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Adams/North: Its Too Late - Bail-In Has already Happened!
By John Adams and Martin North
Mar 22, 2019 - 9:39:53 PM

This 36' 24" video was published by In the Interests of the People on Mar 20, 2019:

Ron: Be warned Pilgrims! Bank Bail-Ins are legally possible and even probable in Australia and New Zealand NOW. Moreover Bank Bail-Ins occurred in Melbourne Australia in 1892-93 and the IMF has been telling the Autralian banking authoities to prepare to do it again. Legislation is already enacted to facilitate the process in both countries. The situation in Australia and New Zealand is almost certainly typical globally. In any event, Bank Bail-Ins occurred in Cyprus in 2012 where almost half of all large deposits were forceably taken in the Bail-In process.

It should be obvious  to anyone paying attention that the banksters controlling the global matrix have set up the global financial system to collapse catastrophically very soon.  If that happens people's deposits in banks will be legally converted into worthless shares in the banks, or lost. At best, people with money deposited in banks may have to wait for many years to recover the face value of their deposits. The effects on all other avenues of financial investment will also be severe. Presumably that is the reason that President Trump and his Administration are taking so long to carefully dismantle the Talmudic swamp in the US and globally. They aim to prevent a catastropic global financial collapse and to minimise the socio-economic chaos and hardship that will be experienced by almost everyone if an uncontrolled melt down of the US and global economies occurs.

PRAY that Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi will be quickly successful in their efforts to remove the banksters and corporatists controlling the global cabal that threatens us all, Pilgrims. Time is running out. I recommend this video.

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Economist John Adams and Analyst Martin North discuss the latest on Deposit Bail-In and John reveals its all been done before.

More details in John's article:

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