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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

A Case Study in Intellectual Dishonesty, False History and Anti-Germanism, by Hans Krampe
By Hans Krampe
Sep 12, 2013 - 9:26:06 PM

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A Case Study in Intellectual Dishonesty, False History and Anti-Germanism, by Hans Krampe

An associate of mine, Hans Krampe, responds to an editorial commentary by a  former lecturer at SFU,  Robin Matthews,  who has a regular column at the popular Canadian alternative news site  ’Vive le Canada‘.   Krampe takes Matthews to task for his patently (and insistently) false statements concerning Hitler and his anti-German rants in his piece about Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Krampe sets the record straight.  It should be noted however, that Mathews is not the only one guilty of this. Far from it! Nearly 70 years later, this is still quite common, in Canada, the USA and UK. Hans, myself and many other Germans, or those of German decent, are SICK and TIRED of it. Readers may take this as notice that we are NOT going to endure such insults any longer unchallenged and that we will expose them with the same brutal unconcern as is the habit of Canadian slander, by feeding them a medicine that’s worse (for them) than their slander to us, namely THE TRUTH! Usually they can’t take it and they go berserk. ~ J4G


A Case Study in Intellectual Dishonesty, False History and Anti-Germanism, by Hans Krampe:

The Brutal, Tireless Racism of ‘Stephen Harper Inc

When I read this headline, and seeing that the author was Robin Mathews, I knew before I even began to read the actual article, that it would contain a disparaging reference to the greatest statesman that ever lived and to the gifted people who loved him. Obviously, the old dog can’t get rid of the nasty bone that’s stuck in his craw.

The question is this: What did Adolf Hitler or the German people ever do to Robin Mathews, or any Canadian for that matter, to warrant such a persistent need for hate mongering and slander as, for example, this following quote of his:

“When Hitler’s Nazi forces invaded eastward in the 1940s, he considered the Slavic peoples subhuman. That is partly why the slaughter of the Slavs was so intense. Hitler not only despised them, but he wanted their land for settlement. He wanted room for the German empire to expand, and he wanted the available resource riches that would support expansion of the German population. The Slavs were ‘white’ and the German invaders were ‘white’. That made no difference.  Hitler intended to erase the Slavs.”

To say that this paragraph is just oozing with bias and conjured nastiness, having spun the truth a 180 degrees, would be a gross understatement. It is not only an expression of hate, but intended to incite hate towards Germans, plain as day. And this from someone who professes to be outraged by Steven Harper’s “tireless racism”. Well, Robin Mathew’s is nothing if not a tireless germanophobe hate monger! [Ron: And what's more, the world is full of such people whose only apparent attribute, apart from ignorance, IS STUPIDITY.].

His is exactly the fare that we pupils, at six years of age, were indoctrinated with from grade one onward in East-German schools by either politically pressured teachers or Bolshevik ones, fluent in Russian, indoctrinated in Moscow and let loose upon us innocent kids, to be “de-nazified”, i.e. robbed of any traces of truthful remembrance, to be replaced by a self-loathing guilt trip. It sounds like Robin also got his historical “knowledge” in Moscow, receiving it with open arms for a similar purpose. It’s lots of fun to ‘kick them when they’re down’ and dare them to fight back, when the mob of which one is a part revels with the same hateful malice.

Hitler redenHitler NEVER said, nor implied, that the Russian people were “subhuman”. That’s Robin’s Canadian twist. What Hitler DID say was that they were inferior to Germans; and the majority of them clearly were at the time, in terms of society, culture and technology. The majority of Russian peasants in the vast, thinly populated western USSR that Hitler wanted to colonize with Germans, were illiterate, living in lice infested hovels, with no roads, no sanitation, no conception of hygiene or civilization, no inventive ambitions nor any desire to change these conditions as long as there was enough Vodka. They had grown used to living like that during centuries of neglect and abject servitude.

[Ron: No they didn't! This is false propaganda also! It is true that the Bolshevil Jews emiserated and destroyed the Russian peasantry just as they murdered vietually all of the Russian aristocracy, intelligensia and NON Jewish middle classes BUT prior to the Jews' armed COUP in October 1917 Imperial Russia was a shing example of enlightenment for humanity.

The Rothschild controlled Bolshevik Jews created the false and fraufulent meme that in 1917, Imperial Russia was cruel and dictatorial and made life miserable for the Russian people. Like everything else the Jews tell us, THAT WAS A HUGE LIE. Imperial Russia under Tsar Alexander II was a leading spiritual, political and economic light unto the world. The Bolsheviks "Revolution" was NOT a revolution at all. It was a violent, armed Jewish COUP in which Alexandr Solzhenitsyn says the Jews murdered 66 million Christian Russians.See eg: The Truth About Imperial Russia -

In early 1815, Nathan Rothschild approached Czar Alexander I (1801-25) at the Congress of Vienna with a proposal that he set up a central bank in Russia.  Whether it was because he distrusted this shady banker or was aware of the perils of central banking is not known, but he prudently declined.

In 1860 The State Bank of the Russian Empire was founded with the aim of boosting trade turnovers and the strengthening of the monetary system.  Up to 1894 it was an auxiliary institution under the direct control of the Ministry of Finance.  In that year it was transformed into being the banker of the bankers and operated as an instrument of the government’s economic policy.   It minted and printed the nation’s coins and notes, regulated the money supply and through commercial banks provided industry and commerce with very low interest rate loans.  Its vast gold reserves, the largest in the world, except for the year 1906 exceeded the bank note issue by more than 100%.

Not unexpectedly Russia had the smallest national debt in the world.  The following table reflects the number of rubles per inhabitant in 1908.


Great Britain             

By 1914 83% of the interest and amortization of the national debt was funded by the profits of the Russian State Railways. In 1916 the total length of the main lines was 100 817 verst or kilometers.

In 1861 Czar Alexander II (1855-81) abolished serfdom, which at that time affected 30% of the population. By 1914 80% of the arable land was in the hands of the peasants. The Peasants’ State Bank, described at that time as the “greatest and most socially beneficent institution of land credit in the world” granted loans at a very low rate of interest, which was in effect a handling charge. Between 1901 and 1912 these loans increased from 222 million rubles to 1.168 billion rubles.
Accordingly his author's statement that Russia's peasants
had grown used to living in misery, poverty and enslavement during centuries of neglect and abject servitude is BULLSHIT! In the 1930s the situation of surviving non-Jewish Russians including peasants was solely due to the genocidal brutality of the infamous Bolshevik Jews, Lenin and Stalin, and their tribal brethren. See eg: The Truth About Imperial Russia -

However, As General George Patton noted in 1945, the JEWS in Russia and Eastern Europe DID live in filth and degrading conditions, presumably a reflection of their lifestyle in their shtetls (ghetto towns). See eg: General George S. Patton : Jews and Germans. See:
Real History Revealed: General Patton's Warnings To The World! (Was he killed for it?). -

Bob Chapman on Patton's murder and Bobby Kennedy. See:

Agricultural production soared so that by 1913, Russia had become the world’s bread basket and Russian agricultural production of cereals exceeded the combined production of Argentina, Canada and the United States by 25%.

Mining and industrial output also expanded by huge margins.  Between 1870 and 1914 industrial output grew by 1% per annum in Great Britain, 2.75% per annum in the United States and 3.5% per annum in Russia. During the period 1890 to 1913 industrial production quadrupled and Russian industries were able to satisfy 80% of internal demand for manufactured goods ­ a perfect example of autarky.

With the Russian State bank creating the people’s money out of nothing at almost zero interest; as opposed to the rest of the world where central banks allowed parasitic private banks to create their nations’ money supply at usurious rates of interest, it comes as no surprise that in 1912 Russia had the lowest levels of taxation in the world. Furthermore there was hardly any inflation.].

Hitler neither intended to destroy them nor to enslave them. Unlike Robin, Adolf Hitler  just wasn’t malicious enough for that. He simply intended to leave them to their ways while building roads (autobahns), railroads and along them towns for Germans to emigrate to from the overcrowded home country. Every other European country had done the same — only far worse — especially the country Robin’s family was hailing from — ENGLAND,  ”the empire on which the sun never sets!”

What’s sauce for the goose is gravy for the gander; Robins double-standards and irrational hate of something he only “knows” from hearsay rumors about, notwithstanding. Anyway, like most Canadians, Robin has no problem believing that ass-backwards history is ‘straight forward truth’.

The following is a typical example of Anglo and Jewish racism continuously leveled at us Germans since well before WW I and ever since, with still no end in sight, as Mathews example shows.

Here is the Soviet-Jew Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin’s commissar for propaganda, cajoling a less than enthusiastic Russian horde, the Red Army:

Ilya Ehrenburg - Kill the Germans


Who’s hating whom here? Show me where Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler or any German ever uttered such bestial drivel, or even wasted time stewing over something like it. It was the other way around, a sadistic slaughter of Germans by murderous Red mobs driven into blood frenzy by booze and allied propagandists, such as Ehrenburg. committing unspeakable atrocities. The murderers simply projected them upon their victims at war’s end and, voila, they now had a  squeaky clean record, downright heroic.

Here an eyewitness description to the results of Ehrenburg’s exhortations, discovered in the village of German village of Nemmersdorf:

“At the edge of town, on the left side of the road, stands the large inn ‘Weisser Krug’ … In the farmyard further down the road stood a cart, to which four naked women were nailed through their hands in a cruciform position. Behind the Weisser Krug towards Gumbinnen is a square with a monument to the Unknown Soldier. Beyond is another large inn, ‘Roter Krug’. Near it, parallel to the road, stood a barn and to each of its two doors a naked woman was nailed through the hands, in a crucified posture. In the dwellings, we found a total of seventy-two women, including children, and one old man, 74, all dead … all murdered in a bestial manner, except only for a few who had bullet holes in their necks. Some babies had their heads bashed in. In one room we found a woman, 84 years old, sitting on a sofa … half of whose head had been sheared off with an axe or a spade … We carried the corpses to the village cemetery where they lay to await a foreign medical commission … In the meantime, a nurse from Insterburg came, a native of Nemmersdorf, who looked for her parents. Among the corpses were her mother, 72, and her father, 74, the only man among the dead. She also established that all the dead were Nemmersdorfers. On the fourth day the bodies were buried in two graves. Only on the following day did the medical commission arrive, and the tombs had to be reopened. Barn doors were set on blocks on which to lay the bodies so that the commission could examine them. This foreign commission unanimously established that all the women, as well as the girls from eight to twelve years and even the woman of 84 years had been raped. After the examination by the commission, the bodies were again buried.” – Karl Potrek’s report, a civilian from the capital city of Knigsberg, recruited into the Volksturm.  [Ron: See also:
The Zionist Destruction of Germany -

Well, perhaps Robin can show me any documented evidence within the entire war period where the German Wehrmacht committed anything remotely like these atrocities — which were standard Soviet practice? What possibly could justify such barbarity and Mathews’ malicious slandering of innocent German victims and their children and grandchildren 70 years later?

By the way, this is only the tiniest of samples of what the allies perpetrated on Germans. This can be multiplied by tens of millions, each with equally gruesome scenarios. [Ron,  see eg: GRUESOME HARVEST The Costly Attempt To Exterminate The People of Germany ]. A lot of these kinds of atrocities happened already before the war to the German minorities et al, in Poland and Czechoslovakia, thanks to the Versailles Treaty.[Ron, see eg: Germany’s Declaration of War Against the United States: Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of December 11, 194. See:

The following describes the general condition that German survivors of the war found themselves in. This condition was the result of Allied aggression, NOT because of Hitler, as is now bandied about!

“They (German civilians) were all exhausted and starved and miserable … A child only half alive … A woman in the most terrible picture of despair I’ve seen … Even when you see it, it’s impossible to believe … God it was terrible.” Robert Allen, Letter from Berlin, Reading magazine (February, 1946)

[Ron, see eg:

Such remarks leave Robin Mathews cold. He’s probably never even heard of them. In his brainwashed mind (like most) the Germans “had it coming”. After all, since everybody has known the Hun to be evil since before WW I,  they can’t be all wrong, can they!? It must be the Aryan genes, no doubt! It goes to show, that dumb is always righter than the smart, ‘cause there’s more of us!’. (History by mob rule).

Today, after decades of constant repetition, inherent and perpetual “German evil” has been declared manifestly obvious, upon pressure from Germany’s still parasite WWII enemies / occupiers. The BRD’s political, perfectly “de-nazified” former Stasi turncoat clique now proudly proclaims: “Never again Germany. We rejoice in the destruction of the German Reich. Let’s finish the job for good! Bomber Harris, do it again! All good things come from above!”

Merkel - It is all your fault

Such Germans have obviously gone insane. Unfortunately, they play the tune by which the whole two-thirds-Germany dances. That’s what “de-nazification” /re-education intended. The destruction of the German soul and its total alignment with Anglo-American trashy and back stabbing values is almost complete, though there’re still pockets of resistance, who are automatically and reflexively labelled as “right-wing extremists” and  Neo-Nazis”.

“Not until the war propaganda of the victors has found its way into the history books of the vanquished and is believed by subsequent generations can German re-education be considered as really successful.” ~ American Jew Walter Lippmann (1889 – 1974), a well known journalist with close ties to powerful politicians

That kind of  “German re-education” hardly needs any more genocidal, racist, hate-mongering from Robin Mathews’; blind as he is of his double standards, as he righteously belabors PM Stephen Harper’s racism. Never mind that Harper, unlike Hitler, actually deserves Mathews’ wrath.

“When we reached Metgethen, we were confronted with a gruesome sight: We found several hundred dead German soldiers, many of whom had been disfigured beyond recognition. There were murdered civilians in just about every home, likewise disfigured in a most bestial manner. For example, some women had their breasts cut off, and in backyard gardens we found scarcely clad women who had been hanged upside down. In one house we came across a 63-year-old woman still alive. Crying, she told us that she had been raped by 12 to 15 Russians. She lay on the floor covered in blood. This old woman’s daughter had escaped into the forest nearby, but her one-year-old child was abducted by the Russians. In the streets of Metgethen, and also at the railroad station, we found approximately 15 baby carriages, some overturned, all empty. We concluded that this meant the Russians had also abducted these babies.” - Horst A., at the time a driver for the Intelligence Reserve Detachment I, Knigsberg.

Getting tired of the continuous sewage slung at my people — and thus myself I began, unlike Robin, to search for NS Germany’s positive and exonerating aspects of this era. I read Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, twice, in German language, published in 1943, and I didn’t find anything like what Robin’s spin alleges to have motivated Hitler, written there. Nor did I find it in any of Hitler’s private conversations, “which were recorded by Martin Bormann; nor in any of his many official speeches, which I have listened to, nor in their transcripts which I’ve read. Nor did I find it in any of the diplomatic exchanges and documentation that revisionist researchers unearthed and have up-loaded to the internet.

But I found countless positive opinions stated by Jews, British, French and American diplomats and journalists et al, who knew Adolf Hitler personally and had seen his accomplishments and experienced the joyful disposition of Germans in NS Germany first hand. Again, their opinions clash with Robin’s 100%.!!!

The evidence shows Hitler to have been in reality the exact opposite of what Robin contorts himself to twist him into. To put it simply, Hitler and NS Germany were the good guys, an exemplary regime that the world was increasingly ready to emulate, even in Britain and the U.S.A. It was THE ALLIES  who were the war mongers, mass rapists, genocidal torturers and imperialistic psychopaths, committing their atrocities on a scale never seen before in the history of the world; the worst of them, by a tiny margin, was the butcher Stalin, apparently Robin’s hero, almost matched by the un-elected brutal British dictator Churchill and the ruthless Roosevelt, being ‘birds of a feather’. [Ron: ALL three were JEWS by descent as well as inclination and action.]

The latter two having apparently been two bricks short of a load; the one a raving alcoholic pederast and pervert with no conscience and a monstrous penchant for sadism, the other a physical, as well as moral cripple and close to dementia, an easy and willing medium for Morgenthau’s genocidal influence. I bet, Mathews doesn’t even know who Henry Morgenthau was, or Theodore Kaufman, Henry’s inspirational mentor.

The Kaufman and Morgenthau Plans to Exterminate the Germans prior to, during and after WW II

It’s obvious that Robin, having no knowledge of the German tongue, has never even looked at Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” or “Hitler’s Table Talks”, and could never have heard what Hitler was actually talking about in his many speeches, or reviewed the cinematographic and photographic documentation, other than the propagandistic hate forgeries which have been force fed to the public for three-quarters of a century. Nor does he know anything about the results of the massive amount of evidence unearthed in recent decades by revisionists with integrity and know-how. He can’t possibly know what Hitler and NS Germany were actually all about.

Robin hasn’t done the tiniest fraction of the homework I did, obviously. One doesn’t have to be Einstein to figure out by whom he got his mind fixed. Jewish controlled  Bolshevik  propagandists had been operating in North America during the Dirty Thirties — as they were in Europe — on all kinds of levels, especially in the union movements, movies, media and educational institutions, right through the fifties. Apart from them he also got it from North America’s naive Goody-Two-Shoe enthusiasts who went to the Soviet Union to be fooled by guided tours through Potemkin villages and tall tales of superlative socialism that existed merely as a fictitious cover for the horrific genocide ongoing throughout the vast expanses under Soviet control; as described by Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn in his book “The Gulag Archipelago” The only socialism in the world which actually lived up to its promises, ever, was in National Socialist Germany and, until recently, in Libya. [Ron: Under Hugo Chavas Venezuela also produced a reasonable democratic system.].

Robin parrots here like an idiotic juvenile who never heard of Vladimir Resun’s book “Icebreaker”, in which Resun, a former member of Soviet Military Intelligence and general staff reveals, under the pseudonym Viktor Suvorov, after years of studying at the source, every phase of Stalin’s preparations for the invasion of Western Europe, focusing on Germany, his most formidable opponent. It was Stalin who was the imperialistic maniac with his violent plans of world “revolution”.

Who Started World War II? The answer is not as simple as we have been led to believe!

Hitler only sought more ”Lebensraum” for Germans through regaining what was stolen after WWI and the Treaty of Versailles and fair access to world markets, unlike England, which had already been invading, raping and plundering other peoples for centuries and couldn’t get enough, let alone stand to see another great nation become a rival (in spite of Hitler’s many statements in which he said he wanted peace and friendship with England).  He also said that it was not feasable or in German interests to try and make Poles or Frenchmen into Germans.

[Ron: The Jews started WWII. See eg: WORLD WAR II The JEWS Declared War - AGAINST Germany! NOT the Other Way Around! See:

Winston Churchill Was the Bankers' Go'fe. See:

England Instigated World War Two. See:

There Was No Need For World War II. See:

A Last Appeal to Reason. See:

Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2. See:


Zionism And The Third Reich. See:

Rudolf Hess: The Führer’s Deputy. See:


Rethinking Hitler & National Socialism. See:

Germany’s Declaration of War Against the United States: Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of December 11, 194. See: ].


Radio Interview: An Examination of Hitler’s concept of Lebensraum, the Hossbach Memo and the Aggressive War allegations

Britain’s own Master of Black Propaganda stated:

"We won this war with atrocity propaganda...and now we will start more than ever! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will increase it until nobody will accept one good word from the Germans anymore, until everything is destroyed which might have upheld them sympathies in other countries, and until they will be so confused that they don't know what to do anymore. When this is reached, when they begin to pollute their own nest, and this not reluctantly but with hasty willingness to obey the winners, only then the victory is complete. It will never be definite. The reeducation demands thorough, steadfast nurture like English lawn. Only one moment of inattention and the weed will break through, this ineradicable weed of historic truth." - Sefton Delmer, former British chief propagandist, commenting after the capitulation in 1945 to the German expert on international law Prof. Grimm.

“Atrocity Propaganda is how we (Brits) won the war!” …and you thought Goebbels was the liar?

Now here’s Robin Matthews again:

“You are not intended to know….  Start there.  Brainwash from centres like the Fraser Institute; unceasing propaganda from the ‘Stephen Harper Inc.’ organization; cover-up stories from the Mainstream Press and Media; and the refusal of Opposition parties ‘to oppose’ on critical matters keep Canadians from seeing the “Stephen Harper Inc.’ designs to destroy democratic society in Canada.”

In this, the very first paragraph, Robin is correct in every point until he comes to the last line. There he treats us to a common Canadian misconception, namely, designs to “destroy the democratic society in Canada”.

As if there had ever really been a “democratic society in Canada”? There never was one and therefore, it can’t  be destroyed. It’s been a felonious Oligarchy from the outset and ever since. Like most Canadians, Robin is a victim of wishful thinking and unreflected delusion, due to laziness.

Canadas Centennial flag

Canada’s Centennial flag (1967)

There isn’t even a legitimate Canadian government, and there never was. From the outset, in 1863 — the Quebec Scheme of Confederation – Canada has been an illegitimate oligarchy with democratic pretensions, created not by plebiscite but by deception and subterfuge, imposed upon the clueless Canadian “scum” at the time, with great fanfare, as a “democratic” opportunity to vote every four years which despotic clique of gangsters it wanted to be plundered by. [Ron: A similar situation obtains in Australia, New Zealand and a lot of other British colonies.].

All along, life in Canada has been a privilege, not a right, although Canadians never tire to savor the word “rights” and “freedoms” with clueless mendacity, oblivious of the fact that rights have to be asserted every day, if necessary by force, otherwise one doesn’t have any.

Throughout Canada’s history, oligarchs have been an in-your-face clique of felons — now with Harper unabashedly the current Don Corleone — who have been acting in incremental steps with ever increasing treachery and malice for decades; primarily aided, covered up and facilitated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the CBC.

Edward Bernays - Democracy and Propaganda

I’m glad that Robin has finally discovered this too:

“Because the project intending the dehumanization of peoples is not founded essentially upon differences in skin colour.”

The key words in this sentence are “dehumanization of peoples”. How is it accomplished? By rabid hate mongering, i.e. hate propaganda. Robin never tires to use this method to dehumanize National Socialist Germany and her leader, Adolf Hitler, with the same skin color as his own.

“What better validation than the claim that the oppressed are not really human, are a lower order of being, like beasts of burden, animals.”

Brave PC Robin is playing it safe here by pussy footing around the word “Jews”,  because “Goyim”  is the explicit definition of humans other than themselves  (the Gentile races), firmly established in their Talmud, the rule book by which most religious Jewish zealots live. Some are also atheists, yet nonetheless “supremacist” in their words and deeds.

Here’s an example of the point of view which they openly express on this issue:

“Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” ~ Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin, in a speech to the Knesset, quoted in Amnon Kapeliouk, ‘Begin and the “Beasts”, New Statesman, 25 June 1982.

Now, who was it again that created and has been promoting this supremacist view all along? Hitler and the NSDAP?  HELL NO! Not on your life, though they have always been accused of it (going back to 1933)  and it’s obvious by whom! This should also provide Robin with a subtle hint as to who the REAL RACISTS are and which dominate Canadian politics, and which he doesn’t dare to mention by name, as it would be ‘social and professional suicide’!

“. . . but the destruction of the culture and its records was a program – what we would call a racist program now.”


“No people lives longer as the documents of its culture” ~ Adolf Hitler

Well, Robin, would it surprise you that this, a cultural genocide, is exactly what the allies (including Canadians) have been busy committing against Germany and the Germans since 1945?

They called it “de-nazification” / “re-education”. They’re still doing it, ever more intensively, with your diligent participation, I might add.

The true “Final Solution” being the extermination of Germans, German Culture, German History and Germany altogether. Something you’d be delighted about, no doubt. I wonder what Germans ever did to you to deserve such unmitigated hate?

To understand Hitler’s plans and motivations, Robin would have to actually begin some real research and reading, other than hate tomes’ propaganda and watching such undisguised demonstrations of proper Germanocide as “Inglorious Bastards”, which he’s obviously not done so far,  to appear even remotely mature and informed.

“ . . . towards the power and the wealth of the One Per Cent.”

Again, some pussy footing while the whole world knows that the top ‘poobas’ are the “one percent” and to a man self-described “Jews”. To not notice that, one has to be deaf, dumb and blind or living on the moon. Not saying so, especially now, reveals one as a complete chicken shit bourgeois.

“The war is conducted with relentless brainwash, indoctrination, and propaganda cart-wheels.”

Robin is himself an exemplary participant in this!

I’ve written this response to demonstrate to the extent to which, particularly the Canadian “intelligentsia”, is retarded and bereft of common sense, let alone any common decency and courage.

The litmus test for any intellectual claims to “the truth” is now this:

(1) how sincerely and fairly the historical record of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany are being investigated and assessed,

(2) how consequently and outspokenly  ’holocaust claims’ are being questioned and cross examined in open debate and . . .

(3) if, and to what degree, the deceitful self-described “Jews”, with their well demonstrated hateful and murderous contempt for all of humanity (“Anti-Gentilism”) is being exposed and addressed.

And it is NOT, as Robin Mathews and others of his pedigree do, with the former group (Hitler, the NSDAP and the Germans) being misquoted and slandered, while the latter openly supremacist group being pandered to, in order to get one’s politically correct, historically half-baked, hate-filled half-truths published in Canada! That’s not only ignorant but alsoselling out and detrimental to one’s credibility!


Hans Krampe lives in Central B.C. and was previously a feature writer for The Radical Press 1998 – 2002. He was born in Germany during WWII and spent his early years in the former German Democratic Republic, and later in the West.  After a stint in the West-German navy he immigrated to Canada in the 1970s.  He is also the author of:

Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Swastika and Scimitar

Warwolves of the Iron Cross: Swastika and Scimitar - Brothers in Arms

And a contributor to:

Warwolves of the Iron Cross – The Union Jackal

RADIO INTERVIEW: Arthur Topham & Hans Krampe – World War II History, Propaganda and Modern Day Canadian Revisionist Witch Hunts


The Absurdity of Hitler-bashing. See:

Hitler or Stalin in Syria? See:

Hitler's War - What the Historians Neglect to Mention. At:

Adolph Hitler – Part 3/4. See:

The “artist” versus the “house painter”. See:

Historical Facts About Hitler's Germany Ignored By US And British Commonwealth Media. See:


Zionism And The Third Reich. See:

Did Hitler Want War? See:

A Last Appeal to Reason. See:

Rethinking Hitler & National Socialism. See:

Churchill On Jews And Hitler:

Winston Churchill Was the Bankers' Go'fe. See:

England Instigated World War Two. See:

Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude. See

Behind the Holocaust: What was Hitler’s unforgivable sin? See:

Hitler’s freedom from International Debt Slavery. See:

WORLD WAR II The JEWS Declared War - AGAINST Germany! NOT the Other Way Around! See:

Germany’s Declaration of War Against the United States: Hitler’s Reichstag Speech of December 11, 194. See:

The Hitler Speech They Don't Want You To Hear. See:

Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2. See:

There Was No Need For World War II. See:

Rudolf Hess: The Führer’s Deputy. See:

Hitler's War: An introduction to the new edition. See:

Jewish Lies about the German Nation: Fraudulent Nazi Quotations. See:

World Order, Failed States & Terrorism:PART 10: Nazism and the German economic miracle. See:

Crystal Night in 1938 – The Third Reich's 9/11? See:

Official German Record of all Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May of 1940 through December of 1944. See:


The Secret Holocaust The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians. See:


A tale of two traitors: The formula for the subversion of every country in the world.See:

Vladimir Terziski - Secret Nazi Technology & Secret Societies. See:

Al Bielek. See:

Al Bielek & Vladimir Terziski - THE UNDERGROUND INTERVIEWS - 1&2. See:


PJ #13 Skeletons in the Closet", chapter 9 & 10. See:

PJ #13 " SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET ", chapter 11 & 12. See:

Fire From The Sky. See:

Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) -vid. See:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Jews See:

“Stalin’s Willing Executioners”? See:
Secrets of Communism - Mass Murder. See:

Secrets of Communism - Mass Murder. See:



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