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A Masterful Video Highlights The Arc of the COVID Vaccine Efficacy Narrative in 2021
By Sundance
Oct 15, 2021 - 6:39:18 PM

This is perhaps one of the best short video encapsulations of the COVID-19 efficacy narrative ever produced...

The video below {Direct Rumble Link Here} quickly walks through the past ten months of government and media claims surrounding vaccine efficacy.  It is an alarming point all by itself how quickly the arc of this vaccine narrative traveled from 100% effective to virtually zero effectiveness with multiple nations now stopping the vaccine program entirely.

This is a video against the interests of Big Pharma and the global governments that have been paid by Big Pharma to push the untested vaccine into their populations.  However, the effectiveness of this video is enhanced because the producer doesn't use opinion to drive home the point. The central assertion of vaccines being ineffective is proven in their own words and media statements during the course of only ten months.  A masterful video.  WATCH:

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