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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

PJ #91 " FOOTSTEPS INTO TRUTH ", chapter 11 & 12.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
May 22, 2012 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 91



MON., APR. 4, 1994     3:50 P.M.      YEAR 7, DAY 231

MON.. APR. 4. 1994

by Rodney Stich




Appearing on the Lany King Live television show within a few days of the holocaust, Senator Dennis DeConcini stated he would head a Senate investigative committee investigating the Waco affair. DeConcini repeated the statements of the Justice Department and President Clinton placing the blame for the deaths on Koresh. This dogmatic statement indicated his pre-judgment of the matter and his determination to protect government personnel who caused the deaths to occur. His statement blaming one of the victims came after there was overwhelming evidence showing Justice Department agents to be lying.




Never at a loss to find people willing to assist Justice Department mischief, a team of "investigators" came upon the scene several days later and defended the onslaught, stating the occupants themselves decided to set the building and themselves on fire. The wife of the team's leader, Paul Gray, worked for the same people who started it all, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Gray taught at the ATF's academy and had been selected by the ATF to conduct the "investigation". Gray stated that "this fire was intentionally set by persons inside the compound."




In response to pressure from groups of concerned citizens, Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen called for an independent review to determine what really happened. In September 1993 the Treasury Department released its report, defending the use of the para-military force on the residence occupied mostly by women and children. The report admitted that there was a pattern of deception by senior officials in the aftermath of the bungled operation. Simultaneously, Department of Justice officials released a report clearing Attorney General Janet Reno and other federal officials (who had given approval to the attack), blaming the tragedy on field personnel. [H: Please don't be forgetting, readers, that both Bentsen and Reno work for a foreign government. Neither are paid by the U.S. They are paid from the International Monetary Fund. How do you like those apples?]




Millions of gun owners who legally purchased guns that were legal at the time of purchase can end up in prison and financially destroyed, solely at the whim of a bureaucrat from the ATF and Justice Department. One gun owner, W.J. Chip Stewart, from Springdale, Arkansas, was charged with a federal offense by the ATF, the same people responsible for the Weaver family and Branch Davidian massacres (and others). ATF and Justice Department attorneys caused him to be sentenced to federal prison for twenty-seven months. As a result of his imprisonment, Stewart lost his business, his wife who didn't wish to be inconvenienced, his credit worthiness, and his money.


What did the bureaucrats in the ATF and Justice Department consider to be a crime? Stewart had legally purchased two semi-automatic handguns, that were legal to own at that time: a small 22 caliber and a 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol from Holmes Firearms Company, similar to those owned by millions of people in the United States.


ATF bureaucrats decided, after many of these guns were sold, that the widely-sold semi-automatic guns could be converted by a gunsmith to become an automatic weapon, and were therefore illegal.


Shortly after ATF agents notified Stewart that the guns that he had legally purchased were now unlawful, he turned the guns over to the ATF. They had gotten his name from the gun manufacturer's registration records. Eight months after ATF notified Stewart that his two pistols were put onto the banned list, and after Stewart voluntarily turned the guns over to them, Justice Department prosecutors obtained a grand jury indictment against him. Stewart, who owned an auto wrecking business and was a relatively permanent member of the community, could have been served peacefully with the warrant for his arrest. Instead, sixteen heavily armed ATF and FBI agents and local sheriff s department personnel converged upon his home, breaking down the door. Fortunately for Stewart, he wasn't home. Otherwise, he could have met the deadly fate of Scott, the Weavers, the Branch Davidians, or the many others who were killed by the "brave" men of ATF and FBI.


With this type of mindset almost anyone can be financially destroyed and put in prison, either because of violating some obscure statute, or by being falsely charged.




The direct and indirect involvement of federal judges in almost every one of the criminal enterprises shown in these pages has already been described. In Chapter 11 courts they were directly involved in the theft of billions of dollars a year. In other pages the mechanism for paying off certain federal judges is described. My impression is that they are as sleazy a group as the attorney group they represent.


Federal judges were repeatedly put on notice through my federal court filings of the criminal activities described within these pages that a group of CIA insiders were ready to testify. (The judges included, for instance, Ninth Circuit Judges including Marilyn Patel, Samuel Conti, Milton Schwartz, Edward Garcia, Raul Ramirez, and each of the Justices of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals; District of Columbia judges and justices, including Stanley Sporkin, Green, Silberman; Second Circuit judges and Justices at New York City; Fifth Circuit judges at Chicago.) They blocked the reporting of federal crimes, which made them guilty of federal crimes. I repeatedly appealed and petitioned the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene, as they had a duty to do.




None of these criminal enterprises could have continued without the criminal cover-up by each of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. In the 1970s I brought the corruption to the attention of the Supreme Court Justices as it related to the air safety and criminal violations associated with a series of air disasters and the felony cover-up by Justice Department attorneys and federal judges. In the 1980s I brought to their attention the pattern of hard-core civil rights violations that were part of the California scheme to silence me and the destruction of federal remedies by a gang of federal judges.


As a matter of law, under Supreme Court procedures as specifically provided by Rules of Court of the Supreme Court, a person has the right to petition an individual Justice for relief. Also, under federal crime-reporting statutes, the law clearly provides that a citizen must report federal crimes to any federal judge. Implied in the law, a federal judge must receive the evidence. Every time that I exercised these rights and responsibilities the Supreme Court Justices blocked me.


Only once did a Justice of the Supreme Court make any type of response, and this was highly unusual. In response to my petition addressed to Justice Byron White, which he refused to grant, he stated in an October 28, 1991, letter.


As a single Justice I can be of no help to you. I am returning your petition.


White and the other Supreme Court Justices aided and abetted the persecution of whistleblowers and informants who threatened to expose the criminal activities in which they were involved. The charges of organized crimes involving major U.S. agencies that I brought to their attention left no discretion for any federal official to deny me a hearing, especially when the crimes included judges over whom the Justices of the Supreme Court had supervisory responsibilities.




President Lyndon Johnson relied upon voter fraud to get into the U.S. Senate, as related in the 1964 publication of A Texan Looks At Johnson and Means of Ascent by Robert Caro, published by Knopf. When Johnson discovered that Texas Governor Coke Stevenson had received 112 votes more than he did, Johnson arranged for a "recanvass", of the records. Lo and be-hold, an additional 202 suspicious votes appeared, nicely arranged in alphanumerical order, in a district he controlled. When the matter was taken to the federal district court, the court issued an injunction barring Johnson from claiming victory, and setting a hearing to address the voter fraud.


To circumvent the unfavorable evidence being presented in the U.S. District Court in Texas, Johnson's attorney, Abe Fortas (who was later appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court), filed a petition with Justice Hugo Black of the U.S. Supreme Court to block the federal district court in Texas from taking any action. Black ruled in Johnson's favor, without allowing the evidence of voter fraud to be presented. Johnson later rewarded Fortas as he appointed Fortas to the U.S. Supreme Court. But as the saying goes that "a leopard doesn't change its spots," Fortas' conduct on the Supreme Court was sufficiently outrageous that he was later forced to resign rather than face impeachment.


An editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle (June 30, 1991) titled, "The Pernicious Court", stated the "judiciary is riding roughshod over rights and precedent as it enacts its legislative agenda into law." The editorial stated that "the Supreme Court rode roughshod over traditional constitutional rights, ignoring settled precedents and overturning others that got in its way." If no constitutional outrage was examined other than what federal judges have done to me in retaliation for exercising federal crime reporting requirements and exercising federal defenses, it would be prima facie evidence of a criminal mindset in the fed­eral judiciary.




The Supreme Court Justices in June 1989 upheld the right of state and federal agents to confiscate the assets of a person pos­sessing drugs, or who committed a crime, even though charges may not have been filed (and maybe never would be), and there had never been a trial. This seizure of assets usually deprived the person of funds needed to hire legal counsel to defend against the charges. The Court's fuzzy argument is that the Sixth Amendment right to appointment of legal counsel will in­sure proper legal representation. The Supreme Court Justices knew that court-appointed attorneys are usually a farce.


Even if the party is never accused, or he is found innocent, the person is usually unable to obtain his or her seized property. The Pittsburgh Press described the seizure laws as a "License to Loot--Victims lose even if charges aren't filed." These and other articles depict how police in the United States can take a person's assets, including their homes and money to pay for le­gal defenses, even without being charged with a crime. The police need simply charge the person with an offense, which can easily be fabricated. Supreme Court Justices have rendered de­cisions making police officers and prosecutors usually immune from liability. It is a stacked deck against the people of the United States, and they don't even recognize it.


To get the property back, if it hasn't already been disposed of, the person has to sue the government, and this takes money for legal fees, which the person usually doesn't have.


Simply because small quantities of drugs were found, large ships, airplanes, and buildings have been seized and forfeited, without any regard to the financial relationship between the amount of drugs and the value of the seized property. The per­son who put the drugs on the seized property may not even be its owner, while the actual owner may be totally unaware and unable to control the presence of drugs.


Property seizure laws permit taking a person's assets on the mere suspicion that the person violated the law. Justice De­partment officials either violate the law themselves, or protect those government officials who do. Made more preposterous by the CIA and other government agencies involvement in smug­gling drugs into the United States in the interest of funding covert CIA activities (many of which terminate in wholesale deaths of Americans such as in the Vietnam conflict), which makes a mockery of the so-called drug wars. [H: How can this "fly"? Because of executive order for one thing. If a "war" is "declared" by a president (on anything or anyone) it au­tomatically invokes "Executive Order" and anything goes....] In December 1993, after much public outrage, five of the nine Supreme Court Justices held that there must first be a hearing before property may be seized. Reno's Justice Department replied, "We will continue to use the forfeiture laws vigor­ously." With the heavy concentration of former Justice Department attorneys on the federal bench, forfeiture will probably continue as before, as targeted citizens must prove a negative, that they did not violate any laws.




The arrogance of federal judges and justices is reflected by a U.S. Supreme Court decision in which the Justices of the Supreme Court held that a citizen cannot sue a judge for harms inflicted by the judge, regardless of whether the judge acted in error, maliciously, or in excess of authority. In one instance the Supreme Court Justices ruled that a judge who ordered a young woman sterilized was immune from damages. The U.S. Supreme Court Justices have held in such cases as Stump v. Sparkman (435 US 349 [1978]) that the American public has no protection against the renegade judges, over whom the Supreme Court Justices have supervisory responsibilities, who inflict great harms upon a particular targeted person.


This isn't what civil rights statutes read; it is self-made law by judges that violate the statutes and constitutional protections. These self-protective case law decisions conflict with the pub­lic's right to seek damages from anyone who knowingly inflicts harms through known and deliberate violations of protected rights. [H: This SHOULD include even ones such as poor John Schroepfer against ones seeking to take his freedom and his property. So far, however, the people in the "hospital" simply bring in the law to KEEP IBM ISO­LATED--EVEN ALLUDING TO THE STEP-SON AS THE CONSERVATOR--AN OUTRIGHT MISCARRIAGE OF LAW.]


The greatest threat to our constitutional protections is with the present group of judges and Justice Department attorneys, who are openly destroying the protections under our form of gov­ernment. The media and every major check and balance have kept the lid on these outrageous acts, as they have done with ev­ery major scandal described within these pages. The im­plications of this are enormous. The losses of civil rights are all around us but the majority of Americans, kept ignorant of these matters by the mass media, haven't the faintest idea what is ac­tually going on and being done to them.


In 1993 the California Supreme Court held that a citizen could be arrested and held in jail for several days solely on the basis that he or she was not carrying identification. A swimmer walking to the beach could end up in jail, in chains, enduring body-cavity searchers, and risking rape, solely because he or she did not have identification suitable to the stopping officer. [H: Do you now begin to see how happily you will all line up for your inserted chips and tattoos so that you are never "caught" in such a compromising circumstance as not having your identification card?]




The public has a short memory. Scandal after scandal by members of Congress has surfaced, and rarely has a member of Congress been criminally prosecuted. Simultaneously, thou­sands of American citizens are charged and put in prison for committing some minor offense, or imprisoned or trumped-up charges. Even in the Savings and Loan scandal, the nation's worst financial debacle that will adversely affect Americans for decades, not a single member of Congress, including those who openly solicited money to block regulators' actions, has been sent to prison.


Member of Congress limited their investigation of the Keat­ing-Five to "ethics" violations, which is comparable to limiting the charges against the Murder Incorporated assassins to ethics violations. Even here, Congress couldn't hold that those who aided and abetted the greatest financial debacle had violated any ethics.


People in the CIA, for instance, have reported to members of Congress for years about the CIA and DEA drug trafficking, during closed-door hearings, by letters, and by petitions as I have sent. In every instance these members of Congress have kept the lid on the scandals, and are co-conspirators.






The conduct of Justice Department attorneys and officials, of federal judges, of the CIA, sets a pattern of lawlessness for the country to follow. The people in the ghettos know about this criminality, while the average middle-class American is unin­formed. We cannot halt or reverse the escalating lawlessness in the population while the lawlessness exists. And the system in place is so corrupt that it cannot and will not correct itself.







PJ 91



TUE., APR. 5, 1994      10:31 A.M.     YEAR 7, DAY 232

TUE., APR. 5, 1994



As we attend other duties this morning and "life" itself seems only a myriad of frustrating tasks which seem difficult to culminate in positive ways--let us look into this time of chaos and see that which came before. Only briefly will we linger on the subject--for that which is gone before is only worthy of the lessons harvested and progression learned.


Your scientists today tell you they have "found" another galaxy in your heavens. They say they had missed it while assuming the "stars" to be part of your own. Pray, how do they miss a galaxy?? So be it.


What I would mention here is something to which you can relate a bit more "closely" than that of either your relationship with original "Pan" or "Lemuria" (a much more "akin" civilization). We will speak of Atlantis for it was so much like what your "technical" projections have brought you to this day. We still refer to some of those old places as Poseid. What could have happened that would awash a wondrous civilization such as was Poseid? The same that is nearing your own qualifications.


You have progressed (a very bad term) to the point of breeding out of your generations the goodness of soul "christness" (small letter please, it is simply a "term"). You have technically copied that which has come into your places without any capability to control that power which you now are ready to unleash without capacitors or transformers--energy so great in its recycling as to change the orbit and polarity of your own globe.


Face it, you have reached the level of natural decadence which shall decide your direction and fate as a planet of continents. Some will perish, some may remain aloft to offer a "start" again if man will amend his ways. Just as with Atlantis, the nation came to a greater glory of mechanics, of science, and of physical condition than had been experienced prior to that civilization.


But then, guess what happened? As sequence unfolded the scholars found that those things which had always been possible only through mechanical contrivance, were more easily accomplished by purely psychic means; they learned it was possible to divest themselves of the flesh, and in astral body go wherever they wanted and could appear, instant as an electric current, at any distance. So good so far? Furthermore, if only goodness would have been THE projection--even better. They learned that they could perform material actions when they had thus projected themselves and indeed, yes, I recognize the quality of which I speak! Then, as is the usual evolution of man in dense perspective, next would come the cruder methods of physical expression to be suffered to lapse into the semi-forgetfulness of experience. And guess what--the masses began to rely on others, most especially the priesthood of the day--as they became Earthbound--to direct all things.


Thus it came that only the "few" exalted minds could reach out into that deeper side of nature and the "many" would remain in the lesser places. Inevitably then came corruption of power; the few were masters and the many had no recourse because the master of physics is invulnerable to the laws of physicality when wielded by men less than he.


Then, indeed, was the day come when ripeness was on the land and on the people. The ripe fig cannot keep perfection, but at the heart begins to decay which spreads from center to cortex, and lo, the end! At the core is the "education" of the people. Whenever Earth's nations cease to educate the coming generation, decay begins for the people. The "few" will have attained such exalted knowledge of natural forces that the many cannot over take them--as happened in Atlantis. Then, discontented with the comparative non-education the many had, they allowed all the "marvels" to diminish and weaken.


As you read back in those Hebrew scriptures upon which originally ALL of you based your historical recollections, you fail to realize that the accounts of doom often projected were in fact the same forces "out of control".


Ah, Poseid arose to the heights which the wildest dreams of science have not predicted for the modern world--for you came first to the destructive mechanisms of war and death. She arose, flourished and decayed, in the fullness of cyclic times. Let us consider that perhaps America is Poseid come again--with all the promise of a chosen creation, reincarnated, and shall see its scientific people repeat, but on a higher plane, the attainments of Atlantis. How can this be? Will it be before or after a time of total apparent destruction? I am not a fortune-teller, good people--which do you believe it to be? I will give you insight, however, in that you can be expecting the remnants of Lemuria to rise again, bearing some of her ancient gifts unto human to SEE what it is ye shall do with a final act from God as to reclamation of civilization.


Will this mean ALL persons will have flight into glory and fun and games? No, for the evil shall rise against itself and the clash shall be to the point of total devastation and Mother shall cleanse herself. Man will destroy man to the extent that it shall be but remnants of civilization which shall be ultimately preserved.


In its beauty and harmony shall the Americas rise in consciousness at some point of sequence wherein man shall move back into his relationship with God--by whatever label you call your Source/Spirit. But the "debts owing" humankind are great. The "original" American (and you better look at that term carefully) bore the enfleshment of those souls which in those olden days made that land proud and strong within the Great Spirit in harmony and balance of life force. However, it is upon the face of that nation that man shall "make it" or "break it" for she is the bastion of hope--now dimming in her radiance. Strength and power of "might" has reached a point of urgent importance as to possible restoration.


Are there enough of the Goodly Company to accomplish that which seems impossible? Yes--IT ONLY ACTUALLY TAKES ONE!


You reached a time of near greatness--but you have followed the evil path--taking from the perfection and moving into destruction of your resources and yourselves. You have allowed that which is "physical" expression to bind you to inability to move beyond the physical shackles.


Ones of spiritual expression are come again to show you the way from your darkness but few there will be who see and hear. However, it will be sufficient unto that which IS and shall forever BE.


The point of this little discussion is to assure you that you have gone about as far down that incorrect pathway as you can go-- AND MAKE IT. It is time you turn again into your eternal quest and realization that you can release from the wheel of misperception. Ye are LIGHT and only within light can you "see". Only those things created in the spiritual are eternal-- those which are manufactured in the physical are but passing fancies of the imaginings of thought manifest. You have become trapped in your own thought manifestations and they mostly be evil in intent. Such intentions direct you into the wrong direction of growth.


In those wondrous places of what you call the Pacific whereupon the ancient crystal cities shall find again glory of the radiant sun of your orbiting cycles--shall also come "the way" for therein dwell the ancient dwellers of the many planets--and other dimensions--WHO HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN THEIR TRUTH OR THEIR WAY! They are the guardians of your journey as it takes you down the roads of unfoldment within the physical evolution into regaining of essence expression. They shall come again up out of the depths or from the core of your placement--or they shall join the Hosts as we share this time of expression evolving again into that which can lead you home. Will you welcome them/us or will you effort to kill them/us? It is your own demise which shall come from your evil actions--for these ones are without physical death! We shall see....!


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