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Albert Einstein was a FRAUD
By AbbadonTheGreat
Oct 14, 2012 - 3:44:32 PM

Albert Einstein was a FRAUD

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Publisher's comments:

Einstein used his prestige as an 'intellectual' to promote a Zionist agenda that has led to the deaths of thousands of Palestinian people who are nothing but Goyim to the Jew.

Ron"s Comments:

Einstein's promotion of the so-called Zionist (ie Talmudist) agenda did far more than lead to the deaths of thousands of Palestinians. In effect he supported the Jews' murderous WWII campaign against the German nation which genocided some 20 million Germans. And along with Oppenheimer (another Jew) he advocated creation and use of the atomic bomb which holocausted Hiroshima and Nagasaki and has left humanity in fear of nuclear holocausts ever since.

Nikola Tesla was the real deal and he lived and produced REAL scientific discoveries long before Einstein ever got taken up by the Jew's global propaganda machine. Tesla continued to do great work while Einstein endlessly mislead humanity about the nature of physical and political realities in our world. Nikola Tesla discovered how to use electricity, how to obtain 'free" energy from the so-called vacuum of space, how to transmit it wirelessly; and many, many other things. Most of those discoveries were suppressed by the Jews who secretly control our world; and their use by humanity generally prevented. BUT the Jews have secretly used those discoveries to enrich themselves and enslave non-Jews. What did Einstein PRODUCE? Nothing except misleading theories about life the universe and everything! That was and is the Jews' public scientific agenda. WHY does the whole world know all about Einstein, THE FRAUD, but almost noone has heard of Tesla, let alone of what he discovered and invented? The short answer is, as this video indicates, Einstein was a fraudulent shill, a disinformation agents for the Jews.Capiche?

Those who champion Einstein as a great human benefactor might like to compare and contrast his lionisation by the Jew controlled media, academia, publishing and socio-political world with the ABSOLUTE SILENCE of that Jew controlled world in relation to the work and achievements of Mehran Kesche (see the Kesche Foundation at: who is finally leading the charge of humanity towards a golden scientific age which was rudely interrupted by Einstein and his ilk. BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM.


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