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Political Information Last Updated: Jan 15, 2018 - 6:46:38 AM

2nd Verse: I've Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl
By Penny
Dec 6, 2017 - 1:42:05 AM

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In a previous post we talked Google's censorship via it's algorithm's. Created for the express purpose of  controlling narratives. Which in turn controls thoughts and ideas while eroding freedom of speech.

I won't rehash to much of the previous post- It's relinked below and is also accessible at
the side bar as the featured post: I've Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl

In the comments section, Gallier2 left  comments reporting on the results of his search engine testing.  It was already clear to me from my stats that censoring had been occurring. Gallier's testing seals the deal. Yes, Google Algorithms are being employed to censor this blog.
The question is how can these algorithms be circumvented?
What can be done to get around them?
Anyone have any ideas? 

gallier2November 30, 2017 at 8:58 AMFunny, I just tested the search engine with that search text 'I've Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl' i.e. the title of this article.
Result: no link to pennyforyourthougth2.blogspot.? from google. The article was listed from other blogs who had copy/pasted or simply syndicated via rss, but not your blog I checked the 5 first pages.
I also tested on duckduckgo and there it was listed prominently as the first entry.
Proof positive that your blog is censored by google.

  1. PennyNovember 30, 2017 at 2:37 PMThank You so much for taking the time to do that Gallier2!
    I could see it from the stats, but, your simple check makes very clear it is happening!
    Much appreciated.
  2. gallier2December 1, 2017 at 2:59 AMHey, there's a twist in the test. I rechecked this morning and the result is the same if one enters the title as is, but if you enter the string in quotes for an exact search, then your blog is on second position. On the word by word search I checked all 15 pages shown on my vertical screen and your blog was not listed.
    This shows that the censoring is done via the ranking algorithm not via the indexing (i.e. your page has been seen by the google crawler).
    This is proof positive of intent.
    I sent you the print-screens of the searches via email.
  3. PennyDecember 1, 2017 at 8:44 AMHey Gallier: email received and I saw the images. I responded to you with an assistance request and permission to post?
    Email me back and let me know, thanks for helping :)

    Below are the 3 screenshots Gallier2 sent to me:
Image 1
Image 2

Image 3

Gallier explained further

1. the first search was with all the words of the title. So google will take these words, remove the so called stop-words, i.e. the small words that are so frequent that they have no discriminating power. Every document in english on the Internet contains 'the', 'a' or 'is', so there's no real point in using them in the filtering code. Then google will search its index for the documents containing all the other words. The importance of the words will depend on several criteria, for instance 
- if they appear several times in the document, 
- if they appear in the title or paragraph header like here

<h3 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'>
I&#8217;ve Got the Google Algorithm Blues- Project Owl

as these words are in a header they're more relevant than if they're in the alone. 
- if they have been put in a semantic section (html5) or a keyword list in the header (old html).
- if they appear in the same order as in the search string
- etc. any other secret sauce like the number of links and such things

2. the second search had all the word between quotes ". This means that I wanted to find the documents that contain exactly that sentence. So the search criterium is much more narrow and the number of results is then obviously very restricted, the longer the sentence, the lower the probability to have random text being chosen. Of course if the phrase is a common expression, the number of results will be bigger. In our case, there are not many pages that contain exactly that phrase and the possibilities to play games with the ranking, which is a criterion used when you have to choose some documents from a given set of results. If your index returns 500000 pages and you only present the 100 "best candidates", it's easier to bury the result of an unliked page than if you got only 25 pages from the index.

3. The third pics was the same search as the first one but only at duckduckgo instead of google, and as we can see, it put your page on second position (yesterday you were first). So duckduckgo didn't discriminate your blog.

Thanks Gallier2! Good to know duckduckgo is not discriminating- I've been using it for a while myself- Hubby uses it exclusively- So that's one way to get around Google's censorship.
Again, I ask... Anyone have any other suggestions? Because this is a problem that will only get worse if we do nothing!

Muddy Waters: I am the Blues

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