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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

By By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Aug 16, 2021 - 9:19:34 PM

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PJ 76



THU. AUG. 5, 1993 2:19 P.M. YEAR 6, DAY 354

THU. AUGUST 5 1993

EXCERPTS FROM: "COMMITTEE OF 300", by Dr. John Coleman.

This is a continuation taking up with the subject of: "Malthus, the son of an English country parson who was pushed to promi­nence by the British East India Company upon which the Com­mittee of 300 is modeled."


Malthus maintained that man's progress is tied to the Earth's natural ability to support a given number of people, beyond which point Earth's limited resources would rapidly be depleted. Once these natural resources have been consumed, it will be im­possible to replace them. Hence, Malthus observed, it is neces­sary to limit populations within the boundaries of decreasing natural resources. It goes without saying that the elite will not allow themselves to be threatened by a burgeoning population of "useless eaters", hence culling must be practiced. As I have previously stated, "culling" is going on today, using the methods mandated in the "Global 2000 Report".

All economic plans of the Committee meet at the crossroads of Malthus and Frederick Von Hayek, another doom and gloom economist who is sponsored by the Club of Rome. The Austrian born Von Hayek has long been under the control of David Rockefeller, and Von Hayek theories are fairly widely accepted in the United States. According to Von Hayek, the United States economic platform must be based on (a) Urban Black Markets, (b) Small Hong Kong-type industries utilizing sweat‑shop labor, (c) End of all industrial activity and (f) Close down all nuclear energy plants.

Von Hayek's ideas dove-tail perfectly with those of the Club of Rome, which is perhaps why he is so well promoted in rightwing circles in this country. The mantle of Von Hayek is being passed to a new, younger economist, Jeoffrey Sachs, who was sent to Poland to take up where Von Hayek left off. It will be recalled that the Club of Rome organized the Polish eco­nomic crisis which led to political destabilization of the country. The exact same economic planning, if one dare call it that, will be forced upon Russia, but if widespread opposition is encoun­tered, the old price-support system will quickly be restored.

The Committee of 300 ordered the Club of Rome to use Pol­ish nationalism as a tool to destroy the Catholic Church and pave the way for Russian troops to reoccupy the country. The "Solidarity" movement was a creation of the Committee of 300's Zbigniew Brzezinski, who chose the name for the "trade union" and selected its office holders and organizers. Solidarity is no "labor" movement, although Gdansk shipyard workers were used to launch it, but rather, it was a high-profile POLITICAL organization, created to bring forced changes in preparation for the advent of the One World Government.

Most of Solidarity's leaders were descendants of Bolshevik Jews from Odessa and were not noted for hating Communism. This helps to understand the saturation coverage provided by the American news media. Professor Sachs has taken the process a step further, ensuring economic slavery for a Poland recently freed from the domination of the USSR. Poland will now be­come the economic slave of the United States. All that has hap­pened is that the master has changed.

* * *

Dharma, let us digress a bit at this point in this writing. There is such confusion when we begin to speak of "Bolsheviks and Jews" "Bolshevik" "Jew" and "Bolshevik Jews". I have offered this information prior to this but perhaps it will help you also, chela, if you repeat this rather than look up a prior writing. Don't fret about the form--just copy the material to the best of your ability--sans ability to copy lettering format.


A Challenge and a Reply

SOME FACTS Concerning Bolshevism, Judaism, Christianity
International (Jew-controlled) Finance,
Bolshevism and Zionism

by A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., F.I.C., etc.

* * *

This article, which appeared in installments in the issue of the "Catholic Herald's of the 21st and 28th October and the 4th November, 1933, was written in reply to a challenge issued by Mr. L.F. Hydleman. It was reprinted in pamphlet form in re­sponse to a widespread demand for this information, which had been collated from authoritative sources (both Jew and Gentile) to demonstrate the relation between JUDAISM and BOLSHE­VISM, and the alliance between INTERNATIONAL FINANCE and its protégées, BOLSHEVISM and ZIONISM.

The Editor of the Catholic Herald repeatedly reserved space for Mr. Hydleman to reply. But, so far as has been ascertained, neither Mr. Hydleman, nor any responsible member of Jewry has publicly denied or disproved these statements of fact.

(Fifth Impression)



At a meeting held at St. Joseph's Hall, Hanwell, in July last, to protest against the Bolshevik persecution of Christianity, the speakers, inter aria, enlightened their audience as to the part played by certain sections of Jewry in the establishment by terrorist methods of the Bolshevist system of Government which is avowedly "Anti-God", and, in its efforts to destroy the present social system of the world, is determined to stamp out Chris­tianity.

Mr. L. J. Hydleman, in letters written to the Editor of the Catholic Herald, has taken exception to the statements made, by myself in particular, at the meeting. To him, and perhaps to many others who are unaware of the facts, Bolshevism and Ju­daism would appear to be "contradictions in terms"; the associ­ation of Capitalistic Jewry with anti-capitalist Bolshevism would seem to be absurd; and the use of Bolshevism, Zionism and In­ternational Finance (The Money Power) by a small and power­ful section of World Jewry as a means of gaining World Domi­nation are to be classed as "somewhat wild conclusions".


Bolshevism is a Jewish conception based on the teachings of Karl Marx and other revolutionary Socialists. It is characterized by destruction and chaos, and imposes its will and maintains its power by terrorism and murder.

Bolshevism is, above all, Anti-Christian and Anti-Social, for, until the existing order has been destroyed, the so-called "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" in a universal brotherhood of nations, cannot be imposed upon the world.

There are many who would keep the public in ignorance of the part played by Jews, whether Socialists, Commu­nists, Zionists or Financiers,

in the events which have led to the destruction of Tzardom; to the enslavement of the Russian people by terrorism, and to the imposition of the (Jewish-controlled) Bolshevik Regime; to the post-war "red" revolutions in Europe and Asia; to the economic and industrial war on Capitalistic States conducted under "The Five Year Plan"; to the unchecked persecution of Christians by Bolshevists in Russia, Spain, Mexico, and elsewhere; and to the rapid spread of Bolshevik activities throughout the world, in particular in Palestine, the Middle East, India and China.

Within the limits of a short article, it is only possible to give a fraction of the overwhelming amount of evidence (from au­thoritative sources, both Gentile and Jew) in support of these facts. The following instances, however, should serve to con­vince your readers that Bolshevism and Zionism are but means to an end--weapons in the fight by a Jewish World Power for supremacy in politics, economics and religion--that is, the fight for Jewish Nationalism, posing as Interna­tionalism, against Gentile Nationalism.


The British Government published a White Paper (Russia No. 1, April, 1919) in which was contained a report from M. Oudendyk, the Netherlands Minister at St. Petersburg, who was watching British interests during the Bolshevik Revolution. M. Oudendyk states:

"I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshe­vism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the War which is still raging, and unless as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immedi­ately, it is bound to spread, in one form or another, over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews, who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things."

This report, dated September 6th, 1918, was forwarded by Sir M. Findlay from Christiania to Mr. (later Lord) Balfour. Incidentally, the above passage was deleted from a subsequent abridged edition of the said White Paper.

The following facts demonstrate the part played by Jewry in the furtherance of Bolshevist activities:

1. The hostilities of both Capitalistic and Socialistic Jews to the Tzarist Regime is a matter of history.

According to their own claims (The "Maccabean", New York, 1905) the Jews were the most active revolutionaries in the Tzar's Empire. The Jewish Banker, the late Jacob Schiff, of the powerful banking group, Kuhn Loeb and Co., aided Russian revolutionaries. According to the Jewish Encyclopaedia, 1925, Jacob Schiff financed Japan against Russia in the war of 1904 to 1905.

2. Jews engineered the Russian Revolution of 1905 and 1917.

From statements made by Sokolow, the Zionist leader, in his book, The History of Zionism, and by other Jews, it is apparent that Organized Zionism played an important part in Bolshevik activities in Russia.

The success of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution was made pos­sible by the financial support and influence of International (Jew) Financiers. (Vide: The Sisson Report published by the American Committee of Public Information, 1919. The Times, February 9, 1918.)

3. Statesmen representing the Allies, in 1919, endeavored to secure the recognition and representation of the Bolshevik Government at the Peace Conference in Versailles.

Wickham Steed, Editor of The Times, at the period of which he wrote in his book, Through Thirty Years, stated, regarding this move:

"The prime movers were Jacob Schiff, Warburg, and other International Financiers who wished, above all, to bolster up the Jewish Bolshevists in order to secure a field for German and Jewish exploitation of Russia."

4. International Finance (which is Jew-dominated) found abundant credits for the Five Year Plan.

Krassin served as one of the post-war links between Jewish and other finance and the Bolsheviks.

The intrigues by which financial credits apparently made to Germany reached Russia have been denounced in the U.S.A. Congress and elsewhere. The statements have not been refuted by the German-American-Jew Bankers thus implicated.

5. That there is some alliance between the Bolshevik lead­ers, the avowed enemies of Capitalism, and World's Super-Capitalists must be inferred from the fact that Felix Warburg, in 1927, was given a "Royal" welcome to Russia, in spite of his association with the Federal Reserve Bank of America, and with the Banking Group of Kuhn Loeb and Co!


The Soviet movement was a Jewish, and not a Russian con­ception. It was forced on Russia from without, when, in 1917, German and German-American-Jew interests sent Lenin and his associates into Russia, furnished with the wherewithal to bring about the defection of the Russian armies, and the overthrow of the Kerensky Provisional Government, which was "pro-Allies". Thus:

1. The Movement has never been controlled by Russians. For,

(a) Of the 224 revolutionaries who in 1917 were dispatched to Russia with Lenin to foment the Bolshevik Revolution, 170 were Jews!

(b) According to The Times of 29th March, 1919, of the 20 or 30 commissars, or leaders who provide the central machinery of the Bolshevist movement, not less than 75 percent are Jews--among the minor officials the numbers is legion.

(c) According to official information from Russia, in 1920, out of 545 members of the Bolshevist Ad­ministration, 447 were Jews!

2. The "benefits" of office under the Bolshevik regime had been reaped by Jews:

The number of official appointments that have been bestowed upon Jews during the Soviet Regime is entirely out of proportion to their percentage in the State. [H: This same inadequacy in "counting" seems to be a group problem in all respects--from this instance to the holocaust and on --,]

The population of Soviet Russia is officially given as 158,400,000, the Jewish section, according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, being about 7,800,000. Yet according to The Jewish Chronicle of 6th January, 1933: "Over one-third of the Jews in Russia have become officials."

3. "Anti-Semitism" in Russia is now classed as counter­revolutionary and is punishable BY DEATH.

4. It is significant that the Red Five-Pointed Star, which in former time was the symbol of ZIONISM and JEWRY, is now the symbol of the Russian prole­tariat.


Bolshevism was enforced in Russia by means of confiscation, terrorism and murder on a scale of unprecedented magnitude. According to Bolshevist figures and other estimates, in the Rev­olution some 20,000,000 lost their lives, either by violence or from starvation and disease. Of these people some 1,766,118 persons had been executed before February, 1922. [H: I guess when you have a "reverse" "holocaust" it just don't count! Am I some sort of a biased nut? YES INDEED! THESE ARE MY ENEMIES FOR THEY ARE THE ENEMIES OF GOD ALMIGHTY!]

The "Terror" has become a permanent institution by which the Bolshevik (Jewish) Government maintains its tyrannical power over the enslaved millions of Russia and pursues its war on religion.

[H: In case you have overlooked or forgotten something since the beginning of this writing: IT IS FROM OCTOBER 21ST, 28TH, AND NOV. 4TH 1933. So, and where have YOU been?]

These statements may come as a shock to many readers, both Christian and Orthodox Jew, who may have condemned the ac­tivities and actions of the Bolshevists without realizing where the true responsibility lay. They will be further disturbed to read from The Jewish Chronicle of April 4, 1919:

"There is much in the fact of Bolshevism itself, in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism."

And from the Jewish World of March 15, 1923:


An expression of opinion which is by no means new to the Jew­ish World, for, in its issue of February 9, 1883, there appeared the following:

"The great ideal of Judaism is...that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teachings, and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations---a greater Judaism in fact--IN FACT--ALL THE SEPARATE RACES AND RELIGIONS SHALL DISAPPEAR."

Bernard Lazare (a Jew) in his book, L'Antisemitisme, asserts (translation), p.350:

"The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Ju­daises, he destroys Catholic or Protestant faith, he pro­vokes indifference but he imposes his idea of the world, of morals and of life upon those whose faith he ruins: he works at his age-old task, the annihilation of the religion of Christ."

The wholesale persecution, torture and murder of Christians by Bolsheviks, in Russia and elsewhere, would therefore appear to be the logical and practical application of the above "ideals" as foretold by Wilhelm Marr in 1879 and by Dostoevski in 1880.

Many Jews deplore the participation of members of their race, even though they may be professed Atheists, in the unbri­dled acts of destruction, cruelty and devilry which characterize Bolshevist tyranny.

In an attempt to explain away the fact that Jews play or played leading parts in the perpetration of the hideous crimes of the Bolshevik Terror, Alfred Nossig, one of the spiritual leaders of Judaism, states:

"Socialism and the Mosaic code are not at all in opposition... all Jewish groups... have a vital interest in the victory of Socialism; they must exact it not only on principle, not only because of its identity with the Mosaic doctrine, but also on tactical grounds. The Jewish Socialist is reproached with playing a leading part... in the Communist terrorist party... this is only explained by two reasons; the complete estrangement of the Jewish terror­ists from the spirit of the Mosaic doctrine and the strong mixture of Tartar and Cossack blood. That.... has inculcated in them savage and cruel principles. " (Viconte Poncins, THE SECRET BEHIND REVOLUTION pp . 158-160).

[H: We have waited a while to ask you this question: "Why is the terrorist secret military force of Israel called "Mossad"? Look back at the above and read "Mosaic" (Moses), my friends--a take-off on "Moses". So, when re­ceivers come to me asking that I print something that comes from "Moses", I am most often instantly drawn to attention as to the intent of MY ENEMY! I am accused of being dis­loyal to "honored receivers"--no, the basic NOAHEDIC AND MOSAIC laws are written for the latter day Bolshevik Jew­ish Anti-Christians--NOT FOR THE HOSTS OF GOD ALMIGHTY. There are several who still present me with regular documents stated to be by "Moses"--I'm sorry, chelas, they may well be in truth--but the presentation is quite focused in every instance. Be most careful for you are welcome to do that which you wish and that which seems correct TO YOU--but do not demand that I print the mate­rial on the basis of "MOSES says that you are to print this in the paper." Number one: This is not Moses' paper and if he wishes to print something in public forum--let him do so--but this paper belongs to this small circle and "you-the-peo­ple". Perhaps I would be even more receptive if this fine teacher sent funds with which to publish this paper--instead of sending bunches of "stuff" which literally "says nothing". YOU are in a struggle for your very souls--if you wish to dwell in the past, so there too, shall ye perish. You are in the NOW--the NOW is all there is with which to work--I suggest you quit trying to excuse, debate and find loopholes for imperfection allowances in 2000 year-old scripts. The Master is back in your realm--to show you the way. March along or linger back--it is your preference but you shall not DEMAND anything of these people doing all they can to serve you. "But I didn't realize" IF YOU HAVE STUDIED THAT WHICH WE HAVE GIVEN YOU--YOU WOULD HAVE REALIZED. YOU DO NOT SIMPLY SIT DOWN AND KNOW IT ALL! I am further amused by ones such as Col. Gritz who says, "Follow Hatonn if you wish but 'I' follow only Jesus Christ, etc, etc." and "I don't care what kind of religion you practice...." "Hatonn" is NOT a RELI­GION and for goodness sakes, how can you even SPEAK on the subject, KNOWING SO LITTLE? I TRAVEL IN THE COMPANY OF THE ONE YOU LIKE TO CALL JESUS CHRIST! You will not find even ONE contradiction to this statement in all of my work--read it and see and stop the silly speculations and basing your very passage on another's OPINIONS.]

[By the way--when I say "this is my enemy"--I know my en­emy! By saying this "is my enemy" DOES NOT MEAN: "I DECLARE WAR." I do NOT declare war on anyone and neither shall my enemy claim that I have so that he can act in a mode of WAR! You who think it cute to go forth with your flags and armies and shout, "I declare war," on this or that, are acting in total foolishness and will get yourself and those around you mired in trouble and often, dead. I am come to show the way and BRING THE WORD--not lead you off into some bloody war and he who would do so is not acting in Godly Truth--no matter WHO HE CLAIMS TO BE OR WHAT HE CLAIMS TO BE.]

(The reader may not be aware that the Eastern European Jew, known as the Ashkenazim or "German Jew", is of Jewish Mongolian-Turkish extraction. The Western European Jew, known as the Sephardim, or Portuguese Jew, is regarded as purely Jewish in origin.)


The European War, and its aftermath, dealt staggering blows to Western (Christian) Civilization. By contrast, however, In­ternational Jewry has emerged there from with enhanced fi­nancial and political power in all parts of the world.

Through the use of the Money Power, International Jew Finance is now able to direct the internal and ex­ternal policies of the Governments of the impoverished States of Europe and also of America.

By this power, it has forced Gentile Governments to further the political aspirations of Zionism, and to refrain from protect­ing the interests of their own nationals from the activities of Bolshevists who are undermining the economic, social, moral and religious systems of all States.

International Finance is not altruistic; it ever seeks its own material advancement and power. Europe is exhausted as a profitable investment. But Russia, Siberia, the Far East, India, the Middle East are awaiting exploitation, and would offer colossal gains to those who could superimpose upon them the mass-production methods of modern machinery.

Bolshevism has opened the way to a Jewish Industrializa­tion of Russia and Siberia; it may deliver India and the Far East into the hands of International (Jew) finance. [H: I suggest, readers, it has happened, hook, line and your sinker!] Its part is to foster World Revolution and the destruc­tion of religion so that the present social systems may be swept away--as in Russia.

International Finance, after the success of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, which Zionists had aided, realized that it stood greatly to gain by supporting the Zionist Movement, by forcing the Balfour Declaration on a financially harassed British Government, and thereby consolidating World Jewry into a powerful political factor for use in their own interests in world affairs.

The Zionists themselves later, in 1928, realized that their Movement had been exploited by International Finance, and, in 1929, did not hesitate to say so. For, at the dictates of powerful Jew Financiers, the Zionist organization, as the official liaison between World Jewry and the Mandatory Power for Palestine, was superseded by the Jewish Agency, a body containing power­ful non-Zionist elements.

International Finance, by its support of Zionism, has ob­tained the power to exploit the vast resources of oil, chemi­cals and other substances in the lands to which Palestine is the outlet. By the same means, it has dumped into Palestine, the most sacred country in the world, thousands of Bolshe­vik Jews who would destroy all religions and who, from this strategic center, are engaged in propaganda, designed to draw Palestine, Egypt, the Middle East, India and the Far East, into the gigantic movement begun in Russia, and to de­stroy British Imperialism. (Vide Eberlin). [H: Keep holding the idea-THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 1933!!! WHEN DID THE UNITED NATIONS MAKE ISRAEL A NATION?? IF YOU ARE CARELESS YOU WILL MISS A LOT OF IN­FORMATION.]

The part played by INTERNATIONAL FINANCE in fur­thering Bolshevism is a source of bewilderment to those who do not understand that the MONEY POWER, ZIONISM and BOL­SHEVISM are but weapons in the hands of INTERNATIONAL JEWRY. On the face of it, astute Jew Financiers, with their knowledge of mankind, would not be so stupid or so insane as to pour vast amounts of capital into the world-wide activities of Bolshevism, unless they were certain, in their own mind, that their own interests and power were secure, whatever happened to the rest of humanity. [H: Don't go looking overseas to Is­rael or some other place--LOOK RIGHT AT YOUR OWN NATION RIGHT NOW--TODAY, THIS DAY--AND YOUR CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT. GUESS WHAT, SLEEPYHEADS!!]

The alliance between Jewish Finance and Revolutionary Movements was no mystery to D'Israeli (Lord Beaconsfield), for, just after the European Revolutionary upheaval of 1848, he wrote:

"The influence of the Jews may be traced in the last out­break of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrec­tion takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic princi­ple, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mo­saic or the Christian form, the natural equality of man and the abrogation of property, are proclaimed by the secret societies who form provisional governments, and men of Jewish race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God co-operate with Atheists; the most skil­ful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure. "LIFE OF LORD GEORGE BENTINCK, p. 497 (1852).

Similar statements have been made by many other writers of eminence and erudition.

History shows that the Jew has always been, by nature, a revolutionary and that, since the dispersion of his race in the second century, he has either initiated or assisted revolutionary movements in religion, politics and finance, which weakened the power of the States wherein he dwelt. On the other hand, a few far-seeing members of the race have always been at hand to reap financial and political advantage coincident with such upheavals.

In the present case, however, (1933-remember) World Jewry may have let loose a force of destruction which International Fi­nance may find itself powerless to control--in fact, another Frankenstein monster.


Dr. Oscar Levy (a Jew) in 1920, in a letter which has been printed as a preface to a book, The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, by G. Pitt Rivers, attributes the fact that:

"Jewish elements provide the driving force for both Communism and Capitalism for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of this world to the intense idealism of the Jew."

However, as he points out, all Jews are not Financiers, Zionists or Bolshevists.

Dr. Levy considers that the Jews have most grievously erred:

"Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (St. John, Chap. 8, Verse 44),

and whose existence in these days has been referred to by Jews of such eminence in politics and finance as Benjamin D'Israeli and Walter Rathenau. This small group of men (Jews) has long exercised a hidden dictatorship over the affairs of Eu­rope, America, and, to some extent, in Asia, by means of the enslavement of National Governments, to what Herzl, the first leader of the Zionist Organization, called "our terrible power of the purse". This method of control could not be ap­plied to Tsarist Russia; therefore the end was achieved by means of Bolshevism, a method which is also being used to bring the East into subjection to them.

The machinations of this group of men have been crowned with so great a measure of success that members of their race have had the effrontery, in their recent representation of Bri­tannia, to attach the Seal of Solomon to her Shield and Judaistic symbol of the Serpent around her Trident. And the descendants of those who rejected Christ have not only joined hands with "Anti-Christ", but also with those who would expel God from His Universe and set up in His place Gold and the Machine as symbols of their gross materialism.

Unless the power of this section of Jewry is checked by human or super-human means, the peoples of the world, whether Gentile or Jew, are doomed to slavery of body and soul.


* * *

Thank you. This booklet, for information, can be gotten from the same resource as The Iron Curtain Over America, OMNI, P.O. Box 90566, Palmdale, CA 93590.

You must begin to sort this information lest the overall not make sense to you as players enter the scene and, even though they have tags, you can't identify them or their purpose. Let us be­gin to pay careful attention to players and lineage for it IS the game.

This is too full a document to continue with Coleman's material. Let us just close this chapter and take up where we left off in "300". Dharma, I see that you are past weary so just mark the spot, chela, and we will not write again this day--it is not good to spend this many hours suspended without breaks--my apolo­gies.

PJ 76



FRI., AUG. 6, 1993 10:26 A.M. YEAR 6, DAY 355

FRI., AUGUST 6, 1993


Dear READERS: Please go back and READ CAREFULLY what I actually SAID about school! I have another several re­sponses to that article. I note several things--no one wants to give me your contact place or your names. I also note that in EVERY instance it is women, not Fathers, who are responding in what I feel, is gross misunderstanding.

There is a note here and I shall again effort at clarity. Let us share it and see what we have. Please remember before we write that Dharma has some 32,000 pages of PERTINENT material IN FRONT of her to read. I am not going to ask her to study a paper by a Taylor Gatto on We Need Less School Not More! We already AGREE ON ALL THE ARGUMENTS AGAINST A SYSTEM GONE INSANE. THAT point is NOT at issue. The point is what to do with YOUR children.


We have heard it now from a Texas student who bore a teenage pregnancy baby and now grandparents are rearing the child--who says that not only did her school offer, but demanded, sex education and had rooms off the lecture room for "on-site" training. ARE YOU ONES UNABLE TO THINK EXCEPT IN THE FAR OPPOSING EXTREMES? I have written almost 80 JOURNALS and almost EVERY ONE OF THEM bashes the Elite SYSTEM. The School (Education System) was one of the original plums to destroy for the New World Order. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE SYSTEM--I SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND UNLESS YOU CLEAN UP THE MESS YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE YOUR CHILDREN'S WEL­FARE TO THE STATE. You who pull your children from the system will be able to do so for a while--as the noose tightens into Socialism/Communism--those children will be TAKEN and placed in the SYSTEM whether you like it or not.

If you teach at home is there any REASON you do not also raise hell with the system? It is NOT "either/or"--it is the life of your NATION--and ALL THE CHILDREN. If you cannot safely send your children into the schools--WHY ARE YOU PAR­ENTS NOT IN THE REAR OF EVERY SCHOOLROOM CAUSING GOOD BEHAVIOR OF ALL PRESENT AND DEMANDING THAT LESSONS BE TAUGHT RATHER THAN SEX?? OH, I see, well, you gave at home?


Aug. 31, 1993

Dear Commander Hatonn,

I have enclosed one of John Taylor Gatto's speeches. Being a New York City School teacher he has first hand experience and knowledge as to the condition of our schools.

Please find it in your heart to print and discuss your opinion on Mr. Gatto's writing. I'm sure there are many readers like myself who don't understand clearly your reasoning for sup­porting sending our children to government schools.

Thank you for your time. I know how busy you are and ap­preciate whatever input possible.


* * *

So, again: I DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR SCHOOL SYSTEMS! I am however, going to dump the inquiry right back in your lap. CAN YOU (YES, YOU!) GIVE YOUR CHILD A FULLY ROUNDED, IN-DEPTH UNDERSTANDING OF PHYSICS, EITHER MY OFFERING OR THE SCHOOL'S, AND CALCULUS? HOW ABOUT CHEMISTRY EX­PERIMENTS AND ADVANCED MATHEMATICS?? Not even ONE parent home teaching, that I know--can offer these things. Perhaps they are not offered in the schools EITHER, but what do YOU do about it?

IF you ones were pulling those children out of school, bonding with other parents doing likewise, getting teachers qualified for REAL teaching, paying them adequately so they are not trapped in the system, etc.--YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD. But that is NOT what happens. The system worsens, you pull away, the child is unbalanced in 9 out of 10 cases and the parent is at wit's end! I tell you AGAIN, the "system" is just about strong enough under the forces of the United Nations to SEE TO IT THAT YOUR CHILD GOES TO SCHOOL OR IT SHALL BE REMOVED FROM YOUR CARE AS "CHILD NE­GLECT" AND THE JUDGE WILL RULE WITH THE PER­PETRATORS. YOU NOW have children being forcibly re­moved from homes BECAUSE THE CHILDREN ARE TOO FAT AND THAT IS NOW CONSIDERED CHILD ABUSE!

I love it, Dharma doesn't have to read these documents (lest you forget) but I will comment on this article in point. There are pages of negative (but absolutely truthful) input. And for solution?? You will note a lot of references to ones such as Bertrand Russell (one of the ones responsible for the mass de­struction of your educational system). And how does this per­son in point wrap up his dissertation on the "bad" system? "Mass-schooling damages children. We don't need any more of it. And under the guise that it is the same thing as education, it has been picking our pockets just as Socrates predicted it would thousands of years ago. One of the surest ways to recognize ed­ucation is that it doesn't cost very much; it doesn't depend on expensive toys or gadgets. The experiences that produce it and the self-awareness that propels it are nearly free. It is hard to turn a dollar on education. But schooling is a wonderful hustle, getting sharper all the time.

Sixty-five years ago Bertrand Russell, probably the greatest mathematician of this century, its greatest philosopher, and a close relation to the King of England to boot, saw that mass-schooling in the United States had a profoundly anti-democratic intent, that is was a scheme to artificially deliver national unity by eliminating human variation and by eliminating the forge that produces variation: the family----"

OK, is your family STRONG and unified more smoothly through your home-teaching situation and isolation of your chil­dren from the system? Do you also withdraw from the WORSE circumstance of "misteachings" in the CHURCH situation? You see, it is now prevalent that ALL CHURCHES ARE SANC­TIONING IN FAVOR OF "MODERNIZING" AND "ACCEPTING" ALL LIFESTYLES AS EQUAL! So, WHERE are YOUR children going to encounter their mates, their friends--their ability to balance their experiences? IF you can supply all these examples and all these countermeasures in an isolated system at home--GLORY BE UNTO YOU! CAN YOU NOT TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO ATTEND BOTH? EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE IS DIFFERENT. IF YOU DON'T DEMAND MORE THAN BABY-SITTERS (AND BOY, THE SYSTEM IS HARDLY THAT ANY MORE), THEN ALL YOU WILL GET IS WHAT YOU HAVE GOT!

This author also says "Working for official favor, grades, or other trinkets of subordination; these have no connection with education--they are the paraphernalia of servitude, not free­dom."

I want to tell you something--this very article is an attempt to­ward "riot" and confusion. HOW DO YOU reward your child for good work and progress? THE WHOLE SYSTEM STINKS! However, if you look and see WHAT is wrong and do nothing to fix it save remove from it--YOU WILL FIND YOURSELVES FORCED BACK WITHIN IT--ON THEIR TERMS WITH NO ALTERNATIVES--TOO LATE TO CHANGE IT AND TOO ENFORCED TO HAVE RECOURSE. Something has to be done BEFORE the fact. Will it be so? Probably not--for it certainly is not one of the PLANS to allow you to change that which has been deliberately structured for your enslavement. So, if you teach at home and you are having success, joy and fulfillment--for goodness sakes, continue--but to deprive your child of KNOWLEDGE because you fear his moral strength is not great enough--the reasons are not adequate. You whose children attend these "classes" you dislike--WHERE ARE YOU WHILE THIS IS GOING ON? WHO ALLOWS THIS KIND OF THING TO TAKE HOLD AND FLOURISH? YOU DO BY YOUR PUSH FOR SAME, OR YOUR FAILURE TO STOP IT.


I know the frustration of doing all you can to help as you can--you get no argument from me--only love and support. But when the task is not fulfilling the need in that dining-room setting--you must consider the future consequences as well as the isolation FROM the life-stream. Your colleges are WORSE! They are totally controlled by the Elite One Worlders. The FACTS are, readers, you are IN THE MESS AND CHAOS--it is NOT "one" or the other--you are going to have to creep your way through as if on glass shards--THERE IS NO WAY OF PER­FECTION! Moreover, to FIX anything--YOU must attend your own homework--STUDY what we offer you so that you know what and WHO has done this to you and when you open your eyes you will find that less than 1 1/2 percent of the population has done it ALL while you didn't notice. In that final realiza­tion--PERHAPS YOU WILL GET OFF YOUR ASSETS, OUT OF THAT SINGULAR INTENTIONED DINING-SCHOOL­ROOM AND DO SOMETHING! Unmask the evil traitors--show them for who and what they are and stop accepting OR withdrawing from their clutches. Killing that damned box with pictures would be a good start--except WHERE will you get the news? You see, all you need do is learn the FACTS OF TRUTH IN TRUTH--AND THE NEWS BECOMES EASY TO READ! TRY IT! YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF LIARS AND THIEVES--AND UNTIL YOU GET THAT SQUARELY FIXED IN YOUR MINDS AS TO "CAUSE" OF ALL OTHER EXPRESSIONS--YOU ARE CAUGHT IN THE TRAP.

A heavy burden? Of course--it has been building by this same 1 1/2 percent for eons--and you drifted or focused on only one lit­tle facet of a system gone mad. I think it time to again run the PROTOCOLS OF ZION, staff. Education is only a PORTION of the PLAN to be destroyed. It is working--that Plan 2000! It is a bit AHEAD of schedule, as a matter of fact. It is also like your government when you consider education--unless you be­gin something BETTER you are stuck with what you have--evil and terrible as it might be. You CAN change it--but indeed, IT IS GOING TO BE THROUGH AND WITH THE DIRECTION AND ATTENTION IN GOODNESS THROUGH GOD FOR YOU ARE UP AGAINST THE MASTER DECEIVERS--THE ANTI-CHRIST/GOD IN HIS BILIOUS GRINNING SHEEP'S CLOTH TO EAT YOU ALIVE.

Indeed--run those protocols AGAIN!

My intention is never to lessen any worthy subject. I long for a time of being able to share EVERY small happening in the life-journey of physical domain. But the time is at hand "OF THE LORD" and the sorting, the Truth--ALL--must be confronted--and confronted in the sequence of priorities which CAN AL­LOW YOU TO CHANGE THE WHOLE--not put bandaids on the wounds. Until that time is come and all have their lessons learned as to what is what and who is who--you better keep sticking on those bandaids where and when you can. You are going to have to, as parents, simply do that which is suitable in YOUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCE IN WISDOM and God be with you. Further--be most careful that you DON'T ONLY SEE AND HEAR THAT WHICH YOU WANT TO HEAR AND SEE--SMOOTH SPEAKERS SOUND GOOD BUT SIL­VER-TONGUED ORATORS HAVE BROUGHT YOU ASUNDER. So be it--but PLEASE do not read things into my writings which are NOT there. I am so against your systems as to wish to be in the farthest reaches of the universe--away from the stench which has fallen upon your wondrous and glorious physical planet. I cannot be "there" so I shall hold my responsi­bility and act accordingly. Wishing will not make "it so"- praying for wisdom and acting within that wisdom--shall!

There is an article about schooling from one of the people I re­spect most highly on almost every transitional issue, Dr. Arthur Robinson. There aren't any PERFECT solutions--there are not supposed to be--but as you work together and study, a "better" way will emerge--if you are willing to gather yourselves into a unified front to accomplish the goal. No, it is NOT easy--it is all but IMPOSSIBLE--therefore, is it not wondrous to KNOW that with GOD--ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE?

* * *


Dear ones, when you "look back" and "think" you understand that it was somehow "better--back when___ "--know that it was not! Some things may well have been "better" but most WERE NOT, NEVER WERE and the "old times" weren't. What you long for was that time in "memory" when it SEEMED better, life was less confusing, a sleigh ride through the snow to Grandmum's house and Grandpa had nothing to do but take you fishing, and so on and on. That, too, will trap you, my friends, because it is a false dream existing for, if ANY, only a tiny few. There were "simple" times--however, for the majority who had to go forth and work without proper tools, low wages, be in bread lines, etc.--IT WAS A HORROR! Perhaps people ran around in the picturesque autos of long ago--but also there were major wars and no tires or rationed fuel for the gas tanks. The same Picturesque ones who HAD it then--STILL CONTINUE TO "HAVE" IT. You see, even your Cinderella wanted to, and did join, the fairy-tale Prince's house. So the fantasy goes on and on and on. Oh, how I wish I could make it "right" for you precious children--but I cannot--I can only continue to tell you Truth and hopefully show you the way--you who would see. But then, if "I" do not act in wisdom within the LAWS OF GOD--how shall I hope that you will see and hear and act in WISDOM? We all grow from each and every experience and choice or there is no point in the journey through this free-will maze of expression. There are always the positive doors and the negative doors--the red road or the black. (The send the kids to school or teach them at home ) Assuming responsibility after generations of allowing your very enemy to shoulder your re­sponsibility is heavy and difficult. Waking up INTO the night­mare is never easy, precious friends--NEVER.

Dharma, I believe the most valuable thing we can offer our readers is to focus on the Elite Controllers. Here is where IT IS. Until you can squarely face the players in this game of downfall--you don't know what to do. It means you must "unthink" almost all you have been taught and told from scien­tific garble to players in the form of people, races, creeds and colors. Can I teach it all? Yes, but not in your lifetime of lim­itations and certainly not through these two human hands grow­ing weary at the effort. As long as you treat that button on your idiot box as if it controls you rather than your controlling it--there is little hope of controlling the BIG SWITCHES. As long as it is better in your expression to pop a beer can lid and veg­etate than to take some Gaiandriana and participate in the game--then there is little hope for recovery--YOU HAVE TO WANT RECOVERY--NOT MAGIC FIX-ITS.


Let us go right back to the sentence in "300" where we left off and printed the material on the Bolsheviks, please. We would be taking up on the name and subject of Brzezinski (this is NOT his "real" name). This man is even more dangerous than Kissinger--and THAT is very dangerous.

From Conspirators' Hierarchy--the Committee of 300, by Dr. John Coleman.



Brzezinski is the author of a book that should have been read by every American interested in the future of this country. [H: Please, will someone get this book for Dharma's use--it was all but impossible to obtain and Dr. Coleman promised a copy but it was never forthcoming--I figure that it has been long enough that I seriously doubt his intentions are to send us anything!] Entitled The Technotronic Era, it was commis­sioned by the Club of Rome. The book is an open announce­ment of the manner and methods to be used to control the United States in the future. It also gave notice of cloning and "robotics", i.e., people who acted like people and who seemed to be people, but who were not. Brzezinski, speaking for the Committee of 300, said the United States was moving "into an era unlike any of its predecessors; we were moving toward a technotronic era that could easily become a dictatorship." I re­ported fully on "the Technotronic Era" in 1981 and mentioned it in my newsletters a number of times. [H: Ah, so too, have we--many, many times and I can only offer that you get the ma­terial from "back then" before you came into CONTACT or review--OR WAIT TILL WE HIT YOU WITH IT AGAIN--but you are going to have to know about it if you are to make sense of any of this transition toward hell as moving--OR, get on the other "track" with the train headed to free­dom.]

Brzezinski went on to say that our society "is now in an in­formation revolution based on amusement focus, spectator spectacles (saturation coverage by television of sporting events) [H: And do you now notice the evolution into violence and criminal acts of your players and the games as a whole?] which provide an opiate for an increasingly purposeless mass." Was Brzezinski another seer and a prophet? Could he see into the future? The answer is NO; what he wrote in his book was simply copied from the Committee of 300's blueprint given to the Club of Rome for execution. [H: You will find the same thing right in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.] Isn't it true that by 1991 we already have a purposeless mass of citizens? We could say that 30 million unemployed and 4 million home­less people are a "purposeless mass", or at least the nucleus of one.

In addition to religion, "the opiate of the masses" which Lenin and Marx acknowledged was needed, we now have the opiates of mass spectator sport, unbridled sexual lusts, rock mu­sic and a whole new generation of drug addicts. Mindless sex and an epidemic of drug usage was created to distract people from what is happening all around them. In "The Technotronic Era" Brzezinski talks about "the masses" as if people are some inanimate object--which is possibly how we are viewed by the Committee of 300. He continually refers to the necessity of controlling us "masses".

At one point, he lets the cat out of the bag:

"At the same time the capacity to assert social and political control over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files, containing even the most per­sonal details about health and personal behavior of every citizen in addition to the more customary data.

"These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information. Our existing institutions will be supplanted by pre-crisis management institutions, the task of which will be to identify in advance likely social crises and to develop pro­grams to cope with them. (This describes the structure of FEMA which came much later.)

"This will encourage tendencies through the next several decades toward TECHNOTRONIC ERA, A DICTATORSHIP, leaving even less room for political procedures as we know them. Finally, looking ahead to the end of the century, the pos­sibility of BIOCHEMICAL MIND CONTROL AND GENETIC TINKERING WITH MAN, INCLUDING BEINGS WHICH WILL FUNCTION LIKE MEN AND REASON LIKE THEM AS WELL, COULD GIVE RISE TO SOME DIFFICULT QUESTIONS."

Brzezinski was not writing as a private citizen but as Carter's National Security Advisor and a leading member of the Club of Rome and a member of the Committee of 300, a member of the CFR and as a member of the old Polish Black Nobility. His book explains how America must leave its industrial base behind and enter into what he called "a distinct new historical era".

"What makes America unique is its willingness to experience the future, be it pop-art or LSD. Today, America is the creative society, the others, consciously or unconsciously, are emula­tive." What he should have said was that America is the prov­ing ground for Committee of 300 policies which lead directly to a dissolution of the old order and an entry into the One World Government-New World Order.

One of the chapters in The Technotronic Era explains how new technology will bring in its wake intense confrontation that will strain social and international peace. Oddly enough we are already under intense strains through surveillance. Lourdes in Cuba is one place where this is happening. The other is NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, where a giant computer designated "666" can store data of every type mentioned by Brzezinski, plus possessing an expanded capacity to take in data for several billions more people than presently exist, if it ever comes to that, but which, in the light of the Global 2000 genoci­dal report, will probably never NEED to be utilized. [H: And so, what too, do you think of the INSLAW material and that software with endless data keeping capability--stolen by the Elite and put into use through this network--and at the price of murder, death of freedom and your national sovereignty?]

Retrieval of data will be simple in the United States where social security and or driver license numbers could simply be added to 666 to provide the surveillance recording announced by Brzezinski and his Committee of 300 colleagues. The Commit­tee already in 1981 warned governments, including the govern­ment of the USSR, and there will be chaos unless the Commit­tee of 300 takes complete control of preparations for the New World Order. CONTROL WILL BE EXERCISED THROUGH OUR COMMITTEE AND THROUGH GLOBAL PLANNING AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT." I reported this factual infor­mation a few months after I received it in 1981. Another item I reported back then was that RUSSIA HAD BEEN INVITED TO JOIN THE PREPARATIONS FOR THE COMING ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

When I wrote these things in 1981, the conspirators' global plans were already in an advanced state of preparedness. Looking back over the past 10 years, it can be seen just how rapidly the Committee's plans have advanced. If the informa­tion provided in 1981 was alarming, then it should be even more alarming today as we near the final stages of the demise of the United States as we know it. With unlimited funding, with sev­eral hundred think tanks and 5000 social engineers, the media, banking and control of most governments a reality, we can see that we are facing a problem of immense proportions, one that cannot be opposed by any nation at this time.

As I have so often stated, we have been misled into believing that the problem I am talking about has its origin in Moscow. We have been brainwashed into believing that Communism is the greatest danger we Americans are facing. This is simply not so. The greatest danger arises from the mass of traitors in our midst. Our Constitution warns us to be watchful of the enemy within our gates. These enemies are the servants of the Com­mittee of 300 who occupy high positions within our govern­mental structure. The UNITED STATES is where we MUST begin our fight to turn back the tide threatening to engulf us, and where we must meet, and defeat these internal conspirators.

The Club of Rome also had a direct hand in creating the 25­years-old war in El Salvador, as an integral part of the wider plan drawn up by Elliot Abrams of the U.S. State Department. It was Committee of 300 member Willy Brandt, leader of the Socialist International and a former Chancellor of West Ger­many, who paid for the "final offensive" by the Salvadorian guerrillas which, fortunately, was not successful. El Salvador was chosen by the committee to turn Central America into a zone for a new Thirty-Year War, which task was allocated to Kissinger to carry out under the innocuous title of "The Andes Plan".

Just to demonstrate how the conspirators operate across all national boundaries, the "final offensive" action planned by Willy Brandt came about as a result of a visit to Cuba by Felipe Gonzalez, who at the time was preparing himself for his Club of Rome-ordained role as Spain's future prime minister. Apart from myself and one or two of my intelligence colleagues and former colleagues, no one appeared to have heard of Gonzalez before he surfaced in Cuba. Gonzalez was the Club of Rome's case officer for El Salvador, and the first Socialist to be elevated to political power in Spain since the death of General Franco.

Gonzalez was on his way to Washington to attend the Club of Rome Socialist "get Reagan" meeting which took place in De­cember 1980. Present at the Gonzalez-Castro meeting was the left-wing guerrilla, Guillermo Ungo, run by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), the Committee of 300's most notorious Washington-based leftwing think tank. Ungo was run by an IPS fellow who died in a mysterious plane crash while en route from Washington to Havana to visit Castro.

As most of us know, both the left and the right of the political spectrum are controlled by the same people, which will help to explain the fact that Ungo was a life-long friend of the late Napoleon Duarte, leader of the rightwing in El Salvador. It was after the Cuban meeting that the "final offensive" by the Sal­vadorian guerrillas was carried out.


* * *


I will do that which Dharma dreads most--interrupt this to write on RELATED but different material. We have to go further back than the Committee of 300 as today recognized to see HOW and WHO set up this "Committee" and from what sector they came. We are going to go all the way back to The Tutonic Knights of Germany--for background. It is up to you readers to keep continuity flowing for our editors will do the best they can--but we are going at a "running" pace, I realize--and you are simply about to be out of "TIME" .

All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2021 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2022 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

Detailed explanation of AbundantHope's Copyrights are found here

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