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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

A Short Introduction to the Study of Holocaust Revisionism
By Prof. Arthur R. Butz with comments by Ron
Jun 17, 2016 - 9:08:29 PM

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A Short Introduction to the Study of Holocaust Revisionism

By Prof. Arthur R. Butz


“The ashes or other remains of millions of victims have never been found.
Surely any thoughtful person must be skeptical.”  — Prof. Arthur R. Butz

I see three principal reasons for the widespread but erroneous belief in the legend of millions of Jews killed by the Germans during World War II: US and British troops found horrible piles of corpses in the west German camps they captured in 1945 (e.g. Dachau and Belsen), there are no longer large communities of Jews in Poland, and historians generally support the legend.

During both world wars Germany was forced to fight typhus, carried by lice in the constant traffic with the east. That is why all accounts of entry into the German concentration camps speak of shaving of hair and showering and other delousing procedures, such as treatment of quarters with the pesticide Zyklon. That was also the main reason for a high death rate in the camps, and the crematoria that existed in all.

When Germany collapsed in chaos [Ron: Due to incessant Allied carpet bombing of German cities and transport infrastructure etc] then of course all such defenses ceased, and typhus and other diseases became rampant in the camps, which quartered mainly political prisoners, ordinary criminals, homosexuals, conscientious objectors, and Jews [Ron: INTERNED and] conscripted for labor. Hence the horrible scenes, which however had nothing to do with “extermination” or any deliberate policy. Moreover the west German camps involved were not the alleged “extermination camps”, which were all in Poland (e.g. Auschwitz and Treblinka) and which were all evacuated or shut down before capture by the Soviets, who found no such scenes.

The “Final Solution” spoken of in the German documents was a program of evacuation, resettlement and deportation of Jews with the ultimate objective of expulsion from Europe. During the war Jews of various nationalities were being moved east, as one stage in this Final Solution. The legend claims that the motion was mainly for extermination purposes.

The great majority of the millions allegedly exterminated were east European, not German or west European, Jews. For that reason study of the problem via population statistics has been difficult to impossible, but it is a fact that there are no longer large communities of Jews in Poland. However the Germans were only one of several parties involved in moving Jews around. The Soviets deported virtually all of the Jews of eastern [Ron: ie HALF] Poland to their interior in 1940. After the war, with Polish and other Jews pouring out of the east into occupied west Germany, the Zionists moved large numbers to Palestine, and the US and other countries absorbed many Jews, in most cases under conditions making impossible a numerical accounting. Moreover the Polish borders were changed drastically at the end of the war; the country was literally moved west.

Historians generally support the legend, but there are precedents for nearly incomprehensible blindness on the part of scholars. For example throughout the Middle Ages even the Pope’s political enemies conceded his false claim that the 4th century Emperor Constantine had ceded rule of the west to the Pope, although all knew very well that Constantine had been succeeded by more emperors. Near unanimity among the academics is especially suspect when there exist great political pressures; in some countries Holocaust revisionists have been prosecuted.

It is easy to show that the extermination legend merits skepticism. Even the casual reader of the Holocaust literature knows that during the war virtually nobody acted as though it was happening. Thus it is common to berate the Vatican, the Red Cross and the Allies (especially the intelligence agencies) for their ignorance and inaction, and to explain that the Jews generally did not resist deportation because they did not know what was in store for them. If you add all this up you have the strange claim that for almost three years German trains, operating on a continental scale in densely civilized regions of Europe, were regularly and systematically moving millions of Jews to their deaths, and nobody noticed except for a few of our Jewish leaders who were making public “extermination” claims.

On closer examination even those few Jewish leaders were not acting as though it was happening.

Ordinary communications between the occupied and neutral countries were open, and they were in contact with the Jews whom the Germans were deporting, who thus could not have been in ignorance of “extermination” if those claims had any validity.

This incredible ignorance must also be attributed to Hans Oster’s department in German military intelligence, correctly labeled “the veritable general staff of the opposition to Hitler” in a recent review.

What we are offered in evidence was gathered after the war, in trials. The evidence is almost all oral testimony and “confessions”. Without the evidence of these trials there would be no significant evidence of “extermination”. One must pause and ponder this carefully.

Were trials needed to determine that the Battle of Waterloo happened? The bombings of Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The slaughter in Cambodia? Yet this three year program, of continental scope, claiming millions of victims, requires trials to argue its reality.

I am not arguing that the trials were illegal or unfair; I am arguing that such historical logic as the legend rests on must not be countenanced. Such events cannot happen without generating commensurate and contemporaneous evidence for their reality, just as a great forest fire cannot take place without producing smoke. One may as well believe that New York City was burned down, if confessions to the deed can be produced.

Detailed consideration of the specific evidence put forward in support of the legend has been a focus of the revisionist literature and cannot be undertaken here, but I shall mention one point. The claim of the legend is that there were no technical means provided for the specific task of extermination, and that means originally provided for other purposes did double duty in improvised arrangements. Thus the Jews were allegedly gassed with the pesticide Zyklon, and their corpses disappeared into the crematoria along with the deaths from “ordinary” causes.

The ashes or other remains of millions of victims have never been found. Surely any thoughtful person must be skeptical.

31 thoughts on “A Short Introduction to the Study of Holocaust Revisionism

  1. “The ashes or other remains of millions of victims have never been found.
    Surely any thoughtful person must be skeptical.” — Prof. Arthur R. Butz

    The ashes or other remains of millions of victims have never been LOOKED FOR.
    Surely any thoughtful person must REJECT the entire construct out of hand.

    Even Kenneth Ellman must be skeptical, which is why he refuses to consider anything beyond the piteous whimperings of torture victims (German government):
    “Please, no more pain, yes, everything you say is true, my mother served Jew babies slow roasted alive in our Miele oven on Sunday before Mass, we played with marbles made of freeze dried Jewish eyeballs as kids, JA, JA, no more pain BITTE, pretty BITTE”
    . <– This is the very definition of "proof" as per Charter of Nuremberg Military Tribunal, Article 21 I think.

  2. Excellent and well argued article. After the war there should have been a complete and transparent enquiry into the “holocaust” before reputable jurists selected from the non-combatant countries of World War Two. I would have selected Jurists in the mould of Judge Pal of India i.e. a judge without an ounce of bias and possessing the highest integrity. In fact to guarantee complete impartiality I wouldn’t have had a single American or European in the inquiry and of course not a single Jew! Of course, I’d never heard the term holocaust in referring to this alleged genocide until the mid seventies. I believe Eely Weasel coined the termed.

    1. Hi Felix, I agree. I was born in 1937, in England, and remember WW2 clearly. There were pictures of emaciated corpses in the camps, but stories of mass gassing with Zyklon only came out later, but I think it was in the 1950s.

      1. Hi John, You have a few years on me. I was born 1951 in Ireland, but did most of my growing up in Australia and South Africa. I get furious when I encounter the ignorant, “know all” young, who think the war was the “holocaust” and the world did nothing to stop it. Some I talk to, refuse to believe me, when I explain to them the vilification of Britain in the JUSA after the war by prominent American Jews such as Ben Hecht. He would have “a little holiday in his heart”, whenever a British soldier was killed in Palestine by Jewish terrorists. Nothing in the British school curriculum about that. It’s all about the “holocaust”.

        My apologies for shouting.


    2. Hi Felix,
      I have spent half of my life in England and half in the USA. I have loyalty to both, but particularly to the USA, and to the Constitution in particular. I have seen ignored as America has gradually come under the control of the Jewish Lobby. It is so blatant that they make no effort to hide the fact. They use the holocaust as a weapon to beat any resistance into submission. This Jewish Power, in the hands of the neocons in the GW Bush administration, led us into fighting wars against Israel’s neighbors.

      Unless the Jews are called out on the holocaust lies; unless Jewish Power is denounced and destroyed we will never have peace and prosperity. They have America by the throat.

      I am 80 years old next year, so I no longer worry about my future. It is a kind of freedom, and it makes old age less of a nuisance.

  3. We are still being subjected to TV documentaries regarding the holocaust. The people have been brainwashed. Jews have ridden these lies and have acquired special protected status. If we criticize a Jew, or even mention their Jewishness we are likely to lose our job or suffer other difficulties at the hands of the Jewish network.

    I am still waiting for some public figure to state that Jews have been getting away with bad behaviour because of the holocaust. Who would be a likely candidate? I wouldn’t put it past Trump, or even Obama.

  4. Look at that hand drawn picture by lying Jew D. Olere at the top of the article.

    Not only is the chimney belching RIF soap factory crematoria color coded Jew flames and smoke but there is a Red Cross van parked besides, making sure no Jews come running out to tell the uncaring goy world!, ie, ALL Christians are complicit and equally guilty of horrendous crime against poor, innocent Jewies and MUST PAY, not only Germans, our lawyers and carpetbaggers are rolling up their sleeves.

    1. That is a good catch with the Red Cross truck…very significant in their scheme of things.

    1. You all spend way too much time obsessing with this ‘Holocaust” matter. Just tell the jews their jew tribe played a huge role putting Hitler into power, that the jews on Wall Street and in London bankrolled the Third Reich, that the jews were put in camps on the orders of their very own Zionist jew rabbis, that Hitler himself was part jew, that Nazism was started by Zionist jews in England in the 19th century. It’s all true. This way, when the jews cry about “the 6 million” it doesn’t matter 6 million didn’t get holocausted. If they did or did not, it doesn’t really matter.

      1. Darkmoon plays its part to make sure what the jews do NOT want made publicly known remains unknown. Constantly focusing on the “Holocaust” is exactly what the jews want, it puts the jews Center Stage, which is exactly what the jews want. That we focus on them all the time to the exclusion of everything else. The Jews don’t care if we question “the Holocaust”, what the jews care about is we remain focused on them — whether one believes in the mainstream “Holocaust’ “narrative” or not is secondary to the jews. What matters to the jews is we constantly focus on their jew issues and their jew “concerns”. That puts the jews Center Stage, exactly where the jews want to be.

      2. I’m really sick and tired of an alternative media, or so-called “alternative” media, which constantly claims to be “ALL” about “Truth” but ALWAYS uses false, lying, mendacious premises.

        What using false lying premises leads to, ALWAYS, using false lying premises ALWAYS leads to lots and lots of crocodile tears.

        The Alt. media is drowning in its own crocodile tears.

      3. It’s a pity you weren’t one of the 6 million! I don’t think I’d have bought you if you’d been a bar of soap. Too greasy. But I’d have bought you if you’d been a pretty lampshade.

      4. TROJ –

        “…when the jews cry about “the 6 million” it doesn’t matter 6 million didn’t get holocausted. If they did or did not, it doesn’t really matter.”

        I know it is difficult for you to see through the ‘Hannibal-esque’ face mask they put on you there at the hospital. 🙂

        The Holo-Hoax lies must be protected for the Pharisee-Jews to have a reason to implement Noahide Laws in the International Criminal Court…. just placed in Hague in April….. with help of NGOs controlled by Pharisee-Jews:

        International Criminal Court(ICC) has been helped by Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs).

        Non-Governmental Organizations in the form of persistent advocacy helped galvanize the determination of States to establish a strong ICC.

        NGOs provided invaluable support and expertise to delegations during the negotiations.


        Ever since the Court’s establishment, civil society has remained active in supporting but likewise criticising the Court when necessary, holding it up to high standards.

        Constructive dialogue with NGOs continues to be of significant benefit to the Court.

        At the same time, the engagement of CICC and its members with governments and organisations helps advance the full implementation of Rome Statute, supporting the strengthening of national jurisdictions under the principle of complementarity.

        These are by no means the achievements of a few NGOs alone. The Coalition for an International Criminal Court has had a key role in mobilising, coordinating and channelling support from civil society organizations all around the world.

        International Criminal Court President Silvia Fernandez de Gurmendi with dignitaries at the opening of the Court’s – PERMANENT – premises in The Hague in **April 2016. A former Argentinian diplomat instrumental in the successful negotiations for the Rome Statute, de Gurmendi was elected president in March 2015.

    2. @ Antony Clifton

      The picture in the comment by Negentropic in your link is priceless even if it was photo-shopped.

    1. @ Pat

      Thanks for the Faurisson link. Very useful. Have just watched the first 10 minutes and am now about to continue…

    2. to me, that picture is the funniest of all.
      the artist, actually a much better painter than all the rest of big ticket Jews like Chagall, rothko, pollock, Lichtenstein has proudly signed his name, “D Olere”.
      In addition to a prominently sinister Red Cross van, a sign of all of Christianity in cahoots with Hitler to ensure that no jew escapes the Final Solution, it is probably a “gas van”, the smokestack billowing colored flames (blue for fat hugarian jew, green is skinny polish jew, black for Ethiopean Falashas, … but jews have infested well over 100 countries, way more than the color spectrum accommodates … there are other edifying details.
      Wood is used for cremation, about dozen logs in foreground, good for about 20-30 bodies at most.

      I saw open air cremations in Benares, Manikarika ghat and their woodpiles contained hundreds of logs of special, expensive wood that burns very hot … and gives off zero smoke, the only quite faint smoke is from the butter applied as a starter and kindling, once it gets going, it’s just fire.

      The burning is in the small foreground hut with the enormous smokestack, whereas the truck behind is waiting for ashes? which must be emptied from the hut going through the building.
      What about the rest of the building? Nice dormers, presumably for Auschwitz Carmelite nuns to gaze through in between their rosary prayers, such a nice, idyllic scene, big pines off to the side.

      And the jews, shuffling meekly to their burnt offering martyrdom? Not only are they humble and mild, never uttering a protest – such typically jewish behavior – but they are herding their children along – c’mon Schmuley, don’t tarry now, be a good Jewish boy, we want to leave a good impression before the Nazis lay us onto the grilling racks.

      Who wouldn’t love such Jews, too bad Nazis managed to get rid of just the nice ones, not a single one left.
      That I can believe.

      1. Here you see the exact spot where I witnessed cremations.
        Even the river guide with his pole boat sounds like the same name (Madhav, the Brahmin).
        See any smoke? None, just some windblown ashes at the end, the ashes are a foot thick there, stink gets into your hair and clothes which are best discarded when you leave the town.
        What do you say TROJ, would you walk around smelling like a pack of burnt muds?

        Burning one large body can require up to 1,100 pounds of logs. In turn 50 to 60 million trees are consumed annually in India alone

        Wooo … such seditious talk from Nat Geo, sounds a lot like H-Deny to me, D. Olere would dispute these stats for sure.

        Anyway, what’s the deal with the picture, are Jews gassed first, then burned or is it just the latter, as it appears in the picture.

      1. How come Darkmooners get to pick and choose, but anyone who is NOT a bona-fide Darkmooner is NOT allowed to pick and choose, though it’s OKAY for NON bona-fide Darkmooners to pick and choose if such NON bona-fide Darkmooners pick and choose EXACTLY as Darkmoon tells the NON bona-fide Darkmooners to pick and choose. Go fuck yourselves.

      2. @TROJ. So you expect us to just lie down and be wiped out by your vicious tribe? Without a single bullet or fight. Because that would be racism, anti-semitism, nazism and fascism, right? We have not yet learned how to be tolerant. Yada-yada…

  5. Gee Uncle, my post makes a lot of sense after you truncated 99% of the post. You’re just an expert at editing while keeping the meaning of the writer’s intent. Like the readers are really going to know what the subject of the post was about after you deleted the subject matter, and deleted everything else that was meaningful in the post. Great hatchet job! A real scalping did you give my post. You should have been a wild injun!

    1. Don’t be scared of My Tribe, MournIn’ sTaR, for My Florida Mookie tribe is NO position whatsoever to wipe out anyone. If anything it’s My Tribe getting wiped out here in the state of Flowering Easter Morning Flowers. I do believe Florida will be, if not the first state to be totally flooded with Muslims and then ipso facto go Sharia, Florida will be at least in the “top” first 5 states to go fully Islamic from all the 50 States.

      twinkle twinkle whiddle staR
      Oh how I wonder what you are?!
      when the blazing SUN is gone
      when HE has nothing to shine upon
      Then you show your little whiddle light
      twinkle twinkle all the night
      In the dark black of a Moonless Eve
      In the dark black sky you keep
      And often through my curtains Peep
      for you NEVER shut your EYE
      till the SUN is in the sky
      Oh whiddle whiddle twinkling sTaR
      I often wonder who you are?!

      Would you all love me more better if I were to say I vow to thee Sista Lucy, I shall, on election day, I vow, with verve and flair, with dash and zest, Con Brio! with self-assured élan and most flamboyant in the esteemed tradition of the The Theatre and Hollywood a la Lana Turner, I shall with the utmost dramatic flair twirl and swirl and wrap my Keffiyah around my head and Boldly, Unashamedly , Proudly, Forth-Rightfully , Righteously! enter the polling booth to Vote for THE Candidate who Loves Darkmoon’s Precious Sacred and Holy Muslim pets The Most, die-hard Communist vehement HATER of what remains of [ almost erstwhile at this point] White USA and most virulent Hater of My Tribe , the Mookie Tribe of Florida, HILLARY!!!

  6. haha, “D. Olere” is great, this new picture retains the Red Cross truck (as in “Red” and “Cross”, not “Yellow” and “Skull+Bones” or anything else) as the ubiquitous symbol of Ewige white Christian, esp. Catholic guilt.

    I am sure Olere has the mother of all pictures in his attic waiting for the HoloArt market to heat up glowing red hot, inside the cargo hold of a GIANT HUMONGOUS Red Cross truck with thousands of decent, everyday (96%ers) Jew families choking quietly and without complaint as the showerheads callously pump Zyklon diesel monoxide© into the air, Catholic pictures of Pius X, Jesus, Mary and Joseph smiling on the walls.

    And now the righteously angry Jew mother has smokestack shooting color coded flames of wrath straight out of her head as she applies for assassin job with newfangled Mossad, blue flames for Polish Jew babies, purple flames for true Khazar babies and so on, her life devoted to hunting Amalek … first seduce them with slutty pole dancing like in Midnight Porter.

    1. Stop complaining woebro. Get over your weltzschmerz, snap out of it, and Be Grateful. Be Thankful and Grateful your ISLAMIC-JIHADIST -LERVIN’ Avatar Hero God Hitler never went to India, then HE would have Slaughtered The Sacred Hindu Cows THE ISLAMIC HALAL way — which is THE MOST painful and the most sadistic and the most brutal and most atavistic way to KILL your Blessed Holy Hindoo Goddess Devi’s SACRED hindoo cows. I do believe that would have shattered Your Sacred Blessed Holy Hindoo Moon Mother Goddess’ heart forever and ever!! It would have devastated Your Hitler’s Your Hitler’s High Priestess to see Your Hitler du HALAL on Your Precious Hindoo Devi’s Sacred Hindoo Cows!!

      Also be VERY GRATEFUL Your Sacred Hindoo Moon Goddess Devi , because of her Karma [ unfortunately, lol ] wasn’t in Europe during The War, but [ unfortunately, lol ] was far away from Europe and Up in the Perfect Safety of The Himalaya Mountain Range during The European Conflagration, so she didn’t Suffer [ ” To Suffer” means “To Allow”, by the way ] She didn’t ALLOW any bombs from either side of The Conflict to land and Explode on Her Most Intelligent Smart Head. How unfortunate for Her, wouldn’t you say, woebro? Do you suffer welzschmerz to know your Sacred Hindu High Priestess of Your Sacred ISLAMIC JIHADIST LERVIN Avatar Hero God HItler was NOT able to be in Europe during The War, NOT able to be near HIS side, NOT able to offer HIM succor and real Spiritually Superior smartie-type advice because of HER Karma, Oh Karma can be a bitch alright 🙁 oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo…

[colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added.].

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