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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

A Flesh and Blood Man Confronts the Strawman Illusion in Canada
By sonofthewind
May 18, 2009 - 7:19:00 AM

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 'Do you want to “surprise” the authorities?
Posted at RMN By: sonofthewind Date: Friday, 15-May-2009 10:29:32

        If you want to surprise the authorities in your community go on the offensive and watch them scramble.

        In the past six weeks I was busy with this matter that is described below. I wrote two “letters to the editor” in the local newspaper. The reason I write to the editor is because I want to be on public record.

        The first letter was published about five weeks ago but the second one wasn’t from two weeks ago. The Ombudsman of Ontario was also notified about this matter but never heard from them yet. That was over three weeks ago.

        The insurance company is also silent. I pointed out the mistakes in their contract they mailed me and explained to them if they don’t send me the corrected version I’ll be going to the Postal inspector and report them for “Mail fraud banking”. The silence is deafening.

        It is obvious that the matter is much deeper than the insurance problem that is described below.

        “Dear Editor,

        Sad state

        Last week I went to the local Court House because I wanted to talk with the judge and notify him/her but as I found out, the judge doesn’t talk to anybody. My next choice was to talk to the Crown attorney but as I found out the Crown attorney doesn’t talk to anybody either. However, the Crown attorney’s secretary came out and asked me what I wanted.

        So, I told her that in April I’ll be committing a crime. My vehicle’s insurance will expire and I don’t have the money to pay for it and because driving is a necessity in this part of the world, I’ll be breaking the law. By the look of shock on her face, I knew that nothing like this ever happened in that Court House before. She made some phone calls and came back with the answer that there is nothing that can be done legally, because the crime hasn’t happened.

        My next stop was the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) office. I stated the same situation to the OPP officer and again the answer was the same “no crime, no time” – so to speak. Needless to say, that the OPP officer was also surprised at my action and I was “evaluated” in the background during the conversation. I am sure nothing like this ever happened there either. Somebody giving himself up for a crime that hasn’t happened yet and giving notice of it? Unheard of! Something must be “wrong” with this guy!

        These reactions of the authority figures showed me the sad state of the legal system and of society. The authorities are shocked by “honesty/truth”! Isn’t that something!

        At this point in time I request from the authorities to submit the law, act or statute for printing in this newspaper for everyone to see, which states that the people of Ontario must have automobile/vehicle insurance. Thank you.”

        The second letter that wasn’t published.

        “Dear Editor,

        This is a follow up on my previous letter titled “Sad state”.

        Last Week I walked into the O.P.P station and told a police officer that my car insurance expired and I am driving without insurance. The officer stated he couldn’t take my word for it and I have to get “caught in the act”. It is strange why the police officer wouldn’t accept my word at the very first time. Stating such is a polite way of saying; “You are lying”. So I said: “I parked just outside, if you would come out with me, I hop behind the wheel and there is the act of driving. But apparently it doesn’t work like that either. Can’t “stage” a crime.

        The police officer got the make and color of my car with the license plate so it will be only a matter of time before they “catch me in the act”. Although, because I gave notice what I am doing, “catching me” still would constitute a “staged” crime.

        My volition was stated openly throughout the past several years more than once in this paper and addressed to the authorities, which was/is the correction of the wrongs or the vacating of their positions if they can’t correct them. Neither correcting nor vacating of positions happened and the wrongdoings kept on going and still going on more than ever. This is negligence by the authorities. My present circumstance is not the “trapping” of the legal system but the logical result of their negligence. I stand up for myself with the pen and paper.

        This correcting of wrongs should have started with their oaths because every one of their oaths is in future time. Neither the “legal” nor the “O.P.P” could act on my notice when I stated I will be committing a crime, because the crime was in future time. Well, how can the future time oaths of the authorities have jurisdiction in the present time where I exist? Do they mean what they state or is it all assumption, presumption and opinion? But, the facts are facts and modifying facts is a crime without any statute of limitation. If anybody would state that his/her oath has now-time jurisdiction when the word “will” is in it; that would be perjury of his/her oath. Oaths define the boundaries of authority of the oath taker and it is temporal and spatial. Oaths are no small matter but the very foundation of authority.

        In the old days when somebody was hauled into court, the person’s credibility was measured by how much of his/her own he/she was willing to “sacrifice” or “put on the line” to prove that he/she is innocent. Is there any lawyer or judge who would do the same as I (put my life on the line) and place his/her life on the other side of the scale plate in defense of the present “justice system”? If there is one, which side would the scale of Maat tip when we go “head to head”? Would it tip towards truth/fact or the fictions of assumption, presumption and opinion a.k.a. “color of law”? It can be either one but not both at the same time and when fact shows up, fiction vacates. Only assumptions, presumptions and opinions are “tried” or need “defending”. Facts stand by themselves hence; “No law or fact shall be tried in court”. This sentence is thousands of years old and it tells you everything.

        Any order (Hitler was better than no order) is better than no order at all but there should be some major renovations going on started yesterday within the justice system – for the better! It is only a matter of time before a stagnant system eventually starts to smell and I don’t want to be a victim of such system. Thank you.”

        It also should be noted here that I don’t give/submit any document to any authority that asks for it. What I do is I place the documents into the palm of my hand and the authority figure (police) has to reach out and take it from me. The moving vessel is liable. When you go to a store, you can’t take stuff out without paying for it just because they are displayed there.

        And guess what; the police officer wouldn’t touch those documents (license, ownership, insurance) that were held in the palm of my hand.

        Make sure you hold your hand steady and don’t give any tacit indication of “giving”.'
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