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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

Alfie Evans, The State And Us
By Howard Sachs with comments by Ron
Apr 30, 2018 - 5:02:33 AM

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You think the issue of the baby in England is just another story of individuals dealing with a personal tragedy ?   You're wrong.   The story involves all of us.   It involves all of us in a very serious manner.   It is part of the thus far  nonviolent civil war we fight here in America - a war, again, like the first Civil War, for the soul of our country.   It is the war between Western,  liberal Judeo-Christian values and the values of leftism. It's a war between the individual as the focus of our lives and culture and the big state as the focus.

[Ron: These statements encapsulate the probem in that the author fails to understand that the core of our problems is that Christian values are NOT Jewish values and in fact Christian values are diametrically opposed to "Judeo" values! A moments reflection should tell any thoughtful human that the teachings of Esu Immanuel (aka Jesus the Chirst) that we must love our neighbour (everyone and everything) AS ourselves FOR the love of God, was the reason that the Pharisees, (who now, in the guise of neo Pharisees who call themselves "Jews") crucified him. THAT was the antithesis of compatability of values! Jews are Talmudists whose values are based on the ethno-centric (ie racist) genocidal Torah, written by Levites some 1200 years AFTER the life of Abraham and 600 years AFTER the life of Moses. The Torah represents the barbaric tribal ideas of its writers NOT the "Word" of God or the words of Abraham or Moses. The ideas in the Torah and much of the Tanakh were plagiarised and distorted from earlier spiritual writers, especially Sumarians. The reason that Jesus incarnated was to teach divine truths that had been lost over millenia and subsequently distorted by the Torah writers and the Pharisees.

Accordingly, Jesus' message of love for all and everything contradicted the Pharisees' barbaric tribalism and the values they espoused to mind control their tribe in order to keep "the herd" together. The Pharisees sought to kill Jesus and to eliminate his teachings. As religions are anti-individual, social control mechanisms, Jesus didn't come to establish a religion but to proclaim the truth and the "Good News" about life, the universe and everything which the Pharisees  concealed and distorted. As Jesus' followers sought to keep his message alive the Pharisees influenced Roman Emperors to establish the Christian religion in order to control and distort that message. THAT is the only sense in which Jewish concepts and values have infiltrated Christian thought and values.

The neo-Pharisees have been very effective in corrupting Christian ideas and values in recent centuries BUT genuine Christian values are, and always have been, totally contrary to Jewish ideas and values. That is obvious even on a superficial examination of the Torah and Jewish celebrations, as compared to the Sermon on the Mount etc, and Christian celebrations. Jews celebrate the slaughter and annilhation of gentiles whereas followers of Christ's teachings celebrate peace and love. The Crusades and Inquisitions etc were Talmudic corruptions of Christ's teaching, NOT examples of Christian values. Similarly the Catholic Church's acceptance of usury in recent centuries was the result of Jewish influences. Today the examples of this Talmudic influence are legion.

Sooo, until analysts and commentators develop a real understanding of the fundametal incompatability of Christian and Jewish values, the neo-Pharisees will continue to make fools of Christian gentiles as typified by US evangelical Christians.

Similarly, Jews are collectivists whose leaders need centralised control mechanisms like ghetto living and an apartheid "state" in order to be able to indoctrinate (mind control) members of the 'tribe' and keep the herd together. Accordingly Talmudic Judaism seeks to destroy the individual NOT encourage individualism.  To that end Jews have created Marxist Communism, Fabianism, Bolshevism, Fascism, Teenageism, Feminism, LGBTism and all the other "isms" that have been used to confuse  and corral the thinking of Christians and other gentiles for centuries. Collectivism requires centralised control and governance of all aspects of life, education, culture and social activity etc. The extraordinarily legislative Talmud epitomises this requirement. In contrast Christ taught that every human being is a son or daughter of God and hence a sovereign individual responsible for his/her own destiny. The difference between Christian values that require personal individual responsibilty for everything done and the atheistic collectivist Jewish ethic could not be more stark! THIS is the covert cause of the conflict betwee the rights of the individual and the illegitimate authority of the Talmudic "Big State".

One could write a book about these fundamental differences bewteen Christ's teaching and Jewish "values"  but presumably you get the picture...].

Just look at the stark realities that have played out in England.   Its health care system is now completely absorbed by the state.   (Ours is well on the way.)   The focus was the state, faceless, unaccountable, a massive bureaucracy armed with tremendous power shared with the politicians up in their distant offices, the unelected judges with their lifetime appointments, and the government employee doctors all on one side, and the individuals - Mom, Dad, and the baby - on the other.   Who do you suppose won this give-and-take, this health care transaction?   Talk about inequality.   Those on the left are livid if the guy  next door has a BMW and themselves only a Toyota, but they don't blink an eye at the truly massive inequality inherent in state versus individual power.   The state in England crushed Mom.   The state eliminated Dad.   And the state has told the baby his life is up, and he's ready to die.   But of course, keep in mind that all the state actors wrap their actions in  words of kindness, compassion, and  what is best for all concerned, serving the will of the people, and acting for the common good - all their usual regressive [Ron: Jew formulated] Marxist claptrap.

Now, if this is the soul of America one is fighting for, I say a plague on your house.   But this, indeed, is the soul the [Ron: Talmudic] American left is battling for - the glorious [Ron: Talmudic ie Boshevik] state as the center of American life.   This is what the Democratic Party, our N.Y.  Times  op-ed writers, our mainstream media and tech elites, our university professors, leftist clergy, and Hollywood stars are all lined up rallying for: government - big, controlling, iron-fisted power centered in Washington.   They fight for this because no matter how smart, no matter the Yale or Princeton degree, no matter how sweet and well intentioned, American men and women of the left are now almost completely unmoored from the wisdom and liberalism of our great Western American Judeo-Christian values. [Ron: WHY does this author whinge about these matters YET praise Jewish values?! Th author of this diatribe is eether clueless or disengenuous.]. They have bought into what all humans tend to be attracted to, the child in us all, the world of "take care of me forever, Mommy and Daddy."   And government is, for them, that forever Mommy and Daddy of their fantasies.

Those of us who have retained control of that child within, channel instead the free adult inside, and have learned from our great Bible, from Western traditions and the American Founders - we fight this poison.   It is because we know  that though the state  can bring some good to life, when it becomes the center of life, the dominant force in a society, when it overwhelms what should be the center - namely, the individual - great evil comes of that.   That evil has come hard to England, and now it has moved on to America through our civil war between Americanism and leftism. [Ron: Yabba, yabba, yabba.].

What comes of losing to the left [Ron?!?] is a child kidnapped by state actors for "his own good."   What comes of losing to the left [Ron?!?] is the government standing in every examining room in America, every operating room, every emergency bay, unseen but present and powerful and demanding.   It is an entity that knows nothing of you, that knows nothing of your life and family and desires and needs,[Ron: IF this author was really paying attention he would be aware that the government has everyone under total surveillance and KNOWS all about everytone.] but is there nonetheless saying loud and clear,  "You will see the doctor I demand, have the test I think best, undergo the procedure I assess proper, accept the payment I think socially just, swallow the pill I approve, deal with your family member in the manner I prescribe, and if you disagree or push back, or do not comply,  the fury and massive power  we hold will be unleashed to confront you." [Ron: Which is totally Talmudic.].

So, men and women of the left, cheer on your Obamacare, single-payer, Medicare for All, and Medicaid.   Cheer on the child inside you.   Cheer on socialism and all the degradation of life that comes with it.   But if at the end of  this civil war in America and you  the left  wins, keep in mind there is much to pay for this utter foolishness.   Mom and Dad in the guise of the state are a demanding and controlling thing.   Brace yourselves to live the degrading lives of children, as subjects of this raw and oppressive power.   Keep in mind that it never, ever  turns out well.   Ask the parents in England, or their child.   Ask the thousands who will die this year in England waiting to get the care they need.   Ask the millions in socialist Cuba about not having an aspirin available in their hospitals. [Ron: WTF?! Despite the US making war on Cuba for almost 60 years and strangling the Cuban population with sanctions, Cuban medical care is very good and very cheap, as compared to the US! There is NO cure for ignorance and stupidity!].

Leftism [Ron: Until the problem is correctly diagnosed as Talmudic Jewish interference, whinging about it is pissing in the wind.] poisons everything it touches, from our health care to our economy, our  schools, universities, arts, sports, religious institutions, and even the Boy Scouts.

The child in Great Britain has no chance of ever even becoming a scout of any sort.   The state in England is done with him and his parents.   That's what Hope and Change are all about.

[Colour fontsm bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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