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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

By Mike King
Jun 16, 2017 - 5:22:11 AM

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More, more, more!


By Mike King

"All The News That Sulzberger's  Propaganda Rag  Saw Fit To Distort"

A Daily Web Page Summary of the Dirty Lies, Glaring Omissions,

Half Truths & Globalist Bias of The NY Times Front Page Headlines





"We read and rebut their vile crap so you won't have to!"



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Hania Rosenberg, who now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, survived the Holohoax and is now trying to get back the properties that her family had in Poland

New York Times: Holocaust Survivors in Poland Find Restitution Claims ‘Like a Carousel’



Today's twist on the song that doesn't end, sung for us by Slimes scribbler Nina Siegal (cough cough), features a Polish (now "Swedish") Jewess named Hania Rosenberg whose family lost property during World War II. Of course, the many millions of Europeans who lost lives, limbs or property during the great bloodbath for Globalism & Zionism don't merit any of our tears 70+ years after the fact. No sir, only the chosenites must be made whole again.
The ever-groveling Germans catch a break with this piece as the government of increasingly uppity Poland is slammed for not being efficient enough when it comes to restoring lost property to the "survivors." Pass the tissues and cue the violins. Let's clean up some of this mushy filth from the article:
Nina Siegal (cough cough) serves up the usual sappy slop about the Holohoax.
Siegal: Hania Rosenberg was born in 1934 in Oswiecim, an industrial town in the Galicia region of southern Poland. The concentration and extermination camp the Germans built there after their 1939 invasion, called Auschwitz-Birkenau, would take the lives of 1.1 million people.
Analysis: There is not one shred of evidence that 1.1 million people (suddenly reduced from 4 million about 20 years ago) died at Bullschwitz. No bodies, no paperwork, no forensic evidence of "gas chambers" TM, and several Jewish inmates who later stated they knew nothing about any "mass extermination" that was going on.

Siegal: Her grandparents had a three-story house and a general store, farmland and two garden plots in the nearby town of Ledziny. During the Communist era, the house and store were expropriated. A shopping mall and new houses stand on what was once farmland. But two garden plots — still in the name of her grandfather — remain, and Ms. Rosenberg is fighting for their ownership...

Analysis: Amazing. After all these years and with one foot already in the grave, this old yenta still can't let go of the material things.

Siegal (quoting Hania): “In Poland, there was no official process for this: You have to go to the courts,” she said in a phone interview from Stockholm. “We did go to the courts, but it was like a carousel: You go around and around and around and around.

Rebuttal: Cheese and crackers! What's with these frickin' people? Let it go already, Hania -- just let it go.

Siegal: Poland is the only European Union nation that has not established formal procedures to resolve claims made by people whose property was seized during the Holocaust, according to a new report by the European Shoah Legacy Institute.

Rebuttal: And who advocates for the return of land and property taken from the 8 million dispossessed Prussians and Sudetenland folks who were ethnically cleaned after the war? (here) No one!

In many of those Prussian cases, Polish Jews would go "shopping" for German homes with armed Communist-Jewish partisans acting as their "realtors." Upon finding a home to the liking of the yenta of the family, the German family would be told, "She likes your home. Now get the hell out!" -- and that was the end of the transaction.
1. Three Million Sudetenland Germans robbed and expelled. 2. Five Million Prussian Germans robbed and expelled.

Siegal: The report, more than 1,200 pages, was based on three years of research in 47 countries that endorsed a 2009 pledge, known as the Terezin Declaration, to establish a restitution process for “immovable property” like land, homes and businesses. It found that Poland had only partly complied with an obligation to return communal Jewish property like synagogues and cemeteries.

Analysis: From "stolen" artwork to "stolen" gold to "stolen" properties, the "gimme gimme gimme" emanating from the people who suffered the least during the war never ends, and never ceases to amaze.

Siegal: The issue of restitution is especially fraught for Poland, which had Europe’s largest Jewish community before the war. About three million Polish Jews were murdered in the Holocaust...

Analysis: This claim of 3 million Polish Jews is completely unverifiable because the Soviet "Iron Curtain" descended over Poland at wars' end. We have no exact figures as to how many of these "3 million" returned to Poland; how many moved to Israel; or how many relocated to a Western European country (in Hania's case, Sweden). Then there were the "survivors" that left Europe altogether for the United States, Canada, Australia, South America etc.

The same "Iron Curtain" difficulty arises when we attempt to calculate the numbers of killed or missing Hungarian Jews, Romanian Jews, Ukrainian Jews, Baltic Jews, Russian Jews etc. What we do know is that nearly one million European Jews arrived in Israel between 1947 and 1955 (here), and about a half-million settled in the United States (here). Add in about another half-million like Hania who were settled throughout Western Europe as "DP's" (Displaced Persons), and many more who returned to their Eastern European homes -- and voila, there you have the "missing Jews."

Siegal: The report says that Holocaust victims across Europe — not only Jews, but also Roma, gays, disabled people and others ...

Analysis: You see that? The Jews come first, the fags and thieving Gypsies also get an honorary shout-out (as do the disabled), but the countless millions of dispossessed and displaced normal White people throughout Europe are ignored by the "European Shoah Legacy Institute."

Siegal: Although the issue is longstanding, it has been complicated by the rise to power in 2015 of the right-wing Law and Justice Party. Party ... they emphasize that .... many minorities suffered.

“On what basis should Poland decide that those with Jewish ancestors get compensated, whereas Belarussians, Poles, Ukrainians or Crimean Karaites, or Tatars and Germans — all of whom used to live here before the war — shouldn’t be compensated?” Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the governing party, asked supporters last year.
Analysis: How "right wing" TM and even borderline "anti-Semitic" TM of the Law and Justice Party to point out that people of all nationalities, including ethnic Germans, lost property during the war.

Siegal (quoting Kaczynski): “Is Poland able to turn back time and compensate all those who suffered in those tragic events?” he asked. “Does it mean that the descendants of poor Poles are supposed to pay the descendants of those who were rich? This is what it comes down to.”

Analysis: If Jaroslaw Kaczynski keeps talking like that, he's liable to end up suffering a similar fate as his twin brother Lech -- the Polish President whose plane crashed while on a trip to Russia. Party boss Jaroslaw, like his late brother, is not at all liked by the Globalist crowd. In recent months, Poland's government has come under fire from the EU over its anti-immigration policy and overhaul of the country's court system, which Brussels says "undermines democracy."

If Kaczynski and his fellow Poles are smart, they will all drop the silly anti-Russian crap and realize who the true enemy is. A Polish defection to the Russia-China bloc would do much to diffuse the possibility of World War III and save White Poland from turning into Brown France.

1. Nationalist Lech Kaczynski and many other high-ranking Poles were killed in a mysterious 2010 plane crash. 2. Twin brother Jaroslaw Kaczynski, though still talking nonsense about Russia, has also defied the Globalist EU.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in today's New York Times that Poland is giving Holocaust survivors a hard time in getting their pre-war property back.

Boobus Americanus 2: After all these years, haven't the Jews suffered enough? The Poles should be ashamed of themselves


Sugar: The only thing that the Polackss have to be be asshamed about iss picking a fight with Germany at the behesst of the Globalisst Wesst.

Editor: Sugar! The ethnic slur is totally uncalled for and will not be tolerated here. The proper terminology is "Poles."


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