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Political Information Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:23:11 PM

1 of Every 30 Ukrainian Jews Emigrated in First Quarter of 2015
By Mark Adomanis with comments by Ron
May 4, 2015 - 7:28:09 PM

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1 of Every 30 Ukrainian Jews Emigrated in First Quarter of 2015

Nearly 2,000 members of the Ukraine Jewish community which numbers 65,000 people left for Israel in the first three months of 2015

recent Guardian article highlighted yet another unfortunate side-effect of the war in Ukraine: the region’s Jewish population appears to be bolting for the exits in record numbers.

[Ron: More whining Judaic bullshit! This author tells us that there were only 65,000 Jews in Ukraine and 2,000 have migrated because of the Jewish orchestrated Kiev COUP. The poor dears! Sooo, perhaps he can explain HOW, given that there were 45 million Ukrainians before the COUP, such a tiny minority of the Ukrainian population NOW controls the Kiev Junta and purports to be the government of the said 45 million? That explanation would need to include the reasons Jews like President Poroschenko and Prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk and their Junta have for insisting that 2.5 million Crimeans and the 6.5 million citizens of the Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk LPR) Republics must accepr the Jews' governance or be eliminated. It would also need to explain why several million other Russian speaking Novorussians MUST remain within the control of the Jews' Kiev Junta when clearly they do not wish to do that.

IF any Jews have left the Ukraine because of the civil war instigated and prosecuted by the Jews' Kiev Junta, they would almost certainly be ex residents of the DPR and LPR who have fled the bombing of those places BY troops controlled by the Jew controlled Kiev Junta. BUT, as usual, the Jews are pretending that they are ersecuted and at risk because of their Talmudic beliefs. The truth though, is the the Jews are seeking to ethnically cleanse non-Jews from Novorussia in order to steal their land, property and resources. No surprises there. Those wishing to shed a tear for those poor, Jewish "refugees" heading to Israel should spare a though for the many millions of Ukrainians that their "tribe" is seeking to kill, maim and dispossess. While they are doing that, Jewophiles need to explain why this article is concealing the truth that Kolomoysky and Chabad want to establish yet another Khazarian homeland in Novorussia. Apparently Palestine isn't enough for them. See eg; Chabad seeks to re-build Khazaria in Ukraine - And: Ukraine: New Jewish ‘Promised Land’

And: Surprise, surprise–In Ukraine protests, young Jews are marching with ultranationalists. See: And: Ukraine: New Jewish ˜Promised Land. See: And: UKRAINE: ZIONIST AMERICA'S NEW JEWISH COLONY — by Lasha Darkmoon. See:]

While the number of Jews emigrating from western Europe remained “more or less steady” despite a series of spectacular and horrific terrorist attacks, [Ron: WTF?! So-called "spectacular and horrific terrorist attacks" such as Charlie Hebdo, murdered 12 gentiles and ONE (only) Jew. Moreover, the Jews running the Kiev Junta have, according to German intelligence sources, already killed over 50,000 Ukrainians and tortured many more. Apparently NONE of whom have been Jews (or we would never hear the end of it). WHY are Jews such whinging, lying, ego-centric shits?!] emigration to Israel from Eastern Europe increased sharply. During the first quarter of 2015, 1,971 people arrived in Israel from Ukraine a 215%(!) rise in comparison to the 625 who arrived in the same period last year. In Russia the absolute number (1,515) was roughly similar to Ukraine, but the percentage increase over 2014 (50%) while large was a bit less extreme.

The article, however, doesn’t give any indication as to the overall size of the Jewish population in either Ukraine or Russia. It’s thus rather hard to understand what the 1,971 and 1,515 numbers actually signify. Is that a tiny fraction of the total Jewish population or a large one?

Well quickly consulting the Jewish Federation of North America’s Berman Jewish DataBank and the most recently available survey of the world Jewish population, we learn that Russia’s Jewish population in 2013 was roughly 190,000 while Ukraine’s was 65,000.

Just in the first quarter of 2015, then, a little less than one percent (0.8%) of Russia’s total Jewish population emigrated to Israel while in Ukraine the equivalent figure was just north of 3%. If the rates from the first quarter are annualized, if emigration continues at the first quarter’s pace for the entire year, then by the end of 2015 3.2% of Russia’s Jewish population will have emigrated while in Ukraine the equivalent figure will be 12.1%. With rates of emigration that high, the Jewish communities in both countries would, for all practical purposes, soon cease to exist. [Ron: Really?! Why is that a problem? Wouldn't that be a good thing both for Jews who could enjoy living among their own kind, and for their erstwhile hosts, namely the Russians and Ukrainians whose ancestors were killed in the tens of millions by Bolshevik Jews?].

People, of course, ought to be free to choose where they want to live. If Ukrainian and Russian Jews genuinely feel that their futures will be safer and more secure in Israel then they should, of course, move there. But Jewish culture has had an enormous [Ron: parasitic and BLOODY]  impact on both Ukraine and Russia for hundreds of years. Every conceivable field (literature, art, science, politics, and business) has been deeply influenced by people of Jewish descent.[Ron: Yabba,yabba, bullshit yabba.]. Yes, of course, there was also tragedy, violence, and discrimination, [Ron: Presumably this cretinous shill is talking about discrimination against Jews. What about the fact that Sikzhenitsyn says the bolshevuk jews killed 66 million Russians and the fact that stalina and kaganovich (both jews) orchestrated the Holodomor and murder of some 10 million Ukrainians? That was more than "discrimination" don'tcha think? And what about the fact that under Lenin, even being accussed of criticising a Jew would result in the Bolsheviks executing you? Spare me all of this Judaic shit!] but there was also a lot more than that.

It’s true that after the collapse of the Soviet Union more than a million Jews emigrated from Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet republics to destinations in Western Europe, the United States, or Israel. Numerically speaking, Jewish communities in Eastern Europe have been in decline ever since the end of the Cold War.  Those who remained, however, were freer than ever before to practice their religion free from persecution by the state. Recent years have seen a generally improving situation, and a modest renaissance of Jewish [Ron: ie TALMUDIC] cultural and religious life throughout Eastern Europe. Yes it’s a low benchmark, but the region’s governments might very well be the most open and religiously tolerant that they’ve ever been.

It would be a terrible loss for everyone, Russians and Ukrainians most of all, if the Jewish communities in Russia and Ukraine were yet more casualties of the war in the Donbass. The initial data, however, indicate that this is precisely what is happening. [Ron: Absolute lying Talmudic propaganda! Almost all of the criminal oligarchs in the Ukraine and Russia are Jews. How has that been beneficial for non-Jews ie 99,9% of the populations of russia and Ukrasine?! Such insidious Judaic propaganda is sickening.].

[Colour fonts, bolding and comments in square brackets added,].

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©2005-2019 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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