had called white supremacists "fine people" when, in fact, he'd unambiguously condemned them.

This influential lie has justified the Democrat party's hysterical, extreme, and increasingly violent anti-white race hatred. One of the most despicable things about Biden's campaign is the fact that, although even leftist "fact-checking" sites have disavowed the hoax, he keeps coming back to the Big Lie. (E.g., see herehere, and here.)

In Bing, if you type "fine people," you'll get autosuggestions for the hoax:

If you follow up on the first suggestion, you get links to sites that discuss the hoax, along with suggestions for other hoax-related searches.­

It's different at Google, which has clearly curated both the autosuggest and the search results. When you type in "fine people," Google treats that as a typo and returns only "find people" results:

Type in the whole phrase, "fine people hoax," and Google refuses to give you any suggestions:

Google doesn't want you thinking too much about the hoax on which Biden's built his campaign.

If you follow through on the "fine people hoax," search, Google returns a careful balance of curated results, primarily from left-leaning sites. None of the sites on the first page openly challenges the fact that Biden is relying on a lie to power his campaign by increasing racial divisions in America:

When you go into a grocery store, even though you think you're in charge of your decisions, you'd be surprised at how skillfully you're being manipulated behind the scenes. Everything in a grocery store, including those tempting candy bars at the cash register, is carefully calculated to get you to buy things you hadn't intended to bring home or to spend more than you had planned.

Google is curating its searches as powerfully and subtly as those grocery stores affect your buying habits. It's protecting Biden from negative stories and suggesting the few positive reports about him. (As you may have noticed, few people have anything positive to say about Biden. The Democrats and their minions are dedicated to attacking Trump, not promoting Biden.) Meanwhile, it's subtly ensuring that people searching for information about Trump will have to work to find anything good about him.

If this pattern isn't a donation in kind to Biden, I don't know what is.


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