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Political Information Last Updated: Jul 14, 2021 - 7:30:33 AM

A Remote Possibility?
By The Irish Savant with comments by Ron
Jul 15, 2021 - 3:15:57 AM

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July 12th 2021


How realistic is the fear that American Whites could in due course face the kind of existential crisis now faced by South Africa's Whites? While useful for rousing the troops so to speak most normies would consider the idea to be preposterous. After all, Whites still represent a clear (though rapidly declining) majority of America's population, while the South African equivalent is less than 8%. ‘Whites' own and control everything, not least 90% of the guns.

Let's hope the normies are right. But the experience of the Russian Empire in the first half of the 20th century offers food for thought. Because the Bolshevik Revolution saw a minuscule largely non-Russian minority [Ron: Call a spade a spade! The misnamed Russian Revolution was in fact a Jews' COUP, organised and financed by International Jewry and spearheaded by Trotsky and 300 Jews sent from New York for the purpose. Until we stop hiding the truth for fear of the JOOS we will never be free.] seize absolute power, a power with which they then deployed to horrific effect on the native Russians. Tens of millions were slaughtered, while many more disappeared into the gulags, never to return or else to return broken in body and spirit. Russian historian Dmitri Volkogonov, head of a special Russian parliamentary commission, recently concluded that "from 1929 to 1952, 21.5 million [Soviet] people were repressed. Of these a third were shot, the rest sentenced to imprisonment, where many also died." That unfortunate country, which historically has endured more than its share of misery, never experienced anything like it before or since.

[Ron: Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said the Jew dominated and controlled Bolsheviks killed 66 million Russians and Hatonn said they killed about 100 million Russians and eastern Europeans in all.].

Only a very small proportion of the Bolsheviks were ethnic Russians. As Putin himself acknowedged before a Jewish audience (who I can imagine shifting uneasily as he spoke), about 85% of the leading Bolsheviks were Jews though Jews represented a mere 2% of the overall population. Many of the remainder were ethnic Georgians, Armenians, Poles or Balts. (I'm including Ukrainians as Russians). Yet they seized power and unleashed a terrible vengeance on the Russian people.

[Ron: the word "vengeance" used here is grossly misleading. It continues the JOOS' lie that they were suppressed and oppressed by Imperial Russian Tsarist governments. As always, the truth is the reverse. Tsar Alexander II freed the serfs in 1862 and he and his successor introduced radical reforms that greatly benefited the ex-serfs. Similarly, the Tsars lifted the Pale of Settlement restrictions that had confined Khazars (who say they are Jews but are not) to Western areas of Russia well away from Moscow and Saint Petersburg. That decision greatly benefiting the Khazars enabling them to congregate in major Russian cities despite their anti-Russian proclivities and activities. Imperial Russia also provided free education to the Khazars which advantaged them over the gentile general Russian population See eg: The Truth About Imperial Russia -

The West's Rejection of God Will End in Misery and Terror - Solzhenitsyn's Prophetic 1983

The Secret Holocaust The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christian -

The Bolshevik Khazars repaid the kindness of Russian governments by agitating for decades seeking to kill the Tsars and senior officials and to overthrow Christian Russia. They assassinated Tsar Alexander II (the Liberator) on 13 March 1881 and on 18 September 2011 they assassinated Pyotr Stolypin, Russia's Prime Minister a most astute stateman and a great reformer whose intended reforms would have further favoured Khazars. The Khazars staged a failed COUP in 2005 and with the help of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Wall Street Jewish banksters they mounted a successful bloody COUP in 1917 whereafter Alexandr Solzhenitsyn said they murdered 66 million Russians.

The Bolsheviks behind the cultural Marxists in the US intend doing the same thing to USans. Believe it! That is why they have been assiduously fostering anti-White and anti-Christian ideologies and political agitators in the US for many decades. The Bolsheviks' propaganda and policies have been increasingly RACIST, 'anti-White' and anti-Christian, and increasingly violent over the last 50 years despite Whites ostensibly governing the US and actually enabling the Talmudists to often elevate Blacks to privileged positions above Whites but not Talmudists. This process of undermining Whites actually commenced over a century ago when anti-White and anti-Christian policies were covertly initiated by the Rockefellers and their brethren beginning the dumbing down of US education and eliminating natural medicine in favour of Jew controlled allopathic medicine.

With the help of Edward Bernays and other JOOS and shabos goyem the Rockefellers changed the mental outlook and capacity of many USans before the Bolsheviks, who fled the Christian takeover of the Soviet Union in the 1970s, took control of the US government in the 1980s. The Bolsheviks immediately began using Gramscian methods to formally instil cultural Marxism into already dumbed down, deschooled US minds. For the Decline of the House of Rockefeller' and the rise of the Bolsheviks see eg: Topic #1.

See also:

To understand what the Rockefellers sought to achieve be aware of what Dr Peter Beter said in Audio Letter No. 10 ( namely:

'In my monthly AUDIO LETTER No. 8 for January 1976, I revealed that since at least 1954 there has been an official but super-secret White House policy, quote:

" so alter life in the United States so that it can be comfortably merged with life in the Soviet Union."

'This is why we see an unending stream of apparent mistakes, concessions, and blunders by the modern outlaw band that masquerades as "our Government." These are not errors at all but deliberate steps in the Rockefeller march toward dictatorial world domination with their Soviet allies; and this includes the Sovietization of family life, the last great bulwark against total world domination.

It is not hard to see, of course, that American family life is under great pressure because the evidence is everywhere; it's common knowledge. The divorce rate is rising, the birth rate is falling, and the Census Bureau claims that the average family size is now at a record low level, and still dropping. Individuals are becoming more and more isolated. But few people know that we are seeing the fruits of a deliberate war on the American family; and fewer still know that this is an integral part of the Rockefeller drive for dictatorship.'

This attack on family life is well-organized, heavily funded, and multifaceted; but the most important, most diabolical part of it all is an intense but sugar-coated campaign now underway to gain control of your children. The objective: to break down your control over your children and place them instead under the supervision and control of the community--that is, the government. In other words, they are to be Sovietized.

One aspect of this attack on your children is the subtle use of familiar, already available avenues of communication in EDUCATION. Take, for example, that famous children's program"Sesame Street." Have you watched it lately? Financed primarily by Rockefeller-controlled foundations and the federal government, Sesame Street has followed the standard Rockefeller philanthropic formula that emerged over 70 years ago. It established its halo in the public eye by early programming, but has progressively turned its efforts in more sinister directions under the protection of that halo.

Arguments, bad temper, hurt feelings, and even cartoons with an air of unreality are prominent today on Sesame Street--and you will look in vain for any trace of an identifiable family image. Meanwhile the impressionable young Sesame Street audience is treated with such things as a recent episode showing all about how easy, painless, and perhaps even fun, it is to use a tourniquet and syringe--all of it more explicitly than you will see on nighttime adult programming! Harried young mothers trusting in the 'spotless reputation of Sesame Street' often allow their children to watch with little or no supervision, not realizing that concepts like this which pave the way for early and easy drug addiction are being burned into their children's minds. Sesame Street is a product of the "Children's Television Workshop", whose president is Joan Ganz Cooney. She is a Rockefeller insider who a year ago signed the"Bicentennial Declaration" which I mentioned earlier, launching the Rockefeller "Second American Revolution" to bring in their secret new Constitution.'

Ron: Such childrens' indoctrination seems like "child's play" compared to todays vicious LGBTQ+ policies and it's children's indoctrination in homosexuality, gender fluidity and Drag Queen story time in local libraries etc. The rest of Topic #1 needs to be read to appreciate why US family life and childrens' education is as it is today. THIS is the basis for today's lost generations of young adults addicted to electronic communication, porn and Wokeism. It has been coming and apparent for decades and USans have done nothing about it. In other words, White Christian USans have allowed and even encouraged the anti-White ideological matrix which now engulfs the US.

The Bolsheviks controlling the US have made pro-black discrimination endemic throughout American institutions. Tracing the roots of this bias to the legislation passed in the 1960s, the  commentator Paul Craig Roberts observed that

"A system of racial privileges for blacks was forced on universities, employers, and the population. Less qualified blacks were given preference over more qualified whites in university admissions, employment and promotion. Freezes are used against white admissions, employment, and promotion until racial balance is achieved."

The actual REASON that politicians, activist professors, intellectuals, government officials, NGO employees AND cultural Marxist revolutionaries have been motivated and able to almost destroy White US culture and the nation that White USans built is not stated.  The real issue is WHO has orchhestrated, funded and forced the destructive cultural Marxist, racist, Wokeian ideological changes onto the US population? WHO "incentivised", funded and/or forced the promulgaion of racist, Intersectionality and Identify political ideologies upon the US population? THAT issue is by far the biggest 'elephant in the room'. It is not enough to state the problem and bemoan the fact that it has happened. To fix the problem it is necessary to identify the REAL REASON it is occurring. In fact ALL of the leading individuals and groups doing the damage were funded or covertly blackmailed and compromised to do what they do, by the true rulers of the US, namely the Talmudic private owners of the US Corporation and the Federal Reserve (the Fed) corporations. Fortunately that situation has been reversed by the Trump administration's liquidation of the US Corporation and the Fed, and the covert installation of a global Quantum Financial System which is starving the Talmudists of funding.

In fact anti-White racism in the US is the result of over a century of stealthy Talmudic Khazarian banksterism which had all but destroyed US politics, law, education, morals and culture prior to the election of President Trump. Failure of governments, commentators and elite US leaders at all levels to acknowledge this obvious truth is the reason that Khazarian Marxists ie Bolsheviks, have now turned the US into a chaotic dystopia.].


And be in no doubt that while much of the terror and slaughter was motivated by the drive for power, much was also driven by a visceral hatred of the traditional Christian Russian people. No less an authority than Alexander Solzhenitzyn confirmed this in a quotation that you've probably read before now. "You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the ‘Russian Revolution.' It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators."

According to Jewish historian Arkidil Zeltser "The phenomenon of Jews in top positions reached its peak under Yagoda and Yezhov...Of the ten deputy commissars between July 1934 and September 1938, five were of Jewish origin. Jews occupied significant positions in the state security leadership. From December 1936 to April 1937, Agranov was head of the GUGB. Until the March 1938 reorganization of state security, all three heads of the Department of Government Security were Jews, as were the three heads of the Counter-intelligence department, three of the four heads of the Secret-political Department, two of the three heads of the Special Department (OO), and one of the two heads of the Foreign Department. A Jew also headed the top-secret "special group" of the NKVD secretariat, which answered directly to the people's commissar and was responsible for sabotage behind enemy lines in the event of war. During this period both heads of the GULAG were Jews, as was the head of police...Particularly significant was the number of Jews in top positions in the State Security Administration itself: Jews occupied six of the 13 posts." Churchill noted that in many cases whereas a Russian might be the nominal head of an agency the real power was exercised by a Jewish eminence grise behind the curtain. ("Thus Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate, Litvinoff")

Far from championing the interests of Russian workers, Lenin himself, who was quarter Jewish and spoke Yiddish growing up at home, admitted that he wanted ‘a nation of white niggers'. [Ron: Being a Jew is not a matter of race or religion. It is really a question of whether or not an individual adheres to the demonic teachings in the Talmud. By their fruits you will know them. Lenin's "fruits" demonstrate that he was obviously a JEW].

So how did this tiny and unrepresentative minority do it? How did they seize control of the mighty Russian Empire? Whole forests have been levelled in the attempt to explain this phenomenon and I have no particular expertise in this area. But from the perspective of this post the point is that they did it. What I can say is that they brilliantly mastered propaganda and controlled all forms of media from the very beginning. They were utterly ruthless. The Cheka hunted down and arrested anyone who was suspected of hostility towards the Bolsheviks. By the end of the Civil War, they had executed over 100,000 political opponents.

The Bolsheviks also placed major and immediate emphasis on destroying traditional Russian culture, in particular Orthodox Christianity. Anti-Semitism became a capital offence. "The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth." Their military victory over the White Russian army was remarkable given the latter's overwhelming advantage in terms of weaponry and trained military leaders and the fact that initially they had the Bolsheviks surrounded. But their leaders consistently squabbled among themselves and acted too late to prevent the Reds seizing control of industry, railways and the banks. Bear in mind also that the Bolsheviks had a huge ‘fifth column' of ordinary Russians acting as their foot soldiers. Whatever their motivations - true believers in Communism, fear, opportunism - they were absolutely essential to the Communist takeover.

And then of course there were the privately held guns. The Russians loved their guns. Everybody had one, even well-heeled ladies. "The Bolshevik Revolution put an end to the free circulation of guns among the general public. The leaders of the uprising knew only too well what the masses were capable of, especially if armed up to the teeth, and moved to monopolize gun ownership. In 1918 the Bolsheviks initiated a large scale confiscation of civilian firearms, outlawing their possession and threatening up to 10 years in prison for concealing a gun. The only exception was made for hunters who were allowed to possess smoothbore weapons. Gun licenses, however, were strictly regulated and only issued by the NKVD. It was only a matter of time before Russia became an almost totally gun-free nation."

So let's unpack what we have here. A tiny unrepresentative non-Russian ‘elite' seized power and subsequently slaughtered tens of millions of Russians by way of the bullet, starvation or by working them to death. They achieved this by seizing total control of media, banking, education and key industries; by demonising the culture and religion of the host people; by rewriting history and pursuing their goals with absolute ruthlessness against a demoralised people.

[Ron: Arguably Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin gained power by eliminating virtually every non Jew  they could get the hands on in Imperial Russia, IF s/he evinced any intelligence or initiative. In the result the population was reduced to mass ignorance and fearful  idiocy similar to the Woke population of the US today.].

And of course seizing privately held guns.

Ring any bells?

In fact White Americans are in a much weaker position today than were Russians back then. After all where non-ethnic Russians represented a tiny proportion of the overall population non-Whites will become a majority in America within a few decades, if not earlier. And the enemies of traditional Americans already have near full-spectrum control of banking, media, entertainment, Big Tech and ‘education'. Gun-owners and the de facto repeal of the Second Amendment are very much in their sights. Vast numbers of Whites have bought into the anti-White agenda, willingly exposing themselves to their own destruction. What's worse they have no idea of their enemies' malevolence towards them. Unlike the Bolsheviks who faced strong opposition from neighbouring states and powerful countries like Britain and the United States, the anti-White agenda today enjoys widespread international support. America's ‘justice' system increasingly resembles that of a Third World country, the Constitution abandoned, the courts hijacked, non-Whites replacing Whites are every level of law enforcement, Soros-funded District Attorneys waging open warfare on the host population. Patriotic Americans have been ruthlessly purged from the military and the ‘security' agencies such as the FBI, CIA and NSA. Even the most pathetic attempt at White resistance (Charlottsville, the Capitol Hill ‘insurrection') is brutally suppressed. Donald Trump, the closest thing Whites have as a leader, is a hopelessly compromised Israeli lapdog with Kushner's hand up his ass at all times.

[Ron: This commentator totally misunderstands the situation in the US and the world today. Far from being compromised by the Jews, Trump is still the President and in control of the US military. He will soon be formally reinstated as President of the reconstituted Republic of the united states of America.]. the possibility that remote? Note that a South African commentator reminded us on this blog a few days ago that the country's Whites never in their wildest imaginations believed that their circumstances could deteriorate so far and so fast.

[Ron: Christ Michael Aton, the creator of this planet and local universe has tasked the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their global Alliance allies to eliminate this planet's demonic controllers and their globalist  minions and enablers, and to free Gaia and her inhabitants. That task has almost been completed. Accordingly there will be no demonic takeover of the US and all  people of good will in South Africans and all other nations will be freed from the COVID scamdemic and the fraudulent and usurious  slavery that has nearly destroyed our world.].


The Truth About Imperial Russia -

The West's Rejection of God Will End in Misery and Terror - Solzhenitsyn's Prophetic 1983 Warning

Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Jews -

The Secret Holocaust The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians. -

Leather-Jacketed, Coke-Snorting Jews in the Soviet Secret Police, Torturing, Raping and Killing Gentiles: The Evidence -

In the Shadow of Hermes - Juri Lina (Full Length) Genocide of 65 Million -

The End of the Legends. See:

America's First Revolution Is Happening Now -

SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878 - 2006 -


All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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