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Former NASA Scientist on 2016 Geomagnetic Reversal, video.
By YT and Thoth
Apr 18, 2016 - 9:11:50 AM

Video from Former NASA Scientist:



The tilting of the Earth has already begun, as a matter of fact your Earth has always tilted to and from, however, this time we can consider it as a swarm of tilts. This, some of you experience as dizziness, vertigo with the attendant symptoms.  (Candace: it tilts normally each day, as can be observed by the movement of the sun, and also seasonally.)

What happens to cause the reversals, well, the tilting is like what you refer to as...say your ‘rocking chair' it goes backward and forward, yes, well that's it, your Earth going backward and forward as it seeks to get a balance on her ‘new poles' (?) that have realigned with the spin of the Northern and Southern vortices. Once the tilting steadies, then the earth hangs in balance, to move to or from is not going to allow for the ‘reverse spin' so she stops after tilting and hangs in BALANCE. This will begin your time of Evacuation.

Hanging in this balance without moving forward or backward will produce atmospheric and environmental responses. You will refer to them as disasters, but it is part of the re-righting of the Earth's axis.

She stands in balance, steady and unmoving while that which is not in vibration with her ascending movement is released from her gravitational forces. The magnetics at the Earth's core will release and trigger propulsion that forces the involution of space and time as you know it. With such an involution the vortices will ‘suck-in' or pull to one another and combust at the Earth's Centre.

This combustion will produce an ‘energetic whirlwind', the force of which will propel the Earth into another direction forcing her to spin clockwise. The clockwise spinning projects the Earth's body upward in an extended spiral, aligned with a new vortex.  It is this clockwise spin that will chart the Earth in an ‘upward' direction to the ‘first rings of the spiral that leads to the "Eternal Light'. "


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