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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #40 Trillion Dollar Lie, Holocaust #2 Chapters 11 & 12
By Hatonn/CM/Aton transcribed by Christ Lippens
Apr 8, 2009 - 3:55:00 PM

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PJ #40




THU., NOV. 14, 1991 7:46 A.M. YEAR 5, DAY 090






No “Today’s Watch” because we have a press deadline. I am getting a backwash of the most heinous threats regarding the so-called “Holocaust” of which I am laying forth facts. I trust the “readers” here will place the following documentation in proper sequence so that in the JOURNAL the writings regarding “false counting” will not be interrupted. Thank you.

To hurry through this document I am going to give appreciation to Lt. Col. Gordon “Jack” Mohr, AUS Ret. My subject in point is a review of a publication OTHER LOSSES, by James Bacque. Most of the information in this writing, however, comes from The Canadian Intelligence Service, Bag 78, High River, Alberta, Canada TOL lB who carries the book in point for about $28.00. You can, I believe, also obtain the book from America West and I assume the price will be about the same.

Although it is one of the most controversial books of this decade, it had to be published out of the United States. We wrote of this material a couple of years ago but I find new readers are not going back to pick up old JOURNALS because of the heavy reading load of the paper.

The following is only a review with some dates which have been verified as accurate and totally confirmed as truth. If you desire more input, then I can only ask you to get the backup in the JOURNALS and/or the book OTHER LOSSES and then follow- up on the references given where you will find some three pages of Bibliography for sources.


This deals with the Death camps of “Eisenhower” and crew. You might believe there is no connection between Eisenhower and the Jewish Khazarian Zionists; however, I hasten to remind you--Eisenhower himself stated, when he chose to run for President and moved within the Republican Party--that “...although I am a confirmed Zionist...!” I fail to see how you can give your allegiance any more clearly. So be it.


Within the documentation of facts you are going to find some most heinous and painful truths unfolding about your blessed nation founded under God with a Constitution which guarantees you protection of your Constitutional freedom and rights. While you slept and were misled, things were taking place in the secret councils and at international levels of intrigue which have now brought your nation to the brink of total fall. In view of that which has gone on before your eyes in the recent Gulf non-war, undeclared, you will find it perhaps easier to realize that crimes have gone on through all the wars of this century, in fact--all wars throughout all time. We are going to deal here, however, with some final truths about World War II.

In bringing this material to the open light of day you are going to have to also realize that the Soviet Union has been tied to the U.S. in all of the massive “cover-ups”. You will have to note that the Soviet relations of recent months, which has caused its leaders to admit to the murder of millions of their own people, allowed a few rays of truth to filter down and penetrate the Iron Curtain which has been erected over World War II, and which has kept vital facts from your people.

Do not be fooled by the so-called “...moving of Lenin’s body” and other show-acts of changing the “leopard’s spots”. The Soviet Zionists in conjunction with the other Zionists now spread within the fiber of your nations have changed not one iota their intent to have a Global Government under their total and unrelenting control.

Let us look at only a few incidents released to you-the-people. I haven’t the time this day to investigate every detail of why this information was allowed to come forth--but that alone is worth a full JOURNAL. Mostly it is to cause you to know that the power is massive and “you will be next if you do not follow OUR new rules!” The detention camps are already operable right in the U.S.A. to detain you who do not like the things which are coming down upon you. I haven’t said this is “easy to believe”--I simply give you facts.

This information, and if possible Bacque’s book, should be seen by EVERY veteran who fought in World War II. In fact--all veterans--for the lies told to the public about every encounter-- ARE LIES. You who fought in these horror stories KNOW THE TRUTH and it is giving you nightmares and terrors and destroying your very present existence by the hiding it within. If you would save your nation and freedom under your wondrous Constitution you must stand against the “ENEMY WITHIN” WHICH YOU RAISED YOUR HAND TO THE SQUARE AND SWORE TO DEFEND. The enemy has moved within and has gained control of your nation starting at the very Government Administration and Congress. Unless you KNOW truth you cannot know that which is WRONG.

This writing revolves around the Supreme Commander of the Allies in Europe, Gen. Dwight David Eisenhower, who was known during his days at West Point as that “terrible SwedishJew”. Surprised???

During the days before World War II, “Ike”, as he was most affectionately called, was noted as quite a “ladies man, and the best damned bridge player on the Post”. When anyone would mention Ike as a troop commander, it was met with hilarious, profane skepticism. Then too, you must understand that these opinions are projected by the attitudes of ones such as Gen. George Patton, who looked on Eisenhower as a “whimp”, not worthy of his rank and certainly not qualified to LEAD in such high capacity. Of course, he DID NOT LEAD--he was only the “front” for those who directed the war to suit the gains of the Elite.


As many of you can still remember, Ike was promoted to Supreme Commander in Europe. From Lieutenant Colonel, in early 1941, Eisenhower was promoted to full Colonel in March 1941, to Brigadier General (temporary) in Sept. In Feb. 1942, after he became a favorite of Gen. George Marshall during the Louisiana Maneuvers, he was appointed Assistant Chief of the War Plans Division. About this time, Ike became acquainted with the daughter of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and she introduced her boy friend to “pappa”. Evidently F.D.R. recognized in this young officer, a man who would agree with any of his plans and who would do anything to gain promotion. This began a rapid spiral of promotions which by-passed many officers who outranked him and who were much more qualified for the posts he occupied. He became Chief of Operations Division, War Department General Staff (March, 1942), Sicily, (May 1943), Italy (September, 1943) and finally to his ultimate designation by President F.D.R. as Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force for the invasion of Europe. Now, if you don’t like my information--GO LOOK IT UP. TRUTH ONLY MEANS WHETHER YOU LIVE OR DIE--IT IS QUITE SIMPLE, BROTHERS.


Where do you think you got the fine idea of bombing homes, women and children in Iraq? You realize you missed all of the military installations, don’t you? Come now, precision surgical bombing--and everything was left standing and useable? What did your planes do on those raids they showed you on CNN? You were bombing and shooting some of your own soldiers who were going to “spill the beans” when they got home, and civilian targets in Iraq!

This came from some FINE military calculations regarding Germany, Churchill asked his staff to calculate “how many homes and civilian targets destroyed would be required to take Germany? He was told “65%”. From that moment ALL attacks were leveled against ONLY civilian targets--Dresden was totally wiped away EXCEPT for military installations. (Dresden is only ONE example.) When it was announced that 65% of the civilian targets had been demolished--the war ended. But not for the Germans who would fall into these terrorist’s hands.


It was Eisenhower’s advice to F.D.R. and Churchill (the FIRST worst war criminal of all time), which caused the war to drag on for two extra years, resulting in millions of deaths on both sides, and hundreds of billions of dollars of profit for Eisenhower’s racial Zionist brethren, the International bankers, who financed BOTH SIDES--AS USUAL.

If you are shocked, then I suggest you go back and read the story of Pearl Harbor wherein Roosevelt was in on the planning of the destruction at Pearl Harbor!

In early 1943, General Patton and the British Commander, Gen. Montgomery, presented a plan to Churchill and F.D.R. which called for the invasion of Europe through the “soft underbelly of Europe”. This would have liberated all the eastern European countries from “Communist” control and would have ended the war in 1943.

But Eisenhower’s hatred of the Germans, which was openly shown many times during those terrible days of the war, demanded that as many Germans as possible be made to suffer for their part in the war.

It might be well to state here, that as early as 1902, International “Zionism” had a plan for the destruction of what was recognized as “Christianity” in Europe.

This called for the destruction, first of Czarist Russia (note I did NOT say “Khazarian Zionist Russia”) which took place in 1917 with the same people financing the war, and then for the destruction of Germany. A war chest of some $2-billion (and in those days THAT WAS A LOT OF MONEY!) WAS SET ASIDE FOR THIS PURPOSE, LONG BEFORE A MAN NAMED ADOLF HITLER EVEN CAME ON THE SCENE.


When Churchill and F.D.R. listened to the advice of Stalin, instead of their two best military leaders, it gave Stalin two years to establish control over all of Eastern Europe, which is now known as the Warsaw Pact Nations.

You can see the further treason in Eisenhower’s actions, when in 1945, as Patton’s armored forces swept into Germany, they were held back from entering Berlin, and were even ordered to withdraw to the Western borders of Germany, until Soviet troops could enter Germany.

Any military commander “worth their salt”, knows that Patton could have ended the war on the Eastern border of Germany and that country would have never been divided. Patton by this time was beginning to realize that a conspiracy existed among the top war leaders, which were keeping him from the victory his troops so deserved. It was a traumatic lesson which was to be later repeated with General Douglas MacArthur in Korea, when he was not allowed to attack enemy positions north of the Yalu River. Again, I urge you to research this for yourselves, the documentation is available and easily acquired. I suggest you do not go to the memoirs of Eisenhower, however, for your truth.


The One Worlder groups in Washington, D.C., and London had much different plans and aided Stalin in his rape of Eastern Europe and Germany. As a matter of FACT, when we finish the other document regarding the Death Camps (so-called) of Hitler--you are going to find another blow to your senses; as you have to realize that the camps which have ever been in question as possible extermination camps were in territories which came under control of the Communists.

It was at that time the “terrible Swedish Jew” Eisenhower, whose open hatred of everything German, caused him to promote “Operation Keelhaul” at the end of the war, where thousands of anti-Communist fighters, who had surrendered to American forces, were forced, at bayonet point, back to the tender mercies of the Communists. Thousands of them were murdered outright, or disappeared into the Gulags of Russia.

Surely you remember that I have also told you that you have many missing men from Korea--IN SOVIET PRISONS--TODAY (ALIVE)!

Eisenhower returned to the States, made a hero by the controlled prostitute press of America, and his popularity from the populace he had betrayed was such that he became the 34th President of the United States in 1953.

I wish to also note that I have proof in information regarding your current “controlled media and press” which I will again share with you at another writing.

Eisenhower was quoted at the war’s end as saying: “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived through it can, only as one who has seen it’s brutality, it’s futility, it’s stupidity.” But he did not hate it as much as he hated Germans, and he took a terrible Talmudic Zionist’s revenge on over a million SURRENDERED German soldiers and civilians when the war ended. Praised by the media and the “kept” historians, this man was directly responsible for one of the most reprehensible acts in the history of so-called civilized man and warfare. One which should put him in the same class with Atilla the Hun and other total barbarians.

The peace which was inflicted on a completely defeated Germany in 1945, was called the Morgenthau Plan. It was promoted by Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, a Zionist, who later stated that most of the ideas for this plan had come directly from Eisenhower.


Now, after tremendous research spanning over two decades, the truth about this Zionist Commander of America’s forces, who became the 34th President of the United States, is known and documented and you don’t have to “just believe” some non-visible space cadet with a big mouth.


In 1945, during the post-World War II period, American foreign policy was largely in the hands of a small group of very powerful Zionists based in Washington, D.C. This secret, invisible government, which has controlled America for over fifty years, was headed then by Sen. Herbert Lehman, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter and Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau. They drew up the “blueprint” for a plan, which the enthusiastic Eisenhower carried out in Europe, which was the most monstrous policy of hate and vengeance known in the annals of civilized history.

This policy is still in operation today, fifty years later, where media pundits, twisting, exaggerating, and even manufacturing historical claims, have hounded, harassed, and had arrested 70 and 80-year old European war veterans for alleged “war crimes”, which were supposed to have taken place over fifty years ago.

The following facts should be known by every American veteran and serviceman who served in World War II, especially. You are entitled to KNOW how you were lied to and inveigled into a war for the benefits of the Internationalists. Every American Legion and Veterans of Foreign War Post in this country, should have this article read to its members and groups caused to RESEARCH the facts, for you see, the same treason was carried out in Korea and then later in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Central and South America, the Gulf “Storm” and on and on. But it is you, the veterans of America, who have the first RIGHT TO KNOW the truth about the traitors who were responsible for the murder of your buddies, and the crippling of hundreds of thousands more, and who are even now laying the groundwork to get your sons and daughters involved in WORLD WAR III (NUCLEAR WAR 1)


The National Archives in Washington, D.C. contains an official document called the “Weekly Prisoner of War and Disarmed Enemy Forces Report” for the week ending Sept. 8, 1945. It shows that 1,056,482 German prisoners were then being held by the U.S. Army in the European theater, of whom 692,895 were still classified as POW’s (Prisoners of War) and the other 363,587 as DEF’s (Disarmed Enemy Forces).

This latter designation was illegal under international law and completely contrary to the Geneva Convention, to which both the United States and Germany were signatories. A German soldier designated DEF had no right to any food, shelter, or water--in fact, to anything. Quite often he did not receive even the basic necessities of life and died within days.

In the first week of September 1945, 13,051 of the 363,587 Germans died and were listed cryptically as “other losses”. This was the equivalent of a death rate of 3.6% per week. At such a rate, all the remaining 350,536 DEF’s would have been dead within 28 weeks--before the end of the approaching winter.

The civilian death rate immediately outside the American camps in Germany was about 2% per year, or nearly 100 times lower, despite the greater proportion of older people. Since adequate supplies were readily available to the American troops at all times, this killing was totally deliberate.

As for the 692,895 German soldiers still falsely listed as POW’s, the last of them had actually been transferred from POW to DEF status a month earlier on August 4, by order of General Eisenhower. Their death rate quickly quadrupled within weeks, from .2% to .8% per week. Assuming the latter rate for the week ending September 8, about 5,543 of the so- called POW’s listed in the report as being alive and in American hands had died that week--all would have died within just over two years. (‘The reason this death rate was lower than 3.6% weekly for the longer-term DEF’s was simply that the barbaric treatment of the DEF’s was cumulative, and that some of the American troops refused to go along with this barbaric treatment.)

Many of you veterans will recall the winter of 1945, when you were on occupation duty in Japan. A similar order came from your local U.S. military commander who was known for his hatred of all Japanese. It did not come from MacArthur’s headquarters in Tokyo. You were not allowed to give food of any kind to Japanese civilians, although many of them were on the verge of starvation. One officer remembers that he was commanding a detachment of 28 men, which were guarding a Japanese Quartermaster dump at the little town of Niski’ya’hama, about eighty miles south of Osaka. Food in this storehouse was literally spoiling, yet you were not allowed to share it with the Japanese people. For Christmas rations that year, the detachment received eight sheep carcasses and 28 turkeys, with no refrigeration for storage. Rather than see this food go to waste, the commander shared it with the starving population, and when word leaked out, he came very close to being court-martialed. It was only the intervention of a high ranking officer from MacArthur’s Headquarters which saved him. I hold this man’s name secure because he is STILL under constant attack.

The same thing happened over and over again in Germany, and American officers and servicemen were court-martialed, on Eisenhower’s orders, for sharing their rations with the starving Germans. If you were a young man, with several small children at home, you know how these enemy children played on the minds of decent Americans who knew what their government was doing was wrong. Enemy children have never been enemies, to big-hearted Americans--BROTHERS, CRY OUT FOR GOD’S SAKE AND YOUR OWN--THIS IS HEINOUS AND YOU HAVE ALL BEEN MADE TO BEAR THIS HORROR ON YOUR CONSCIENCE AND MIND TO THE POINT OF MADNESS.

But Eisenhower, with his unbounded hatred for the Germans, through his order of August 4th, made it impossible for there to be such a thing as a bona fide German POW in American hands on European soil.

Instead, there were vast concentrations of men (including some women and children) starving to death in open, muddy, disease- ridden fields.

In November 1945, Eisenhower returned to Washington. A month later, a slight relaxation went into effect. Men of conscience, such as General George Patton, had no qualms about killing German soldiers in combat, but he drew a line at the deliberate policy of murder which was advocated by Eisenhower. This, of course, was the reason he met such an untimely and strange death. The truth is now coming out of old records and that “war crimes” were by no means a German monopoly, and that the “good war”, as the Zionist media and historians called it in the United States, was as evil as any conflict in world history.




Careful calculations force the following conclusions:


Eisenhower had deplored the German’s useless defense of the Reich in the last months of the war because of the waste of life. At least ten times as many Germans (undoubtedly 800,000, almost certainly 900,000, and quite possibly a million) died in the French and American camps as were killed in all the combat on the Western front in northwest Europe from America’s entry into the war in December 1941, through April 1945.

Bacque was ably assisted in his research by Col. Ernest F. Fisher, a senior historian for the U.S. Army, as well as by Other highly placed members of the American military. One of them, Cot. Philip S. Lauben, Chief of the German Affairs branch of SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force), stated that in late 1945, “the Vosges (northeast France) was just ONE BIG DEATH CAMP FOR GERMANS.”

Now, these men started out their research searching for information on a different matter entirely only to come across entries listed simply as “OTHER LOSSES” and the conclusions are what results from following massive investigation and research into buried documents.

In spite of everything which has been written about Eisenhower which makes him out to be a hero, there seems little question that Dwight Eisenhower meets all the qualifications of a certified war criminal, even if Bacque’s figures are off by a bit. (If Germany had been the winner, there is little doubt he would have been tried and found guilty of the most heinous crimes against mankind.)

Many of you veterans will get very upset with this appraisal of a man you looked on as a “bona fide” American hero. So be it. But the proof for these accusations can be found in what happened to those Germans who were fortunate enough to surrender to the British and the Canadians--some two million of them. The evidence shows that “almost all continued in fair health and many were quickly released and sent home or transferred to the French, to help in the post-war work of reconstruction. “Bacque found verification and specifically commends General Patton for behavior towards his POWs in a civilized manner. His Third Army freed vast numbers of German captives during May 1945, to the dismay, no doubt, of the Zionists who controlled Washington.

Both General Omar Bradley and J.C.H. Lee, Communications Zone (ComZ) Europe, ordered the release of prisoners within a week of the war’s end. This SHAEF order was countermanded by Eisenhower on May 15, 1945.

While German soldiers from the British and Canadian zones were quickly regaining their strength and were helping rebuild Europe, Germans taken by the Americans were dying by the hundreds of thousands--emaciated figures in diarrhea-smeared clothing, huddling pitifully in water holes with perhaps a scrap of cardboard over their heads and rotten potato for supper. At times many of them were reduced to drinking urine and eating grass--if there was any.

Did all this happen because of one supremely unprincipled and influential man named Eisenhower? Or was Ike, in turn, influenced by a small circle around him or by his superiors in Washington? Historians will be probing this question for decades to come--HOWEVER, I THINK YOU WILL NOTE AS WITH OLIVER NORTH--THE MEN “ABOVE” HAD TO KNOW!



1944: Eisenhower told the British ambassador to Washington that the 3,500 officers of the German General staff should be “exterminated”. He also favored the liquidation of perhaps 100,000 prominent Germans. Soon after, he wrote to his wife, Mamie: “God, I hate Germans! Why? Because the German is a beast!” Eisenhower said he was ashamed to bear a German name.

August 1944: The North American wheat surplus was greater than at any time in history, nearly one billion bushels. The U.S. corn surplus and potato crop also reached a new high.

March 10, 1945: A message sent from Eisenhower to the Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) of Britain and the U.S. recommended the creation of an entirely new class of prisoners, Disarmed Enemy Forces or DEF’s. At a press conference in Paris, this same day, Ike said: “If the Germans were reasoning like normal human beings, they would realize the whole history of the United States and Great Britain is to be generous towards a defeated enemy. We observe all the laws of the Geneva Convention. ”

March 19, 1945: Eisenhower’s special assistant, General Everett Hughes, visited the American supply depots at Naples and Marseille. In both places, he writes, there are “more stocks than we can ever use. They stretch as far as the eye can see.”

Spring 1945: The International Red Cross had over 100,000 tons of food stockpiled in Switzerland. At one point, it sent two trainloads into the American Zone of Germany, but the food was sent back. The Morgenthau Plan for a “Carthaginian Peace” in Germany, to use the words of Military Governor Lucius Clay, is implemented through the directive JCS (Joint Chiefs of Staff) 1067, which specifies to Eisenhower the policy he must adopt towards every institution in Germany. The directive is largely the work of three of Henry Morgenthau’s underlings in the Treasury Department--Harry Dexter White, Frank Coe, and Harry Glasser. White and Glasser were both Zionists and all three were Communist “fellow travelers”.


April 11, 1945: On the eve of his death, FDR told Morgenthau in Warm Springs, GA: “Henry, I am with you 100%.” When Truman took over, he continued Morgenthau’s “Carthaginian Policy” towards conquered Germany.

April 17, 1945: The Americans opened their enormous Rheinberg Camp, six miles in circumference, with no food or shelter whatsoever. As in the other big “Rhine meadow” camps, opened in mid-April, there were initially no latrines and no water. In some camps, the men were so crowded they could not lie down. Meanwhile, at Camp Kripp, near Remagen, the half-American Charles von Luttichau determined “that his German comrades are receiving about 5% as much food as their captors.” Complaining to the camp commander, he was told: “Forget the Geneva Convention. You don’t have any rights.”

Late April 1945: Heinz Janssen, a survivor of the Rheinberg camp, described conditions as they were at the time. “Amputees slithered like amphibians through the mud, soaking and freezing. Naked to the skies day after day and night after night, they lay desperate in the sand of Rheinberg or sleep exhaustedly into eternity in their collapsing holes.”

April 26, 1945: The Combined Chiefs of Staff sent a message to Eisenhower, urging him not to take any more prisoners after VE Day. He ignored it. The CCS approved of Ike’s proposed DEF status, but only for certain types of German prisoners. The British refused to go against the Geneva Convention. The CCS orders the illegal DEF status to be kept strictly secret. By this date, Eisenhower’s Quartermaster General of ASHAEF, Gen. Robert Littlejohn, has already twice reduced the rations to German prisoners, on orders. A message to Gen. George C. Marshall, signed by Ike, mandated: “No shelter” for German prisoners, despite an unusually cold and wet March and April.

May 4, 1945: The first German POW’s were transferred to DEF status. Mail to and from all German prisoners was banned for more than a year.

May 8, 1945: Germany surrendered unconditionally. The U.S. State Department wasted no time dismissing Switzerland as the official Protecting Power for German prisoners, contravening the Geneva Convention. State also informed the International Red Cross that, with no Protecting Power to report to, there is no point in sending delegates to the camps. From this day forward, prisoners held by the U.S. Army had no access to any impartial observer. The British and Canadians also removed the Swiss protectors, but continued treating their POW’s decently.

May, 1945: The American Red Cross reported that more than 98% of Americans captured by the Germans will be coming home safely, thanks in part to the food parcels sent to them during the war, which were promptly delivered by the Germans.

May 15, 1945: Eisenhower and Churchill talked about further reducing the rations for the German POW’s. Churchill was informed that the POW’s have been getting 2,000 calories per day (compared to 4,000 for American troops) and that 2,150 was regarded as an absolute minimum required for sedentary adults living under shelter. Eisenhower failed to tell Churchill that the U.S. Army was not even feeding many DEF’s, and that they were feeding others, much less than 2,000 calories per day.

Mid-May 1945: The Bingen camp, near Bad Dreuznach in the Rhineland, was now holding between 200,000 and 400,000 German POW’s, with no shelter, food, water, or medicine. The death rate for prisoners in these U.S. camps was now about 30% per year, according to a U.S. medical survey.

June 2, 1945: The European Theater Provost Marshal issued two reports. One, the last in a series of daily reports, logged 2,870,400 POW’s on hand. The other, the first report in a weekly series, dated the same day, logged only 1,836,000. At one point in mid-June, the prisoner strength on the ration list is given as 1,421,559, despite the evidence of Gen. J.C.H, Lee and others that there were about 4 million, This bizarre bookkeeping persisted throughout 1945 in all branches of the occupying army. The apparent purpose was to obscure the death toll by means of an indecipherable mass of conflicting statistics. (One of Bacque’s greatest “coups” has been to decipher them.)


Mid-June, 1945: British “Tommies” took over the huge Rheinberg Ccamp from the Americans, saving many thousands of German lives. The final act of the “Yanks” before the British took charge, was to bulldoze one section flat while the men were still living in their holes in the ground. Now, I ask you, who do you now think might have thought up burying 12,000 Iraqis in their trenches while ordered “to take no prisoners”? Meanwhile, a team of doctors from the U.S. Army Medical Corps completed a survey of some of the smaller Rhineland camps, holding some 80,000 POW’s (not DEF’s). They found a death rate 80 times higher than anything they have known in their professional careers.

July, 1945: Eisenhower becomes military governor of the U.S. Zone in Germany. He continued to turn back all relief teams from Switzerland, the U.S. and elsewhere.

July 10, 1945: A French Army unit under Gen. Rousseau, took over the Dietersheim camp (near Mainz) from the Americans. He found 32,000 men and women of all ages in a moribund (dying) state. Another French officer. Capt. Julien, was taking command 17 days later, and found a vast mire “peopled with living skeletons, male and female, huddling under scraps of wet cardboard”. Horrified, Julien wrote: “This is just like the photographs of Buchenwald and Dachau.” [Now you will find that the pictures are the ones most often shown during your “Holocaust Weeks” as representing pictures of the German camps--nope, they were dying at the hands of you lovely, caring Zionist Americans!!!]

July 20, 1945: Gen. Littlejohn received a memo stating, “These men, German POW’s, are authorized a maximum of 1, 150 calories for the non-workers and I ,850 for workers”.

(Remember, it takes 2,000 calories to keep a sedentary adult alive.)

July 26, 1945: The International Red Cross proposed restoring mail service to German POW’s. Fearing that the reality of the death camps might come to light, the U.S. War Department rejected the idea.

August 4, 1945: Eisenhower ordered that all remaining German POW’s be stripped of their rights, thus reducing them to DEF status.

August 27, 1945: In a long memorandum, Gen. Littlejohn informed Eisenhower that 1,550,000 Germans who supposedly were getting U.S. ARMY RATIONS, WERE RECEIVING NOTHING. Ike turned a deaf ear to his report and the death rate continued to climb.

August 30, 1945: Max Huber, head of the International Red Cross, wrote a stinging letter to the U.S. State Department about American interference in efforts to save starving Germans. Some months later, an evasive response, signed “Eisenhower”, arrive in Washington, falsely claiming that giving Red Cross food to enemy personnel was forbidden. Thousands of train cars loaded with decaying food were sent back to Geneva and to sources in Paris and Brussels. Huber apologized for tying up the French rail system because of the food which was being returned by the Americans.

By this time, more than 2-million German men had been discharged into American custody, including thousands of priests, ministers, doctors, and professors. Not one single camp commander or guard was questioned by the Allied press corps and the controlled media of the U.S. concerning conditions in these hell holes.

It might be well to stop right here and ask this question: “Is anyone who reads this horrifying account so naive as to believe that the American people would have put up with these barbaric actions by its chief military man if they had known about it--

much less, turn around and make him hero President? Do you think that the politicians who were in the forefront of those who kept these facts from Americans would have lasted very long in office, if the truth had been known? Do you think that millions of Americans would show such concern for the so-called Holocaust of the Jews if they knew that it was Jewish hatred for their fellow kinsmen and were killing over a million Germans--who were helplessly incarcerated? I sincerely doubt it! That’s why these facts have been kept from the American people for half a century. Now these Elite believe themselves to be so POWERFUL and in CONTROL that they can override anything YOU-THE-PEOPLE can offer in resistance. We shall see!

Late Summer, 1945: Jean-Pierre Pradervand, head of the International Red Cross delegations in France, told Henry W. Dunning, an American Red Cross official, that conditions in the French camps are worse, in many instances, than anything seen in the former Nazi camps. Pradervand showed Dunning pictures of the living skeletons. Dunning explained all this to the American Red Cross in Washington, which informed key government officials. Nevertheless, the cover-up continued. Pradervand also informed Charles De Gaulle that one-third of the prisoners handed over to France by the Americans will die soon without a radical change in treatment. De Gaulle showed no interest and the prisoners continued to die.

September 27, 1945: Pradervand’s pictures of German living skeletons were shown to Eisenhower in his office--with witnesses present.

September 30, 1945-October 1: The French newspaper, Le Monde, ran a story which began: “As one speaks today of Dachau, in ten years people throughout the world will speak about camps such as Saint Paul d’Egiaux.” Well, not so wrong after all--since so many of the pictures you are shown are actually OF THOSE CAMPS AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS--SO YOU HAVE PROVIDED YOUR ENEMY WITH THE VERY PICTURES TO CONTINUE THE FARCE OF THE HOLOCAUST. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN THE HUMAN IS REDUCED TO SKELETONS--THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE!

OCTOBER 11, 13, 14, 15, 20: The New York Times ran a coverup report of the death camps by star newsman Drew Middleton. Interviewed by Bacque in 1988, Middleton admitted that he never actually visited any of the 50 U.S. camps located within 40 miles of his Frankfurt desk, but was only ‘driven by’, as he was being debriefed by the military. (Will this not remind Col. Gritz of the so-called news coverage he had in confrontation with the very ones in Southeast Asia who COULD STOP THE DRUG TRADE?) We all end up in the same company-- even old Hatonn got usurped by that very newsman from a radio network. America, you are getting to the point of no return. I suggest you give careful thought to this matter.

December 1945: Eisenhower returned to the States and the U.S. Army allowed the first relief shipment to enter the American sector.

1947-1950’s: Nearly all the surviving records of the Rhineland death camps were destroyed. The West German government concluded that 1.7-million German soldiers were alive at the war’s end, and who were known to have been in fair health, and disappeared. The Western Allies pinned virtually all the blame on the Soviets.

1950: The first German edition of ALLHERERTE KRIEGSVERBRECHEN is published. Never translated into English, the book gives eye-witness descriptions of the conditions which prevailed in the American camps.

1960’s-1972 : The West German Foreign Office, under Will Brandt subsidized books denying the atrocities in American POW camps and the high death rate. How nice to have bought- off friends on your side, in high places.

1980: The International Committee of the Red Cross refuses to open its archives to James Bacque and other investigators into Allied atrocities. To this day, the ICRC has remained silent on the subject, despite the visits of Pradervand and other Red Cross delegates to many of the camps.

September 1989: James Bacque’s book on the American death camps, “Other Losses”, published by Stoddard, a Canadian Publishing House (but they are not allowed to even have a dissenting opinion about questions regarding the Holocaust), was released, after being refused by more than 30 American publishers. Saturday Night, one of Canada’s most respected magazines, simultaneously published a summary of this book as its lead story and within days Canada was buzzing about Gen. Eisenhower’s war crimes. Why is it that you have heard almost nothing of this in the United States in spite of initial (2 days) of press mention?

As American citizens, many of you who served in the American Armed Forces during World War II, and a great many of you who are of German heritage, should demand of your leaders in Washington, D.C. that the truth about this War be made known.

I know that it tumbles in on top of myriads of other subjects being pressed by you people--so, barrage them with these topics also and DEMAND ACCOUNTING. I further know that it is terrifying to think of the consequences of your coming public. I had a pile of witness reports flow when we first wrote of these matters--all asking for confidentiality--but urging us to continue with the blessed work. Well, my scribe and speakers are about weary of bearing this big target on their chests for ALL the rest of the masses. How long can they continue to carry that burden while you precious citizens are allowed secrecy? Oh, I shall never divulge a name or location without absolute permission-- but if you who have SEEN and KNOW do not come forward, how will you change anything? THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF YOU WHO KNOW AND SAW AND EXPERIENCED THESE ATROCITIES IN EACH AND EVERY SO-CALLED WAR. YOU MUST NOT STOP WEEPING AT THE SHRINES OF YOUR FALLEN BUDDIES--BUT YOU MUST MAKE THEIR PASSAGE WORTH SOMETHING! THE WAR IS AT HOME THIS TIME, YOU MARINES, AIR FORCE, ARMY AND NAVY! THE FRONT IS RIGHT IN YOUR DOOR-YARD AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOSE THE WAR, FOR YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST ALMOST ALL OF


With accurate information of what really happened, instead of Zionist propaganda, just possibly you might be able to avert that World War III, which is now being planned by these same One Worlders.

I remind you again--the next time you are shown pictures of so- called atrocities during World War II purporting to be Jewish victims of “racial extermination”, those are actually pictures of German civilians who had died under American war criminals.

This segment needs to be closed because it grows too long--but don’t go away, Readers, for we are going to finish our subject of the deceit and in that we will also consider Korea and Viet Nam and who and what those wars were all about.

May you rest in peace--then get up off your assets and go to work!

Hatonn to stand-by.


PJ #40




THU., NOV. 14, 1991 11:06A.M. YEAR5, DAY 090






In terms of numbers, Polish Jewry is supposed to have suffered most of all from extermination, not only at Auschwitz, but at an endless list of newly-discovered “death camps” such as Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, Chelmno, Maidanek and at many more obscure places which seem suddenly to have gained prominence. At the center of the alleged extermination of the Polish Jews is the dramatic uprising in April 1943 of the Warsaw Ghetto. This is often represented as a revolt against being deported to gas ovens; presumably the alleged subject of Hitler and Himmler’s “secret discussions” had leaked out and gained wide publicity in Warsaw. The case of the Warsaw Ghetto is an instructive insight into the creation of the extermination legend itself. Indeed, its evacuation by the Germans in 1943 is often referred to as the “extermination of the Polish Jews” although it was nothing of the kind, and layers of mythology have tended to surround it after the publication of sensational novels like John Hersey’s The Wall and Leon Uris’ Exodus.

When the Germans first occupied Poland, they confined the Jews, not in detention camps but in ghettos for reasons of security. The interior administration of the ghettos was in the hands of Jewish Councils elected by themselves--remember the Jews had openly stated that they were hostile and would join the armed forces against the Germans. These ghettos were policed by independent Jewish police forces. Special currency notes were introduced into the ghettos to prevent speculation. Whether this system was right or wrong, it was somewhat understandable in time of war, and although the ghetto is perhaps an unpleasant social establishment, it is by no means barbaric unless ones within the group choose to be barbaric against their own people. And it is certainly not an organization for the destruction of a race. But, of course, it is frequently said that this is what the ghettos were really for. It has been published, regarding the Warsaw Ghetto, a brazen assertion that concentration camps “were a substitute for the practice of cramming the Jews into overcrowded ghettos and starving them to death.” It seems that whatever security system the Germans used, and to whatever lengths they went to preserve a semblance of community for the Jews, they can never escape the charge of “extermination”. Even to the point of requiring national LAWS that prohibit even the “discussion” of possible flaws in the Holocaust reporting.

It has been already established that the 1931 Jewish population census for Poland placed the number of Jews at 2,732,600, and that after emigration and flight to the Soviet Union, no more than 1,100,000 were under German control. These incontrovertible facts, however, do not prevent Manvell and Frankl asserting that “there had been over three million Jews in Poland when Germany began the invasion” and that in 1942 “some two million still awaited death” (ibid. p. 140). In reality, of the million or so Jews in Poland, almost half, about 400,000 were eventually concentrated in the ghetto of Warsaw, an area of about two and a-half square miles around the old medieval ghetto. The remainder had already been moved to the Polish Government-General by September 1940. In the summer of 1942, Himmier ordered the resettlement of all Polish Jews in detention camps in order to obtain their labor, part of the system of general concentration for labor assignment in the Government-General. Thus between July and October 1942, over three-quarters of the Warsaw Ghetto inhabitants were peacefully evacuated and transported, supervised by the Jewish police themselves. As you have seen, transportation to camps is alleged to have ended in “extermination”, but there is absolutely no doubt from the evidence available that it involved only the effective procurement of labor and the prevention of unrest. In the first place, Himmier discovered on a surprise visit to Warsaw in January 1943 that 24,000 Jews registered as armaments workers were in fact working illegally as tailors and furriers (Manvell & Frankl, ibid. p. 140); the Ghetto was also being used as a base for subversive forays into the main area of Warsaw.

After six months of peaceful evacuation, when only about 60,000 Jews remained in the residential ghetto, the Germans met with an armed rebellion on 18th January 1943. Manvell and Frankl admit that “The Jews involved in planned resistance had for a long time been engaged in smuggling arms from the outside world, and combat groups fired on and killed S.S. men and militia in charge of a column of deportees.” The terrorists in the Ghetto uprising were also assisted by the Polish Home Army and the PPR-Polska Partia Robotnicza, the Communist Polish Workers Party. It was under these circumstances of a revolt aided by partisans and communists that the occupying forces, as any army would in a similar situation, moved in to suppress the terrorists, if necessary by destroying the residential area itself. It should be remembered that the whole process of evacuation would have continued peacefully had not extremists among the inhabitants planned an armed rebellion which in the end was bound to fail. When S.S. Lieutenant-General Stroop entered the Ghetto with armored cars on April 19th, he immediately came under fire and lost twelve men; German and Polish casualties in the battle, which lasted four weeks, totalled 101 men killed and wounded. Stubborn resistance by the Jewish Combat Organization in the face of impossible odds led to an estimated 12,000 Jewish casualties, the majority by remaining in burning buildings and dug-outs. A total, however, of 56,065 inhabitants were captured and peacefully resettled in the area of the Government- General. Many Jews within the Ghetto had resented the terror imposed on them by the Combat Organization, and had attempted to inform on their headquarters to the German authorities.


The circumstances surrounding the Warsaw Ghetto revolt, as well as the deportations to eastern labor camps such as Auschwitz, has led to the most colorful tales concerning the fate of Polish Jews, the largest bloc of Jewry in Europe. The Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, in figures prepared by them for the Nuremberg Trials, stated that in 1945 there were only 80,000 Jews remaining in Poland. They also alleged that there were no Polish-Jewish displaced persons left in Germany or Austria, a claim that was at some variance with the number of Polish Jews arrested by the British and Americans for black market activities. However, the new Communist regime in Poland was unable to prevent a major anti-Jewish pogrom at Kielce on July 4th, 1946, and more than 150,000 Polish Jews suddenly fled into Western Germany. Their appearance was somewhat embarrassing, and their emigration to Palestine and the United States was carried out in record time. Subsequently, the number of Polish Jewish survivors underwent considerable revision; in the American-Jewish Year Book 1948-1949 it was placed at 390,000, quite an advance on the original 80,000. You may expect further revisions upwards in the future as things unfold.


The most influential agency in the propagation of the extermination legend has been the paper-back book and magazine industry, and it is through their sensational publications, produced for commercial gain, that the average person is made acquainted with a myth of an entirely political character and purpose. The hey-day of these hate-Germany books was in the 1950’s, when virulent Germano-phobia found a ready market, but the industry continues to flourish and is experiencing another boom today and increases by leaps and bounds annually. The industry’s products consist generally of so-called “memoirs”, and these fall into two basic categories: those which are supposedly by former S.S. men, camp commandants and the like, and those bloodcurdling reminiscences allegedly by former concentration camp inmates.


Here is where you had best begin to pay careful attention so that you get the “hook-up” because this IS, after all, the most elaborate plan at One World Government ever on your planet.


Of the first kind, the most outstanding example is COMMANDANT OF AUSCHWITZ by Rudolf Hoess (London, 1960), which was originally published in the Polish language as Wspomnienia by the Communist Government. Hoess, a young man who took over at Auschwitz in 1940, was first arrested by the British and detained at Flensburg, but he was soon handed over to the Polish Communist authorities who condemned him to death in 1947 and executed him almost immediately. The so-called Hoess memoirs are undoubtedly false and were produced under Communist auspices, as you shall see, though the Communists themselves claim that Hoess was “ordered to write the story of his life” and a hand-written original supposedly exists, but no one has ever seen it. Hoess was subjected to incredible torture and brain-washing as only the Communist Psychopoliticians can inflict it during the period of his arrest, and his testimony at Nuremberg was delivered in a mindless monotone as he stared blankly into space. Even Reitlinger rejects this testimony as hopelessly untrustworthy. It is indeed remarkable how much of the “evidence” regarding the Six Million stems from Communist sources; this includes the major documents such as the Wisliceny statement and the Hoess “memoirs”, which are undoubtedly the two most quoted items in extermination literature, as well as all the information on the so-called “death camps” such as Auschwitz. This information comes from the Jewish Historical Commission of Poland; the Central Commission for the Investigation of War Crimes, Warsaw; and the Russian State War Crimes Commission, Moscow.

Reitlinger acknowledges that the Hoess testimony at Nuremberg was a catalog of wild exaggerations, such as that Auschwitz was disposing of 16,000 people a day, which would mean a total at the end of the war of over 13 million. Instead of exposing such estimates for the Soviet-inspired frauds they obviously are, Reitlinger and others prefer to think that such ridiculous exaggerations were due to “pride’ in doing a professional job. Ironically, this is completely irreconcilable with the supposedly authentic Hoess memoirs, which make a clever attempt at plausibility by suggesting the opposite picture of distaste for the job. Hoess is supposed to have “confessed” to a total of 3 million people exterminated at Auschwitz, though at his own trial in Warsaw the prosecution reduced the number to 1,135,000. However, we have already noted that the Soviet government announced an official figure of 4 million after their “investigation” of the camp in 1945. This kind of casual juggling with millions of people does not appear to worry the writers of the extermination literature.

A review of the Hoess “memoirs” in all their horrid detail would be tedious. We may confine ourselves to those aspects of the extermination legend which are designed with the obvious purpose of forestalling any proof of its falsity. Such, for example, is the manner in which the alleged extermination of Jews is described. This was supposed to have been carried out by a “special detachment” of Jewish prisoners. They took charge of the newly arrived contingents at the camp, led them into the enormous “gas-chambers” and disposed of the bodies afterwards. The S.S., therefore, did very little, so that most of the S.S. personnel at the camp could be left in complete ignorance of the “extermination program”. Of course, no Jew would ever be found who claimed to have been a member of this gruesome “special detachment”, so that the whole issue is left conveniently unprovable. It is worth repeating that no living, authentic eyewitness of these events has ever been produced.

Conclusive evidence that the Hoess memoirs are a forgery lies in an incredible slip by the Communist editors. Hoess is supposed to say that the Jehovah’s Witnesses at Auschwitz approved of murdering the Jews because the Jews were the enemies of Christ. It is well known that in Soviet Russia today and in all her satellite countries of eastern Europe, the Communists conduct a bitter campaign of suppression against the Jehovah’s Witnesses, whom they regard as the religious sect most dangerous to Communist beliefs. That this sect is deliberately and grossly defamed in the Hoess memoirs proves the document’s Communist origins beyond any doubt.


Certainly the most bogus “memoirs” yet published are those of Adolf Eichmann. Before his illegal kidnapping by the Israelis in May, 1960 and the attendant blaze of international publicity, few people had ever hear of him. He was indeed a relatively unimportant person, the head of Office A4b in Department IV (the Gestapo) of the Reich Security Head Office. His office supervised the transportation to detention camps of a particular section of enemy aliens, the Jews. A positive flood of unadulterated rubbish about Eichmann showered the world in 1960, of which we may cite as an example Homer Clarke’s EICHMANN THE SAVAGE TRUTH. (“The orgies often went on until six in the morning, a few hours before consigning the next batch of victims to death,” says Clarke in his chapter “Streamlined Death, Wild Sex Orgies”, p. 124.)

Strangely enough, the alleged “memoirs” of Adolf Eichmann suddenly appeared at the time of his abduction to Israel. They were uncritically published by the American “Life” magazine (Nov. 28, Dec. 5, 1960), and were supposed to have been given by Eichmann to a journalist in the Argentine shortly before his capture--an amazing coincidence. Other sources, however, gave an entirely different account of their origin, claiming that they were a record based on Eichmann’s comments to an “associate” in 1955, though no one even bothered to identify this person. By an equally extraordinary coincidence, war crimes investigators claimed shortly afterwards to have just “found” in the archives of the U.S. Library of Congress, more than fifteen years after the war, the “complete file” of Eichmann’s department. So far as the “memoirs” themselves are concerned, they were made to be as horribly incriminating as possible without straying too far into the realms of the purest fantasy, and depict Eichmann speaking with enormous relish about “the physical annihilation of the Jews”. Their fraudulence is also attested to by various factual errors, such as that Himmler was already in command of the Reserve Army by April of 1944, instead of after the July plot against Hitler’s life, a fact which Eichmann would certainly have known. The appearance of these “memoirs” at precisely the right moment leaves no doubt that their object was to present a pre-trial propaganda picture of the archetypal “unregenerate Nazi and fiend in human shape”.

The circumstances of the Eichmann trial in Israel do not concern us here; the documents of Soviet Origin which were used in evidence, such as the Wisliceny statement, have been examined already, and for an account of the third-degree methods used on Eichmann during his captivity to render him “co-operative” the reader is referred to the London Jewish Chronicle, Sept. 2, 1960. More relevant to the literature of the extermination legend are the contents of a letter which Eichmann is supposed to have written voluntarily and handed over to his captors in Buenos Aries. It need hardly be added that its Israeli authorship is transparently obvious. Nothing in it stretches human credulity further than the phrase “I am submitting this declaration of my own free will,” but the most hollow and revealing statement of all is his alleged willingness to appear before a court in Israel, “so that a true picture may be transmitted to future generations.”
Now you who are in knowledge of possibilities contained herein, please be patient and keep to the subject. It matters not whether this man was an “imposter”, “synthetic”, “double” or just the “same old man”--for the intent is the same and that is to further deepen the deceit by whatever means necessary to keep the world from finding out in time to stop the move for world control.


One of the latest reminiscences to appear in print are those of Franz Stangl, the former commandant of the camp of Treblinka in Poland who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Dec. 1970. These were published in an article by the London Daily Telegraph Magazine, Oct. 8, 1971, and were supposed to derive from a series of interviews with Stangl in prison. He died a few days after the interviews were concluded. These alleged reminiscences are certainly the goriest and most bizarre yet published, though one is grateful for a few admissions by the writer of the article, such as that “the evidence presented in the course of his trial did not prove Stangl himself to have committed specific acts of murder” and that the account of Stangl’s beginnings in Poland “was in part fabrication”.

A typical example of this fabrication was the description of Stangl’s first visit to Treblinka. As he drew into the railway station there, he is supposed to have seen “thousands of bodies” just strewn around next to the tracks, “hundreds, no, thousands of bodies everywhere, putrefying, decomposing”. And “in the station was a train full of Jews, some dead, some still alive.. .it looked as if it had been there for days.” The account reaches the heights of absurdity when Stangl is alleged to have got out of his car and “stepped kneedeep into money; I didn’t know which way to turn, which way to go. I waded in papernotes, currency, precious stones, jewelry and clothes. They were everywhere, strewn all over the square.” The scene is completed by “whores from Warsaw weaving drunk, dancing, singing, playing music”, who were on the other side of the barbed wire fences. To literally believe this account of sinking “kneedeep” in Jewish banknotes and precious stones amid thousands of putrefying corpses and lurching, singing prostitutes would require the most phenomenal degree of gullibility, and in any circumstances other than the Six Million legend it would be dismissed as the most outrageous nonsense.

The statement which certainly robs the Stangl memoirs of any vestige of authenticity is his alleged reply when asked why he thought the Jews were being exterminated: “They wanted the Jews’ money,” is the answer. “That racial business was just secondary.” The series of interviews are supposed to have ended on a highly dubious note indeed. When asked whether he thought there had been “any conceivable sense in this horror”, the former Nazi commandant supposedly replied with enthusiasm: “Yes, I am sure there was. Perhaps the Jews were meant to have this enormous jolt to pull them together; to create a peopie; to identify themselves with each other”. One could scarcely imagine a more perfect answer had it been invented!

Let us have a break at this point prior to taking up the so-called Diary of Anne Frank.

Thank you,






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