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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Mar 15, 2021 - 10:28:00 PM

PJ #55 " MARCHING TO ZION ", chapter 3 & 4.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Christ.
May 3, 2011 - 12:00:00 AM

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PJ 55



THU., SEP. 17, 1992   9:59 A.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 32



(Continuation of #1)


The following information regarding PUBLIC LAW 102-14 comes to us from one who has shared and originated as in this presentation from another in Arizona. Since this is a Journal and I would wish to give credit for fine work, I am limited in that ability because of court action against us regarding Dr. Rus­sell's wondrous gifted work now banned from your free use of same, as scientific fact. The courts have labeled, in this interim time prior to trial, Dr. Russell's work as metaphysical philoso­phy with no basis in FACT. This is heinous as that work is scientific in total nature--the metaphysical humanistic use is at­tributed to ones who came after the scientific contribution to mankind.


At any circumstance I shall simply identify the sender as J.H. and the originator as B.S.




Re: PUBLIC LAW 102-14


I hope and pray the enclosed material will infuriate you enough to join in the effort of informing others of the great peril that PUBLIC LAW 102-14 promises to have on all America.


The contents are self-explanatory if read in a gleaning man­ner.


PUBLIC LAW 102-14 is a true example of the anti-christ fighting with all its fury. The question is: do we succumb to the anti-christ or will we overcome the anti-Christ?? Truly, our choice to make in these the latter days.


Remember, the blood of the uninformed is always in the hands of the informed. However, once they've been told, they are no longer uninformed. Their blood has been transferred back into their own hands.


Sincerely in Christ,


B.S. (Arizona)


P.S.: The enclosed material definitely deserves more than a one time casual reading.


P.P.S.: Perhaps it is time we limit politicians to 2 terms: One in office, and ONE IN JAIL.




The following law went into effect in March (20th) 1991. Sen­ator Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) told me in a letter dated October 2, 1991: "The bill enacting this law, H.J. Res. 104, moved swiftly through the Congress and passed both chambers by voice vote."


This Resolution was titled "A JOINT RESOLUTION to DES­IGNATE MARCH 26, 1991 AS EDUCATION DAY, U.S.A." It was introduced in the House of Representatives by Robert H. Michel (R-IL) and co-sponsored by Richard Gephardt (D-MO). It was then co-sponsored by 224 more Congressmen. Con­gressman Bob Stump (R-AZ) was one of the 224 co-sponsors. [H: Indeed this is one of the ones where I asked you to write and demand to know how this "voice vote" could have come to be. I have received copies of many of the return letters which indicate: "It is none of your business"!]


The real meaning of this law is not spelled out within the law itself but it is very strange that it was introduced, passed and signed by the President in a country whose laws ostensibly originate in the Common Law which comes from the Laws, Statutes and Judgments (Mosaic Laws) of the accepted "Holy Bible". As you will discover the Resolution has absolutely nothing whatso­ever to do with "Education Day".




105 STAT. 44 PUBLIC LAW 102-14--MAR. 20, 1991


Public Law 102-14

102nd Congress



Mar. 20, 1991

             To designate March 26, 1991, as "Education Day, USA"


[H.J. Res. 104]


Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded;


Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws;

Whereas without these ethical values and principles the edifice
of civilization stands in serous peril of returning to chaos;

Whereas society is profoundly concerned with the recent weak­ening of these principles that has resulted in crises that belea­guer and threaten the fabric of civilized society;

Whereas the justified preoccupation with these crises must not let the citizens of this Nation lose sight of their responsibility to transmit these historical ethical values from our distin­guished past to the generations of the future;

Whereas the Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world;

Whereas Rabbi Manachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavich movement is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991;

Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, "the rebbe", this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of "education and giving", the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and

Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as "Education Day, U.S.A.". The President is requested to issue a procla­mation calling upon the people of the United States to ob­serve such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.


Approved March 20, 1991.






Mar. 5, considered and passed House.
Mar. 7, considered and passed Senate.



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now that the Seven Noahide Laws are the law of the land it should behoove each of us to know and understand what the Seven Laws actually are [H: You WOULD want to know if the Methodists or Pentecostals passed a public law of the land, would you not?]; what the penalties for disobeying them are and; last but not least, by whom are they to be en­forced. Yours truly is still waiting for the "governmental" an­swers to this most important issue from his written request to both Congressmen Michel and Stump. While waiting for their answers I tried to find out on my own what this "Public Law 102-14" is all about.


If you are curious and inquisitive I'd like to share with you what I found. The following is not easy or light reading. It ac­tually requires a totally different mind-set than that to which we are accustomed; e.g., to catch a thief one must think as a thief; or, put oneself in their stead.


The following spells out the Seven Noahide Laws; the Lubavitch movement; the 'rebbe'; and Rabbi Schneerson. It was all gathered in context from the Judaica Encyclopedia, a Jewish publication. I could find but a mere mention in a few other publications but not enough to properly answer the ques­tion.


May your discernment prevail and, as you read continuously ask yourself WHY did our "government" pass this law so swiftly and with only a voice vote??


You will notice in the Whereas' above it states many times ethical values and principles. This is very important because in the sixth "Whereas" it states unequivocally where they were fostered and promoted. You'll also notice it is NOT from Com­mon Law or Christian principles and Biblical Laws. In essence, you'll discover, if you are in complete honesty with yourself, that Public Law 102-14 legally and POLITICALLY JUDAIZED THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WITH A BABYLONIAN TALMUDIC RELIGION KNOWN AS  JUDAISM AND IN TOTAL VIOLATION OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT TO OUR CONSTITUTION WHICH STATES:  "Congress shall make no law respecting an estab­lishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;.... " This is what the media, and all anti-Christian proponents want us to believe is "Separation of Church and State."


You'll also notice in the ninth "Whereas" it is to go interna­tional with other heads of state signing. Is this just coincidental with the Messianic Age (One World Government under Zion­ism) that Jewry is zealously waiting, or was it deliberately planned that way? Consider the removal of "The Ten Com­mandments" from our so-called public schools. If all this doesn't total up for cause of concern for all of us then we defi­nitely deserve what they (the oneworlders) have planned for us.


From the Judaica Encyclopedia:


"NOACHIDE LAWS, The seven laws considered by rab­binic tradition as the minimal moral duties enjoined by the Bible on all men (Sanh. 56-60; Yad, Melakhim, 8:10, 10:12 [Babylonian Talmud]). Jews are obligated to observe the whole Torah, while every non-Jew is a "son of the covenant of Noah" (see Gen. 9), and he who accepts its obligations is a ger-toshav ("resident-stranger" or even "semi-convert" (See Av. Zar. 64b; Maim, Yad, Melakhim 8:10.) Maimonides equates the righteous man (Ihasid) of the [gentile] nations" who has a share in the world to come even without becoming a Jew with the gentile who keeps these laws. Such a man is entitled to full material support from the Jewish community (see ET, 6 (19540, col. 289 s. v. ger toshav) and to the highest earthly hon­ors (Sefer Hasidim [1957], 358). The seven Noachide laws as traditionally enumerated are: the prohibitions of idolatry,  blasphemy, bloodshed, sexual sins, theft, and eating from a living animal, as well as the injunction to establish a legal system (Tosef., Av. Zar. 8:4; Sanh. 56a). Except for the last, all are negative, and the last itself is usually interpreted as commanding the enforcement of the others (Maim. Yad, Melakhim, 9:1). They are derived exegetically from divine de­mands addressed to Adam (Gen. 2:16) and Noah (see Gen. R. 34; Sanh. 59b, i.e. , the progenitors of all mankind, and are thus regarded as universal. [H: But it doesn't sound too bad yet, does it? Just good manners and habits? Watch out--it means a lot of things you do not yet even think about. This could "literally" mean no eggs, no milk, etc. Think again and then read on.] The prohibition of idolatry provides that, to ensure social stability and personal salvation, the non-Jew does not have to "know God" but must adjure false gods (that's a good trick if you can do it) (Meg. 13a; Kid. 40a; Maim. Yad, Melakhim, 10:2ff). This law refers only to actual idolatrous acts, and not to theoretical principles and, unlike Jews, Noachides are not required to suffer martyrdom rather than break this law (Sanh. 74a; TJ, Shev. 4:2). [H: I can only suggest that you "good" Christians who refuse to read this go to the library and READ THE TALMUD!--EXCEPT THAT THEY WON'T LET YOU HAVE A COPY.] "They are, however, required to choose martyrdom rather than shed human (Jewish [for "other" is classified as something else--not 'human'] blood" (Pes. 25b and Rashi). [H: I also note that the "leaders" don't shed anything including property-just the lowly "human" Jewish sucker. It is more of that, "You sac­rifice and we'll lead".]


In view of the strict monotheism of Islam, Muslims were consid­ered as Noachides (cf. ET. loc. cit. , col. 291, n. 17), whereas the status of Christians was a matter of debate. Since the later Middle Ages, however, Christianity too has come to be regarded as Noachides, on the ground that shittuf ("associationism"--this was the Jewish interpretation of Trinitarianism) is not forbidden to non-Jews (see YD 151). Under the prohibitions of blas­phemy, murder, and theft Noachides are subject to greater legal restrictions than Jews because non-Jewish society is held to be more prone to these sins (Rashi to Sanh. 57a). The prohibition of theft covers many types of acts, e.g., military conquests (ibid., 59a) and dishonesty in economic life (ibid., 57a; Yad, Melakhim, 9:9). A number of other Noachide pre­scriptions are listed in the sources (see Sanh. 57b; Mid. Ps. 21; Yad, Melakhim, 10:6), e.g., prohibitions of sorcery, castration, mixed seeds, blemished sacrifices, injunctions to practice char­ity, procreate, and to honor the Torah (Hul. 92a). These are best understood as subheadings of "the seven laws". Noachides may also freely choose to practice certain other Jewish com­mandments (Yad, Melakhim, 10:9-10). Jews are obligated to try to establish the Noachide Code wherever they can (ibid., 8:10). Maimonides held that Noachides must not only accept "the seven laws" on their own merit, but they must accept them as divinely revealed. This follows from the thesis that all ethics are not ultimately "natural", but require a theological frame­work, (see Schwarzschild, in: JQR, 52 (1962), 302; Fauer, in: Tarbiz, 38 (1968), 43-53). The Noachide covenant plays an im­portant part in both Jewish history and historiography. Modern Jewish thinkers like Moses Mendelssohn and Herman Cohen emphasized the Noachide conception as the common rational, ethical ground of Israel and mankind (see H. Cohen, Religion der Vermunft (1929), 135-48, 381-8), and see Noah as the sym­bol of the unity and perpetuity of mankind (ibid., 293). Views differ as to whether the ultimate stage of humanity will comprise both Judaism and Noachidism, or whether Noachidism is only the penultimate level before the universalization of all of the Torah (see TJ, Av. Zar. 2:1). Aime Palliere, at the suggestion of his teacher Rabbi E. Benamozegh, adopted the Noachide Laws and never formally converted to Judaism.


"In Jewish Law. While in the amoraic period the above-mentioned list of seven precepts is clearly accepted as the frame­work of the Noachide Laws, a variety of tannaitic sources indi­cate lack of complete agreement as to the number of such laws, as well as to the four possible additional prohibitions against (1) drinking the blood of a living animal; (2) emasculation; (3) sor­cery; and (4) all magical practices listed in Deuteronomy 18:10­11. The Talmud records a position which would add prohibi­tions against cross-breeding of animals of different species, and grafting trees of different kinds (Sanh. 56b). Nonrabbinic sources of the tannaitic period indicate even greater divergence.


The Book of Jubilees (7;20ff.) records a substantially different list of six commandments given by Noah to his sons: (1) to ob­serve righteousness; (2) to cover the shame of their flesh; (3) to bless their creator; (4) to honor parents; (5) to love their neigh­bor; and (6) To guard against fornication, uncleanness, and all iniquity (see I. Finkelstein, bibl.). Acts (15:20) refers to four commandments addressed to non-Jews, "... that they abstain from pollutions of idols, from fornication, from things stran­gled, and from blood." This latter list is the only one that bears any systematic relationship to the set of religious laws which the Pentateuch makes obligatory upon resident aliens (the ger ha-gar AND ezrah).


"NATURE AND PURPOSE. There are indications that even during the Talmudic period itself there was divergence of opin­ion as to whether the Noachide Laws constituted a formulation of natural law or were intended solely to govern the behavior of the non-Jewish residents living under Jewish jurisdiction. The natural law position is expressed most clearly by the assertion, as to five of the seven laws, that they would have been made mandatory even had they not been revealed (Yoma 67b; Sifra Aharei Mot, 13:10). Similarly, the rabbinic insistence that six of the seven Noachide Laws were actually revealed to Adam partakes of a clearly universalistic thrust (Gen. R. 16:6, 24:5). The seventh law, against the eating of flesh torn from a living animal, could have been revealed at the earliest to Noah, since prior to the flood the eating of flesh was prohibited altogether. The very fact that these laws were denominated as the "seven laws of the sons of Noah" constitutes further indication of this trend since the term "sons of Noah" is, in rabbinic usage, a technical term including all human beings except those whom Jewish law defines as being Jews. Nor was there a lack of tech­nical terminology available specifically to describe the resident alien. On the other hand, the entire context of the Talmudic discussion of the Noachide Laws is that of actual enforcement by rabbinic courts. To that end, not only is the punishment for each crime enumerated, but standards of procedure and evi­dence are discussed as well (Sanh. 56a-59a). This presumption of the jurisdiction of Jewish courts is most comprehensible if the laws themselves are intended to apply to non-Jews resident in areas of Jewish sovereignty. Of a similar nature is the position of Yose that the parameters of the proscription against magical practices by Noachides is the verse in Deuteronomy (18-10) which begins, "There shall not be found among you..." (Sanh. 56b). The attempt by Finkelstein (op. cit.) to date the formula­tion of the seven Noachide commandments during the Has­monean era would also suggest a rabbinic concern with the ac­tual legal status of the non-Jew in a sovereign Jewish state. It might even be the case that the substitution by the tanna of the school of Manasseh of emasculation and forbidden mixtures of plants for the establishment of a judicial system and blasphemy (Sank. 56b) itself reflects a concern with the regulation of the life of the resident alien already under the jurisdiction of Jewish courts. Of course, the seven commandments themselves are subject to either interpretation: e.g., the establishment of courts of justice can mean either an independent non-Jewish judiciary and legal system or can simply bring the non-Jew under the rubric of Jewish civil law and its judicial system.


"THE BASIS OF AUTHORITY. A question related to the above is that of the basis of authority of these laws over the non-Jews. Talmudic texts seem constantly to alternate between two terms, reflecting contradictory assumptions as to the basis of authority, namely seven precepts "which were commanded" (she-niztavvu) to the Noachides, and seven precepts "which the Noachides accepted upon themselves" (she-kibbelu aleihem; BK 38a; TJ, AV. Zar. 2:1; Hul. 92ab; Hor. 8b; Sahn. 56b). This disparity between authority based on revelation as opposed to consent reaches a climax when Maimonides asserts that the only proper basis for acceptance of the Noachide laws by a non-Jew is divine authority based on revelation as opposed to consent reaches a climax when Maimonides asserts that the only proper basis for acceptance of the Noachide laws by a non-Jew is di­vine authority and revelation to Moses, and that "... if he ob­serve them due to intellectual conviction (i.e., consent) such a one is not a resident alien, nor of the righteous of the nations of the world, nor of their wise men" (Yad, Melakhim 8:11; the possibility that the final "ve-lo" ("nor") is a scribal error for "ella" ("but rather") while very appealing, is not borne out by any manuscript evidence). Of course, this same conflict between revelation and consent as basis of authority appears with regard to the binding authority of Torah over the Jew, in the form of "we will do and obey" (Ex. 24:7) as opposed to "He (God) suspended the mountain upon them like a cask, and said to them, 'If ye accept the Torah, 'tis well; if not, there shall be your burial" (Shab. 88a). [H: Now, to you Christians who bash these scribes of mine against the head--go back and read that sentence. You claim the word of the Holy Bible and yet clearly this law states, in fact, that you must believe the TORAH. There is no valid term "Judeo/Christian" in FACT. The two terms are mutually exclusive and at oppo­site ends of definition. This is something conjured in these latter days to confuse you from your belief systems in either case and suck you into political Zionism-Socialism under a one world order--under the TALMUDIC COMMUNISTIC ONE WORLD RULE--"THEIRS AND NOT YOURS".]


"NOACHIDE LAWS AND PRE-SINAITIC LAWS. The amoraim, having received a clear tradition of seven Noachide Laws, had difficulty in explaining why other pre-Sinaitic laws were not included, such as procreation, circumcision, and the law of the sinew. They propounded two somewhat strained principles to explain the anomalies. The absence of circumci­sion and the sinew is explained through the assertion that any pre-Sinaitic law which was not repeated at Sinai was thenceforth applicable solely to Israelites (Sahn. 59a), whence procreation, would nevertheless not be listed (cf. Tos. to Yev. 62A s.v. benei; Tos. to Hag. 2b s.v. lo).


"LIABILITY FOR VIOLATION OF THE LAWS. While committed to the principle that "There is nothing permitted to an Israelite yet forbidden to a heathen" (Sanh. 59a), the seven Noachide Laws were not as extensive as the parallel prohibitions applicable to Jews, and there are indeed situations in which a non-Jew would be liable for committing an act for which a Jew would not be liable. [H: The thing herein to note is that there WILL COME NEXT the separation of the so-called "Jew" from that of the Zionist. The intent herein is to FIRST PULL DOWN THE RECOGNIZED "JEW" AS AN AC­CEPTED RACE, CREED AND RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE.]


As to the latter point, as a general rule, the Noachide is crimi­nally liable for violation of any of his seven laws even though technical definitional limitations would prevent liability by a Jew performing the same act. Thus a non-Jew is liable for blas­phemy--even if only with one of the divine attributes; murder--even of a foetus (see Embryo); robbery--even of less than a pe­rutah; and the eating of flesh torn from a living animal--even of a quantity less than the size of an olive. [H: This would seem to disallow "eating" of any flesh torn apart from a living animal, i.e., testes in the case of castration at branding, etc. It does not however, negate the sacrifice of animals, etc.--only the EATING of such flesh "torn from"...]. In all these cases a Jew would not be liable (Sahn. 56a-59b; Yad, Melakhim, ch. 9, 10). One additional element of greater sever­ity is that violation of any one of the seven laws subjects the  Noachide to capital punishment by decapitation. (Sanh. 57a)."


The preceding represented quotations and now we will look at definitions:


Amoraic period: named in honor of one of a group of Jew­ish scholars named Amora, who was active in the rabbinical academies of Palestine and Babylonia from the 3rd to the 6th centuries A.D., whose commentaries on and interpretations of the Mishnah comprise the Palestine and Babylonian Gemaras.


Mishnah: the section of the Talmud consisting of the collec­tion of oral laws edited A.D. c200 by rabbi Judah ha-Nasi.


Germaras: argumentative teachings about these laws.


Tannaitic period: named after one of a group of Jewish scholars named Tanna, who was active in Palestine during the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. [H: Here is prime example of mis­use of the term "Jew" for this cannot be 'accurate' for "Jew" was not identified until the late 1700s.] whose teachings re­lating to Jewish law and tradition are founded chiefly in the Mishnah.


Noachide: any non-Jew. [H: These are also called Goy or Goyim.]


Anti-Semitic: is a senseless word used to denounce opposi­tion to Pharisaism, the Jews not being "Semites" but of all races, now as always. The cure of anti-Semitism is extermina­tion, as in the Iron Curtain countries, and insane asylums. The "CURE" is a promotion of Rabbi Leon Spitz in his article titled "GLAMOUR PURIM FORMULA--Exterminate Anti-Semitic Termites As Our Ancestors Did 2,500 Years Ago." This work was published in "American Hebrew" March 1, 1946.


In the section above, subtitled Nature and Purpose, you'll no­tice the terms Jewish jurisdiction, Jewish sovereignty, a sovereign Jewish state, jurisdiction of Jewish courts, etc., being used. This terminology demands more than just casual noncha­lant reading. As was stated earlier in these pages "a different 'mind-set" is required. To put these terms in a proper contex­tual perspective, the reader must first comprehend the universal­istic mentality of World Jewry. We must also remember they believe the Seven Noachide Laws are only for non-Jews and not for Jews, and we must remember they believe only they have been ordained to govern and enforce said laws, and we must remember they believe said laws are universal. [H: NOW they are the law of your land, AMERICA!] Keeping this all in mind we must also remember they believe they are sovereign citizens anywhere they reside throughout the world. Their Talmud "gives" them this privilege. They do take a lot for granted and it is seldom, if ever, challenged. [H: And again--absolutely no one was even given the chance to challenge it.]


When one considers (to bring it closer to home) the fact that they have OWNED--lock, stock and barrel--the Federal Reserve System, and have absolute power over our entire economic sys­tem, it is nearly impossible to say they are not sovereign here in America. They have exercised their sovereignty over the United States Government on a near continuous basis since July 9, 1868 the year the 14th Amendment was Ratified. We are now in their "yoke of bondage" thanks to apathy on the part of most Americans. We can also thank many spineless, cowardly and/or greedy politicians for Ratifying said Amendment; for es­tablishing the Federal Reserve System; in fact for establishing all 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto which are now in op­eration throughout America to one degree or another. Yes, Communism is alive and well here in America, except it is un­der a camouflaged label spelled D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y. We can also thank our "well intentioned" clergy for allowing themselves to be infiltrated by the deceptors of deceptors and who now march in unison to the drum beat of their "Judeo-Christian" ide­ology.


Judaism's claim that it is founded on Mosaic law, the Old Testament, is a prime example of "whited sepulchre" (see Matt. 23:25-27). On the outside Judaism is "shiny white" in appear­ance of Old Testament Law, but on the inside it is full of ven­omous Oral Talmudic law from the "pits of Babylon". This is their Torah, not the first five Books of the Old Testament, called the Pentateuch. It would behoove Christians (or anyone) to learn this fact and NEVER FORGET IT.




Lest this get too lengthy, Dharma, allow us to close this portion. Thank you. We will continue on when we next sit together.


Salu, to clear please.







PJ 55



FRI., SEP. 18, 1992   11:36 A.M.   YEAR 6, DAY 33




Dharma, and all of you, into the work will always flow the traitors. Please, chelas, do not think that I knew not how the one John Coleman would turncoat. But this man is a common thief and liar and has put many honest and hardworking patriots into disadvantage for the past many years--it was necessary to STOP him. It also was opportunity to find how many "in my own house" would be latchers-on to that which APPEARED better. This is why your world is in such straits, ones look for the "better deal" wherein it seems they can get what they want. This behavior is also that which gets stereotype-casting. This man's name is Joseph Pavlonski, trained in Israel and in the ways of conning other men, who are honest and sleepy, out of their property for his own use. He is no different than, say, Stephen Solarz who wrote 743 overdrafts in the now-defunct House bank. They were both trained by the same teachers of the New World Order Zionist pushers.


It is hard, today, readers and listeners, because this one calling himself John Coleman has taken all the property belonging to THE LIBERATOR which was in his possession and had refused under order to relinquish it, with him. He took furniture which Greens had purchased for his use and left utility bills and other expenses hanging for these ones to pay.


I suggest, E.J., that since George still has access to books and contract rights to same, that you submit the billings for the equipment to America West. If George had not suggested same there would have been legal action already under way and the equipment could have been recovered by the sheriff.


Next, I suggest that this information be sent to the University of Science and Philosophy, Arcturus press and especially to UFO and Don Ecker. George may wish to do this "faxing". I also ask that a copy be sent to Dean Stonier of Global Sciences Congress.


Then, pass this information to ALL of the ones named in the "objection to actions" list of Coleman helpers. HE is the one who named each as an inside contact and I refuse to allow you ones to take any more flack from those who now are in self-de­nial over the incidents involved. My, what tangled webs are woven when deceit becomes the game and the "master crook" sucks you in. I'm sorry about the hurt that has fallen upon those ones who participated and still cannot see what happened--but I still receive mumblings and rumblings of, "Well, I'll just take my this and that out and show them...." Show us what? That your intent was greed from onset and not intent of serving God, nation or brother? NOTHING has changed in my ground crew herein so if you hit them--YOU HIT ME AND THEREIN IS THE STORY TOLD. I don't yet know what will be done after the dust settles but for now there will simply be no open meet­ings for I shall not subject Dharma to such insult. I repeat, each of you who were named were not only "named" by Coleman but most identities were broadcast to the four winds on radio by Coleman as his blackmail tactics failed. You have not been "set apart"--you set self apart and since we have no group as in "church" or "club branch" we have no way to undo that which is already done.


The kindest thing any of you can do, however, is to warn Bar­bara Ann immediately for this man is out of funds and will go where he knows he can get some. I will help you but I will NOT retrieve it for you. I suggest you make a mailing with all this information included, to ones such as the friend in Hawaii, etc., for they have had the blackmailing up front assault from the stolen lists. This criminal did the Hawaii damage when in Hawaii as guest for meetings set up by George as a massive fa­vor.


Again, does this mean the book on the "300" is not valid? No, it is a good compilation of valid information and if George wishes to make it more available--I suggest he run it in press copy and drastically reduce the price so that ALL can have it--perhaps even as a give-away of some sort. A lot of names are missing from his listings of members of this or that, anyway, but it is an excellent volume for reference.


I must tell you ones, however, that only valid information uti­lized by this agent is valid in any of his newsletters or refer­ences. He stood in the room spouting off dates and names regarding Nicaragua with a man present who HEADED those operations in Nicaragua and KNEW the data to be false. TO CATCH A THIEF YOU MUST THINK AS THE THIEF AND PATIENTLY WAIT TILL HE HANGS HIMSELF. HIS OWN DISCREDITING OF SELF CAN ONLY GIVE MORE CREDIT TO OUR OWN WORK. WILL ONES REGAIN THEIR LOSSES? PROBABLY NOT, BUT IT SURELY WILL BE MORE DIFFICULT FOR HIM TO OPENLY PRESS HIS WARES ANYWHERE ELSE.


I remind you that I told you from "early on" that these three were not what they appeared to be and that you must be wary. The one thing you must have noticed is how infrequently he would come into my presence for any reason whatsoever. In the beginning his story and attitude were honest for he was to his wits end and desperate--and we helped him. He had opportunity for total change and acceptance--he only became greedy and evil in intent and trapped again within his own spun web.


You will find that the young alias "John" was the real thief, in actuality. He ran up bills, stole the lists and spotted the re­sources--a master triad at work. If you have learned your lessons from this, then it is worthy in many ways for many had much to learn by focusing on this man's work when the truth lay already in the printing. I suggest the following would be true: If you said these magazines (JOURNALS) and papers were written by Astrophysicist Dr. George C. Hatonn, PhD, M.D., and for­mer agent with British Intelligence, CIA and Mossad Security Service--the JOURNALS would sell like cakes off the fire. We could even fudge a few lies within the pages and THEY WOULD STILL SELL. Why is it that man turns from messen­gers of God and unto the Elite liars? Can you see how far ye have yet to go?


Dharma asks me, "But how could you tell us that the word in his work could be trusted as being more valid than almost anyone writing newsletters, etc.?" Because he used other's work and was pretty good at choosing WHICH to utilize--then he turned upon the original writer and claimed their work to have been thieved from his own. It is the adversarial ap­proach in every instance. He did have a presentation which elicited knowledge and trust but, on a mundane level of every­day sense, he could not change a light globe for self as all ones in this area noted--he would call on Jack or someone to wait upon him like a servant--all the while pumping the worker for information in a most appreciative and friendly manner. We allowed THIS so that you ones can now rest assured that we do NOTHING HIDDEN OR DARK IN INTENT. WE EVEN HAVE "WATCHERS" FROM THE HIGHEST PLACES IN THE GOVERNMENT AND THEY CAN FIND NOTHING OTHER THAN INTENT TO BUILD AND SERVE. DOING ALL WITHIN THE LAWS OF THE LAND AND WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD WORKS VERY WELL INDEED AND YOUR ENEMY WILL ACTUALLY END UP PROTECTING AND ASSISTING YOU FOR HIS RECOGNITION IS THAT THERE WILL NOT BE ENOUGH AWAKEN TO DO HIM IN.


Also, as the factions get more deadly, i.e., Congress vs. Admin­istration, the humans involved at top levels know about us and they know about what the Soviets are doing and it behooves them to be nice to our people. Our job is to bring information and offer it without force and to prepare and preserve a rem­nant--of which they already have no desire for participation, therefore, it is better to leave God's true workers alone, under the circumstances.






No, I wouldn't kid you over something that important. There was a major rocket/missile Launch planned for KAUAI in November whereat the Island would need major evacuation and there were all sorts of warnings back and forth regarding the launch. I suggest you find out about it for selves and then it won't be so upsetting to find I am correct.




Without more discussion than obvious fact, look at the devasta­tion of your grain belt and, now, your Iowa corn fields without ability to have another crop this year. Chelas, you have been set up like the 10-pins and the howling ball is striking all about you. You were warned that 1992 would be a year of massive changes and happenings and, dear ones, you have but weeks left in this year you label 1992. The New World Order is running right on schedule.




How many of you were privy to the grand unplugging done by Larry King last night? It was rather fun--the subject was Presi­dential debate between Bush and Clinton and how they are playing games and first one them the other refuses. You can see that the Congress is out to hang Bush because the desperate game is to get Republicans into the Congress. The criminals may be in the Bush basket but the real deadly vipers are in the Congress and hence the need to get Clinton inside the Adminis­tration. The Elite 300 and Bilderbergers have it all worked out so all you have to do is stumble along on all-fours and heed your manners. In any case, after several calls regarding the debates and quibbling and blaming and speculating someone called in and rapidly asked if there was all this problem why didn't they just debate Bo Gritz? That was the fastest footwork and sleight-of-hand I have witnessed. That call was disconnected so fast and NO mention of it again in any conversation--just a whimper that it had made it through and then total cover. Not even to advertising where the audience: could "think" about what they "almost" heard--just immediate and deliberate distraction. The ORDERS ARE: NOT EVEN THE PRONOUNCEMENT OF BO GRITZ ON CNN--AND THAT EQUATES, THEN, TO ALL NETWORKS.




Yes indeed, that undoubtedly is what you will have to end up doing--sooner or later. Set up a new government under the Constitution. Of course that is what the "South" tried to do in the Civil War but ultimately that is the only way you will clean out the rats' nests. So many things are unconstitutional about the Washington, D.C. government, anyway, that you already have the imposter nailed to one location. Stop the "blood flow" and it will die on the vine. The problem is, of course, that you would be against the full United Nations Soviet-run troops. This is, however, why it is necessary for the Elite to pull down the nation as a whole--economy and all. They must make sure you are hooked on welfare, hungry and homeless. In addition, you will in great masses be sick and actually dying. The pharma­ceutical houses will withdraw, on orders, medications from the masses as is happening in foreign countries in these wars and disasters--and you WILL die, you know. In fact, beloved and spoiled masses of luxury and high life-standards--you will die more quickly for you have no notion how to survive. Look at those in Florida, Los Angeles and now, KAUAI--they sit and wait--sit and wait--sit and wait--for what? Rebuilding? What about jobs? The nation, even the borrowing nation of borrowing nations has a limit to borrowing capacity if the Banksters want to shut it down--and they do--so what do the "sitting and wait­ing" ones do? They have no means of survival without the gen­erosity of helpers--they can't even get out of Florida geographi­cally if it is deemed not to be by the Government. The Gov­ernment has total incarceration of the population in the tip of Florida as if there were 40 foot fencing with razor wire. It is even more isolated in KAUAI if the Government wishes to cut those flights and boat rides out of that Island.




Where are those speakers and groupies who denounced us for doom and gloom and fear mongering? How much has changed for your "just being"? How much has changed by your hand-holding and singing Aum-m-s? How much food do you have in stores for attending needs from the ones who said we simply "doom and gloom" too much and that you can change it around by simply "wishing it to be different" and having a few "love-ins"? Where are YOU going to go to get your rice and beans? The time of need is upon you, chelas, are you ready? Are our ones ready? No--not for long enough nor nearly enough for there are only a small handful and they have given ALL to see to it that YOU are warned. They have, however, done that which they can and will do more as ability comes--if it comes. If it comes not then they have served well, and placement is as­sured. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Have you listened to the preachers who tell you it is fine and you will be tended by someone's blood spillage? Do you expect the soft clouds for rescue? Good, but I promise you that unless you are blown apart into very fine particulate you will NOT stay on those clouds. It is true, however, that you won't have to worry about food and drink. The ONLY way that you are going to ascend on your own merit is to become a substance lighter than air--that requires a full "blown" case of dispersion into molecular form which is highly incompatible with human physical life-form.


How many of you will FIND the sums to WASTE at the Christmas season in shopping for Santa Clause? Might the child you "fool" rather EAT when he is hungry? How many of you say you "can't" and actually simply CHOOSE other things to spend your sums upon? I can only remind you that later, when you "WISH I HAD", will not change a thing if you DIDN'T. Next, ones will say, "...well, I would rather be dead than live 'like that' anyway!" No, for if you feel that way and do noth­ing, you do not have your balance with God and with that which comes in the hereafter and, therefore, I can promise you that you will kill for food to stay longer in the physical form for the terror of the passage without readiness is terrible indeed. Pre­pare for that which comes with your hand in the hand of God and whatever comes will be quite acceptable and, in addition, you will have listened, heeded and taken preparations against the day as advised by the messengers as we are sent unto you.


Dharma, allow us to finish the writing of yesterday regarding PUBLIC LAW 102-14. We need to finish that subject because you need the input prior to moving into the subject of the "Ultimate World Order". You readers (citizens) must under­stand that with this Public Law enacted, you are under law of the Zionist seven Noachide laws as laid forth yesterday. We will continue now by labeling the section:






The missing link in Christian understanding is best expressed, on the subject of "Pharisees", by the Universal Jewish Ency­clopaedia. (1943): [H: These resources are utilized so that there CAN BE NO DEBATE as to subject material. If in­formation is pulled from "their" own words then it is hard to scream anti-Semite and/or "lies upon lies". Go to the source and uncover the writers and then the later speakers cannot deny the truth of the facts presented.]


"The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The TALMUD is the largest and most important single piece of that literature...and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism."


Rabbi Louis Finkelstein was chosen in 1937 by the Kehillas (Jewish communities) of the world as one of the top 120 Jews who best represent a "lamp of Judaism" to the world. He has long headed the Jewish Theological Seminary of America with branches in New York and Los Angeles. In "The Pharisees", his two-volume work, Rabbi Finklestein writes:


"Pharisaism became Talmudism... But the spirit of the an­cient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew...studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies. From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy, Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland, Russia and Eastern Eu­rope generally, ancient Pharisaism has wandered."


In Rabbi Finklestein's history of the Jews, he states:


"The TALMUD derives its authority from the position held by the ancient academies." (Pharisee) "The teachers of those academies, both of Babylonia and of Palestine, were considered the rightful successors of the older San­hedrin... At the present time, the Jewish people have no living central authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therefore, any deci­sion regarding the Jewish religion must be based on the TALMUD as the final resume of the teaching of those authorities when they existed." ("The JEWS--Their His­tory, Culture, and Religion", vol. 4, p. 1332, Jewish Pub­lication Society of America, 1949.)


"THE TALMUD: HEART'S BLOOD of the JEWISH FAITH", was the heading of the 11/17/59 installment of a best-seller book by Herman Wouk which ran serially in the New York Herald-Tribune. To quote:


"The TALMUD is to this day the circulating heart's blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, or cere­monies we observe--whether we are Orthodox, Con­servative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists--we follow the TALMUD. It is our common law." [H: This is out of their own mouths, little ones, so how can we be somehow putting them down by our writings as is continually assaulted upon us? They cannot have things all ways according to whims and wind shifts. This is all for your total confusion so that you will not notice that THEY ALSO STOLE AN ENTIRE HER­ITAGE FROM THE BROTHERS OF THE TORAH.]


While we mentally maintain the contents of all these pages thus far, perhaps it is time we ask ourselves once again WHY PUBLIC LAW 102-14?? My opinion, based on research, is it will legally put all "Noachides" under Talmudic bondage and it will be at their discretion when they decide it is to their advan­tage to enforce said law. Their main objective for now is to get the law on the books. Once it is on the books it can be enforced at any time. [H: So you think that ones like Falwell and Robertson will 'wake up' and put a stop to this horrendous game? Think again! Both have PROCLAIMED PUBLICLY AND LOUDLY THAT THEY ARE ZIONISTS AND PROUD OF IT! GOOD LUCK!]


From the New Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 8, 15th Edition verbatim:


"NOAHIDE LAWS, also called Noachian Laws, a Jewish Talmudic designation for seven biblical laws given to Adam and to Noah before the revelation to Moses on Mt. Sinai and con­sequently binding on all mankind.


"Beginning with Genesis 2:16, the Babylonian Talmud listed the first six commandments as prohibitions against idolatry, blasphemy, murder, adultery, and robbery and the positive com­mand to establish courts of justice (with all that this implies). After the flood a seventh commandment, given to Noah, forbade the eating of flesh cut from a living animal (Gen. 9:4). Though the number of laws was later increased to 30 with the addition of prohibitions against castration, sorcery, and other practices, the "seven laws", with minor variations, retained their original sta­tus as authoritative commandments and as the source of other laws. As basic statutes safeguarding monotheism and guaran­teeing proper ethical conduct in society, these laws provide a le­gal framework for alien residents in Jewish territory. Mai­monides thus regarded anyone who observed these laws as one "assured of a portion of the world to come". Throughout the ages scholars have viewed the Noahide Laws as a link between Judaism and Christianity, as universal norms of ethical conduct, as a basic concept in international law, or as a guarantee of fun­damental human rights for all."


Once again we've got to know the meaning of their (Talmudic) terminology. Believe me, it is far different than any other you will ever encounter.




"Habad (initial letters of Hokhmah, "Wisdom", Binah, "Understanding", Da'at, "Knowledge") is the movement within Hasidism founded by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyady (1745­1812); as the name implies, Habad places a greater emphasis on the use of the intellect in the study of the Torah, and especially in contemplation on "the secrets of the Torah" (the Kabbalah), than is the norm in Hasidism. The founder's son and successor, Rabbi Dov Baer (1773-1827), settled in the Russian town of Lubavich, hence the name by which the group is now known. The third leader was Rabbi Menahem Mendel (1789-1866), son-in-law of Dov Baer and the son of the daughter of Shneur Zal­man. He is known, after the title of his major work, as the Zemah Zedek. (Shneur Zalman is called the "Old Rebbe"--Al­ter Rebbe--and his son the "Middle Rebbe"--Mittler Rebbe. The fourth leader, Menahem Mendel's son, Rabbi Samuel (the Ma­harash, 1834-1882), was succeeded by his son, Rabbi Shalom Dov Baer (1860-1920). His son, Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneer­sohn (1880-1950), emigrated to the U.S. in 1940, establishing his "court" in Brooklyn. The present Lubavicher Rebbe, Rabbi  Menahem Mendel Schneerson(1902- ), is a son-in-law of Joseph Isaac and the great-great-grandson of the Zemah Zedek. These biographical details are far from irrelevant since, in the Lubavich doctrine, great significance is attached to the person­ality and "soul-root" of each rebbe, past as well as present. Although the Lubavicher Rebbe is perhaps less hailed as a mira­cle worker than the leaders of other dynasties, he enjoys author­ity of a more absolute kind than they: his every command is  accepted with unquestioning obedience by his devoted fol­lowers.


"The early Habid thinkers developed the idea, founded in kabbalist sources, that deep in the recesses of every Jewish soul there is a divine spark, conceived of literally as part of divinity. When this is bestirred, like yearns to be united with like. This theoretical concept acquired great social significance in Lubavich, which has become a missionary movement to the Jews (and, to some extent, is more interested than Orthodoxy in general in attracting even gentile converts, in the belief that the  gentile. too. acquires his 'divine soul' on his acceptance of Ju­daism. No Jew is held to be beyond redemption, no matter how far he has strayed from the Torah. Lubavich has attained as­tonishing successes in this field, winning over many hitherto un­committed Jews to a full participation in a life of Torah and mitzvot. The suggestion that Lubavich is a kind of Jewish Sal­vation Army is unfounded, but the movement is marked by an "evangelical" fervor wedded to an emotionalism that is some­what surprising in view of the founder's strong intellectual ap­proach.


"It is difficult to obtain precise figures, but it is certain that Lubavich is numerically the strongest of all the hasidic groups, with tens of thousands of active members, in addition to the nu­merous sympathizers who are unprepared to commit themselves fully. The main concentration of the Lubavicher Hasidim is in New York. They are also active in other parts of the U.S. and in communities all over the world. In Israel they are concen­trated in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and in the hasidic village of Kefar Habad, in the Lod Valley. There is a European bureau of Lubavich in Paris; a Lubavich Foundation of Great Britain in London; and there are similar organizations in Montreal, in Italy and Australia.


"At the Lubavich headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, regular gatherings (the farbrengen) are held, attended by up to 2,000 Hasidim and others, at which the Rebbe speaks in Yiddish for hours on end; his message is frequently relayed by telephone to followers unable to be present in person. These talks are later circulated in pamphlet form, translated into He­brew, English and other languages. The farbrengen usually takes place on the anniversary of the great event in the history of the movement, such as the 19th of Kislev.


"The Rebbe also receives his followers and others interested in the Lubavich ideas in private audiences (Yiddish yechides, He­brew yehidut, "being alone"). These are held late at night and give the Rebbe an opportunity to convey his ideas and advice in an intensely personal way, as well as giving his individual blessing to the Hasid and his family.


"A spate [an unusually large outpouring] of education material pours from the presses of the Lubavich printing house, Kehot: reprints of the Habad classics; translations of these; messages from the rebbe; memoirs; and rather popular hasidic tracts. Lubavich schools flourish in many parts of the world. The self-sacrificing spirit of the Lubavich educators (in Russia, for ex­ample, they willingly risked their lives in order to hand down the tradition to the next generation) has won the admiration even of those Jews hostile to hasidism. Lubavich "missions" have been established in universities. The Rebbe was educated at the Sorbonne, and has often stated that this has made him aware of the special problems in matters of faith the university student has to face. Because of this, and because of the traditional suspicion of secular learning by the early Habad teachers, the Rebbe would prefer that Jews did not attend university, and always ad­vised his hasidim against a university education. [The Editor doubts if this is so now as most universities have been Judaised, or at least Hasidized. They Judaised the U.S. with Public Law 102-14. They also hold many high positions in the universities--all universities. Do not think it less so because a university may pretend to be, say, Catholic, Protestant, etc.]


"Lubavich is greatly concerned that all Jews carry out the prac­tical commandments of Judaism. Wherever Jews meet in large numbers, Lubavich Hasidim are usually to be found urging peo­ple to put on tefillin, which they have ready for the purpose, or to perform the mitzvah of taking the lulav and etrog on Sukkot, or, occasionally, to sit in a mobile sukkah which makes its way through Jewish districts heralded by a loudspeaker. Packages of  massah shermulah are dispatched to thousands of homes before Passover, together with the Rebbe's seasonal greetings.


"In their missionary thrust, the Lubavicher Hasidim have adopted the slogan Ooferatsto (u-farazta), "and thou shalt spread abroad," based on the promise to Jacob: "And thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth, and thou shalt spread abroad to the west, and to the east, and to the north, and to the south. And in thee and thy seed shall the families of the earth be blessed" (Gen. 28:14). Lubavich, aware of the similarities between its approach and Christian missionary activity, is highly sensitive to the charge of imitation and roundly denies that the term 'Jewish missionaries' is appropriate to the movement. Taking issue with 'a certain unfortunate but understandable tendency to equate the Lubavich movement with the familiar and classical missionaries (lehavdil) who exhort sinners to become penitents,' Lubavich af­firms that the correct translation of the Hebrew word teshuvah is not "repentance" but "return" to God and to His Torah. "A Jew is inherently good and wishes to do good; it is only because of various reasons for which he is either not responsible or only partially responsible that he committed an evil act. But inher­ently he is good." This is why Lubavich sees every Jew, no matter how estranged from Judaism [notice it doesn't say es­tranged from God, Ed.], as potentially observant, even poten­tially a Lubavich Hasid, who has to be given every encourage­ment to allow the divine within him to awaken itself. It is true that, of all hasidic groups, Lubavich is the most tolerant, but it is far removed from any attitude of easy-going tolerance towards  unorthodox views or conduct. Within the U.S. Jewish commu­nity it occupies an uncompromising stance on the extreme right wing, and has expressed a rigid line on the who-is-a-Jew contro­versy in Israel politics. Basically this most understanding and sympathetic of religious sects is the most intolerant in theory, since its philosophy refuses to recognize that there can be any  truth in viewpoints other than its own; it maintains that deep down every Jew really knows that the hasidic way of life is completely true and the only way to cope with the human situa­tion. [Ed.: human situation is based on what hasidism says the situation is.]


"True to the Habad idea, the leaders of the movement stress education of old and young as the sure remedy for religious backsliding. When the truth is known, the Jew is bound to re­spond to it. All heresy and all laxity in the observances of Ju­daism are solely the fruit of ignorance. The Rebbe writes: 'In recent generations, more than ever before, the main emphasis has been on the need to bring the knowledge and practice of the Torah and Mitzvos to the widest possible segment of our people, in the greatest number of locations, without waiting for them to see it--in the hope that they will sooner or later realize the need for it themselves. The most effective way to accomplish this is, of course, through organized Torah-true education of the young, the young in years and the 'young' in knowledge.


"Like the other hasidic groups, Lubavich believes strongly in the spiritual value of song and of dance. The Alter Rebbe set the pattern in his maxim: 'The tongue is the pen of the heart, but melody is the pen of the soul.' When the Hasid sings he raises himself above the material universe to achieve devekut, cleaving to God. The majority of Lubavich niggunim, "melodies", are without words. An exception is the popular Russian song Nye Zyuritze Chloptzi, Lubavich holding that there is no harm in adopting songs of this nature since there are "holy sparks" in all melodies waiting to be rescued for the sacred. Before the shofar is blown at the end of the Yom Kippur services the Lubavicher Hasidim sing a melody, Napoleon's March, said to be an adap­tation of martial music played by French troops when they in­vaded Russia. Dancing is said to be significant because it is the highest manifestation of inner happiness. The feet moving in the dance are likened in Habad thought to the non-intellectual quali­ties of the Jewish soul, and dancing to the glory of God is thus an expression of the simple, basic faith of the Jew who, if need be, is ready to suffer martyrdom with a totally unreflective love that reason cannot hinder. However, unlike many other Ha­sidim, the Lubavich Hasidim generally engage in the dance only on the great occasions in the Jewish year. As a holy exercise the religious dance must not be made dull through familiarity.


"Segregation of the sexes in synagogue, school and in Hasidic life in general is strictly upheld, though women certainly have their role in the movement (the daughter of the Alter Rebbe, for example, is a great heroine in Habad lore), and the education of girls is given special attention. The movement has stated its op­position to formal legal adoption on the grounds that parents kiss their children, and if the Hasid and his wife adopt children they may be guilty of the sin of kissing members of the opposite sex to whom they are not related by blood.


"The life-style of a Lubavicher Hasid differs in some respects from the patterns observed in other branches of Hasidism. In matter of dress the Lubavicher Hasidism (and the Rebbe him­self) neither wear the streimel and white socks, nor do they cul­tivate "corkscrew" pe'ot. Their hasidic melodies have a strong "Russian" association, and the Lubavicher type of beard, long and bushy, resembles the old-fashioned Russian beard. Torah study is the supreme imperative, next to prayer. In addition to  the Talmud the Codes, Habad thought is studied in depth. The work Tanya, by the founder of the movement, is virtually known by heart, most of the Lubavicher Hasidim carrying the book around with them wherever they go and keeping it in their tallit bag. Opponents of the movement have decried the exces­sive veneration of their founder by the Lubavicher as bordering on the idolatrous.


"There are experts in hasidic doctrine--the mashpi'im--one of whose tasks it is to expound in detail the higher mysteries of Kabbalah in their Habad interpretations [emphasis added, Ed. Now is a good time to reread the Joint Resolution on the first couple of pages of this information.] From the days of its founding fathers Habad has held to the view that the older ban on public teaching of the Kabbalah has been rescinded and that, on the contrary, in this period in history, when the footsteps of the Messiah will soon be heard, only a constant familiarity with 'the words of the living God' can succeed in awakening the powers of the divine soul.


"A much discussed question is the movement's attitude towards the state of Israel. When Zalman Sharaz was President of Israel he would frequently visit the Rebbe, with whom he was on the friendliest of terms, a Lubavich knows nothing of the virulent anti-Zionism of the Satmar group. Nevertheless the Rebbe has never set foot in Israel and has been sharply critical of some as­pects of life in the State. In his approbation to the work of Simhat Olam by Rabbi M. Blumenfeld of New Jersey (Newark, 1954), the Rebbe takes the author to task for daring to suggest that the emergence of the State of Israel is athalta de-geulah, "the beginning of the (Messianic redemption)". On the other hand, messianic overtones can be discerned in the Rebbe's mes­sage immediately after the Yom Kippur War, and he has stated that those occupied territories lying within the traditional bound­aries of Erez Israel must not be surrendered. [One needs to un­derstand their meaning of Erez Israel, then you'll understand why Jim Baker's peace plan, now trying to be worked out, will go astray. Ed.]


"The attitudes to modern sciences are similarly ambiguous. The Rebbe, not infrequently, makes use of scientific findings in his expositions; the splitting of the atom, for instance, is made to illustrate the Habad doctrine of bittul ha-yesh, "self-annihila­tion", the spiritual power which results from the mystical expe­rience when all thought of self has been abandoned. On the other hand, the Rebbe is uncompromising in his opposition to any untraditional views based on scientific theories. He has  stated that the Jew is obliged to believe that the world was cre­ated out of nothing 5.736 years ago. God planting the fossils  from the beginning because the world, to be a world, must give  the impression of steady growth. It remains true, however, the Lubavich numbers among its followers some very distinguished scientists." End Judaica quote.


I chose to quote verbatim Public Law 102-14, the Seven Noahide [Noachide] Laws and, the Lubavich Movement so no one could accuse me of taking anything out of context.


The Lubavich movement is essentially the educational arm of hasidism, hence "EDUCATION DAY, U.S.A."


The question Christians need to be asking is: Why are we, as a nation, adopting Talmudic Noahide laws when the Ten Commandments, Statues and Judgements already exist? They still exist today contrary to modern church teaching that they have been nailed to the cross and replaced by Grace. It was clearly God's Law and the Holy Bible that established America as the greatest nation on earth, not Talmudic codes and tradi­tions.


It should be noted that Schneerson had been "honored" be­fore by our government. Carter proclaimed his 78th birthday "Education Day, USA", and Reagan proclaimed his 80th birth­day a "National Day of reflection". Quite an honor to be be­stowed on an anti-christ by so-called Christians.


This information was compiled by Bill S. for Central Research Library. We thank you for sharing.




I would like to note that there is another page but it is one that we have quoted prior to this as Benjamin Franklin spoke in agreement with General George Washington regarding the dan­gers and from whom those dangers spring. We have presented the quoted speech only to be attacked with every "name-calling" available from you readers. My scribe has had enough for this day so we shall save it for a "stronger" time. Perhaps we shall try again at the end of our outlay of the work, THE ULTI­MATE WORLD ORDER. It comes as pictured in "THE JEW­ISH UTOPIA". I apologize, readers, but I must print what is written. This is what is written by those ones calling themselves "Jews" so I understand not why you throw stones at us for pre­senting their own information unto your attention. It is time you wake up, sleepyheads, or your stay upon Earth Shan is limited indeed!



Hatonn to clear for this segment, thank you.

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