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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

Phoenix Journal #27 Part 3
By Sananda Immanuel with comments by Candace
Jul 1, 2007 - 8:15:00 PM

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Candace: I remind you that I was given permission by Sananda Immanuel to add additional comments to this Journal, and I have done so in this piece, and also the previous one. I am NOT copyrighting this piece in totality, but merely my comments within. I did not type this Journal from the original publication. I copied it from and I don't who did the original typing, as it seems to have existed before it was published on that website in recent months.


This means you shall not cast BLAME against or curse another IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER in your thoughts, words or deeds. You must take full responsibility for your own errors or transgressions against self or others. And so when you blame, curse, resent and condemn another being you are ALSO blaming, cursing, resenting and condemning GOD your Creator, who exists as the flame OF IMMORTAL LIFE WITHIN YOU and WITHIN ALL OTHERS. So as you cast outward the blame of irresponsibility and denial, it must return to you UNTIL the lesson is learned by YOU who is the creator of the transgression in the first place upon THE ONE self.

Also, you must not knowingly and purposely deceive or lie to yourself or others in the name of YOUR HOLY FATHER. So when you say, “I swear this to BE the total truth in the NAME OF GOD”, you had better KNOW that to be a factual statement or you have dishonored GOD’S SACRED NAME for your own selfish altered ego means. This does NOT mean that with the tyranny that exists with the INJUSTICE SYSTEMS of the world, that you must sacrifice YOUR LIFE for the telling of a truth in a court of the unlawful. In this case (as in all situations you encounter) you must use your GOD-given senses and ask for HIS guidance and protection in your circumstance. This in no way means you will not tell the truth as you perceive it to be, but you must TRUST THE POWER OF GOD WITHIN YOU to always give you what you need for guidance and protection. This is what Immanuel told the Pharisees and scribes about “oaths”:

“Woe unto you, you blind leaders of false teachings who say, ‘If a person swears by the temple, that does not count, but if a person swears by the gold on the temple, that binds him.’ You fools and blinded ones, you are the offspring of evil; why do you let people swear knowing that an oath is not binding and is a worthless act? How can you say that if a person swears through sacrifice, that is binding? You blind and false teachers, who gave you the right to demand an oath or to swear, since the Laws of The Creation state that oaths should not be given? Your speech should always be yes, or, no. Therefore he who swears by anything on Earth or the Universe, swears by something fleeting, which is without any substance and therefore, an oath is of no substance either. Therefore, he who swears by anything commits a crime with respect to the truth of his word and makes it doubtful.”

(Isn’t it interesting that in a court of “law”, ones are required to hold the “false” Bible and swear an oath of truth to the court? Where do you suppose that requirement came from? Perhaps from Freemasonry?)

It is important to remember that ignorance of the Truth is acceptable FOR A TIME, but remember GOD within YOU will give you many opportunities to turn your ignorance into THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH. And if you are truly a servant to the ONE ALL THAT IS, you will ALWAYS welcome THE LIGHT OF TRUTH to shine within and before you EVEN if you find the truth to be abhorrent within your very being. This means that you cannot hide behind the BLIND ignorance which rules you by fear and denial of responsibility. THIS is NOT acceptable ignorance in God’s Kingdom because you thereby become the servant of the Anti-Christ and have therefore GIVEN your life into the hands of evil.

Here is an example of unacceptable ignorance: (This FALSE BELIEF applies to many who consider themselves part of the “so-called” New Age movement.) Ones are given the wisdom of TRUTH that says yes, “YOU are GOD and so you create your own reality.” Many ones have falsely interpreted that to mean, “I can now ignore the reality I have ALREADY contributed to the creation of and it will no longer be my responsibility because I am God.” This is a prime example of how the Anti-Christ will twist and alter the truth and maintain his playground of deception. Just because you choose to IGNORE the disease and corruption within your government, for example, that does not mean YOU are now exempt from responsibility. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENS TO ALL THAT ENERGY OF ALL THE THOUGHTS, WORDS, DEEDS AND ACTIONS YOU HAD BEFORE YOU BECAME (In YOUR perception) A “MASTER” OF “POSITIVE” MANIFESTATION? Do you perhaps think that POOF! GOD JUST EVAPORATES IT FOR YOU AND YOU ARE NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE?!? Or do you think to yourself, “Well, this government corruption and war and economic crises and possible food shortage is all just Doom and Gloom Ugliness that others choose to acknowledge and it’s not my fault, so as long as I don’t bring it (doom & gloom) within my reality, it’s not true and doesn’t exist for me.” We have news for you ones, if you believe that nonsense, you have become a tool of apathy for the Anti-Christ POSSESSING YOU! ALL are connected to the POOL OF MASS Consciousness of Manifested ILLUSION on this plane. If you choose to only SELECTIVELY accept the “truth” which is comfortable for you and doesn’t upset YOUR illusion of reality, then you have also DENIED THE HIGHEST COMMAND OF THE LAW OF THE CREATION: ACHIEVE THE WISDOM OF KNOWLEDGE INASMUCH AS THIS WILL ENABLE YOU TO WISELY FOLLOW THE LAWS OF CREATION.


Candace: My, have I seen this a great deal since I became public. Many of my readers, in using “discernment” trounce my work because their solar plexus and their minds do not wish to hear what I have to say, and what others have to say. I have just watched a conversation on a yahoo group, in which The Urantia Book is not seen as truth because it introduces terms not understood. Well, read the book and study the words


To discern, doesn’t mean to listen to the solar plexus or another’s opinion, and accept it as your own. It means you must study and then think and discern. Many new agers are rejecting the truth that is coming about the changes on this planet simply because they don’t wish to learn, and will not read anything and be accepting of it, except that which is empty lollipop material. If something just doesn’t resonate with you, which is what new agers on forums just love to say, perhaps it is simply because the information is unfamiliar to you. Make it familiar, before you judge it. We are in a time of transition and its going to happen whether it resonates with you or not. And there is no sudden magical ascension to occur in 2012. This is the same nonsense as that given to some Christians, called the Rapture.


You solar plexus indeed informs you of something you may fear, or something that may reasonate with you. And in that, it may “lie” to you, for it is your responsibility to seek out in greater detail what you body may be telling you, or your intuition. If it feels “good” it is acceptable, if it feels uncomfortable it is not? And if you don’t decide to study further, then you may well find yourself unprepared and hurting terribly is something of the changes comes your way, and you choose to not listen. A lot of people in California are going to wish they had listened, or planned better, but they may not have much time to consider that, should something come their way.




I am often told that if I say anything of doom and gloom myself, I am not of the light. For a lightworker would  never tell anything of this nature. This is a major one, and its still going on. I can’t call myself a “lightworker” if I choose to not tell the truth. What kind of lightwork would that be? The dark side has been active in “new age,” doing what the dark does, discrediting every thing which is rational with un rational explanations. Those of you who do know the truth of 911 certainly understand this, and for those one’s still believing the government’s version, these will be in great shock, that they weren’t told the truth. People don’t like the truth sometimes, because it forces them to have to deal with it. It has taken so long, and thus far without success to get the 911 truth before the public, and the public is responsible for that. Everyone who chooses to hid their heads in the sand shares that responsibility.


Read well Sananda’s comment’s in the last paragraph above. For ignoring doom and gloom and refusing to right the wrongs, makes you just as complicit in continuing the wrongs. When people do know something is wrong, but do not participate in the solution, such as say, confronting one’s senators, cleryman, or whomever, you extend the problem.


We live on an overcrowded planet with multiple problems, and ignoring them is not the solution to them. We will all live through the fixing of that which has been mistakening created, and playing deaf and dumb will come back to haunt you.





Now within the “so-called” Christian Bible, this law has been interpreted as “A” day and the day that was chosen by HUMANS was the one called SUNDAY and also called “The Sabbath”. This was the day which HUMANS said that NO work could be done and you must go to THEIR Church and pray, repent and give thanks because this was God’s day. We must tell you this is not correct because ALL days in the Kingdom of God and The Creation are HIS. This means you must keep ALL of your Days HOLY in reverence to THE DIVINE HOLY ONE PRESENCE OF GOD WITHIN ALL OF THE CREATION. EVERY day you must, as a part of your prayer, acknowledge and give thanks and HONOR unto God and The Creation for ALL the blessings of abundance, Wisdom and LIFE which THE FATHER WITHIN YOU has bestowed upon you. Remember this about the true purpose and POWER of Prayer and Meditation. PRAYER is Asking for guidance from the Father within for WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW IN ORDER TO SUSTAIN IN HIS SERVICE, “AND IN ALL THINGS, FATHER, NOT MY WILL, BUT THINE WILL BE DONE.” MEDITATION then is RECEIVING that information from the Father within to sustain in HIS service. Eventually, YOU will ALL be in a constant state of meditation and communion (mutual participation or sharing) with the Divine Father within.

Now, Sunday has also been called God’s day of rest. This is not logical. What about the farmer who has animals and his fields to tend? This is not to say that you cannot rest. But your rest may be on a Monday or a Wednesday or maybe just an hour or two each day. It will be different for every human depending on the conditions of his service to God. WHEN the cycle of time comes when all is returned to the ONE of THE CREATION, there is a period of what might be termed as “rest”. This means that life as you know it in this illusion will cease to exist. It is one of the Great Mysteries which measures in cycles the ebb and flow of THE ONE DIVINE SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS. Until that time, GOD within you will guide you as to when the necessary times of rest are for you.


Candace: This is my signature on all my posts I make to the forum.

Seeking Visionaries, who can and will create the many messianic missions needed to heal Earth and her peoples, and bring balance. Seeking those who Know their truth, and will strive earnestly to stand in that truth 100% of the time, making every moment of everyday, a Holy Event. TWO OR MORE IN MY NAME. ~


Do strive (not struggle)  more and more to make every moment of every day a HOLY EVENT. Study a bit those moments that didn’t go so well, and figure out how it might go better next time perhaps. When you truly learn from your experiences, you make your "errors" holy.  Make your life your mission, lead it, rather than letting it lead you by the nose.


Each and every reader is capable of creating some sort of mission, even if that is to become better at making every moment of every day, a Holy Event. In fact, this is your work, and you can take this concept right on into making your work your mission, or create another mission. God on any planet, in any place, in any situation, is only as good, as is the person who is a fragment of God.


All ascend forever and forever, it never stops. That includes the Creator Son and Mother Spirit. Make your rest times, need for whatever reason and at whatever time, serve the Holy purpose. I sometimes still have trouble taking that rest time that I need. This commandment is about taking that rest time that rejuvenates the soul and body, for it is HOLY to do so.


2000 years ago Christ Michael/Sananda often took a day of rest on Wednesday, for their teaching was needed on the Sabbath. They got into a lot of trouble for that!  It is not possible to close hospitals, and other essential businesses one day a week. I have worked with serious people who will not work on Sundays or Saturdays and they either lost their jobs, or forced others of us to take up their work on those days, and they often did not want to take work, on our day of rest, what day of the week the schedule gave us off.  Go figure.


This required day of rest was and is for the purpose of forcing people into religious places and collecting tidy sums of money. Religious organizations back then and now, are business organizations and they operate for a profit. Your tithing would be better spent giving to worthwhile charities, or helping those around you in need, than supporting a business that deceives you. God would like you to have a day of rest, and any well organized business is going to give people days off each week and that is also the purpose of this teaching. It is about not enslaving people 7 days a week.


All churches are going to need to change who they are after we have correct teaching in place, or they will not survive. It will be important that if people still wish to have an organization called a church, temple, or whatever, that some greater purpose is realized. We wish all religious organizations to begin anew and become mission oriented in these coming transition era, that will occur before the planet enters light and life.






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©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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