Phoenix Journals
PJ #71 " COALESCENCE ", chapter 3 & 4.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Paul & Christ.
Oct 27, 2011 - 12:00:00 AM



PJ 71



SAT., JUNE 12, 1993      9:47 A.M.     YEAR 6, DAY 300

SAT, JUNE 12, 1993



As you walk through your days of trial and error upon the face of your wondrous manifested schoolhouse, can you not learn by lesson and not ALWAYS by experience? Not in full but it IS the same experience if you but knew as much. There are many lessons which WILL BE LEARNED before you walk in the oneness of God in His places of total balance and harmony.


You must learn to always work and act moment to moment as if EVERYTHING YOU SHALL DO, SAY OR THINK SHALL BECOME AN OPEN BOOK FOR ALL TO READ!


Do not ever seek to cast "blame" upon others for in the ending you are but casting that blame on yourself and God within. Blame casting is and escape and excuse mechanism for EGO.


If what is untoward is the result of your own fault or weakness, seek to remedy the cause by conquering the fault and overcom­ing the weakness.


If it has been caused by another, then apportion no blame, allow no thought of self to intrude to cause the slightest ruffle on your spirit-calm. Peace has been entrusted by God to YOU. By the way--even sin (falling short of sought perfection) has no power over you unless it is of your own choice deliberately assumed.


As to judgment, we speak of this so often as to sound the Nag. NEVER judge another. That is one of God's tasks that has never been delegated to any follower or being. Can you not see that the only "right" man has is to judge ACTIONS of another--NOT THE PERSON IN POINT?


Live WITH God and within the Laws of God and effort to un­derstand all. Love all for God's sake until you can realize lov­ing them for your own sake. As you live with God you will see how He yearns over them and longs for them that would fear judgment because of actions which break the Holy Laws.


Do you not find it interesting that IF a man breaks the physics laws of the Universe--he commits suicide of the physical by his ignorance? Is it not time to realize that by deliberately con­tinuing to break the Moral and Holy Laws of God of Lighted Source--you commit SUICIDE OF THE SOUL? One lasts through or up to the time of translation--the other lasts as pres­ence in scars through infinity.


Always look unto the "other" that you would tend to judge and remember this, "If ye love me," sayeth the Great Spirit--"you will not be unkind in criticism of those for whom I care."




Right in the daily pressures against my people, the Ekkers, ALL should by now KNOW that the University of Science and Phi­losophy brought suit against: George Green, Desired Green, America West(s) and E.J. and Doris Ekker.


Greens have never appeared in court and now do not even bother to send legal representation, other than that of US&P, having "worked out a settlement". Ekkers were never given original notification of actions in court until demanded and, then, have been accused and convicted of contempt of court and Dharma threatened with Federal Prison for same--all with no mention or reprimand to the publisher or distributor of the in­formation in point.


Now, as settlement is DEMANDED by threat (causing a Summary Judgment against Ekkers so that the case CAN­NOT GET TO TRIAL) we find the following:


Mr. Ekker stated that we are an open book and will present our "whatever" in open court (if given a chance), in the Wall Street Journal--anywhere. So, the Magistrate said well, the opposition (????) (Greens) could make their settlement arrangements known only to participants and NOT TO THE PUBLIC AS COURT RECORD.


Now, Mr. Timothy Buchanan, attorney for US&P states that Greens (now just HOW did Mr. Buchanan get to be the at­torney in fact for Greens when THEY were co-defendants WITH Ekkers??) refuse to make available their settlement agreements even to Ekkers--whom Mr. Green has arranged to take all blame, all payment, etc., etc., etc. When pressed, Mr. Green said that he wouldn't agree to that because Ekkers would "publish" it.


Well, I suppose this is better in the long run because it needs to be aired in public court under these new SECRET compromise and private negotiations.




Ekkers set up and arranged with the Institute to collect royalties which are heretofore unpaid to the Institute to pay over legal fees and damages FROM THOSE UNPAID ROYALTIES TO THE AMOUNT OF CHARGES AND FINES.


Payment FROM THE GOLD COINS STOLEN BY MR. GREEN IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE TO THE PHOENIX INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH & EDUCATION, LTD. for THAT property is the property of the Institute and in no way has ANYTHING to do with Ekkers.


Of course, this above offer is NOT ACCEPTABLE to either of the Greens--so, readers, WHAT IS TO BE DONE? Shall we just hang the Ekkers and be done with them? Unfortunately there is no "estate" so we are acquiring legal counsel WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND ARE WORKING FOR THE INSTITUTE, THE PEOPLE AND THE EKKERS AND NOT AGAINST THEM THROUGH IGNORANCE OR ASSET-COVERING. I BELIEVE ALL WILL FIND THIS RESOURCE WORTHY AND NOTABLE.


You nice people had better get a little faster with the salvaging of your Constitutional nation and Laws or you are finished to the jackals and scavengers who now not only wait for the dead to feast on but kill in order to facilitate the feast.




After allowing nearly a hundred people to be slain and burned alive in Waco's so-called "cult house" and nary a flicker from your government as to empathy or sympathy for those innocent victims, what have you yesterday?


The Supreme Court ruled that Santeria is a valid religion and can continue with their blood sacrifices and blood use in their rituals. You will further note that the symbol of the Santerias IS THE PYRAMID WITH ALLSEEING EYE ATOP--THE SYMBOL OF THE ILLUMINATI--VOWING ALLEGIANCE TO LUCIFER (SATAN). No, it is not time "I" did something about it--it is YOUR NATION.


Next on the Supreme Court news is one to be appointed for a lifetime reign on that hallowed bench--a Khazarian ZIONIST "Jew". That about finishes off justice for "American citizens", chelas, in favor of Israeli sub-national status for the U.S.A. sub­servient to the decrees of Israel in Tel Aviv. So be it; again, your choice.




Now there will come the claim that "Old Hatonn is going to start picking on the Jews again." Nope, I am going to offer you re­search on the subject from The Truth at Last.




Quoting: Over 50 percent (%) of Clinton's Major Appointees are Zionist Jews--Media Censors Story. Press Suppresses Identity of Clinton Appointees.


President Bill Clinton promised the American people that his administration would, "Look Like America". A study of the 71 people appointed to cabinet and sub-cabinet positions (those who ACTUALLY RUN THE GOVERNMENT) finds that 40 are Jews. [H: What you don't seem to realize, citizens, is that this DOES LOOK LIKE AMERICA!--ASK ANY FOR­EIGNER!] Thus a small minority who make up ONLY 3% of the population hold over 50% of the most important posts. [H: Ah, but the REST of all important appointees are high-ranking in the New World Order Elite Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers (one or more). THERE ARE NO CITIZENS, OF YOU-THE­PEOPLE OF ANY RACE, CREED OR COLOR! Never be­fore in history have the Jews held such great control over our Government! Thus the U.S. is trying to be a neutral party in the Middle East peace talks while Israel is demanding more and more foreign aid than any nation in the world while their people make up the largest single group emigrating to America. Thus it is unfair to our people and the rest of the world for Clinton to give the Jews control over the important decisions of our gov­ernment.


Clinton recently thanked the Jewish community for giving him 86% of their vote. In fact they did swing several important states away from the Republicans and into the Democratic column. However, it is a grievous affront to the 247 million Gen­tile Americans to grant one group, united behind a special agenda, political influence so awesome that they are in a posi­tion today to decide all matters of both domestic and foreign policy. Why is not the daily press, TV and politicians telling the people that a majority of Clinton's appointments are Jews? Is Clinton just a puppet sitting in Washington with a big smile while a tightly organized alien group has quietly seized control of the U.S. government? The American people must be made aware of these appointments which in no way constitute a "mirror of Ametica."


It is important to bear in mind that a 57% majority of the American people voted AGAINST Clinton. Since he already has the support of all the minorities and the opposition of the White majority he should try to cater to this great hard-working, middle America--the backbone of the nation.




We will offer, if space allows, another reprint for your study. It states that the Jew Martin Indyk has been appointed Senior Director for Middle East Affairs on the National Security Council. [H: That should just about finish destroying all hope of peace in the Middle East. But not to fear just be­cause the U.S. is at war TODAY in Somalia (again), ready to go to war in Bosnia and the last public statement regarding WAR is that "the U.S. will not be involved in any WARS more than TWO AT ANY ONE TIME!" Does anyone re­member that decree issued a few WEEKS back when cutting of defense troops was mandated? Well, guess they can just walk in and, like orchestrated, take over America without confrontation--because your troops will be elsewhere and al­ready your enforcement and forces are United Nations BATF, IRS, et al., forces. Your Secretary of the Treasury, Bentsen, and your Attorney General, Reno, are BOTH EVEN PAID THEIR WAGES BY THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND AND NOT THE U.S.A., AND WORK DIRECTLY FOR THE UNITED NATIONS!]


Now read where he formerly worked: for AIPAC, Israel's Washington lobby. Next read where "pro-Israel Activist" Sandy Berger has been appointed Deputy Head of the National Security Council and the Jew Samuel Lewis is head of the State Depart­ment Middle East Division. How can the U.S. maintain an un­biased foreign policy in the Middle East peace negotiations with "pro-Israel" Jews dominating foreign policy? U.S.Navy Intelli­gence (NIA) went to great lengths to find the Israeli "mole-spy" Pollard in their ranks. Jews Indyk, Berger and Lewis now run U.S. National Security. They can deliver to Israel the very same intelligence secrets with impunity. Please note very closely the great power of these "sub-cabinet" positions which The Jerusalem Post describes as:


"While U.S. sub-cabinet foreign policy officials are generally invisible to the broader public, they wield extraordinary influ­ence in setting policy. "


Defense Secretary Les Aspin has chosen the left-wing Jew Morton Halperin as his top assistant. Halperin has been active in pro-communist causes for years. During the cold war he aided the Marxist Jew Daniel Ellsberg who released the top se­cret "Pentagon Papers" to undermine our Vietnam War effort. He has advocated that the U.S. use military force against South Africa to install a black regime. Halperin has called the CIA, "the subverter of everybody's freedom." This was in regards to their gathering intelligence information on the Soviets during the cold war. Halperin also defended the Red Counterspy Mag­azine which revealed that Richard Welch was the "station chief" for the CIA in Athens, Greece. Welch was then assassinated by communists and Halperin publicly defended Counterspy saying: "It is difficult to condemn people who expose our agents. " This is the type of Jew whom Clinton and Aspin have raised to the clique ruling our government!


Clinton has subjected the White Christian American [and citi­zens of all other colors and creeds in America] people to rule by un-American Zionist despots. Why does he think the Republi­cans prosecuted Jonathan Pollard and gave him life in prison? It was for stealing our national security secrets! Now the Zionist MOSSAD secret police has their men right in the middle of the U.S. National Security Council making Israel privy to every military and diplomatic secret this nation has.


The American people must be awakened to Clinton's ab­ject surrender of power to this alien clique who owe their loyalty to Israel and not America. We urge our many thou­sands of readers to order and distribute extra copies of this newspaper. Let's Wake-Up America Now!


[TRUTH AT LAST, P.O. Box 1211, Marietta, Georgia 30061. We thank "whoever" sent us this copy from which we share some of the documentation confirming that which we have written and my scribe literally put up for murder.]


* * *


As a matter of fact, a message was just sent to E.J. Ekker YES­TERDAY: "That there are ones right in Tehachapi power-places WHO HAVE SAID THEY ARE GOING TO TAKE HIM OUT." How would this make you feel, reader? Why? Because these people tried to save their property after the ones in threat­ening had mishandled the legal processes and because Mr. Ekker was the first to take note of the contaminated water and as prior President of the local Property Owners Association, brought legal attention to the mishandling of the Community Services District. Ah indeed, America, YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY--RIGHT INTO THE GUTTER AND BELOW. You have come to a place where CITIZENS cannot even EF­FORT TO SAVE (not even try for advantage) their own prop­erty. Because you don't go away and die you are condemned and sentenced to annihilation by the power-elite. If you can still sleep well, I suggest you get caught up because it is not long until no citizen of America shall be allowed the privilege of a good night's rest without terror.


The following is from Truth at Last but originates from Jewish Week (Jewish publication). Feb. 4, 1993.




[Emphasis in article]: Life sure will be dull for Jewish politicos once the Clinton transition team has rounded off its nominations at the sub-cabinet level.


For weeks a handful of key positions have been the focus of furious behind the scenes warfare, not to mention the usual rumor-mongering.


And the targets of much of this activity have been sub­cabinet positions at the State Department that will translate Bill Clinton's foreign policy goals into specific programs.


Washington--How do you spell relief? For pro-Israel ac­tivists the answer might be "Indyk." Martin Indyk, the longtime executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a pro-Israel think tank, has quietly moved into the White House, where he will help the new foreign pol­icy team work out an approach to the stalled Middle East peace talks and deal with new problems on the regional horizon, in­cluding the rearming of Iran.


Indyk will serve as senior director for Middle East affairs at the National Security Council, and special assistant to the president.


Indyk has those connections. In the past he worked as deputy research director for the American Israel Public Af­fairs Committee (AIPAC); the Washington Institute is closely associated with the pro-Israel lobby.


At the same time, he is regarded as one of the smartest and most creative Middle East analysts in Washington (line missing in original document) panel will be most important to pro-Israel groups who hope to preserve Israel's $3.2 BIL­LION allotment despite the tough fiscal environment.


(Now next is a report from Jewish Week of Dec. 31, '92): This secret meeting led to the Jew Zionist from Australia, Mar­tin Indyk, being named second to Secy. of State Warren Christopher.


Last week, a group of Jewish leaders met privately with several top transition officials, including Sandy Berger, who heads the foreign policy transition effort, and Sara Ehrman, di­rector of the campaign's Jewish operations.


Berger appears headed for a major position at the State Department or the National Security Council; Ehrman may land a post at the White House office of public liaison.


The roster at the session tells an interesting story about how the incoming Clinton administration will interact with the or­ganized Zionist Jewish community. [H: You must continue to realize and not get confused--we are not speaking of what you call the Judaist Torah "Jews"--this is reflective of the Talmudic Zionist Khazarian "Jews".]


Attending were Tom Dine, chief operating officer of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC); Stephen Grossman, AIPAC'S new president; Malcolm Hoenlein, execu­tive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organization; Morrie Amitay, treasurer of the Washington PAC and a major Jewish political matcher; Peter Edelman, co-chair of Americans for Peace Now and a major Clinton transition leader; Gail Pressberg, co-director of APN's Center for Israeli Peace and Security; and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.).


There was also discussion of potential appointments to the Clinton foreign policy team, including the expected appointment of Warren Christopher as secretary of state.


Lieberman, one of Clinton's earliest and most active backers, urged the transition leaders to consider the appointment of a deputy secretary with strong and highly visible pro-Israel credentials as a way of increasing the comfort level of the pro-Israel community.


In general, the tone of the meeting was positive; most par­ticipants came away convinced that the organized Jewish com­munity will have good access to the top ranks of the Clinton administration. [H: Now, some 4 months later I believe the anticipation has borne fruit.]


* * *


Ok now, let us move on to more on the BATF and where it ac­tually fits into the UNITED STATES SYSTEM. The fact is, IT DOESN'T--SO WHO WERE THOSE AGENTS KILLING PEOPLE IN WACO, TEXAS?


I thank some nice person who FAXED this information to us but I believe that it comes from a publication of one Tibbetts. Tib­betts also offers some good books and documents for you who want background information in law, etc.


This article in reprint here is simply called:




That in 1981, President Reagan "reorganized" the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms according to Public Law and that they supposedly no longer exist?


According to Christian Crusade for Truth an intelligence newsletter printed in March 1993 regarding the Waco, Texas murders, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has not existed since 1981. If this is true, then who in the heck was in Waco?


We decided to double check the Federal Titles to see if found!? According to Title 31 -- Treasury Department, the Bu­reau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms IS NOT AN AU­THORIZED AGENCY OF THE FEDERAL GOVERN­MENT. IT DOESN'T EXIST.


Upon closer examination of this Title we find that the Internal Revenue Service is also not listed as an authorized agency un­der the Treasury Department. By the way, Customs is missing as well. What's going on? Is the earthly Babylonish govern­ment lying to the Americans AGAIN?


What did President Reagan "REORGANIZE" in 1981? Let's ask you a question. What does "REORGANIZATION" mean? Time to dig out your Black's Law Dictionary! You'll find "reorganization" MEANS when "one corporation ac­quires another in a merger or acquisition . . . under Bankruptcy Code Chapter 11 proceedings involves the prepara­tion of a plan of reorganization by the bankruptcy trustee."


Now pick your chin up off of the floor and once more take a look at what you just read. Apparently, unbeknownst to all Americans, President Reagan GAVE THE BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, AND FIREARMS TO CREDI­TORS OF THE UNITED STATES (CORPORATION). How do we KNOW? Let's put the pieces of the puzzle together.


In 1971, President Nixon "reorganized" the United States Post Office into the United States Postal Service. He also took the United States off of the Silver standard in 1971. Under the rules of Bankruptcy, he had to make good on the credit owed to the International Bankers. This is why the profits of the United States Postal Service ARE NOW SENT TO THE I.M.F. (INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND) as re­ported by C.N.N. (Cable T.V.) way back in JANUARY 1993.


Just how many departments and divisions of the United States Government have been TAKEN OVER BY ITS CREDI­TORS? We don't know, but it does bear further investigation. We hope you will take the time and effort to do some investi­gating on your own and let us know what you find! In the meantime, we will keep you updated.


* * *


Well now, aren't you glad you have stayed tuned? Aren't we glad and thankful for a man named Nelson (oh yes, as a patriot you ARE GLAD!) Aren't you also appreciative for a group calling themselves by other Constitutional titles? We even hope you are appreciative of an information resource called CON­TACT and a secretary called Dharma who is willing to risk DEATH to bring you this information.


YOU are not ignorant if you are keeping up with us--and, you will find proof in documentation citing elsewhere in this paper--to show that MANY high positions in your most high levels of administration and government and MANY bureaus such as ATF, IRS, etc., ARE INDEED BRANCHES OF THE UNITED NATIONS-PAID--WORKING DIRECTLY FOR THE WORLD BANK AND INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND!


Ah, we found the citation: we give appreciation to:

R. Tibbetts,

c/o P.O. Box 2796

Inverness, Florida 34451 (Article One Press )


* * *


So, what can you do to change this, reclaim your nation and again have freedom under your Constitution? Get rid of the treasonists, the debt AND THE BANK, and build your nation AGAIN under that Constitution of the people, by the people and for the people--UNDER GOD. We are happy to SHOW YOU THE "WAY"--BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT!





PJ 71



SUN., JUNE 13, 1993     11:34 A.M.     YEAR 6, DAY 301

SUN. JUNE 13. 1993.


DAY 34

(Mon., June 7, 1993)


Jerry White: (Boise, Idaho) Court starts up 35 minutes late as attorneys had been in a meeting to stipulate the report of the ballistic expert to save time of him testifying.


The bullet fragment in Kevin came from Horiuchi's (the sniper) .308.


The bullet fragment in Degan came from Kevin's 30-06.


The bullets went through Vicki, Sammy and Striker so there was no identification.


After morning recess, the Judge said an emergency had come up and court was recessed at 10:45 a.m.


We got word that the Judge was going to have arguments without the jury at 3:00 p.m. and evidently without the specta­tors because he had announced that the court was recessed until 8:30 tomorrow morning. The media didn't know, so they weren't there.


They argued about the evidence that had come up last Friday that the FBI had been holding back; a letter from a lawyer that was supposed to represent Randy when he was first arrested, and several photos and pieces of evidence that have already been gone over.


Spence gave the Judge a set of instructions for him to tell the jury how the government had been hiding and withholding. He said that the jury had the right to know what had been going on.


The Judge said that he would not tell the jury anything about it and, on all the other arguments, he reserved his rulings until tomorrow.


One of the pieces of evidence was a drawing by Horiuchi of the window of the Weaver house with two heads in the window. This was supposed to be what he saw before he shot Vicki. He testified last week that he couldn't see anybody in the window.


A very short day. Jerry


** I visited Randy in jail Saturday and, considering the cir­cumstances, he is doing pretty well.


There was a young man, his wife and little baby visiting Randy when I got there. He had been in jail with Randy and thought so much of him that he had come back to visit him. He said that he couldn't understand where they came up with Randy being a white supremacist, as there were several Mexicans in jail that were discriminated against and Randy was nice to them and tried to help them.


I also talked to another person in the jail and he told me the same thing.


DAY 31
(Tue., June 8, 1993)


Jerry White: (Boise, Idaho) The Judge today would not al­low the letter presented yesterday to be used as evidence be­cause the prosecution argued that it was delivered July 9 and dated July 10.


The Judge will order sniper Horiuchi back to the witness stand for cross examination, based on the evidence that the Gov­ernment had been withholding. He also imposed sanctions on the Government of 1 day of pay for all the defense attorneys. It doesn't hurt anyone except the taxpayers; certainly not the Gov­ernment.


Marshal Mays recalled to the witness stand as he had made an affidavit on Aug. 21, 1992, the day of the shooting, that contained so much erroneous information that his name was about the only thing that was correct.


The Judge would not allow a complete cross examination of Mays. He did admit that much of the information was incorrect but couldn't recall who had given him the information.


The next witness was Martin Fackler, a self proclaimed and self employed "bullet world ballistics expert". He was/is a sur­geon, but he no longer practices medicine. He spent 31 years in the military and now has set himself up as an expert witness in cases such as this. He charges $2,000.00 per day to testify as an expert witness, plus all travel and other expenses, plus $250.00 per hour for all interviews, preparation, etc. (Uncle Sam has unlimited funds for such as him.) There are no re­quirements or certifications of any kind required to call yourself an expert such as this.


He estimated that today's testimony, including preparation, would run about $4,500.00.


The prosecution is trying to prove that Marshal Degan was killed with the first shot of the fight but would have still been able to accurately shoot 7 shots from his M16A2 semi-automatic and shoot Sammy Weaver. The autopsy shows that Degan was shot through the lung cutting one of the main veins, breaking 4 ribs and the left collar bone rendering the left arm completely useless.


This expert witness is like any other expert witness, testifying as he is paid to do. He testified that it would not be at all un­likely that Degan could have lived 3 minutes and been able to control and aim his gun with his right arm and hand and aim good enough to shoot Sammy. He testified that Sammy was hit in the arm by a .223 slug (Degan had a .223) and was hit in the back by a 9 mm slug.


He is being cross examined by attorney Chuck Peterson and Chuck is blowing holes in his credibility.


The expert says that Degan could have performed "purposeful activity" such as thinking coherently, maneuvering and aiming his gun with one hand and functioning for 3 minutes.


He was recommended by Lucien Haag, a ballistic expert who will also testify. He admitted that he and Haag routinely rec­ommend each other as expert witnesses in cases such as this.


As to a lot of his testimony, he admits that his opinions are "rough estimates" or "reasonable approximation".


Peterson produced a paper written by him in 1988 that dis­putes what he has testified to today.


Marshal Cooper has testified that he would not shoot at a kid, but this expert believes that Cooper's 9 mm bullet hit Sammy in the heart, and Degan's .223 hit Sammy in the arm, or at least that is what he is testifying to as an expert witness.


Fackler is still on the stand and Peterson will be back ham­mering at him tomorrow.




DAY 36
(Wed., June 9, 1993)


Jerry White: (Boise, Idaho) Before the jury and witness were brought in today, the prosecutor said that he didn't want time wasted by cross examination. Chuck Peterson said that he had sat through over 7 weeks of prosecution (sic) and probably would have been done yesterday if not for so many objections by the prosecution.


Fackler was still on the stand; he didn't know of Degan's back pack or that it had holes in it that the prosecution repre­sents as bullet holes (still unproven). He never talked to the forensic pathologist who did the autopsy on Degan. He heard there was a witness to Degan being shot but never made any at­tempt to talk to him.


The autopsy showed that Degan's main artery was 75% closed from stenosis, which probably would have Degan go into shock quicker than a more healthy person. He also had blood in both lungs. He stated that it was unlikely that the shots were fired before Degan was shot or he probably would have hit Sammy with all 7 shots, even though he admitted he did not know what the target was for all 7 of the shots. He had not read Cooper's testimony, even knowing that Cooper and Kevin were the only eye witnesses.


Nevin wanted to use the statement Kevin had made as soon as he got to the hospital. Prosecution objected that Kevin and the Weavers had several days to make up a self-serving story. He ignored the fact that all the FBI, Marshals service and he had been rehearsing and writing a script for 9 months. The jury was out of the room again while this argument was going on. The Judge, as usual, ruled against the defense. Nevin also wanted to use a letter reportedly written by Kevin while he was laying in the Weaver house seriously wounded. The Judge ruled against that.


In the end, the expert witness admitted that none of his testi­mony was certainty--all of it is "opinion".


They flew sniper Horiuchi and his army of guards back from Washington D.C. for 30 minutes of direct and cross examina­tion. The Judge would not allow most of the questions asked by the defense. Horiuchi couldn't make a good and sensible expla­nation of his drawing of the 2 heads that he had drawn in the window of the door of the Weaver house when he drew his cross hairs on the window and shot Vicki.


The next witness was, Lucien Haag, criminologist, another expert witness. He reconstructs crime scenes as he appraises what he is told and from other evidence. He and several FBI and Marshals went back to the crime scene in March and again on April 26 of this year to discover new evidence. Never mind that it was 7 and 8 months after the fact and the whole area had been accessible to the whole world to do anything they wanted on the scene of the shooting. He couldn't tell what guns the fragments came from, but took the empty casings found on the scene and came up with a theory of the kind of bullets used in those casings. Never mind that a casing can be reloaded with any kind of bullet. The found saplings and limbs with skinned marks and theorized them to be bullet grazes and speculated as to what had happened. All of his testimony has been mostly speculations and opinions, the same as his friend Fackler before him.


His testimony has been "what could have happened", "what might have happened", "what could be", "what might be".


Prosecution finished direct examination at the end of the day.


Cross examination will be tomorrow. It is reported that this is the last prosecution witness.




DAY 37

(Thu., June 10, 1993)


Jerry White: (Boise, Idaho) At 4:30 this afternoon, after the defense had discredited the credibility of the Expert Witness, Lucien Haag, who was the Prosecution's last witness, the Pros­ecution rested its case.


David Nevin, Kevin Harris' lawyer, told the court, "In con­sideration of the evidence presented by the prosecution, the De­fense for Kevin Harris rests its case."


Gerry Spence gave the jury his million dollar smile and stated, "In consideration of the evidence presented, and ALSO the evidence not presented, Randal Weaver's defense rests its case."


The Judge told the jury to be back at 1:30 tomorrow after­noon for instructions.


The lawyers are to be in court at 8:30 tomorrow morning for motions.


My opinion (Jerry White), the motion will be for a directed verdict of acquittal.


This will all take place in open court.


DAY 38
(Fri., June 11, 1993)


Jerry White: (Boise, Idaho) At recess yesterday, lawyers were ordered to be in court at 8:30 a.m. today to argue motions and jury instructions. Jurors were ordered to be in court at 1:30 p.m.


At 12:00 noon today, jurors were excused and told to be back at 3:00 p.m.


Court convened at 2:15 p.m. without jurors.


Lawyers Nevin and Peterson made motions to dismiss all charges.


Chief prosecutor Ronald Howen got up and started telling the Judge why none of the charges should be dropped. He got as far as count 7 and choked up and couldn't continue.


Court was recessed and as he was being helped from the courtroom a lady in the courtroom stood and said, "Praise Yah­weh".


Could it be that he has been the Devil's Advocate so long that he was feeling the wrath of God and was just speechless?


I personally know many Christians that have been praying truth and justice to prevail in this case.


These prosecutors have both been working overtime to h the truth and make a mockery of Justice.


The Judge went to the Jury Room and excused the jury until 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon without them ever getting in courtroom today.


The Judge came back in the courtroom and said he was dropping counts 6 and 8 and was taking count 7 under advisement and reserving his ruling until later.


Arguments are to resume at 8:00 a.m. Monday morning.


I fully expect Justice to prevail in this case in spite of all that has been done to prevent it.


More Monday...Jerry.


* * *


Well, IF TRUTH PREVAILS it will be due to the daring ventures of--finally--some good attorneys. It will NOT be up to the Justice System. I do hope all of you will avail yourself of Eustace Mullins' Rape Of Justice. We certainly do not have "justice" anywhere else--so, you may well see a possible enough this particular trial--BUT YOU WILL NOT SEE "JUSTICE Ah, Evil smiles these days for the appearance of all things slaved to the very adversary seems to have power but KNOW that oft-times in the "losing" IS THE "winning".


Remember, when Evil smiles, that the forces of evil are always ranged against you if you be of God in goodness. They know the power you can become as a channel for God-Power.


The "teacher" had to conquer them in the wilderness before life of healing and helpfulness could be all-powerful.


Not by great falls but by little stumbles does evil seek the down­fall of God's children. Your own "Mountain of Transfigura­tion" can only come after your conquest in the wilderness. Temptations at which your whole nature would shudder are no temptations for you. It is the sickly honey-sweet cunning de­sires that represent "temptation" to the fleshly physical con­sciousness.


Should you not accept and rejoice in the event of "acquittal" for the two brothers? Indeed, rejoice but do not interpret it as JUS­TICE! Remember as you attend these things--the jury has spent more time NOT in hearing than in hearing testimony--AND, the Judge demands that the jury return his own preference for long ago you gave up the rights of jurors to act under the laws of the Constitution and "fair" hearing. Beware the smiling face of evil wherever you encounter it for it seems innocent as it offers the hand of friendliness. Beware, and remember: JUSTICE LIES AT THE JUDGMENT OF GOD! Furthermore, there is no punishment like the full just punishment of God unto those who would mete out injustice upon HIS people.


Now let us look at a couple of human instances which are get­ting to be the "rule" and not the exception in broadcasting. These have been shared so we pass them along. When you continue to say, "I just don't see how they...." and, "How can they do this?"--I say, look back unto all the pages we have of­fered and multiply it by thousands and KNOW the ones who struggle for your nation and freedom ARE PAYING THE PRICE FOR ALL OF YOU.




KEEP AMERICA FREE, APFN, June 9, 1993 (Wed.)


Talk show host Ron Engleman, 9:00 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday at KGBS Radio in Dallas, Texas may soon be out of work.


Ron is the talk show host that, from March 1st till the fiery conclusion of the Waco disaster, was on the air each day dis­puting the statements of the ATF and FBI stating that we were only hearing one side of the story. It's been learned that he may be fired within the next two weeks.


During his five months on the air, Ron has had a number of patriots as guests on his show. He has tried his best to educate the public as to what is really going on in our government. Some of the guests on his show were Devvy Kidd, from Project 93; William Cooper, author of Behold a Pale Horse; Al Adask, publisher of Anti Shyster Magazine; Phil Marsh of the Liberty Foundation; Chuck Harder from For the People; Dick DeGuerin, lawyer for David Koresh; David Schum, formerly with Citizens for An Alternative Tax System (CATS) who an­nounced his candidacy for U.S. Congress on Ron's Show; Tim­othy Good, author of Alien Contact, just to name a few.


[H: Now perhaps you can understand why I am not placing either my speaker OR the talk show hosts in jeopardy by continuing with interviews, etc. Yes, readers, we have had some wondrously fruitful radio sessions--(and of course some nit-wit insulting ones also)--but the attacks increase and if all the valid patriots are taken from the air you will have NO VOICE LEFT AT ALL.


Re-read portions of this CONTACT and you will again be reminded that YOU DO NOT HAVE A COUNTRY OF FREEDOMS ANY MORE--WORSE--YOU ARE NOW TO­TALLY RUN BY THE UNITED NATIONS AND YOUR TOP ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICIALS AND ADVISORS ARE EVEN PAID THEIR SALARIES BY THE INTERNA­TIONAL MONETARY FUND (THE BANK OWNER OF THE UNITED NATIONS). We have far too much work to do to cause silencing--there are better ways to win this par­ticular WAR than by continuing the battle of attack in the pretense that you can get away with it because of the Consti­tution. You are going to have to be shrewd as the serpent (whom your adversary serves) and gentle as the dove (the way of peace). You cannot be stopped from the truth--but you can be stopped for seeming to INCITE panic or rioting at which time they bring in the big guns of the enforcers. You are not going to, for instance, be given an "alternative tax system"--you are going to get what "they" want to give you and do not forget it. The Internal Revenue Service is just like the Postal Service--funds are not even paid to your government from taxes--IT IS PAID DIRECTLY INTO THE MONETARY FUND BANKS. WAKE UP!]


Ron has made numerous speeches to groups in the Dal­las/Fort Worth area concerning what really happened in Waco. This Friday, his guest will be Eustace Mullins, author of the Se­crets of the Federal Reserve.


According to inside sources, the owner of the radio station, Mike Russell said, "I'm tired of this conspiracy-shit on my radio station."


The Dallas/Fort worth area is about to lose a great patriot. Anything you can do to help him continue to tell the truth to the people of Texas would be greatly appreciated.


If you would like the owner of the station to know how you feel, the best thing to do is write to:


Mike Russell, Owner

KGBS Radio

3500 Maple Avenue, Suite 1470

Dallas, Texas 75219


You can fax or call the radio station but the truth is that let­ters will have a much greater impact.






(Las Vegas, Nevada) Today at 9:20 a.m. Anthony Hilder was kicked out of the studio at KLAV for daring to tell the truth about Janet Reno. According to Attorney Jack Thompson (phone number 305 666-4366) and an unnamed police officer on the Al Rantell Radio Show, (as reported in The Money Changer, Memphis, Tennessee), Janet Reno was discovered by the officer in a parked car in the Galleria Mall in Ft. Lauderdale. Reno, a closeted Lesbian, was with an under-aged girl, both of them in a state of undress (no speculation as to what was going on). Reno said to the officer, "I am Janet Reno," identifying herself, and continued, "Please be discreet, and if I can do anything for you down the road, I will." (Quote from The Money Changer)


Back to Mr. Hilder. He was reporting again on the miscon­duct of Ms. Reno in relation to her Lesbian affairs, and her re­lationship with the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). The CAN is the group that worldwide has blown the whistle on so-called illegal and unrecognized religious organizations such as the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. CAN tentacles stretch world wide and no religion registered or unregistered is safe or ex­empt. [H: Watch it--Santaria with blood and live sacrifices IS SAFE UNDER THE RULING BY YOUR HIGHEST COURT! PEOPLE DOING THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREE RELIGION ARE THE ONES UNDER ATTACK.] Hilder was reporting on Reno's relationship with the Clintons.


During yesterday's program, Hilder, in comparing the Na­tional Socialism of Adolph Hitler's Germany with the Socialism of Bill Clinton's America said, "Clinton had all of the charm but none of the dynamics of Hitler. Clinton is the 'velvet glove' on the iron fist of Commu-fascism. He must be impeached. If we don't take him out he will take the American Economy out, down and under and into 'ze nu vorld order'. Carl Marx is alive and well on Pennsylvania Avenue.


"Bill Clinton, like his mentor Dr. Carroll Quigley, advocates a one world government on the ashes of American Sovereignty." Dr. Quigley is the author of Tragedy And Hope.


My name is Dianne; I am reporting this as an individual, a patriotic person. I heard with my own ears that Mr. Hilder was audibly shaken as he reported over the airwaves that he was asked to shut down and leave the studio, that they would be "going to commercial". The next thing we heard was an al­ready-in-progress program from "For the People" out of Florida.


I was driving by Vegas World just at that time and stopped by to speak to anyone that was there to find out just what part of what Mr. Hilder said was so disgusting or inaccurate that he had to be censured from telling the truth about our elected and ap­pointed officials. This seems to be deja vu. Didn't we have the same type of situation with Steve Miller and Russ Driver in re­lations to Steve Wynn and his cohorts? Are we learning here that we cannot speak badly about money or people who have money? If we do, then maybe we will be slapped down and slapped down hard?


I was able for a brief time to sit in the studios/sales office of KLAV at Vegas World and speak with one of the Local Talk Show Hosts. I told him that I had documents and paperwork showing that what Mr. Hilder had said was not frivolous or made up, but that it was indeed down in black and white with names and places and dates.


When Mr. Hilder walked in I introduced myself and ex­plained why I was there. It turned out that the owner of KLAV was out of town for a few days and he, in fact, had not shut Mr. Hilder off but the secretary did . (Again, no speculation as to whether she had been in touch with him beforehand or did it on her own.) At that point the secretary came into the room and told me that Mr. Wagenford was on the phone for me. When I picked up the phone, he did not even identify himself, but invited me, in no uncertain terms, to leave, that I was not welcome in the studios or in the sales office. How do patriots stand in the eyes of Mr. KLAV? Are we just a means to an end? Are we just to be tolerated? Where does KLAV stand on the truth and the Constitution? Are we just "conspiracy theo­rists" as has been purported about Ron Engleman on KGBS Ra­dio in Dallas, Texas?


Mr. Hilder appears to be a sincere person to me. His agenda appears clear cut, as does mine, to get the truth out to as many people as possible, as fast as possible, in as few words as possi­ble. If everyone were telling the truth and doing the right thing, Ms. Reno, then, there would be no toes to step on.


If our Media won't tell the truth about those people at the head of our country, and won't let us tell the truth about what is going on with our country and those people who are at the head of our country, then who will? Where can we turn for truth? [H: YOU CAN TRY CONTACT AND THEN GET SOME NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS SO IT CAN STAY IN PRINT!  You can also continue with the APFN (but they will also need support). YOU HAVE NO LONGER ANY CLAIM TO THE CONSTITUTION OF YOUR NATION--YOU BE­LONG TO THE UNITED NATIONS GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD--NEW WORLD ORDER!]


Those people like Anthony Hilder, Ron Engleman, Lou Ep­ton, Peter C., Steve Miller and Russ Driver are to be praised for the work that they are doing and the truths that they are telling. Don't cut them off. Don't shun the truth. Don't shirk your re­sponsibility as a citizen of this grand country.


Hilder personally has no complaints with Dave or Loal Wa­genford. "They have got to do what they have got to do for the sake of the station. I have got to say what I have got to say for the sake of the nation."


We should be "Mad as Hell and shouldn't take it any more." Stand up for your rights as they do.


* * *


One last urgent message is requested running before we close this segment.


This is from C.F.A. (Washington) via APFN. June 8, 1993. This is not "unusual" news but it had BETTER GET YOUR ATTENTION BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO BE LESS AND LESS AND LESS "UNUSUAL" FROM HERE ON IN!


This is FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE from a Press Confer­ence.




Quoting: This press conference is being held by the re­ceivers Scott Hildebrand and Darrell Sturgess. The following statement is in effect by order of the U.S. District Court in Denver, Colorado, under Case Number CV-92-C-1781, that  the entire Home Administration, National Banking Associa­tions, the City of Fort Collins, Colorado and the County of Larimer, Colorado ARE HEREBY PLACED INTO RE­CEIVERSHIP BY ORDER OF THE U.S. DISTRICT COURT OF DENVER, COLORADO. Darrell Sturgess and I, Scott Hildebrand, are activating the National Guard to ensure NATIONAL SECURITY.


These Entities are hereby placed on notice that the assets of those placed in receivership are to be turned over to the re­ceivers Darrell Sturgess and Scott Hildebrand immediately to be recorded with the Court and to be disbursed against the Affi­davits of Damages submitted to the receivers. These assets in­clude, but are not limited to, the assets of the agents, officers, directors, and employees of the above-mentioned entities for CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and fraud which they were a part of and/or perpetrated. [H: I wonder if anyone would like to also look into the dealings of a bank in Kirk as well? Seems to me a lot of good things might be "found out" about "unusual" set-ups and dealing with ones we know quite per­sonally and painfully.]


Two examples of the fraud committed are as follows:


1.   The Farm Credit System, Federal Land Bank, Production Credit Association, Farmers Home Administration, and the National Banking Associations were never properly registered in the State as lending institutions to do business.


2.   Because they were never a legal entity, they had no standing in the Courts which they have used to seek remedy and relief from the people.


The National Banking Association will be closed and their af­fairs wound up for their non-compliance with the National Bank Act and their failure to comply with various State Laws.


The National Guard is hereby notified and given the authority to assist in arresting the perpetrators of fraud as specified in the arrest warrants which were filed in the U.S. District Court of Denver, Colorado, under Case Number CV-92-C-1781 because the Federal Marshals have failed to perform their sworn duties to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.


Any individual having a claim will be informed of these pro­cedures in the subsequent press conference. The specific details and an example of a standard claim will be outlined at that time.


What we have been assigned and designated to do is clean up the largest perpetration of fraud ever committed on the Ameri­can Public.


[H: Good luck!]


* * *


I don't believe I would hold my breath, citizens. There have been cases brought against the BATF, the Governor of Texas and other wolves in the sheep pens.


I'm sorry, readers, we are not informed about this to the extent to even comment reasonably as co-humans. It sounds GOOD? Well, it can be looked at in several ways without more FACTS. If everything is placed in receivership it will mean EVERYONE PARTICIPATING will LOSE quite a bit. If these are Patriots efforting to cause something to happen through the Constitutional system--how much luck do you think they will find avail­able? Remember that Mr. Lighter, Salter, et al., including Bo Gritz, have brought citizen's arrests forth on many people now--AND NOTHING (N O T H I N G) HAS RESULTED IN ANY MEASURE WHATSOEVER--EXCEPT TO BRING SOME ATTENTION (A VERY GOOD THING IN ITSELF).


I, Hatonn, am asked for comment on this last announcement--I cannot have any of value in any way, shape or form. What does it mean and who is doing it? This is another thing which is of­ten lacking in the good intentions of workers--you do not have everything you need to get a job done. If this is the "law" coming against these frauds--then you have one scenario (if the fraud be true). Who is Darrell Sturgess? Who is Scott Hilde­brand? Receivers?? By what authorization? From where? Since when? Who appointed them? Are they 'court' represen­tatives? Do they have authority to activate the National Guard? (It usually takes the Governor personally.) National Security? Isn't that the new role for the Federal Marshal Service and the ATF (no longer a "Bureau") and the other United Nations forces? I cannot comment for you have left no information with which to consider comments. Did they close the Banks? If they are not registered, can they remedy it without bank closure?


I am not being "smart"--I simply cannot comment on any subject with so little actual fact being issued--to accuse MEANS NOTH­ING!


The KEY, of course, is the validity of an "ORDER OF THE U.S. DISTRICT COURT IN DENVER, COLORADO". If this be true, you have one circumstance--if, however, some people SAY there is a court order and there is not--the fur will fly and it won't be the Bankers'. If there is an order, then everyone must sit up and take careful notice. We look forward to up­dates.



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