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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

America’s Debt Crisis Could Well Shake The World. Cut Off By Sanctions & Suspicion, Russia Should Ironically Find Itself Insulated
By Glenn Diesen with comments by Ron
Oct 13, 2021 - 6:40:22 AM

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11 Oct, 2021 11:03
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America's debt crisis could well shake the world. Cut off by sanctions & suspicion, Russia should ironically find itself insulated© Getty Images / Image Source

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By Glenn Diesen, Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway and an editor at the Russia in Global Affairs journal. Follow him on Twitter @glenn_diesen

The long-awaited American financial crisis appears to be on its way. Inflation is increasing, energy prices are out of control, and debt levels are already unsustainable. Washington has few tools left, and an awful lot to lose.

An American financial and currency crisis seems to be building, ready to flood the world and result in dramatic shifts in the international distribution of power. However, Russia has been preparing for the coming tumult, with a strategy that can be summarized as simply getting out of the splash zone. Besides ensuring fiscal discipline, the strategic partnership with China has focused on decoupling from the US-led international financial system.

Kicking the can down the road

The benefits that come with being able to print the world's reserve currency are, sadly, also a curse. The US has been able to run massive deficits for years to have a living standard and an empire that was beyond its means, while politicians have been able to claim the imbalances were a sign of a healthy economy, evidenced by the willingness of the world to lend the US such vast amounts of money. The plague of printing the world's trade and reserve currency is that it erodes the need for fiscal discipline as problems can be kicked down the road.

ALSO ON RT.COMAgreement reached to extend US debt ceiling until early December, Schumer says, averting potential default

When the tech bubble of the 1990s burst, the US should have accepted the painful economic corrections by readjusting from a bubble economy to a real economy. Instead, interest rates were lowered to reinflate asset bubbles and thus transition from a tech bubble to a housing bubble that could fund the consumer-driven surge.

When it burst in 2008, the interest rates were lowered to near-zero and remain at this level 13 years later. The US has ever since been caught between a rock and a hard place as low-interest rates result in malinvestments and fuel economic inequalities as the rich can snatch assets cheaply, although increasing interest rates and restoring fiscal discipline would burst the bubble economy and diminish the role of the US in the international system. Thus, the solution to the crisis caused by excessive borrowing and spending was to borrow and spend even more to reinflate the bubble economy. The Global Financial Crisis was not resolved, but made much worse by delaying the day of reckoning.

The bubble burst by a pandemic

It is usually difficult to assess what will prick the bubble as it can be something minor (such as the failure of subprime loans) that unravels the larger house of cards with deteriorating fundamentals. However, the issue this time has been nothing less than a global pandemic that resulted in a closure of the global economy, coupled with an economic war against China.

America must not only recover from the pandemic, but it must also recover from a collapsing bubble economy that has gradually deteriorated over the past decades. The US national debt has ballooned from $5 trillion in 2001, to $10 trillion in 2008, and will any day now cross over $29 trillion.

With near-zero interest rates and no more tools in the toolkit, the next financial crisis will predictably be a crisis of the dollar. The response to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 was bailouts amounting to a few hundred billion dollars, which devastated the US middle class and fueled populist movements on the political left and right. Currently, the US is moving towards a $3.5 trillion "reconciliation bill." The Biden administration is even pawning Washington's political legitimacy by attempting to reassure the American people that the reconciliation bill "will pay for itself."

Towards mass inflation?

Mass inflation commonly follows great wars as the production capacity is destroyed by warfare and money is printed in an effort to restart the economy.

If productivity and value creation decreases when the money supply increases, the predictable result is that inflation spirals out of control to an extent that may destroy the currency.

READ MORE Tara Reade: The Pandora Papers are just a distraction from America's own corrupt and broken tax system

Tara Reade: The Pandora Papers are just a distraction from America's own corrupt and broken tax system

The pandemic has a similar dynamic as war, since productive powers are reduced and the economy is aimed to be restarted with fiscal stimulus. The US stimulus is not only excessive and unnecessary - pumping an abundance of new money to reinvigorate the consumer economy results in increasing Chinese production. Shipping from China to the US has increased by many multiples, and US ports on the West Coast are struggling to unload the amount of cargo. For the American public, these policies result in devastating inflation. When borrowing and spending produce rising GDP figures, even wealth destruction can be portrayed as wealth creation.

The coming crisis will likely be a crisis of the dollar. At some point, the US will be forced to restore a fiscal discipline that was lost long ago. That entails increasing production and reducing spending - the exact opposite of current policies. This painful readjustment will reduce the standard of living of Americans and diminish the role of the US in the international system. It appears that the option of making voluntary and somewhat orderly adjustments has expired, and market forces will compel the US to make corrections in a disorderly fashion.

Russian preparations for a US financial crisis

Russia and China began to make preparations when it became evident in 2008-9 that the US would kick the can down the road instead of restoring fiscal discipline. Putin denounced the US as a "parasite" in the international financial system, and China began to call for a post-Western world and incrementally decoupled from the US-led financial system.

The silver lining of the anti-Russian sanctions has been that they compelled Russia to make painful adjustments. Over the past years, Russia has repaid its debts and exercised strict fiscal discipline. The Russian-Chinese de-dollarization initiative has resulted in Russia and China becoming the largest procurers of gold, trading increasingly in local currencies, and reducing the share of dollars in their foreign reserves. New financial instruments have also been developed, ranging from new investment banks, regional alternatives to the SWIFT transaction system, local credit rating systems, and credit card agreements.

ALSO ON RT.COMBiden blames debt ceiling worries on Republicans, orders them to ‘get out of the way' to avoid ‘dire consequences'

Preparations for the financial crisis also entail preparations for political consequences. As financial crises erode socio-economic and political stability, the US government will likely point to external forces to restore solidarity and loyalty to authorities. Simply put, Washington will likely point to Russia and China as the culprits of the financial and economic crisis, which can have unforeseen consequences. The US has to a large extent had a "healthy nationalism" in terms of believing that its best days were ahead of it. In contrast, the more dangerous nationalism looks towards past glories that were robbed by foreign powers. Trump is likely only the first president to argue that US greatness has been stolen by China, while Russia will be blamed for rising energy costs.

In short, Russian politicians will be hoping their country can weather the storm simply by severing ties with the sinking ship.

[Ron: This analysis assumes that the money meme and the demonic fraudulent monetary system that has controlled our world for millennia will continue after the coming collapse of that demonic Talmudist concoction. It won't.

It is true that Russia's economic and societal reforms under President Putin have largely insulated the nation from the current global financial collapse of the Jew bankster controlled monopolistic monetary and banking systems. BUT the author appears to be unaware of the fact that the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their global Alliance supporters, ably supported by Celestial and Star Fleet assistance, has engineered a total change in global governance including all financial and banking arrangements.

Past practices in which politicians 'fiddle while Rome burns' and LIE to the global population as their bankster and corporatist masters impoverish, enslave and starve them to death have been eliminated.

Our world is on the cusp of total change in which money will cease to dictate human thought and action. As this article indicates, radical change is underway and is happening NOW. But while the globalist controllers have caused the coming socio-economic collapse, initiated by the Covid scamdemic and its associated injection bio-weapons, human actors under the auspices of Christ Michael Aton (CM) and his Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their Alliance supporters all over our world, have interdicted the globalist cabal's RESET of everything and are introducing a divine plan to segue our world into Christ Michael's Millennial Reign.

The money meme and associated demonic ideologies like Capitalism, Fabianism, Socialism, Communism and Fascism have been used as mind control mechanisms to alienate and subjugate this planet's entire population. The hypnotic trance centred on the need for money and government control of almost every facet of life that has enslaved humans here is breaking down as people start to see the dictatorial nature of governments everywhere as they and their bureaucracies try desperately to convince everyone that common colds and flues are a deadly, mysterious magic virus.

As bankster controlled COVID-19 related anti-people government policies become more strident, their lies and mind control techniques become more obvious. People are starting to reject corporatism, centralism and globalism and to seek an alternative. They are also starting to see that abundance and security actually depend on community life and human initiatives and labour properly applied locally to the planet's abundant physical resources.

Happiness and security is not global, it's local. Most humans are thought to be able to relate on a personal level to a maximum of about 145 people and in most cases that limits the locale in which such mutual socialisation and support can occur.

Christ Jesus taught that love is the way, the truth and the life, and that it facilitates the growth of higher consciousness, aka salvation. The divine model for human evolvement in society is that of the life of Christ Jesus. That life, as modelled during Jesus' public ministry, was communal living, with each member of the community contributing time and energy for the benefit of everyone else.

Higher consciousness is attained by individuals developing their capacity for unconditional love. It isn't transactional and doesn't arise from marketing the self or things; or acquiring or hoarding money, wealth or power. Nor is it facilitated by jet setting and celebrity status. Love thrives on community. It grows from giving our energy and abilities freely and unconditionally in the service of others we know and live with.

Despite the financial matters discussed in this article, our world is on the cusp of real positive change which will rapidly eliminate our current excessive focus on money. That may not be apparent because most governments and the global MSM are still wedded to furthering the plans of our erstwhile Globalist controllers. Be aware though, that their Talmudic bankster power base has been destroyed and they are clinging to the appearance of power just like the Biden pretendency in the US. That fascade is about to collapse and the truth about our world will be exposed for everyone to see.

When the truth of how our world really operates is publicly disclosed most people will be shocked and emotionally devastated. At that point it will be important for everyone to forgive themselves and each other for what they will feel has been their ignorance, gullibility and greed. Our mind controlled ignorance and ego-centric psychic condition has been programmed and inculcated into us from birth and the failure to realise the true toxic reality of life on this planet can be said to be understandable.

We need to move through our shock and anger at the demonic deception and incredible cruelty and criminality of our globalist controllers and their minions and enablers in order to increase our energetic vibrations so that we can accomodate the higher energetic frequencies coming to this planet from the centre of the galaxy. If we do that we will be able to enjoy and enhance the divinely ordained freedom and abundance that will become our new world.

CM has tasked the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their global Alliance supporters to eliminate the demonic global controllers and their minions and enablers. this task has been almost completed. When it is, Gaia and all of her human inhabitants who seek to serve others more than self will begin to bask in the positive incoming Aquarian energies that will elevate our world onto a trajectory bound for 5d consciousness.

When the Triodity's task is completed the US and all nations around the world will enter upon a totally new, warfare-free environment in which local, regional and international communal co-operation, rather than violent opposition and Capitalist competition, will become the norm.

After President Trump is affirmed as the legitimate leader of the united states of America, public disclosures about the Globalist cabal's demonic, grossly criminal and genocidal activities and its impoverishment and enslavement of the global population will occur. Similarly, disclosure of the suppressed inventions and discoveries of Nikola Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife and many others will occur. As those inventions become available physical life on this planet will be transformed.

Be aware that the financial concerns canvassed in this article will be eliminated because the Triodity is liquidating the US, UK, Vatican and British Commonwealth corporations (including the Commonwealth of Australia corporation) and the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) corporations and all Rothschilds' controlled Central banks globally, and is replacing them with global Quantum governance and a Quantum Financial System (QFS) under which the US and every nation will be responsible for issuing gold backed money and currency in their respective jurisdictions. This initiative is currently being undertaken by the Trump administration and its global Alliance allies under the guidance of the Office of the International Treasury Controller (ITC).

The monetary system reset in the US will be part of a global QFS Reset. That Reset is being organised by the ITC who is agreeing with every nation in the world, the "Pegging" of their currency to a replacement for the Petro Dollar which will be the INTERNATIONAL GOLD BACKED GLOBEC CURRENCY to be used for international trading. That process will establish the value of each national currency vis-a-vis the Globec. That will initiate global monetary stability and result in the existing currency markets being abolished. That process has involved the collection of numerous details and data so that a real and practical value could be assessed for each currency and agreed with the applicable country. See: DAVID CRAYFORD ---------- IT'S TIME THAT SOMEONE STARTED KICKING ASS SO THAT CHANGES TO THE CURRENT FINANCIAL SYSTEM CAN BE MADE TO BENEFIT EVERYONE, NOT THE MINORITY -

The QFS is said to be already operating in tandem with the SWIFT system but may not be fully implemented until after the coming Magnetic Reversal STAND STILL, and stasis period. The QFS will transform social and economic life on this planet. Problems associated with commercial banking and usury as we know them will be gone. Sovereign national treasuries will issue all local money and currency on an interest free basis. Also, the QFS will include an unhackable gold backed crypto money system. The elimination of usury will eliminate income taxation and pave the way for global prosperity and abundance. Gross inequality and poverty will be eliminated very quickly. This planet and its remaining inhabitants will then be ensconced in CM's Millennial Reign.

The Celestials and the Triodity are fully aware of globalist plans to create supply chain disruptions, food shortages and socio- economic chaos. As a result, food stockpiles have been created to prevent widespread starvation and chaos once the stock market collapses. Alliance military around the world will organise and supervise food distribution and maintain order as necessary.

Also, plans are in hand to ensure that the QFS will replace the SWIFT system without serious long term disruption to global banking arrangements. Retirement plans, pensions and 401K plans etc will not suffer serious loss as a result of this process. Moreover, in due course the QFS will arrange for proper restitution of wealth fraudulent taken from everyone during their lifetime. In that sense an abundant future is assured for everyone.

Apart from having food and water on hand to enable survival for a few days if (when) power and/or telecommunications facilities cease to operate in your locale, it is time to stop focussing on negative past occurances, COVID-19 machinations and seeming continuing Globalist control of our world. Those appearances are deceptive, a mirage, a movie being allowed to be played out by those tasked by CM to take back Gaia, his beloved seed planet. This is happening in order to get the population to realise what the globalist controllers of governments and most everything else INTENDED to do once they got complete control of this planet.

Those who do Wake Up will be saved the tedious repetition involved in continuing their journey on 3d planets while Gaia is fast tracked into 5d after the coming Magnetic Reversal and Stand Still. Those who don't will be transported during stasis to other 3d environments more suited to their vibrational needs.

Accordingly those who seek to hasten the coming new world of freedom and abundance should seek to increase their consciousness by turning their attention and positive focus to visualising the loving, peaceful, harmonious and abundant global environment they wish to see. Dwelling upon or getting angry at the misery and machinations of the past and/or fearing the future, will merely create low personal vibrations and the resultant lower energetic frequencies impede the manifestation of the higher vibrational world we all desire. Once enough people look forward to our impending, loving and abundant future, it will manifest. So be it.].

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