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Political Information Last Updated: Mar 20, 2020 - 6:32:30 PM

9 Surreal Thoughts About Covid-19 & What's Coming Next
By Caitlin Johnstone with comments by Ron
Mar 23, 2020 - 6:42:35 PM

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March 19th 2020

This gig is kinda weird at the moment. I write about what's going on in the world for a living, and there's certainly plenty going on in the world to be written about. But also there's this acute awareness that anything I write about today is going to look petty and insignificant in the very near future.

I mean, we're in the first moments of an unfolding pandemic which, from what I can tell just looking at the numbers, is about to change the world in some pretty significant ways. Governmental faceplant after governmental faceplant after missed opportunity after missed opportunity all around the world appears to have set us on a trajectory toward overburdened healthcare systems, severe economic downturns, and, of course, mass deaths.

[Ron: I disagree. The alleged 'unfolding pandemic' is a hoax perpetrated by Talmudists and their Deep State enablers which is being reversed and used by President Trump and other agents of Christ Michael in furtherance of the develioment of his Millennial Reign.].

And maybe chaos. And maybe healing. And maybe, when all is said and done, a total restructuring of power and the way we do things.

[Ron: I agree that we will soon see a total restructuring of power and the way things are done. In particular the US Federal Reserve System (the Fed) and the Rothschilds' global central banking system are being eliminated and replaced by national Treasuries in all sovereign nations. That will result in money being issued interest (usury) free everywhere; AND the elimination of personal income taxation everywhere. Why?  Because income taxation is cosmically unlawful as it is contrary to the energetic ethos of the cosmos. In any event income taxation was only needed to pay interest to private banksters on loans governments improperly took from private banks.].

Standing on the precipice of that, how the hell am I supposed to write about how Bernie didn't go hard enough at Biden in the last debate or whatever? So many of the arguments we've been placing so much importance on lately could easily look irrelevant in a matter of weeks.

Anyway, here are nine thoughts on COVID-19 and what's coming.

Ryan Heath✔@PoliticoRyan

My job is literally to monitor and compare global policy responses to coronavirus, and this is categorically untrue.
Countries that are doing it better include: Sth Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China (after the first month of lies and obfuscation), Austria and Australia ...

Brian Stelter✔@brianstelter

"America has had the best response to coronavirus in the world!"

-@mattgaetz on Fox

16.8K12:37 PM - Mar 16, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy

6,138 people are talking about this

1 - Everyone in conspiracy circles has strong opinions about what's going on, so anything I could possibly say about this is going to get a ton of pushback from some faction or another. That's fine. In my opinion the fears that the ruling class will seize this opportunity to advance preexisting authoritarian agendas are well-founded, and people are right to have suspicions about the official narrative on the origins of the virus, but people who are still saying the whole thing is fake from top to bottom and it's just another flu/no big deal have been proved wrong by facts in evidence. People should minimize social contact to avoid overburdening healthcare systems and thereby killing people. No matter how certain you are that this is all fake, you're not certain enough to justify needlessly risking lives.

2 - Google-owned YouTube has just announced that they're going to be censoring a lot more videos during the pandemic, citing the need to rely on automated censorship as they scale back workers' presence at the office. No attempt has been made to explain why YouTube staff can't just review the material working from home. Definitely worth keeping an eye on; if widespread authoritarian measures are going to be implemented during this time, increasing internet censorship will likely be the first step.

3 - I think this is going to hit America much harder than other countries, unfortunately. Combine a literal joke of a healthcare system with a president who up until just today has been dismissive of the threat the virus poses, the fact that the majority of Americans can't afford a $1,000 emergency expense at a time of mounting layoffs while being chronically uninsured or underinsured, an inability to make anything happen without massive corporations voluntarily going against their own profit margins, a culture of rugged individualism with a reflexive distaste for collectivist organization for the good of the whole, and a highly religious population with many preachers telling their underinsured parishioners to demonstrate their faith by gathering at the megachurch and shaking hands with everyone, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Please stay as safe as you can.

Erik Solheim✔@ErikSolheim

How did China 🇨🇳 beat coronavirus⁉️
One of China's creative techniques was the ❝Disinfection Tunnel❞ which was invented & manufactured in days, NOT years.

Embedded video
7286:00 PM - Mar 16, 2020Twitter Ads info and privacy

509 people are talking about this

4 - Meanwhile China is having success getting the pandemic under control on its end, with its government's ability to build hospitals and crank out brand new tech solutions with astonishing swiftness, and of course to clamp down on the public's free movement as soon as it was deemed necessary. Now Beijing is moving into a world leadership position in tackling the pandemic, stepping in to aid nations which can't get help elsewhere like Italy and Serbia.

5 - The US became a superpower after being left intact while competing nations were stuck rebuilding themselves from two devastating world wars, allowing it to surge ahead of the competition. China, as we've discussed here many times, has been poised to overtake America as the dominant world power, so it's possible we'll see China's relative success and America's relative failure on this front dance in a way which gives a significant boost in that direction in the same way the US was given a boost by the world wars. It's very likely China comes out of this notably further along in its agenda to create a multipolar world than before this all began.

6 - And the US of course realizes this threat, which is why my social media notifications right now are full of propagandized human livestock bleating about China being the Latest Official Bad Guy who I absolutely must believe very bad things about. A dying empire knows it's going to need to take some drastic, dangerous measures to secure world dominance in the face of a surging contender, and it knows it needs to manufacture consent for those drastic, dangerous measures. Anti-China propaganda has been pouring into mainstream consciousness with more and more aggression lately, first and foremost within right-wing echo chambers but also within mainstream liberal ones - Joe Biden compared the Chinese government to Jack the Ripper just last night.

The result has been rank-and-file westerners beginning to lose their minds about China, which has looked exactly like a right-wing mirror of the Russia hysteria we watched unfold throughout late 2016 and early 2017. I have been encountering far more hysterical anti-China sentiment online than I was even a week or two ago; a poll published at the beginning of this month reports US anti-China sentiment is at a 20-year high, and I'll wager if they took it again today it would be significantly worse.

People are now constantly shrieking about how authoritarian the Chinese government is, which is stupid, because China has always had an authoritarian government. It hasn't changed; the only thing that's changed is the narrative management, with glaring adjustments like the mass media reporting on the Hong Kong protests vastly more than the anti-government demonstrations in US empire-aligned nations like France. All this irrelevant emphasis on where the virus originated isn't there to protect you from the virus, it's there to make China look bad. China is no more of a threat to you than it was two years ago; the only thing that's changed is you're now being hammered with narratives about how threatening it is. Mass media converging upon a single empire-targeted nation is never a good thing.

7 - It's interesting how the virus which might knock down the most powerful government in the world behaves so much like that government: dominating world affairs and killing the most vulnerable members of the populations it attacks. Nations which are being smashed with US sanctions have already been watching their frail and elderly die of inadequate medical care and malnutrition, and now with the coronavirus they're experiencing those same exact effects squared. Which is why places like Iran are being hit so uniquely hard. America is like if COVID-19 was a country.

8 - Also interesting is watching people react to the way so many of the corporate and government policies which have been causing ordinary human beings to suffer great pains are now simply being canceled all around the world in response to the pandemic. This Slate article documents a number of the changes which have been made just in America, like how for people being thrown in jail for minor offenses, "San Antonio is one of many jurisdictions to announce that, to keep jails from being crowded with sick citizens, they'll stop doing that. Why were they doing it in the first place?" Or how "Trump has instructed government agencies who administer loans to waive interest accrual for the duration of the crisis. But why on earth is our government charging its own citizens interest anyway?"

[Ron: This is a very valid question. President Trump is about to eliminate that question by eliminating the Fed and having the US Treasury issue interest (usury) free US asset backed money in lieu of the Fed's debt token so-called Petro dollars.].

We're seeing immense burdens lifted from people with an easy "Oh, that's making the pandemic worse? Okay we'll stop that then." And we're seeing people react with fully justified indignation with, "Well why were you doing that to me in the first place??"

And the answer is very simple: because until now, your suffering wasn't exacerbating a virus which does not discriminate on the basis of class.

[Ron: I disagree. Arguably the virus is just an excuse the Trump Administration is using to eliminate the criminal Talmudic Deep State run US banking and allopathic medical systems, and to restore the US Constitution.].

Politicians and billionaires are just as capable of losing their lives and loved ones to this virus as anyone else, as the CEO of Universal Music Group just learned with his COVID-19 hospitalization. Simply not causing needless human suffering wasn't enough to get them to stop crushing people; it had to actually show up on their doorstep to make a difference.

9 - I have long thought that it would be awesome if the world could just take a nap for a minute. Capitalism is built around the glorification of busyness. We're going to find out how many jobs we can do from home, how many jobs are only busywork, how many jobs we can comfortably consolidate or do without completely, and how many jobs are actually harmful. A big chunk of jobs have nothing to do with feeding, housing or caring for us, and everything to do with persuading people that they are deficient in some imaginary way and require this placebo tonic snake-oil to make us better again. Religion is one such job. Advertising, marketing, and most media are others. If we redesign the economy, we could do away with those altogether and have all that creative effort go toward healthy things.

[Ron: A genuine redesign of the global economy requires the undoing of centuries of social engineering that has mind controlled and robotized most people. That is currently being done by the the Triodity of Presidents Trump, Putin and Xi and their supporters using this Deep State and MSM hoaxed Covid-19 virus event. The process requires that people experience a 'time out' from their current socially engineered lifestyles. Self isolating in place will give people time for genuine self reflection. That experience will be enhanced by a shut down of the internet, social media and the MSM. Hopefully many people will come to realise that 'money doesn't make the world go round', PEOPLE DO!

Essential to realisation of the truth for future living will be the requirement to eliminate monopolistic private money creation and usurious  fractional reserve banking. When each sovereign nation takes responsibility for interest free money emission their need to levy unlawful income taxes will cease. That will mean that noone will have to pay private banksters for money. The banksters' "take"is said to have historically been an impost of 40% on the cost of all production in a typical economy because interest is levied on every segment of production, sales and government operations. Once usury is gone the savings will remiain in the hands of the general population and can be applied to personal and community expenditures. Anyone earning an income will be able to keep all of what they earn to spend as they choose.

Once we no longer need to pay the banksters' for money which each sovereign community should create for free, the banksters' criminally contrived 'boom and bust' monetary cycles will cease and the need to scrabble for a living will also cease . Then most of the cost and effort absorbed by advertising, marketing and media hype will disappear. Better yet, huge savings in time and money currently put into insurance and litigation about money will vanish from the social equation. Policing costs will reduce and the need to waste enormous sums of money and effort on warfare will become redundant.

Perhaps the most important benefit for human spiritual, mental and physical health, AND the welfare of this planet, will be the elimination of Capitalism's materialist mindset which demands ever more PRODUCTION, necessarily accompanied by ever more CONSUMPTION of that excessive production. This obsessive capitalist mentality is a primary cause of warfare AND of ill health caused by profit driven allopathic medicine. Both of those pathological attitudes have been prominent in this current virus event which was probably driven by bioweapons research and the vaccine and health care industries' pursuit of profits.

Materialism and greed have obviously driven the capitalist destruction of our world in the last century. For instance in a 1927 interview with the magazine Nation’s Business, Secretary of Labor James J. Davis provided some numbers to illustrate a problem that the New York Times called “need saturation.” Davis noted that “the textile mills of this country can produce all the cloth needed in six months’ operation each year” and that 14 percent of the American shoe factories could produce a year’s supply of footwear. The magazine went on to suggest, “It may be that the world’s needs ultimately will be produced by three days’ work a week.”

In the mid 1930s Einstein rightly noted that humans had developed technologies ensuring the production of abundance on this planet. By the early1960s that was obvious. See eg: Will Life Be Worth Living in 2,000 AD? - Weekend Magazine Article July 22, 1961. See:

John E. Edgerton, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, typified the Capitalists' response when he declared: “I am for everything that will make work happier but against everything that will further subordinate its importance. The emphasis should be put on work—more work and better work.” “Nothing,” he claimed, “breeds radicalism more than unhappiness unless it is leisure.”

Jeffrey Kaplan sums up the general Capitalistic attitude and its effects:

FROM THE EARLIEST DAYS of the Age of Consumerism there were critics. One of the most influential was Arthur Dahlberg, whose 1932 book Jobs, Machines, and Capitalism was well known to policymakers and elected officials in Washington. Dahlberg declared that “failure to shorten the length of the working day . . . is the primary cause of our rationing of opportunity, our excess industrial plant, our enormous wastes of competition, our high pressure advertising, [and] our economic imperialism.” Since much of what industry produced was no longer aimed at satisfying human physical needs, a four-hour workday, he claimed, was necessary to prevent society from becoming disastrously materialistic. “By not shortening the working day when all the wood is in,” he suggested, the profit motive becomes “both the creator and satisfier of spiritual needs.” For when the profit motive can turn nowhere else, “it wraps our soap in pretty boxes and tries to convince us that that is solace to our souls.”...

Our modern predicament is a case in point. By 2005 per capita household spending (in inflation-adjusted dollars) was twelve times what it had been in 1929, while per capita spending for durable goods—the big stuff such as cars and appliances—was thirty-two times higher. Meanwhile, by 2000 the average married couple with children was working almost five hundred hours a year more than in 1979. And according to reports by the Federal Reserve Bank in 2004 and 2005, over 40 percent of American families spend more than they earn. The average household carries $18,654 in debt, not including home-mortgage debt, and the ratio of household debt to income is at record levels, having roughly doubled over the last two decades. We are quite literally working ourselves into a frenzy just so we can consume all that our machines can produce.

Yet we could work and spend a lot less and still live quite comfortably. By 1991 the amount of goods and services produced for each hour of labor was double what it had been in 1948. By 2006 that figure had risen another 30 percent. In other words, if as a society we made a collective decision to get by on the amount we produced and consumed seventeen years ago, we could cut back from the standard forty-hour week to 5.3 hours per day—or 2.7 hours if we were willing to return to the 1948 level. We were already the richest country on the planet in 1948 and most of the world has not yet caught up to where we were then.

Rather than realizing the enriched social life that Kellogg’s vision offered us, we have impoverished our human communities with a form of materialism that leaves us in relative isolation from family, friends, and neighbors. We simply don’t have time for them. Unlike our great-grandparents who passed the time, we spend it. An outside observer might conclude that we are in the grip of some strange curse, like a modern-day King Midas whose touch turns everything into a product built around a microchip. (The Gospel of Consumption and the Better Future We Left Behind -


Primarily though, we all need a big rest from constantly doing such soul-draining things. [Ron: this is what the shut down of the internet and the MSM before Easter is for]. Having to do this while under the worry that we won't be able to pay our rent and bills is not ideal, but do as my Mum always says - worry about the things you can change, and for the things you can't change right now, leave them for the birds. Leave the bills for the birds for now. We will work out something; we always do. But for now, you are safe and you have everything you need. Notice that. Once you've established that you're solid in this moment at least, take this time to really dig as deeply in to relaxation as you can. Watch some stand-up and get yourself laughing, sing to some youtube karaokes, nap often and deeply, take showers and baths, really taste your food and enjoy your breath, yawn and stretch and cuddle and shake it all out. Forget about cleaning out the cupboards or learning that instrument or reading that book or whatever cute thing you decided you really should do now that you have the time - let your animal body lead the way, and give your brain a rest from all the shoulds and shouldn'ts. You're fine just to do nothing at all. Sink in to that.

*  *  *

Thanks for reading! The best way to get around the internet censors and make sure you see the stuff I publish is to subscribe to the mailing list for my website, which will get you an email notification for everything I publish. My work is entirely reader-supported, so if you enjoyed this piece please consider sharing it around, liking me on Facebook, following my antics onTwitter, checking out my podcast on either Youtube, soundcloud, Apple podcasts or Spotify, following me on Steemit, throwing some money into my hat on Patreon orPaypalpurchasing some of my sweet merchandise, buying my books Rogue Nation: Psychonautical Adventures With Caitlin Johnstone and Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers. For more info on who I am, where I stand, and what I'm trying to do with this platform, click here. Everyone, racist platforms excluded, has my permission to republish, use or translate any part of this work (or anything else I've written) in any way they like free of charge.

Bitcoin donations:1Ac7PCQXoQoLA9Sh8fhAgiU3PHA2EX5Zm2



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