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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 28, 2022 - 12:08:15 PM

PJ #59 " "REALITY" ALSO HAS A DRUMBEAT! ", chapter 11 & 12.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Roel & Christ.
Jun 26, 2011 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 59





SAT., NOV. 14, 1992   8:35 A..M.   YEAR 6, DAY 90




Blessed, blessed children, how my very soul goes out to you as you come into awakening. Dharma, hold strong and stay the course. When a cup holds bitterness it must be emptied before the clean and perfect wine can replace it. Thy wine awaits but the cleansing of the vessel and that means that we must see the journey through in GOD's will for "suiciding" is for the "quitter", not the soldier in GOD's army. Remember that the cute term "suiciding" (by another) is called murder! We ask that no one give any REASON for "another" to commit suiciding upon you or any of our people. They must be seen for that which they are and for those who serve, realize for whom they are required to do their dastardly deeds.


I ask that the tapes from the phone lines (800 number messages) be recorded onto print each day--most especially those critical messages such as three or four on yesterday's tape. We cannot work from a "tape" for, even though I hear it, it requires at least two more hearing and then transcription of subject and contact numbers and addresses to perfect the response. Thank you. We are moving most rapidly now and, as you can see from this property in eviction, every moment of every hour makes a DIFFERENCE in whether or not the task of ‘staying' can be accomplished!




I thank the one who gave the information regarding the video recordings of Bush in the SR-71 WITH Russbacher returning from Paris at the "October Surprise". Yes, we know of the tape and it will serve in its appropriate time for several copies of same have been placed in safe-keeping--which is also keeping our friendly pilot alive and well. I am most gratified and appreciative of the confirmations coming one upon another from you who read and listen.




Isn't THIS the cutest little show-and-tell of all time? On Monday a rocket and missile will be launched from Russia. It will circle and di-do all over the map and then splash down in your Pacific Ocean right off Washington State, etc., yap, yap, yap. What is this "good-old-buddy" stuff? The Russians are "just reminding YOU that THEY need help, food, industry, etc." AND will have "toys" aboard and other goodies. Well, look out for the "other goods and items"!! Moreover, what are they going to SHOW YOU? Even if they don't blow you away in this little show-and-tell you can be damned sure they are sending a message of messages. They will have your whole defense system wide open for entry and with absolutely not so much as armed tracking. That comes because of ORDERS to not arm. Then plop--right on target after FIVE DAYS of whoop-de-doos and grid checking! Good will? THIS will just prove that THEY HAVE TOTAL SUPREMACY ON EVERY PIN-DOT ON THE GLOBE! DRINK YOUR KOOL-ADE NOW, LIKE GOOD LITTLE CHILDREN! CYANIDE AND ATOMIC DETONATIONS ONLY HURT FOR A LITTLE WHILE! As Dharma and E.J. can attest through this bitter time of insanity--deceit and corruption hurts far longer and more painfully.




From Alaska: In Alaska, punch cards were used for ballots in the election. Four of us were discussing the election after we had voted. We each voted in different precincts and discovered we DID NOT VOTE THE SAME BALLOT FOR U.S. PRESIDENT. The roster of candidates were listed in different order in each of the different precincts. For instance, Bo Gritz's name was on the TOP of the list on one, on the BOTTOM on another, and 3RD on my ballot card--and completely on the "bottom half" on the other!


So, I ask you--why do we even bothered to vote?


* * *


Because you wouldn't have found this out otherwise!!! When you "go after" these crooks and criminals--YOU MUST HAVE WITNESSES AND FACTS!




I ask that someone receiving this message get in touch with Al Bielek and also John Lear and have them contact the LIBERATOR (E.J.). I want to meet with them, please. I AM WEARY OF THE GAMES BEING PLAYED BY OTHERS OF THE MISINFORMATION GANG. I BELIEVE YOU WILL SEE, HOWEVER, THAT MY SCRIBE AND TRANSLATOR CANNOT GO ELSEWHERE BECAUSE OF SECURITY BUT I NOW ASK CONTACT, PLEASE.






I am only going to give a small portion of this correspondence for it is critically dangerous and I honor requests for privacy. This person only asks temporary silence regarding only a portion of his contact message which names names and places which are guarded. The material of which he will speak is properly owned and held and great expense has gone into the filming and backup material so I shall protect it. It is NOT alright to simply use another's property as your own as in the case of professional films, etc. You may use any and all of that which I offer--but not the property of any other come into your attention through me. So be it and I shall become greatly irritated if you abuse your brother in these instances.


Dear Hatonn, Soltec, Dharma, etc.


A few LIBERATORS ago Hatonn said the next UFO news would be coming out of Puerto Rico. This is absolutely TRUE. I don't know how many of you have heard in the U.S.A. (I know John Lear has) but there were or was a mass citing of a UFO on the day of the eclipse. Up to ten different people FILMED AND TOOK PHOTOS OF THE SAME UFO. There have been people taken on board other UFO's and given glimpses into the future WHICH CONFIRM HATONN'S AND SOLTEC'S MESSAGES regarding Puerto Rico (Hatonn) and Mexico (Soltec). The Japanese bought the rights to the film and a 2-hour UFO special (following Hatonn's news) was created, again by Yao San (Mr. Yao) and it was viewed by at least 3-4 million viewers. That is the number who SAW the film.


I am working on a transcript of the show and will send you a copy once it's into my wordprocessor. I've still got a lot of work to do on it and wanted to let you know; Yes, the news HAS COME OUT and YOU WILL BE HEARING IT ALL.


The show also showed the particle laser beams in action, possibly shooting and destroying UFO aircraft. The offered pathetic explanation for it was "ice particles"!!?! I suppose if people can be programmed to accept that smoking can give one air as fresh as arctic air then they can make people believe the complete garbage that particle beams are "ice particles". They must gloat like crazy if they can get away with junk like that.


By the way if anyone turns up with copies of these filmings--beware--legally! the Japanese have EXCLUSIVE rights over them..... [H: The remainder is confidential.]


* * *


I do herein state that some of the greatest rip-off documentation thieves are involved with this presentation--as is always the case with such happenings but we work with that which we have and we can allow you to realize the fictitious from the factitious.


So, is the whole thing a hoax to trap my scribe? What difference does it make? "I" am the only one who needs know!


I am grateful to this reader who has confided and shared with us and confidence shall be continued.


We have already received the documentation from the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. We, as servants in coalition with Pleiadians, are most appreciative of the Philippines connections because therein is the major base of the non-"serpent" visitors. Remember that "serpent" is a "term" or symbol. Any such "cloned" or "replicated" beings are exactly THAT--created to scare your wits out. It is, however, true that before anyone such as "Adam"--there were the "Serpent people"! REMEMBER--THE KHAZARIANS CALLED THEMSELVES FIRST "SERPENT PEOPLE" AND THEN--JEWS! I call them Zionist Vipers and their evil venom shall be spewed back upon them and their own diseases shall destroy them.


* * *


Dharma, let us work for a bit in the prophecies as projected in The Coming Collision Between England And Russia for ones need to be reminded of that which we gave in early JOURNALS and writings regarding Gog and Magog, etc. This is going to differ a bit but I am not going to go back and do your homework for you, readers--you go check it all out. I am honoring a man for great insight and performance and I will give what I give--exactly as he gives it. If it be in great error in concept THEN shall I make comment and change it. (Editor's Note: This was first published in England in 1923.)






"Gog"--it is a long "o" both in the Hebrew and in the Greek--is made from the old-world word-root "GG", which in the early languages implied something "g-i-g antic". Russia has this long time been the "Colossus" of the North.


A potentate of Bible history and prophecy was "A-g-a-g". That name, or rather, title, comes from the same root. He was (in his own estimation) A, Aleph+GG=No.1 Great! "The Agagites", we are told in Young's Analytical Concordance, "were an Amalek-ite tribe", and "Agag" was "A poetic name of Amalek, derived from a particular dynasty." Of Israel it is written in Numbers xxiv. 7, "His King shall be higher than Agag," referring probably to Ezekiel's Gog.


Now Amalek was one of two--nations descended from Esau. Teman was the other. The Teman-ite Edom we shall see to be the Ottoman Turks. Gog may be Amalek. If this be so, then Ezekiel's predicted catastrophe of Russia coincides with Obadiah's Downfall of Turkey. All about the "Turks" shall be explained in a later article. [H: And so too have we described those known as "Turks" as being Khazarian.] The Osmanli have by many of our writers been identified with EDOM. [H: Readers, you are also going to have to really pay attention to "Nora's Research Corner"!]




"Gog, the Land of", so and so, stand the words in the prophecy, implying a regime (like that of the Tsarist oligarchy, or the Bolshevik military revolutionary minority) which, without reference to what the population might desire, decides the policy to be pursued. "L'Etat c'est Moi," declared the Grand Monarque. Of Russia it is always true that the Rulers are themselves the State.


Of course, it is always on the cards that some great military Dictator may arise--he would be the personal Gog.




Not only is all the territory subject to Moscow one in its subjection to its rulers, but it is one also in virtue of a common element of blood. From the borders of Poland and Lithuania to Kamchatka and Vladivostock the so-called Russian peoples are either pure or mixed Mongolian ("Scratch a Russian you will find a Tartar")--for




is Mongolia. That is, the country so named, and the adjoining areas peopled by those the actual Mongolians--nothing whatever to do with the use of the term Mongolian as a generic designation for the "Yellow Race". [H: Please take note of this last statement.] To quote from my original article in the Banner:--


"M'gog, as a geographical term used by Hebrews of old and Arabs of to-day (Majuj), denoted a vast stretch of country to the north of the Black Sea, Caucasus, Caspian Sea, Hindu Kush, and Altai, known to the later Greek geographers as Skythia, and to us as the Russian Empire in Europe and Asia. Thus, without proceeding further, we may know the land which is identified with God." Narrowed down to actual fact, this means a Mongolia in the western half of that great area which may reasonably be called so because Mongolian blood predominates therein; and a Mongolia in the eastern half which is practically all Mongol, the Chinese State of that name and the Siberian territories adjoining thereunto.


"Magog" as "the Mongol" is thus in detail demonstrated in the eleventh chapter of my Russia Japhet. (Were this book still in print I would not quote from but only refer to it; as it is, one must quote at length.) [H: Please note the same would hold true for us--but all of our books priorly written are in print--and even the PLEIADES CONNECTION series can be still obtained legally through "Tehachapi Distributing". That series of books (8 or 9 of them) remain the most important books of information on your planet!]


"Magog was the second son of Japhet. The Arabian geographers of the Middle Ages appropriated his name, under the form of Majuj, to the same indefinite region which the later Greek and Roman writers designated Skythia--the vast inner expanse of Europe and Asia. In the map published in 1840 by the S.P.C.K., in their Notes, Exploratory and Practical to the Bible, all the territory between the Don in European Russia, and the Altai mountains in the very heart of Siberian Asia is assigned to the descendants of Magog.


"From the high-lands of Pamir, in the heart of Central Asia, whereon, according to the arguments of some of the earlier chapters of this treatise, the Japhetic races grew into national existence, an easy highway leads towards the eastern half of Asia. The Tarim River, whose valley this route would follow....loses itself....on the edge of the Gobi Desert. The basin of this river, forming a broad expanse between the Tia-shan Mountains on the north and the range of Kuenlun to southward, is one continual camping ground. Where these mountain barriers end begins the country called Mongolia, the original home of the Mongol race.


"The word Mongolian is one which is frequently used to denote the whole population of inner and northern Asia. At the outset we must carefully define a term like this. The type of race so often called in manuals of ethnology ‘Mongolian', let us designate by the term ‘Turanian'--the significance of which is co-extensive with the scriptural ‘Japhetic'. ...‘Mongol' must be reserved as the title of that race which, however far afield it may since have wandered, issued from the territory distinctively designated ‘Mongolia.'"


Now the name Mongol and the name Magog are, with slight variations, identical. Gibbon writes "Mongol" Mongou. In India "Mongol" became Mogh-ul--Mgg represents Mng, "Mongol" is "Magog".


The former province of Manch-uria was peopled from Mongolia. Between 1850 and 1860 Russia absorbed 150,000 square miles of Manchurian territory--since 1860, 100,000 more. These incursions into Manchuria have given Russia a quarter-million square miles of the Land of Magog.


Mongolia itself, the great Chinese province of that name, was, in the year 1911, placed in political dependence on Russia. The Bolshevist regime, in its steady onward push into all that was once the Czar's, had claimed this province too. The original Land of Magog is thus Russia.


But long before the arms of Russia were carried so far in the direction of China, much of the Land of Magog (in the wider sense) was under Russian rule--the Tunguses and Buriats of eastern Siberia are Monguls. In this way to north and south of the Russian Siberian frontier, something like two million square miles of Mongul-peopled territory are Russian.


Earlier still, Russia has been overrun by Magog the Mongol. (1) The Huns issued from Mongolia. The Empire of Attila included the most important part of European Russia. Some of the blood of the present population of central and southern Russia must have been derived from these Mongolian Huns. This early predominance of the tribesmen of Attila has done much to make the Russian Empire the Land of Magog.


(2) In the year A.D. 1224 Mongol hordes poured over Russia under Genghiz Khan. They came again in 1237. Latham says they bore the specific name of "Mongol". [H: Anyone getting nervous yet?]


Gibbon describes how they overran and devastated Russia. For more than two hundred years, to 1480, Russia lay crushed beneath the Mongul rule. Russia was, in fact, Mongolized from end to end. Latham points out that a considerable mixture of the two races took place, showing itself in their language, features, and bodily appearance. Even the Mongol tent formed the basis of their architecture down to the days of Peter the Great.


Thus--to sum up--The Russian Empire not only includes within its bounds nearly the whole of the Mongol area, but from the two great invasions, that of Attila and that of Genghiz--the latter resulting in a subjugation lasting upwards of two centuries--the whole of the vast expanse now governed by the Bolshevist minority from Moscow is saturated with Mongol blood and Mongol manners. The Russian Empire is the land of Magog.


Ezekiel's Gog is thrice described (verses 2, 3 of the 38th chapter, verse 1 of the 39th)--in the Authorized English Version--as




the two peoples next named. King James' divines were rather doubtful about this rendering, so inserted in the margin


"Or, Prince of the chief" (of).


These marginal notes were inserted to show that, while they would not necessarily disturb any form of words with which the earlier English version had made the people familiar, they preferred the renderings thus suggested. [H: Ah-humm, please read that again! Preferred? What could this possibly mean to the full content of possibility of some tid-tad of tampering?] This particular suggestion they took from Jerome's Latin "Vulgate". He had written, in this passage,


"Principem Capitis",


because the Hebrew word "Rosh" bore the meaning "Head".


Five hundred years previously the Greek Jewish Divines of Alexandria had boldly inserted the name instead of its supposed meaning. So in the "Septuagint" version we read,


"Ruler of Rosh"


The early German versions said the same. It was only in England that we had to wait for the "Revised Version" of 1885 to read in our own tongue:


"Prince of Rosh"


Let us now consider the Name.




The learned Hebrew linguist, Gesenius, remarks upon the word (in Greek letters, which we cannot reproduce) in Ezekiel xxxviii, 2, 3; xxxix, 1, that it is a proper name, undoubtedly answering to the name of Russia, the more so that the first mention of the Russians, in the writings of Byzantine and Arabian authors of the tenth century, is under the very form adopted by the LXX, namely, (Greek, resembling "Pw").


"That famous name," writes Dr. Vilhelm Thomsen (Professor of Comparative Philology in the University of Copenhagen, in his celebrated lectures delivered at the Taylor Institution, Oxford, in May, 1876, on "The Relations Between Ancient Russia and Scandinavia, and the Origin of the Russian State.") "first appears in Greek and Latin writers of the ninth century in the shape of an indeclinable word, (Pw) ‘the Russ', as if it stood for some unintelligible abstraction. It soon became familiar at Constantinople as the name of sea rovers, whose fleets from the rivers of the Black Sea insulted and threatened the great capital."


The ninth chapter of the work of the Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus on the administration of the Eastern Empire, written about the year 950, is entitled "About the Rhos who came from Russia to Constantinople with their boats." These boats, the Emperor tells us--canoes, indeed, they might be translated, the Greek word employed meaning "made out of a single trunk"--started from outer Russia, assembling below Kiev, in order to pass in company that long series of rapids which the Dnieper forms for a distance of fifty miles. The imperial author gives the name of these rapids both in "Sclavonic" and in "Russian." The Russian words are pure Scandinavian. Not only this, but all the members of the Russian royal family (of the House of Rurik), as well as of the Russian noblemen or private persons who are mentioned in the early chronicles, have pure Scandinavian names. Rurik and his fellows were as much "Northmen" as those who forced their way into the British Isles--the "rus" were undoubtedly Norman.


We have seen that Rosh was the earliest form of the Russian name. Rosh does not occur with Magog and the rest in the catalogue of the sons of Japhet in Genesis x. But the name does occur in Genesis xlvi, 21, in the line of Shem, the chosen line through Eber to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, being given as one of the sons of Benjamin, one of the tribes of Israel. Benjamin we British-Israelites have been in the habit of identifying as the ancestor of the Normans. If this identification be correct, and Scandinavia was largely settled by that particular Hebrew tribe, then Rosh has been an element of Israel left in Russia, first as founders and rulers of the Russian State, then as a remnant reduced to subjection by Mongolised Russia. So Gog is now Prince of Rosh. [H: Come on, chelas, don't "skip" over this material--go back and read it again until it is cemented in your brains! Yes I do know that "Rosh-Hashanah" is tripping through on little Santa wings--so let's just work our way through this, please.]


I had two suggestions as to the identity of Rosh as an Israelite element in modern Russia.


(1) That the Scandinavian aristocracy in Finland is Rosh, and their privileges we know have been filched from them by the Tsar and his bureaucracy.


(2) That the Ruthenian population of the southern part of Western Russia bordering on Galicia and Roumania are Rosh. There is a possibility that the Ruth of Ruthenia is derived from the Russ of the Scandinavian founders of Russia, and they do occupy our old early European home in Arsareth.


Incidentally in this connection I may mention that about a month before the War a British-Israelite lady in London wrote to me that she was coming to Penzance, and might she introduce to us a Ruthenian friend? She enclosed a pamphlet by him, in which he showed that the Ruthenian population of Russia would infinitely prefer to be incorporated with the Ruthenians of Galicia under Austrian rule!


Then came the War. Russia was our Ally. The visit to Penzance never came off, and we never made the acquaintance of our Ruthenian. Where precisely Rosh is to be located within the limits of mighty Russia time will show.


The Czars have gone. Lenin and his Bolsheviks rule Russia. Lenin may die, and Trotsky or some heathen triumvirate may reign in his stead. Hindenburg may step in, or perhaps the Russian representative of the Napoleons; or, some other military dictator. The old Russian realm, from the borders of Finland, Lithuania, and Poland to Kamchatka and Vladivostock is theirs, whoever they may be. The "russ" may have been exterminated, but the name of "Russia" survives. Gog, the slave-driver of "All the Russians", will be.




* * *


Please allow us a respite prior to the meeting. Will you please come sit with me that I might commune with you before that meeting. Please ask E.J. to make sure we have two microphones (both working) so that we can entertain questions today. The information and closeness becomes more and more essential as we meet the more trying times come upon us. Thank you.


Hatonn to clear, in gratitude for your service.





PJ 59





SUN., NOV. 15, 1992   7:52 A..M.   YEAR 6, DAY 91






It is the final step of "turning over" a thing unto God that gives the wondrous sense of "coping". I use this as message for all who read this. As you have faced death of loved ones, suicide of a son with potential to connect with the stars and walked through the fires of the pits of this life that would tug at you and pull you down--has it not been always that there was enough to sustain?


The lesson to be learned through the maze of confrontations and helplessness in any matter--is that if you remain helpless, nothing is achieved. The alternatives must be met and ALL must meet them. To ALL who read and share, all who connect physically, serve in any capacity--do you not see that the pain of one can stop the work of all? It is not enough to turn about and say, "I worry not because God will fix it!" It is not enough to say, "Well, they work with God and He can take care of them for I don't know what to do and I have my own things to do today!" In many instances, for instance, if Dharma stops in the writing--the work will be stopped for those "many". You ones must see your connections and, moreover, you must understand that to release a thing unto God is not to STOP for it will be yours to find the solutions. Release of the worry and immobility so that you can receive the thoughts and directions for possible resolution is proper--release and sit upon thine assets will simply lose you everything you have! KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, CHELAS, LEST YOU NOT BE WORTHY TO CARRY GOD'S BANNER!


As example--this property and the very shelter over your heads in this stealing of a home and all that gives survival unto these ones was granted by corruption in the courts and the enforcement by the very agencies and police set forth under the guise of "helping" citizens in justness and fairness. All those things and pledges have been broken herein. But, is it not that the Constitution covers these contingencies? Is it not apparent in massive measure that the answer lies also within the courts? Does this not mean that the lawyers and workers must produce the "saving"? Is it not also apparent that if Dharma and E.J. are forced into silence that there, too, goes the Law Center and the very life funding for individuals who serve that Center? Can you not see that if you WIN you not only save a dwelling but also recover that which was forfeit and in that return find funding and ability to go forward a bit further and prosper to serve others? I TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ALTERNATIVES--ALL YOU LEGAL MINDS MUST DO IS ISOLATE AND UTILIZE THEM. I SHALL GIVE YOU HINTS--I WILL NOT GIVE YOU ALL THE ANSWERS FOR IN THE SEARCHING SHALL YOU FIND BOTTOMLESS LIBRARIES OF TOOLS FOR OTHER CAUSES.


As Cassie, Eric, etc., come from Hawaii--we have need. We must have a place AND temporary facilities to harbor these comers from the great distance. Dharma and E.J. bear that burden. ACTUALLY, IT IS A MOST PERSONAL LESSON OFFERED TO ALL WHO WILL STUDY IT WELL AND CHECK THEIR OWN MOTIVES AND ABILITIES TO SERVE OR SHARE IN THESE TIMES OF EVOLVEMENT AND THE BRINGING DOWN OF THE FREEDOMS WHICH NO LONGER ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU, as if it be the only resource left. NO--I need to remind all of you that my scribe will attend NONE OF SUCH. I need her to do her job. This other arranging is that which others who have asked to serve can do.


These ones MUST have a place and I do suggest, E.J., that you get the house that Audrey and Eric moved from as its location is excellent and its size will house these precious ones. Then get bits and pieces of furniture, even if the beds be "frames", plywood and air mattresses. These ones have great talent and capabilities in the area of the Law Center and expertise must be allowed a place to function or we cannot make it in this venture. Neither, however, will this responsibility fall to Charles in such heavy manner as has become usual and expected. ALL ones must accept responsibility in both the shifting and moving or the unbalance topples the programs. Ones who simply "wait" for the abundance and the opening of "projects" shall be as openly "waiting" after the projects as now--I can promise as much.


Yes, it is indeed unfortunate that "problems" roll in one upon the other--but in the one instance of analyzing you will find that the one problem may well solve the other if you be willing to sort into the "right" conclusions. But also know that problems are not only for the one who seems to be in the central part of the "target" zone--a problem for one becomes the problem for the whole. You are NOT your brother's KEEPER--you ARE your brother's support system.


Perhaps some of "Deb's" furniture, could be temporarily utilized in that situation and when she is in need, other can be gotten for one or the other. It is a time of sharing--but NOT communal living. That shall never be solution of choice except on a very, very limited basis, for that makes you into a suspected "cult" and would destroy us as a unit in ability to make the kind of impact which must be attained. But, it is dangerous and unacceptable to make MY house a hotel for, as is, I can protect you--I can have no input over newcomers and their choices. AND MOREOVER, YOU MAY BE LOCKED FROM THIS PLACE AND I CANNOT ALLOW THAT KIND OF PRESSURE IN THE FINDING OF OTHER ACCOMMODATIONS. REMEMBER THAT THE LOT NEXT DOOR WHEREIN YOU MIGHT INTEND TO SET UP TENTS FOR TEMPORARY FURNITURE VACATING IS NOT YOUR OWN, YOU ONLY HAVE PERMISSION TO "USE" IT FOR OTHER THINGS--NOT A MASSIVE ATTENTION-GETTING FOCUS. Further, I know my scribe--she would not be able to leave the tending to others and do her necessary work, she would be attending the kitchen and laundry and I cannot accept that, please.


Let us move on now and, Dharma, please take the next within as the heart is weighed heavily upon. Again by Ken Coons is the following:




Go to the mountain, my friend

Expanding your mind and stretching your legs,

Drink down the wine and toss out the dregs,

Gather your thoughts as you'd gather the eggs,

One from the nest and one from the manger,

You're free of distress and feeling no danger,

The mountain is yours and you are the Ranger.


Go to the mountain, my child,

The pain that you feel, you must root it out,

To be relieved of suffering and doubt

You must return to the scene of the bout.

Relieve the pain, the hurt and the crying,

Go over it till you think you are dying.

The pain will release and you'll feel like sighing.


Go to the mountain, my love,

You know she is gone to never return,

Nature can feel the way that you yearn,

Cry out your eyes while you let your heart burn.

You won't find love, is what you are feeling,

But taste of the stream, it's yours for the kneeling,

The right one will come, so pert and appealing.


Go to the mountain for strength

Consider the hawk, and study the breeze,

Though it's not seen, it's swaying the trees,

Much can be learned from the birds and the bees.

Life is to live, but don't ever fear it,

Just give due respect and trust in your spirit.

Your life is your ship, now go home and steer it.


Perhaps we should just make this Ken Coons and Silverhawk Day for often the heart responds to the wisdom of those who walk the way with you--often never seen any more than I! Ponder it.




There was a time in life

When every mile was a milestone.

Each success was such a thrill,

You couldn't wait to climb the hill.

You tackled each new job with pride

And any fall you took in stride.

You always had the confidence

That you could hurdle any fence.


There comes a time in life

When every road is a crossroad.

Each decision must be weighed,

The trump you've held must now be played.

The weary effort that you gave

Was not enough to crest the wave,

And now you fear your feeble breath

Will culminate in pangs of death.


But would that be so bad

To have this misery ended?

Then you'd not wake up in fear

Of hearing oh so loud and clear

You're out of food and rent is due,

You owe the phone and light bill too.

You've just enough for cigs and booze.

No matter what you do, you lose.


The time is now at hand

To reach down deep inside you.

You must now renew your zeal,

Search out new goals and have appeal.

Expand your mind and dream new dreams,

Become the doer of your schemes.

Reach out and find a cause to give

Then you have a cause to live!


One more and we shall move on:




Actions speak more loudly than words

It often has been said,

But silence would the loudest cry

If e'er the mind was read.


Deep within the padded cells

Are mad men crying out.

Though soundproof walls retain the noise

One knows the things they shout.


Hatred, murder, lust and greed

And things one cannot quote,

A sickness for which it seems

There is no antidote.


Men must sow this carnal seed

Wherever they sojourn,

And though they reap its bitter fruit

They still refuse to learn.


Men hate laws that govern them

And though they are but mild,

Yet they rebel and disobey

Like any spoiled child.


Soon the way which seems so right

Unto the carnal mind

Will die the death, and then no more

Will blind men lead the blind.


[H: When will YOU awaken from the madness and blindness?]




What was given a few days past called The Secret of Atomic Transfiguration, Its Cause and Effects Revealed was but a foreword. We shall continue with the presentation as shared with us on this subject. Silverhawk has great insight and and even if his own comprehension is lacking in his own estimation--he has that to offer which shall allow you to better understand and in the writing and reading--comes the deeper understanding of that which is given from higher teachers.


Continuation: FOLLOW UP




What you have just read, serves as the introduction and premise of the Winds of God, The Resurrection, for it is the fulcrum around which all the rest turns. It is the Alpha-Omega Medicine itself, that ends the old world and begins the new. The new world is thus beginning from an entirely new divine dispensation and decree. We begin again at the fourth dimension as we go on through eternity. If you study the Hopi teachings, we have just left the fourth world and entered the fifth. All of us alive today have been living through the twilight of worlds, like the changing of the guards of the "Twilight Zone", if you will. This, of course, explains the extraordinary stresses and confusion that have and are going on and will continue till completion.


As all things have a life cycle of same principle of birth/compression--death/decay, so too do worlds. We have been experiencing the rapid decay at the end of fourth world life. Remember the nearer the end, the more rapid the decay. Metals demonstrate this most profoundly to us in the form of radioactivity. I find it so ironic that the ultra decay death that has been brought forth by fallen man, has in fact ended up being the very springboard for the ultra compression of new life for a new world and not only that, but also has caused the immunity to any further man-made destructive activity in the process. So those who have promoted death have in fact promoted life--in fact, super-life.


Now to explain in more detail the new dispensation; I say that nothing has changed in the law; it has only been quickened. In the fourth world, destructive activity has always been the cause of disease and degeneration. It's just that the process could take years or decades to complete. In that amount of time, a great deal of damage could occur to life environment as we have so painfully experienced. Now, in the fifth world dispensation, destructive activity begins to complete itself immediately because the cellular shield begins to weaken right away. What used to take decades or years to complete, now only takes months, weeks, or even days to complete, depending upon the intensity of destructive intent. Therefore, very little life damage to the environment is possible because of the very short time one has to organize a destructive momentum. So you can see that armies and police are no longer necessary to maintain order as in the past. Order and balance is maintained automatically by the radioactive environment. One has only a short grace period to turn away from destructive intent or momentum. If he or she fails to correct themselves and come once again into divine order, then by their own hand, they have in effect, placed themselves against a wall to be shot by a billion tiny bullets, as traitors to life. They thus become their own executioner. Now this principal is no different, as you can see from the past. It's just that no one else need get involved unwillingly. The process of law is simply quickened and more pure.


Where is the line of decay, you might well want to know? Well, there is no line, only degrees, if you are balanced in eternal being. The degree of deviation from that perfection directly determines your degree of longevity. I would say that there is some sort of line where you may plunge into direct war with God and intend massive destruction, in which case your longevity would be measured in days as your shield would diminish to nothing.


This picture, then I think, clearly illustrates one of the new qualities of the new dispensation of the fifth world, a world quickened into higher octave of life. Now, some radioactive material takes 250,000 years to decay to safe levels, so you can see that a great deal of time has been bought for this true light world. 250,000 years is but a heartbeat to the life of a planet, however, it should be more than enough time to generate a new "Starman", if not in fact an entire planet of Ascended Masters. Ah Ho. At the point of total planetary ascension, the radioactive "guard" would of course no longer be needed.


Now that we have covered and gone through the Alpha-Omega experience, I want to turn to the shedding of light and truth and to the nuts and bolts of the creation and outpicturing of the fifth world and how to transmute or transit from here to there and what "there" can look like. This is going to be a general treatise. I'm not here to do anyone else's work for them. I have my own to attend to. I only wish to start the ball rolling and present an outline and input from my own experience and meditation, for all light people have input and work to add and that of course creates infinite possibilities. I thus intend here to but add my two dollars worth at the races. If any or all I present "works in the weave", then that would be wonderful. So be it.




Let's begin at the beginning, then, as the end always leads to a new beginning except at a higher spin upon the spiral. The "primitive premise" is the anchor for biological man. I know that because it has served to keep me balanced and sane through life and has been the womb of my ascension process. It is also dirt simple.


Man tends to confuse himself in his infinite complexities. He builds a high-tech civilization that creates the illusion that it is unto itself and thus elaborates endlessly within his churches and other institutions to the point of babble. Then he wonders why he is lost and confused. Within this tower of babble are also many places for the enemies of life and freedom to hide. From there in their hiding, they promote lies and erroneous concepts aplenty and enlist a host of fools to stump for them. This has always been the danger of vast and complex civilizations that are built by unawakened man.


Now perhaps you can see the wisdom of the Hopi people, who originally came from lost Atlantis, as the "children of the law of one" and who keep that covenant to this very day. Most wise indeed. The primitive premise is ultra simplicity itself. It can, however, only be seen, known and experienced as one becomes one with it. It cannot be put in a bottle in a laboratory and analyzed. You either awaken into it or your don't. It is a way of being and seeing what is.


Meditation is the gateway that leads into this state of being. Right now I ask you to discard any and all erroneous concepts and pictures that you might have about meditation. Meditation is sunshine simple, like God. Meditation is simply "talking to God". I should say "conversing" because you not only talk, you listen as well. This is simply a conversation that springs from the axis or fulcrum of your being. You must still the babble of the world in your mind long enough to activate the fulcrum. Then you have engaged the great mind in conversation. You need no special effects or rituals. These are optional. You can do this over coffee in the morning. Anyone can do this, although, after eons of sleep, it may take awhile to get used to it once again. Once you have begun to reengage the Creator again, you have thus arrived at the "primitive premise". This is the point of true reality against you. Now, to strengthen the meditation, it is a good idea to walk out into nature periodically, preferably in an area that is untouched or altered my man. While meditating in true nature, you can contact the Adam or Eve in you; the original man or womb-man, whichever you are. From here you can see, feel, know, hear and experience the simple truth. This is what I call the "lone man on the mountain" state. It is just you, God and nature. Here you can witness yourself and all you contain, as well as witness God and nature and all therein they contain and you can know your true place as man. This is one reason that the Indian sent his new young men off alone, so they would become true men and would discover their true name and purpose, thus, the "vision quest". To truly "witness" means to "see, from your fulcrum of being, "what is",


Your fulcrum is your axis or equator. It is that unseen line between your left and your right brain and between the left and right hemisphere of your body. The light chakra system also runs down this equator. Let thine eye be single.


If you go to high ground and look down upon a town or city, you can see the fragility of man. You can see that he is building fences around himself in fear. He huddles in tribes for comfort and reassurance. He is helping each other to convince himself that it is okay to sleep and indulge in a fallen state. He is in denial of who he is and thus denies God, nature and his place in the plan. When death then approaches he is frightened and feels alone because he does not talk to God, as a whole or as a rule. He talks mostly to himself--to each other.


If you fear death, then you also fear life. Fear only lives in shadows. When you re-connect with Creator, you see that there are no shadows and no death as well. All is spirit, all is God. You are a part of it and always have been and will be. You need no guru or priest or church. You need no rituals or rhetoric or trappings of any kind in order to see this and experience this. You only need to be still and listen and remember, that which you already know. This is the primitive premise.


It has always been so since man first was, when he was simple and uncomplicated like a child. So it will always be and so will that little eternal child that you truly are, that fears nothing and simply awaits your remembering. As a child you will enter the kingdom within; as a little child, innocent, trusting and free, or you will not, cannot, enter therein.


You say you wait on God. Nay, He waits on you. He waits eternally for you to tire of your misery and childish games enough to call upon Him. Then He will lift you. He will lift you high above the eagle. He will surely heal all your hurts, dry all your tears, and bring you home in one piece.


I speak here from my own hard road of experience. Now, I walk the "good red road" forever.


When you are out in nature in stillness and the "silent knowledge" flows from your fulcrum, through your consciousness, you can "hear" the "word" in all creation. Everything "speaks" to you. All life, all forms in life, speak to you silently. The rocks, birds, bugs and plants and animals, all have their stories in life. They all have their place in creation in perfect balance and so too do you. You are Man. Awaken from the spells and hexes that you have cast upon yourselves. You have a place here as all forms do. If you want to be happy, balanced and fulfilled, you must remember your true place and purpose.


What is man? Is he simply an inventor? Well, man creates, yes. God creates, indeed yes. Therefore, man is a co-creator. However, God also sustains what he creates, in balance and harmony. God projects his original rays of gold and silver. Silver, the creating ray and gold, the sustaining ray of light. This is the father-mother aspects of God in action. Creative power and creation result. Positive-negative, light-dark, being-non-being, form-formless, life-death, etc., etc. This is the "motor" of God.


Does man sustain? Is he a sustainer as well as creator? He better be; and soon.


The meditation now takes us deeper into the weave of our world. We have arrived at the reconciliation point for America.


When I was a red man last, I wondered deeply why Grandfather had brought the white man here. We were good sustainers of the garden after all. We shunned the idea of temples and altars with all their technologies and trappings. Those things only breed trouble, jealousies and confusion. So why did this strange hairy white man arrive here, we asked? He sustains nothing. He creates and devours everything in his path and then creates more and more but fails to sustain his foundation. He is truly out of balance we said. Well, so too were we, I have come to see at last. Man was not meant to just graze in a garden forever either. He was designed to be a full reflection of Grandfather's potentials. Therefore he must become a creator/sustainer in perfect balance. From this state of balance and reconciliation, he becomes a "starman"; a builder and sustainer of worlds "with" Grandfather. So the creator/builder/inventor white man and the gardener/tender red man, both had what each other needed in order to bring man to balance. So, I am here today, in the son of a white man, to do just that. To birth the "starship Indian/cosmic cowboy" man. Together we become the "pink" of Christ. We emerge in balance together, ah ho.


Now we grow out again from primitive premise into all that can come from it in balance.




During my lifetime of meditation, I have spent considerable time digging through my akashic attic. I've discovered many old hats and outfits that I used to wear in different times and places through eternity. Well, one thing I noticed. None of them fit anymore. For instance, the most recent outfit of great allure was We-sa-kan, the Crow shaman back in the mid-1800's. I did bring all that knowledge and experience along with me but also a great deal more. Many titles could apply, but none of them can contain all of me. Well, we men like titles, so I began searching for one that could be both humble and all encompassing at the same time. What could you call someone who has been everything, a shaman, a cowboy, an Indian, king, priest, yogi, samurai, alchemist, wizard, beggar, thief, metaphysician, sailor, soldier, warrior, etc., and who has awakened to all he has been. "RANGER" came to mind as the perfect title. In this life I practice all forms of medicine, I write, sing, dance, power walk, heal, prophesy, see, stalk, meditate, command, decree, transcribe, and project power in a multitude of ways and forms. And I'm not the only old Indian and warrior of life who has come back to run around and haunt the world again and who has awakened to himself this way, oh no. Therefore, all those who have unlocked the treasure door of their soul's experience and who are putting it into action, I have dubbed "Rangers".


We all have a lot in common. We follow the spirit, read signs, move from prompting, travel, and tend to continually expand our "range" of knowledge, experience and application. Thus the term and title of "Ranger". We all most emphatically serve the light as well. We are peppered around the world. We come in all sizes, both sexes, all races and from all countries. We are the "seed crop" of the fifth world man. The "seed men" if you will. We also witness all and are the enforcers of divine law in action. Thus, I guess we are altogether, "divine lawmen".


All the rangers I've met, including myself, are indeed an illustrious, lusty and colorful lot. We've never let fear or timidity stand in the way of the great work and journey, oh no. "Onward Rangers, to God and the stars," is our motto. To unfold like a lotus upon the waters of life, is our burning desire. To fly free of all restraint, is our highest goal, and anchor the love, light, power, will, intent and law of God within, without and all about this world, is our greatest service. To restore the plan on earth as it is in heaven. I give you now the "code" of the Rangers....





























May the peace of KNOWING rest upon you and may the WISDOM of the ages light your path. For I AM and I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU: I AM ATON

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