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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

Amnesty International:Colbert, Stewart, Coldplay and more at Amnesty's Secret Policeman's Ball
By Ron Chapman
Feb 23, 2012 - 12:03:10 AM

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Amnesty International: Colbert, Stewart, Coldplay and more at Amnesty's Secret Policeman's Ball

A Bad Night for Dictators. A Good Night for Free Speech. March 4th.

Dear ron,

It's no joke.

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Coldplay and more, all in one room on Sunday, March 4th performing at Amnesty's Secret Policeman's Ball in New York City.

It promises to be an irreverently hilarious salute to free speech and Amnesty International's life-saving human rights work, sure to ruffle the feathers of dictators everywhere.

New York City is far away, you say? You don't even need to leave your comfortable couch. Watch it live online, streaming at on March 4th, 7PM ET/4PM PT!

Want to join us live at Radio City Music Hall, within spitting distance of Sarah Silverman, Russell Brand and other stars? We're giving away two tickets to the Ball, including airline tickets and two nights accommodation in NYC. Enter our ticket sweepstakes now, and spread the word!

There is so much serious work to do promoting human rights worldwide, that sometimes we at Amnesty are just not that funny. It's okay. We admit it. We talk about it with our therapists and we are fine with it. Really.

That's why it's a good thing that there are some really funny people out there. People like Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, David Cross, Fred Armisen, and Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets. Well, technically the Muppets are puppets, not people, and are thus not covered under major international human rights laws. But we shouldn't tell them that.

We digress. In all seriousness -- the Secret Policeman's Ball will feature wonderful, talented, knee-slappingly hilarious people (and Muppets, see above) who are willing to stand in front of an audience and make delightful fools of themselves to support Amnesty and everything we stand for.

Go ahead. Laugh loud. Laugh for human rights. We serious folks at Amnesty give you permission.

And don't forget to tune in on!


The Amnesty International Team

Ron: My response was -

G’day nameless but “sincere” Amnesty International Team,

I’m not surprised that those supporting ‘Amnesty and everything we stand for’ ie its Khazar backers, are willing to stand in front of an audience and make fools of themselves. After all they are supporting the Talmudic enslavement of humanity and the destruction of the planet and nothing could be more foolish than that, could it?

I betcha get a good laugh when composing this stuff for your gormless membership:

‘Go ahead. Laugh loud. Laugh for human rights. We serious folks at Amnesty give you permission.’ (snigger, snigger).

After all the goyim and all your useful idiot members are sooo stupid one has to laugh AT them doesn’t one?

And that reference to “couch” potatoes by you “serious folks” at Amnesty gives a deliciously ironic flavour to you Hasbaras’ eh? I bet you’re laughing all the way to Purim.

Incidentally, explain to me WHY Amnesty supported the slaughter and maiming of well over 100,000 Libyans last year and the continuing torture and slaughter of thousands of Libyans at the hands of Salafists, Wahhabis and Al-Qaeda terrorists NOW? WHY are their human rights not a matter of fundamental concern to the “serious” Amnesty International Team?

DITTO re Amnesty’s support for the current US / NATO funded, organised, armed and trained Salafists, Wahhabi and Al-Qaeda terrorist and Western organised death squad terror assaults on the people of Syria?

Of course, as you know, these matters are just the tip of the iceburg, but you get my drift...

Sarah Silverman

Of course we sheeple are sooo keen to watch that famous shiksa, Sarah Silverman, taking the piss out of gentiles on 4 march 2012 that we cannot wait for your answers to the above questions. We'll just watch the idiot box, mind control mechanism until then, won't we?.  Gosh we are sooo stupid it’s almost unbelievable isn’t it?

Sarah Silverman apparently has no problems with offensively defaming and maligning Germans, Negroes, Christians, Chinese and other non-Jews but that's OK isn't it, after all she's a Jew. In her comedy routine ‘Sarah Silverman on the Holocaust’ (See: ) Sarah happily "slags off " German people (and their very efficient and reliable car manufacturing companies) falsely alleging that they were responsible for murdering six million Jews. That is a lying Blood Libel yet no one hauls Ms Silverman into court for calumny and defamation, let alone for "racism" and/or “Hate Crime”. Why is that?! WHY is it OK for a Jewess to publicly and wrongfully declare that German car companies AND the whole German nation were, and still are, responsible for the (mythical) mass murder of six million Jews some 65 years ago? The mind boggles. AND why is Amnesty International rubbing our noses in Silverman’s brand of racist Talmudic comedy? Silly questiom! As if I didn’t know...

Smart arse racist, Ms Silverman, tells a story of how her niece supposedly exaggerated the number of Jews killed by Germans – saying it was 60 million whereat Sarah Silver(wo)man felt the need to "correct" her niece, saying that the correct figure was only SIX MILLION JEWS.The sly way this Jewess slips into her routine her repetition of this horrendous Holohoax Blood Libel upon which the State of Israel and current Jewish global power, influence and wealth is built, is supposed to be amusing. Then she says her niece said: ‘But seriously “What’s the difference?” To which Sarah Silverman says she replied: ‘The difference is 60 million is unforgivable’ for which she gets a big laugh.

Here’s a tip “serious” Amnesty Team. ALL things ARE forgivable, but never the less Sarah Silverman’s sly public reinforcement of the Holocaust lie will bring her much bad Karma - and soon. DITTO for the “serious” Amnesty team. You betcha!

Sarah Silverman’s is also critical of Jewish people who drive German cars:

‘If Mercedes could only have seen into the future …The amount of money they would be making from Jewish consumers … maybe they would have helped not kill the Jews but instead, they helped, ugh, er, you know, facilitate a genocide of a people who would ultimately become their best customers... And now I feel preachy. But I really believe this to be true. I believe that if black people were in Germany during World War II, that the Holocaust would have never happened... I do... Or, ... NOT TO JEWS.’ (audience laughter).

Sooo, are Amnesty supporters around the world supposed to laugh at such offensively defamatory and racist remarks? Why? Is it supposed to get us in the mood for Purim?

WHY are Ms Silverman’s obscenities and racism funny? And given the Jews’ penchant for prosecuting others for “Hate Crime”, why are Ms Silverman's remarks not considered racist Hate Crimes? Ms Silverman manages to slyly imply that Germans would have switched their allegedly irrational and racist dislike of Jews to "black people" had "black people" been available to hate, malign and murder. The fact is that this is racist bullshit is obvious to those who know about how the Jews caused WWI and WWII; the prolongation of WWI to ensure Germany's defeat; and the incredible financial and economic destruction, social despoilation and incredible poverty that Jew carpet bagger bankers visited upon the German nation between the end of WWI and Hitler's rise to power. See eg: WORLD WAR II The JEWS Declared War - AGAINST Germany! NOT the Other Way Around!

And: Crimes and Mercies: a hidden Holocaust - Revealed- And:

The Nurnburg Trials were set up in order to frame Germans and Germany and thereby conceal the Talmudic crimes against Germany and humanity perpetrated by the Allies. The Holocaust myth* was birthed at the same time to conceal the Allies' genocidal killing of 13 million Germans at the end of WWII. See eg: Gruesome Harvest... Or And:

And: PJ #13 " SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET ", chapter 15 & 16:

And: And: Did the Allies Starve Millions of Germans? See: And: And:

* See eg:

Moreover, those who KNOW, realise that the German people's desire to see Jews leave Germany was a sound, well founded rational desire to be rid of a pernicious Fifth Column of enemies of the German nation, and NOT racism. Nor was it implemented in a genocidal manner. In fact the German government assisted Jews to leave Germany but world Jewry and the Anglo-US Allies hindered that process. See eg:

Ms Silverman's public pretence that German's would have switched their negative attitude to Jews onto "black people" is a slur on both the German nation AND all people whose skin colour is dark. But apparently that's OK because the speaker is a Khazar Jew. WHAT IS AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL’S EXCUSE?

IF the Jews WERE genocided during WWII, how is it that they are still here controlling the US, UK and EU? And how is it that they have become Germany’s best customers for cars? That’s a fundamental contradiction. Arguably Jews are the “best customers” of German car makers because the German and Amerikkan nations and others have provided HUGE payments in cash and kind to Israel and individual Jews for 65 years BECAUSE of the Holocaust LIE! In effect, the HoloHoax is the biggest continuous extortion racket in recorded history.

Also, Jews drive German cars because Germans actually MAKE cars whereas Jews, as a collective, DO NOT make cars or anything else, other than trouble and strife and worthless fictive fiat money conjured out of thin air upon which they charge interest (usury). As a collective, Jews spend their time and effort on Holocaust calumnies against the German nation and never ending racist "Hate Crime" propaganda everywhere. As a group, their other main activity is acting as a Fifth Column, infiltrating governments and NGOs and fomenting wars and internecine civil strife wherever they go (Libya and Syria being just the latest examples). The Jewish collective has a reputation for specialising in usury (theft), sex slavery, stealing human body parts, arms trading, despoilation of Third World societies; and poisoning of the minds and bodies of gentile populations everywhere. Apparently it’s a requirement stated in their “Holy Books”, the Torah and Talmud.

But why am I telling you this? After all its Amnesty's job to conceal these facts from public scrutiny isn't it?  And you’ve done a bloody good job of it in relation to Libya and Syria lately haven’t you?

Do you reckon a gentile comedian could offensively malign and calumniate Jews the way that Sarah Silverman maligns and lies about Germans, Christians, Afro-Americans and “Black" and Chinese people? No? Why not? Why do Jews have these privileges that are denied to the other seven billion people on the planet?

Sarah Silverman seems proud of the fact that she's descended from a barbarous, primitive blood sacrificing Turko-Mongolian culture which General George Patton, who saw them up close and personal after WWII, considered to be filthy and revolting (See 'General George S. Patton on Communism and Khazar Jews' at: ). Ms Silverman's arrogant, condescending and gratuitous cultural, religious and ethnic racism is neither funny nor appropriate. And those who laugh at her "jokes" are either similarly inclined or stupid. Soo, why are YOU asking Amnesty supporters to watch her?

Here's a tip for ignorant goyim, if any, on the “serious” Amnesty Team: Neo-Pharisees are publicly humiliating and secretly destroying you and your culture. The folk at Seinfeld and Sarah Silverman et al are not laughing with you but AT you. Get off your knees in their presence and stop laughing at their racist "jokes".


For a typically offensive Jewish pseudo pornographic denigration of Christians and their religion; and “Christ”, try Sarah Silverman's:

'Give the JEW Girl Toys' at:

Hilarious! These Jews are sooo funny, don'tcha reckon? They have such a great sense of humour...when sneering at non-Jews.

Amnesty Team your paymasters are showing. Betta make sure you get paid THIS week because next week may be too late.


A non-Amnesty International Team player...

PS. You probably think that Zev Birmbaum & Ira Silberkleit are hilarious too. Why not get them to portray ‘How to Cook a Gentile?’ on 4 march 2012 (See: ) for the delectation of your gentile membership and in honour of the coming Purim festivities on the 7th?

PPS. Since you advertise that the 4th of March will be a good night for free speech why not circulate these "free speech" remarks to Amnesty members also. Just to BALANCE the Talmudic bullshit you're foisting on the sheeple on this occasion. Oh, I forgot, its a crime to tell the truth about the Jews...


Amnesty International: How much blood do the people have to shed before the world helps? See:

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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