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Political Information
Mar 23, 2018 - US Propaganda Machine Kicks In as Donald Trump Congratulates Vladimir Putin on Election Victory

The American President showed himself today as who he truly is. As a statesman, he took the proper initiative to call and congratulate his Russian partner. One guess is that his waiting to do so for a day had its purpose. This is a purely speculative thought, but one guess might be that President Trump balanced his role as US President and the need to retain some presence with the need to extend an honest hand that shows he sees through his own country's bad rhetoric and is actually interested in solving problems and getting things done.

Political Information
Mar 23, 2018 - ‘Peace Through Strength!’ Trump says ‘Getting Along with Russia is a Good Thing’

Political Information
Mar 23, 2018 - You Hurt My Feelings! : Where Do You Draw The Line With This Absurdity?: The Dankula Double Standard, Hypocrisy in Censorship Policy

True US History
Mar 23, 2018 - Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots

Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the "direct involvement" of government agents or informants, a new report says.

Some of the controversial "sting" operations "were proposed or led by informants", bordering on entrapment by law enforcement. Yet the courtroom obstacles to proving entrapment are significant, one of the reasons the stings persist.

The lengthy report, released on Monday by Human Rights Watch, raises questions about the US criminal justice system's ability to respect civil rights and due process in post-9/11 terrorism cases. It portrays a system that features not just the sting operations but secret evidence, anonymous juries, extensive pretrial detentions and convictions significantly removed from actual plots.

"In some cases the FBI may have created terrorists out of law-abiding individuals by suggesting the idea of taking terrorist action or encouraging the target to act," the report alleges.

Out of the 494 cases related to terrorism the US has tried since 9/11, the plurality of convictions – 18% overall – are not for thwarted plots but for "material support" charges, a broad category expanded further by the 2001 Patriot Act that permits prosecutors to pursue charges with tenuous connections to a terrorist act or group.

In one such incident, the initial basis for a material-support case alleging a man provided "military gear" to al-Qaida turned out to be waterproof socks in his luggage.

Several cases featured years-long solitary confinement for accused terrorists before their trials. Some defendants displayed signs of mental incapacity. Jurors for the 2007 plot to attack the Fort Dix army base, itself influenced by government informants, were anonymous, limiting defense counsel's ability to screen out bias. - Spencer Ackerman

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Gaddafi’s Ghost Haunts walking-dead King Sarko

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Mark Zuckerberg’s Promise: Zero Transparency, Zero Public Accountability

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - West's War Propaganda on Ghouta Crescendos

Ron: How is the global population supposed to understand the truth when Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN keeps blatantly lying to conceal the West's creation of, and support for terrorist genocidal destruction of Syria and its people?

True US History
Mar 22, 2018 - ALLEGED Austin Bomber: The Back Story Gets Stranger By The Hour

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Ghouta: Syria Retakes As Terrorists Surrender

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigor: Whose Interests Does It Meet ?

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Booksellers Remove Racist and Holocaust Denial titles From their Websites

Ron: When is this Jewish German bashing going to stop? WHY does humanity allow 15 million Jews to TELL 7.4 billion gentiles what they can THINK and read? And WHY are 15 million Jews allowed to demonise and spread racial hatred of 80 million Germans while lecturing the rest of the world about Political Correctness and the need to eradicate RACISM and PREJUDICE?

True US History
Mar 22, 2018 - Know Your History: Google Has Been a Military-Intel Contractor From the Very Beginning

True US History
Mar 22, 2018 - "Can We Trust Facebook?" Mark Zuckerberg's Non-Answer Says It All

True US History
Mar 22, 2018 - Kristine Marcy Founder of SES Surrenders to Field McConnell

This 6' 20" video was published by Jason goodman on Mar 20, 2018:

Publisher's comments:

Field McConnell has described his sister Kristine Marcy as the most evil woman in the world. The founder of a dark Gynocracy has at last ended her reign. What are the implications of this major swamp draining development.

True US History
Mar 22, 2018 - AIPAC is Suddenly Getting a Lot of Bad Press, in Jewish Papers and ‘Washington Post’

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Under a false flag, UK Attempts Three Chemical Attacks in the Ghouta

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - States' Rights Confronts Federal Supremacy

SARTRE: If California would actually separate from the rest of the union, would China move in with their system of top down compliance? No doubt a surfer beach version of Tiananmen Square would not be allowed to ride the curl.

Ron: This article is full of Anti-Chinese propagand bullshit. For instance here is the truth about the Tiananmen Square attempted US organised regime change in 1989: Tiananmen Square Massacre is a Myth, All We're 'Remembering' are British Lies. See: And: Tankman Tiananmen Massacre (Rare Documentary) Part 1 -

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Countering Israel’s Public Relations Deception

Dan Lieberman: Placing the words "special relationship" in government conversations, speeches, reports, articles, and documents so they become part of the everyday vocabulary of Europeans is a significant thrust of Israel's public relations effort. The words seem harmless but they have a psychological impact. Ron: Arguably they also have a REAL impact also in that they threaten retribution by global Jewry upon any individual or nation that refuses to seek or maintain a "special relationship"with the Jews.

Dan Lieberman: Parental relationship with children is special; parents warn but forgive children for their misdeeds, after all, they are special, which describes western nation relations with Israel. Constant warnings to Israel for its oppressive actions followed by a tacit forgiveness allow Israel to continue its despotic behavior.
Ron: Except that the parental analogy reverses the true meaning which is that the Jews REQUIRE others to maintain and actively support the "special relationship" while the Jews merely forbare to punish them while they do. The "constant warnings" mentioned ARE A CHARADE designed to conceal the reality, nothing more...

Dan Lieberman: The term "special relationship" is childish and manipulative. When the term is used, constant exposure of its nature will force people to re-evaluate their commitment to Israel. "Special relationship" should be replaced by "duplicitous relationship," a term that more accurately describes any relationship with Israel.

Ron: Arguably, the real duplicity is the PRETENCE that other nations are excusing Israel's constant war crimes and crimes against humanity on the basis that they have a "special" affection for the Jewish entity. The truth is that global Jewry OWNS or at least controls most governments and those it doesn't are given the treatment meted out to Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen et al.

Dan Lieberman: The World War II [Ron: fraudulent hoax] Holocaust has a vital place in history [Ron: because it is one of the greatest LIES ever told AND it has cowed the Western World into allowing the Jews to create the false religion of Holocaustianity that has enbled global Jewry to all but destroy the gentile world.] but treating it {Ron: the HOLOHOAX] as a purposeful commodity demeans the lost lives [Ron of the hundreds of millions of gentiles that global Jewry has conspired to kill in recent centuries as well as the lives of Germans and hundreds of millions of other gentiles injured, maimed, enslaved and impoverised by global Jewry's conspiratorial machinations and practices.

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Israel has accelerated its Annexation of the West Bank from a Slow Creep to a Run

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Possessed ! Europe’s American Demon Must Be Exorcised

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Polish PM’s father: Jews moved to ghettos of their own accord

Political Information
Mar 22, 2018 - Four Days to Declare a Cold War

The week that has just ended was exceptionally rich in events. But no media were able to report it, because they had all deliberately masked certain of their number in order to protect the story that was being woven by their government. London had attempted to provoke a major conflict, but lost to Russia, President Trump and Syria.

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Japan is so Broke That its Prisons are Full of 80+ Year Old ‘felons’

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Ukraine Declares Financial WAR – seized Russian Giant Oil Company Gazprom’s Assets

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Exposing and Stopping the Danger of US "Soft Power"

The use of soft power is not new. It is a practice as old as empire itself.
The ancient Romans engaged in sophisticated cultural colonisation we could easily describe as soft power.
Ancient Roman historian Tacitus (c. AD 56 - after 117) would adeptly describe the systematic manner in which Rome pacified foreign peoples and the manner in which it would extend its sociocultural and institutional influence over conquered lands.
In chapter 21 of his book Agricola, named so after his father-in-law whose methods of conquest were the subject of the text, Tacitus would explain (my emphasis):

His object was to accustom them to a life of peace and quiet by the provision of amenities. He therefore gave official assistance to the building of temples, public squares and good houses. He educated the sons of the chiefs in the liberal arts, and expressed a preference for British ability as compared to the trained skills of the Gauls. The result was that instead of loathing the Latin language they became eager to speak it effectively. In the same way, our national dress came into favour and the toga was everywhere to be seen. And so the population was gradually led into the demoralizing temptation of arcades, baths and sumptuous banquets. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as 'civilization', when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement.

In a very similar manner, youths today in nations targeted by US soft power describe the notions of "democracy" and "human rights' as well as Western-style neo-liberal politics and institutions as "civilisation." They often seek out every opportunity to disparage the culture and institutions of their own nation, describing them as backwards and demanding they be promptly replaced with new notions and institutions modelled after or directly beholden to those in the US and Europe.
We can see across the whole of Asia this full process of soft power coming to fruition. Years and millions of dollars spent in infiltrating universities, indoctrinating youths through programmes like YSEALI or the British Chevening scholarships and funding and directing fronts posing as NGOs has led to the creation of entire political parties contesting power, comprised of indoctrinated youths beholden both to the notions of Western culture and institutions as well as the money and technical support nations like the US and UK directly provide these parties. - Joseph Thomas

True US History
Mar 21, 2018 - It’s Bye-Bye Time for the CIA, the Mossad, and MI6

[Ron: If the information cited by Mary Maxwell in this article is correct,  the information in Mark Weber's article: Lessons of the Mengele Affair - is incorrect. Query whether it is possible that Josef Mengele's name was falsely used by one of the programming tormenters of the mind control victims Mary Maxwell cites?].

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - US Backed Syrian “moderate rebels” Massacre civilians in Damascus, Days After Assad Films Trip to Ghouta

Mar 21, 2018 - Facebook, Uber and the End of the Great American Tech Delusion

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Iraqi Writer Reminds us What America’s ‘rules-based order’ Looks Like

Asia Times: In the aftermath of World War II and then the Cold War, America's hard power was matched by truly seductive soft power. In contrast to the atrocities committed at the hands of imperial Japan, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the flaws and hypocrisy inherent in America's espoused values seemed de minimis.

Ron: Bullshit! Ridiculous propaganda! Try comparing the said "atrocities" (Excluding the fraudulent HoloHoax) to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki And the US fire bombing of the civilians in Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and 60 other German cities and ALL Japanese cities. While you're at it, explain Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows POW Death camps (see: And: ) And this: DACHAU CONCENTRATION CAMP - LIBERATION: A Documentary - U.S. Massacre of Waffen SS - April 29,1945 - AND: Also, ask the survivors of the US bombings and invasions of Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yeman et al what they think about US "soft power"?!

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - 15 Years Since the War on Iraq and Corporations Like Cambridge Analytica Have Declared War on The Anti-war Movement

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Surveillance Capitalism and the State: Facebook Devastated on Multiple Fronts as Data Theft Crisis Grows

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - British Regime Reportedly Accepted $985,000 from “Israel” Linked Infoterrorists Cambridge Analytica

True US History
Mar 21, 2018 - America’s Foster Care System Is the Pipeline For Child Sex Trafficking

Ron: As the US child welfare system illustrates, the Deep State feeds off and depends on the corrupt fiat money system that greases the wheels of paedophilia and everything else. Without their constant demand for money, the enablers  facilitating and feeding the child sex trafficking and Satancic ritual abuse systems would cease to perform their role in the procurement, transportation and legalised judicial acquisition of babies and children for the purposes of the Deep State paedophile and Satancic ritual abuse and human sacrifice rings. The implication is that humanity on this planet needs to eliminate poverty and transcend the Talmudic money meme asap. Societies that are honestly and properly managed can quickly create abundance and freedom from want for EVERYONE so that NOONE need feel the need to perform amoral acts in order to survive and thrive.

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - YouTube Deputizes Wikipedia in Bid to Police ‘Conspiracy Theories’

In the demonstration offered by Wojcicki, a small block of text with a link to Wikipedia appears under videos with questionable content. Of course, Wikipedia is hardly a silver-bullet when it comes to the truth: while some articles have exhaustive notation and a vibrant community of crowdsourced volunteers capable of debating minutiae in perpetuity, the platform is also vulnerable to edits by advertising and promotional agencies, public-relations firmspranksterspartisansvandals and troll clans.

(the fox guarding the hen house )  Brian


Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Russian Scientists Explain 'Novichok' - High Time For Britain To Come Clean (Updated)

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Duterte Calls on Developing Nations to Exit International Criminal Court

by TUT editor


EURASIA FUTURE - From the moment The Philippines announced it would formally sever ties with the International Criminal Court (ICC), it became clear that the move would have a knock-on effect among developing nations that have witnessed an institution whose founding ideas were noble, descend into what has become little more than a pro-western body designed to humiliate and traduce mainly African leaders, while the world’s most prolific war criminals, including those from the west, are totally ignored by the ICC.

True US History
Mar 21, 2018 - ADL CEO tweets support for fired FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe

by TUT editor

ed note--jes' a lil' reminder for those who may have either forgotten or missed altogether the fact that powerful Jewish groups such as ADL et al are gunning to have Trump removed as partially evidenced by the fact that they are now coming out publicly and cheering on those 'deep state' actors/players such as McCabe who function as the gears and wheels of the machinery out to destroy POTUS.

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - FRANCE: Not a safe country for Jewish children

by TUT editor


ED-NOTE – An interesting point to highlight here is that it is the French Muslim community who is often accused of most of the anti-shemitic acts of ‘aggression’. It is the Muslims who are responsible for making France an inhospitable hotel for Jews and forcing them to make aliyah to the Promised Land.

Most of ‘French’ Jews end up in the city of Netanya which Israelis nicknamed the ‘Little France’. It is a most secure Jewish ghetto, 99% of its population is Jewish and one would think that Jews of Netanya could not find a better ghetto on earth where to feel free to be Jewish, to live and practice their Jewishness to the letter and yet, it is estimated that half of them end up returning to France. In other words, despite all the alleged  intense, pathological and incurable judeophobia of France, ‘French’ Jews prefer to live in France than in Israel.


Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - POLAND – Polish Authorities forces Israeli delegation to cancel Holocaust speech

by TUT editor


ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS - The recently-passed ‘Holocaust Law’, which bans discussion of Polish collaboration during the Holocaust, forced an Israeli delegation visiting Poland to cancel a planned event, after local authorities demanded the keynote speaker remove key portions of his address, Channel 2reported.

Political Information
Mar 21, 2018 - Israeli military court denies Ahed Tamimi's request for public trial

by TUT editor


“This is not just about Ahed, but about the more than 12,000 Palestinian children who have been detained by Israel since the year 2000 (...) Ahed’s trial has put a spotlight on Israel’s widespread and systematic detention of Palestinian children in the way that no other case has (...) With a self-reported conviction rate of 99.74%, Israeli military courts have been termed by rights groups as “kangaroo courts.”

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US Propaganda Machine Kicks In as Donald Trump Congratulates Vladimir Putin on Election Victory
‘Peace Through Strength!’ Trump says ‘Getting Along with Russia is a Good Thing’
You Hurt My Feelings! : Where Do You Draw The Line With This Absurdity?: The Dankula Double Standard, Hypocrisy in Censorship Policy
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You Hurt My Feelings! : Where Do You Draw The Line With This Absurdity?: The Dankula Double Standard, Hypocrisy in Censorship Policy
Government agents 'directly involved' in most high-profile US terror plots
Israel has accelerated its Annexation of the West Bank from a Slow Creep to a Run
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