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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 - 12:07:47 PM

PJ #29 " END OF THE MASQUERADE ", chapter 5 & 6.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Roel & Christ.
May 17, 2010 - 12:03:17 AM

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PJ 29





SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 1991 7:45 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 248


SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 1991


As we sit to pen it is hard to know where to begin. As the acceleration of world events reveal their secrets I can only hope you are now informed enough to see that which is transpiring beyond that which you are given on your vidiot boxes.




There is a big deal going on about President Bush actually meeting with a few representatives of the Native American Community wherein he agreed something needed attention. Does this mean there will be attention? Of course not. Do you actually believe that a man who has brought war to the world deliberately to gain power and money for the Elite Bankers will do anything for the tribes the government has been trying to annihilate since onset of the United States?




Are you aware that the Kuwaiti elite are doing the same with the "Have Nots"? They are not even mentioned by name and are disallowed from reentering their own homeland--because they were given no passports and therefore are restrained from reentry into Kuwait. These people, called Bedouins (Bedoons), are poor, disease-ridden, helpless and denied country or help. This is the situation into which you placed your fine young people to replace this Emir to his Pink Palace--not greatly unlike the plight of your natives who were present before your country was birthed.




Why do you think Baker is not getting overwhelming assistance from the Arab nations in forming a joint meeting? He couldn't even get Israel to agree with him because they want too much and the rest of the nations know the evil plotting--well, he will go on to Syria tomorrow and Assad, the terrorist of the century, will help you set the new rules!


This is a most dark period in Earth's history. But all is well, Schwarzkopf is home again! As a nice soldier he is "exiled" back into his Elite's country--away from his soldiers. Why was not the President or Cheney or even Powell there to welcome him home? Did the baby get cast out with the contaminated bath water? Well, he hasn't done badly for he will now retire and already has a MULTI-MILLION dollar contract for his book which he will undoubtedly write. The Elite had best hope that he doesn't decide to tell the truth lest the book be better than we can hope for--if they allow him that long a life-span. Anyone, even without news of worthy content, can see that Iraq, Kuwait and the entire Middle East are far worse off than ever before--before you went in there and "liberated" them. You liberated them alright--right into the death throes. But you do not know these people of the Middle East--YOU ONLY THINK THEY AGREE WITH YOU--WHEN THE MASSES RISE UP THERE WILL BE SUCH MASSACRE AS YOUR WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN! THIS, BROTHERS, IS WHY YOU CAN KNOW THAT BIGGER AND BETTER WARS ARE PLANNED FOR YOU SO THAT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE MASSIVE FORCE TO HIDE THE FARCE. SO BE IT, FOR YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED AND WARNED AGAIN. YOU HAVE NOW EFFORTED TO GET YOUR WAR NECESSITIES INTO SPACE THROUGH A JAPANESE ROCKET LAUNCH WHICH WAS OPENLY DESTROYED--THINGS ARE NOT SO GOOD FOR YOU THIS DAY, AMERICA.


Besides, I dare say that the Japanese are learning that they have your "big boys" about where they want them--pleading for cooperation for Japan gives you no opportunity to just march in with military power and TAKE that which you want--all their financial resources are now pretty much in place by the Trilateral Commission and Elite Banking community--but you see, the "general populace" doesn't know yet. Yes, Dharma, I believe we shall keep right on with all haste with the shelter system and food preparations. The REAL war has simply not yet begun and the plans, dear ones, are for no later than year 2000 for total, working, Elite rule by the Anti-God of Creator/Creation. Indeed a dark time on the world of blind mankind through the deceit of the Prince of Darkness--the Satanic Brotherhood. May your hearts and minds be opened that you may see, may your eyes and ears be opened that you may hear and know. Salu.


Worse yet, you are up against the perfection of physically cloned synthetic leaders who are programmed without compassion or ability to function other than as they are so functioning. Beyond that these very synthetic Elite have required and allowed you to become walking zombi-like beings swishing in the winds of confusion. They cause upheaval and confrontation on one front and then counter it with more confusion and you are caught in the whirlpool sucking you down into inability to function. In your confusion and inability to bring order you only cry out for more bondage with which to theoretically control your adversary--only to find the bondage falls upon YOU! It is truly a time to bow your hearts unto God and get up off your knees and duffs and let us walk together into true "order" from the chaos and stand strong like the impassable wall that this thing come upon you be contained and allowed to devour itself. This is the type of beast, dear ones, who, when confronted with strength from its prey will turn on the weaker portions of itself and then, finally, upon its own being for it cannot survive in the light of Truth--it is birthed and lives only on the dark deceit and charade of life experience.


But this requires MEN and WOMEN who will say "no more" and stop the feeding of the beast in any manner what-so-ever. If you come together in the Truth--YOU CAN DO IT!




I believe I left you in the last volume at the point that Russia was in possession of Carter No. 18. The Russians in Novosibirsk discovered that the "Rothschild" synthetics had actually appeared and now were in service. This was expected but, even at that, it was a surprise maneuver on the occasion of the first big public display. Since the Russians had been expecting duplication abilities they were both pleased and a bit disgruntled to find that the synthetics were more perfect in visible duplication but alas, were mentally inferior to the robotoids.


For that reason, the Russians were immediately turning their resources to a re-emphasis of their other weapons in their battle against the Bolsheviks in America. Remember now that this portion continues from the one in prior writings which were staged in 1978 and ‘79.


At that time, by the Fall of 1979, they were beginning to use geophysical warfare again as part of their overall campaign to whittle away at the danger of nuclear war. In October Chairman Hua of China was in France, trying to buy Mirage Fighters among other things; but the Russians sent a very clear message to both France and China that they should forget that little transaction. On October 9 a Russian geophysical warfare weapon was set off in an undersea trench in the Mediterranean off Nice, France. It produced a sudden ebb tide, followed by a tidal wave that smashed 36 miles of the French Riviera. Surely you ones remember this for it was prominent in all the world's news except yours which covered it in less than two broadcasts. This was an entirely new experience for the French, but not for Chairman Hua. The Russians had used geophysical warfare to give him a message more than a year prior.


For you Americans, it was now coming closer to home for, prior to this, THERE WERE IN PLACE SOME 46 BOMBS UNDERGROUND FOR EARTHQUAKE GENERATION IN CALIFORNIA. Dear ones, I didn't place the bombs--I am simply reminding you that they were in place as far back as the mid-seventies and in 1979 the Russians began detonating those bombs by use of the beam system from cosmospheres. On August 6 the strongest quake in 68 years--5.9 on the Richter scale, shook San Francisco, and in October (15th) a Richter 6.4 quake was set off in southern California.


The Russians had become convinced that their robotoids would not be enough to stop the Bolsheviks. They had encountered some problems with them and now the Rothschild element had created replacement synthetics for the robotoids. So rather than allow the Bolsheviks to regroup and launch nuclear war, the Russians turned once again to geophysical warfare, including weather warfare. The West Coast, as with the earthquakes, was a prime target because of the heavy concentrations of aerospace and military activity there. They knew they could (and have done so) control the amount of rainfall and devastate the growing fields and water supply for the "garden" valleys. The big question remains--WHEN will they unleash the great man-made catastrophe on America's West Coast? They continue to this day to give you warnings at regular intervals and you keep ignoring them and spitefully effort to set yourselves up for nuclear strike against them. Gorbachev is nothing but a puppet of the Bolshevik Elite (Khazar Zionists). The non-robotized leaders of the world do not like you, America, and are aiming to shut you down--would it not be better to stop this insanity on your own account? You could then turn into a world working together in freedom without "World Enslavement".


Even though I recently wrote on the subject of cloning of cows, etc., I believe you need more current, factual information for you didn't REALLY accept the first go-through. Let us just name some names and places for you now have synthetic cattle, turkeys, etc. In many ways it is far easier to consider using these synthetics as a food resource but it should be most serious that actual duplication is not only present but working. This, however, is not that which has brought the Hosts of the Cosmos--for the Khazars have also invented a method to cause "death" and I speak of soul energy fragmentation which actually destroys the structure of soul essence. This is unacceptable!




I am going to just give you an example on this subject from that which is already published in your own data avenues--not from technical papers as much as outlined in layman language for better comprehension. Don't get hung up on intercellular structuring from Hatonn for I shall not jeopardize the position of my scribe, and you of John Doe, ball-game watcher or awakening quarterback in God's ball game, do not have to clone anything so allow us to accept that which is already available--it is understanding that you need--not specific experimentation in your bedrooms. You have done enough damage in misuse of your bedrooms!


Let us start with milk-giving cows. Biologists can clone a large number of very superior cows from a single embryo. The cows, which are designed to be excellent milk producers, will not be clones of their parents, because they will have genetic material from both: They will be genetic replicas of each other.


Let us follow the path from one through eight steps:

1. A superior milk cow is mated with a superior bull--through test-tube fertilization.

2. After six days, the resulting embryo has developed up to some 32 cells.

3. One cell is removed from the embryo.

4. An unfertilized egg is taken from a donor cow.

5. The genetic material is removed from the egg.

6. The cell from the superior cow is inserted into the egg and a jolt of electricity is applied to fuse the cell inside the egg.

7. The egg is then inserted into a surrogate mother where it is allowed to develop normally.

8. Additional cells can be taken from the original embryo and inserted into other surrogate mothers to create numerous genetically identical cows.


Do you now see that you can duplicate unlimited clones? Do you also now see why a few years back (very few) there was started a sperm bank with only contributors of those considered the most Elite and brilliant "Nobel" prize winners? The sperm cells (or cells) would be utilized from the "chosen few" who would father the offspring through a "chosen select female" and clones made from the offspring--thereby theoretically creating a super-brilliant race! Do you actually think it different from Hitler's Nazi experiments? Foolish chelas! Moreover, now there is not even a need for surrogate mothers for the entire system can be handled from small artificial wombs and "thriving" containers.


But back to the cows for these are the type of articles which miss your attention--while also readying you for accepting major information as we "spill the beans". They can then tell you that ", we are only working with turkeys and cows"--and that is a very good time to utilize the term B.S.!


Dharma, just copy the article. It is so outdated that I am embarrassed for you but none-the-less, the readers need this input to prepare for the other Truth possibilities.




QUOTE: (Madison, Wis.)


It's roundup time in the petrie dish, where Michelle Sims is herding the cattle of the future.


"Here's a two-cell. That's good," she said of one Holstein embryo. "These have died." she said, rejecting others.


The critters are mere polka dots, microscopic abstractions of the black-and-white cows they are genetically destined to become. But each has everything it needs to ultimately develop hooves, hairy hide and all the other features of the classic milker.


And each is a carbon copy of the others. This is a herd of clones, genetically identical reproductions.


And there is no limit to the number of additional copies Sims can make at the University of Wisconsin, where she is as research supervisor.


The science fiction of the early 1980's--is at the barn door of the 1990's. Since sheep and cattle embryos were first cloned in the mid-1980's, Sims and other researchers have pushed the technology to the point that companies in Texas and Canada are selling elite breeding cattle from cloned embryos. Another company in Wisconsin is planning commercial sales on farms this decade.


Now embryo cloning--with other new biotechnology in the works--is driving the $57 billion-a-year cattle industry toward a new era. Barnyard sex has been out of vogue for decades as farmers have found ever more sophisticated technology for impregnating animals. Even with the technology, a superior cow could produce only about five offspring. Unromantic as the mating may have been, they still were subject to the myriad of chances that occur when genes from males and females meet in the old-fashioned way. Offspring might inherit the superior qualities of their parents--or they could be duds.


With cloning, scientists envision a future when a dairy barn could feature cow with guaranteed identical genetic traits. And the farmer could have additional copies in the form of frozen embryos, to be thawed as replacements are needed. That freedom from genetic variations would move farmers toward the kind of management precision and quality control found in factories.


For example, dairy farmers can dramatically boost milk yields by giving a cow exactly the right feed. But because each cow is different, the optimum feed mix must be calculated animal by animal through trial and error. In a cloned herd, much of the guesswork would be gone.


Meanwhile, research into animal cloning has application off farms, said Robert McKinnell, a professor of genetics and cell biology at the University of Minnesota. A pioneer in cloning, he has worked with frogs to learn more about humans. Animal cloning research is unlocking secrets about the subtle functioning of cells, he said. Among other things, the findings are useful in understanding cancer.


But cloning also is controversial. A key worry is the potential for losing genetic diversity of farm animals. Suppose that a nation's herds gradually evolve toward clones from a few superior parents. Some rare disease accidentally is imported, and this line of cattle carries hidden genetic vulnerability to it. Oops, the nation's meat and milk supplies are threatened.


The concern is shared by scientists, including Steen Willadsen, who led the world into farm animal cloning, announcing in 1986 that he had produced sheep from cloned embryos in Great Britain. Willadsen is now a professor at the University of Calgary and research director for Alta Genetics Inc., one of the three companies known to be developing cloning for commercial sales.


While Willadsen expressed enthusiasm for the potential in cloning, he worried that cattle production might follow trends in the poultry industry in which a handful of companies own most of the breeding stock.


"We have three companies sitting on the genetic basis for most of the commercial turkeys...Insofar as cloning could be used in that way, which at present it can't, so we could run into a similar situation here," he said.


But Neal First, the University of Wisconsin scientist who reported in 1987 that he had produced the first cattle from cloned embryos, said the problem already is being addressed. Among other things, a national program is being established to catalog and freeze germ plasm that could be used to recover lost varieties of animals, he said. There are other ethical concerns, including the potential for cloning humans from embryos. Theoretically it's possible, although cattle, sheep and rabbit embryos are much easier to clone than humans, pigs and rodents, First said.


May Tacheny, who coordinates rural concerns for the Minnesota Catholic Conference, said important ethical questions haven't been addressed because religious thinkers haven't kept up with the explosive growth in new biotechnology.


"We're changing the whole manner of things that creation so wonderfully is empowered to do," she said, "We know about the ability of nature to create surprises and the natural way of producing new species...You have to wonder why we are trying to do it."


Ultimately economics probably will drive the decisions about how far animal cloning goes on farms. Most scientific pieces are in place, said Paul Miller, a vice president at ABS Specialty Genetics in DeForest, Wis., another of the three companies that are developing cloning.


"It's just a matter now of getting the price down and the success rate up," he said.


Miller estimates that cloned embryos will be widely used on farms when they can be sold for $500 to $1,000. Right now the cost is "a long way" from that range, he said.


"It's a lot like producing an electronic calculator", he said, "The first one may cost $1 million. But by the time you make millions of calculators, that development cost is down to about 10 cents a calculator."


A key step in mass marketing will come when a company can guarantee the genetics of its cloned lines, which will take years of cloning, testing and re-cloning, Miller said.


Here's why: No one knows the genetic value of a given calf until it grows up and starts producing milk. But adult cows can't be cloned. The process works only with embryos whose cells haven't "differentiated", or specialized for individual traits. In cattle, differentiation starts about six days after conception, after embryos have 32 cells.

So researchers must clone some of the cells from an embryo and freeze the rest before they differentiate. Cows from the first cloned cells can be evaluated as milkers. At that point, the remaining frozen embryo cells can be thawed and cloned.


But it takes more than six years to prove those first clones.


The process is underway at ABS's Wisconsin research facilities, where cloned cattle in the barns match cells being held in freezers at 320 degrees below zero, said Marvin Pace, ABS director.


"We have a lot of bulls sitting around this place," he said last week pointing toward the ABS barns outside his window. "You make this mating of superior animals, but the recombination of genes is such that you don't know what the result is going to be...Out of 200 bulls we sample every year, only one in 10 or one in 15 shows up superior."


With cloning, he explained, "For the first time in the history of animal breeding, we will be able to sell a person a genetic say we've got an animal here that is in the elite end, genetically."


The cloned cattle at ABS are carefully guarded secrets. Barns are off limits to visitors. The firm, also a major player in traditional breeding, is racing with Granada Biosciences Inc. of Houston to claim ownership of the technology and to develop commercial markets.


Pace wouldn't say what ABS has invested in cloning , but it was enough to build research laboratories, hire 20 employees and finance basic research at the University of Wisconsin, where Sims and First conduct their experiments.


Scientists on the leading edge of the new biotechnology say the full impact of cloning will come when it is combined with other developments. For example, researchers are honing techniques for analyzing genes in cattle embryos to predict traits they'll possess as adults, First said. That would eliminate a lengthy step in the process of evaluating clones.


Other researchers are manipulating the genes of cows to give their milk qualities that would help cheesemakers, he said.




Anybody feel a bit queazy yet? Well, go take a breath of air, get a candy fix or whatever, for we are going to come back and I am going to give you a bit of a rundown on cattle mutilations, vampiring "little grays" and consider asking you to ask Whitley Streiber what else he might like to share with this nation. NO "LITTLE GRAYS" FROM OUTER SPACE, BROTHERS--NO CRIMINAL EVIL ALIENS--CLONING, CATTLE SURROGATE MOTHERS AND NOW VAT-PRODUCED ADULTS--ALL RIGHT ON YOUR PLACE AT THE LOVING HANDS OF THE ELITE SATANIC BROTHERHOOD SET TO TAKE OVER YOUR WORLD. HARKEN UP FOR YOU HAVE NO REAL IDEA OF WHAT IS OUT THERE!


Hatonn to clear until you are ready to begin again, Dharma. Thank you, chela, we are going to "get-there", precious, and you remain ever in my shelter. Man must face the truth of his circumstance and then he will do that which he will do and we shall have filled our mission.





PJ 29





SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 1991 1:53 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 248


What I have to share with you is not lengthy and it will not be detailed in nature but I am going to put the abduction cases, contacts of little aliens and bloodsucking mutilators to rest. NONE of the tales, as told, are true as presented within the "UFO" community of disinformation-bringers. It is not necessarily true that the stories are deliberate fabrications (although in most instances they are such), but ones can only conclude, incorrectly, that the activities are perpetrated by etheric or alien beings.


It makes for good science fiction, but dear friends, you will find, when the wash is out and hung in the sunlight, that Truth is far stranger than is that fiction.


The evil Anti-God was on your place and busy at his work long before any being called Adolf Hitler entered the scene. Further, it was through the coalition of the Khazar Zionists and the Nazis headed by Adolf Hitler that the "master race" was presented and all the experimenting began and quite frankly was pretty well functioning. From then until now it has been one big cover-up after another while the Elite move to take your planet.




My intent is not to cause any of you any great disappointment but I can assure you that if you are telling ones that you are a "walk-in"--you are in for some real surprises yourself. What you are actually saying is that you believe yourself to be a fully fledged clone or reproduction with new programming. That is not a state to be taken either lightly or with great joy. GOD DOES NOT PRESENT ONES WITH WALK-INS AND IF A NEW CREATION IS NEEDED--HE CREATES. ON THE OTHER HAND--THE EVIL BROTHERHOOD MUST WORK FROM THAT WHICH IS ALREADY MANIFEST AND NOW, WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE YOU WHO CLAIM TO BE WALK-INS? Does this mean that somehow you are lost and have no ability to reclaim self? No, but you must recognize the truth of it and demand that the tampering cease, the false energies depart, require that God regain control--clear your space and recognize what has happened, either mentally or physically or both.




As gene splicing and synthetic reproduction has been experimented on during the past decades there were two thrusts present at all times. One was to totally terrify the populace by the activities in remote places, etc. Secondly, much experimenting had to take place in remote places to coincide with the research going on in laboratories. The "scientists" had to have several things with which to carry on research--male/female reproductive ovum and sperm, cells for biological splitting and cloning, places for surrogate incubation and ability to control the subjects.


At first the most efficient method of research was simply for the host carrier to act as the carrier--no more and no less. Then it was found that cattle cells made excellent host structure for the beginning of the splicing and reproduction and far quicker than simple reproductive growth even with hormone rapid-growth substances. Also it was found that if the host cell was, say, bovine--the cow could then carry the fetus for a period of time without rejection and abortion and without any impact on the fetus. Therefore a fetus could be begun (the clone started) and simply carried within the cow as a surrogate mother device until species differences would cause spontaneous abortion. This method is no longer even necessary to produce fully adult duplicate synthetics.


Now, as for the number two cause of cattle and sheep experimentation--you have strains of viruses which are in what are referred to as walking reservoirs--i.e. there is a strain of smallpox which has no publicly known cure which is "on hold" in "walking reservoirs" of bovine and sheep. The bovine leukemia and sheep visna viruses are the most tampered with of the viral family of death dealers, i.e. HIV (AIDS), etc. You see, death is not from the HIV which is a lazy, almost worthless virus but rather from the diseases allowed to take over the body due to the inhibited immune system of the host. The virus itself will mutate with every carrier--but can to stopped from mutating by taking a cell from the already mutated cell and reproducing it--in other words, cloning the mutant. A vaccine possibility? Indeed, but not as you might think--you must first find a subject which has a disease which can be treated, clone the disease and transmit the treatable disease into the host and therein treat the treatable disease, building immunity to any other assault on the system. You don't even have to touch the HIV sleeping in the nice comfy T-cells. The experimenting can easily be carried out in sheep and cows and most certainly has been to ad nauseam extent.


Now, for the miserable part of the human social experience, there comes forth the Satanic worshippers, witches and those who practice wicca magic while calling it white magic, etc., and the Zionists Elite sacrificial dallyings and other blood-letting ritualistic nonsense, and soon you have groups in the actual state of evil worship through the blood baths and supping and ritual killings of both animals and humans. Part of the intent is the terror involved and the other is the simple stupidity of human ritual to evil with no intent otherwise. Please do not be foolish in your translation, dear ones--you who think you practice divine magic while practicing wicca had best think again for unless you are a truly HOLY MAN you will get yourselves trapped, for wicca, by its pure meaning, is taken from the word "wicked" which means: Evil in principle and practice; vicious; sinful; depraved; akin to "wicca". Now, let us take it a bit further in definition: "Witch: a person who practices sorcery; one having supernatural powers, especially to work evil and usually by association with evil (wicked) spirits or the devil." "Wicce" witch is the feminine of "wicca" wizard. So--when a beautiful young minister gives you equal billing with speakers for "Wicca", I think I would probably consider that there is not great discernment as to that which should be allowed to enter into the sanctuary of God acting under the guise of a "Christian" church. Further, to place my "Command" (Hosts) on the same level of "dark" controversy is a bit on the "much" side. I serve only Holy God of Light and furthermore, a wicca wizard wouldn't last ten minutes in my presence for I will simply ask him to take leave in the name of God. Further, for each one who "channels" any energy--I do likewise; I always ask audience with the energy and I don't have too many takers--at least not a second time. I would have our friend, Rick, know that I would be most happy to interview the one he calls "Drahcir".


I have received a document which has been circulating around ones who read the Journals--of course it comes from ones who "wouldn't be caught dead reading the Journals". That's right, give away your power into the controller's hands, dear friends, and try to convert those who have found Truth into your own stupor. The document is called BASIC TRAINING, Doctrines of Demons by Brian Brodersen who seems to somehow come from Calvary Chapel of Vista, 885 E. Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084. Brian Brodersen is the Pastor and seems to be some type of offshoot of "BACK TO BASICS", the radio outreach of Calvary Chapel of Vista. The book has a cover quote: "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times, some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons." 1 Timothy 4:1. Yes, I can certainly agree with that statement so let us read on and see why so many want to believe we are "evil" and of "the devil". To handle this, I shall have to ask Dharma to write the document statements and then I shall effort to clarify a few points for readers, for these people are sorely misinformed about our presence, purpose and certainly--intent. I do, however, suggest all look within and at the organizations producing the accusatory documentation and perhaps see through more clearly washed glasses.


It is one thing for a traditional society such as the native Indians to consider sorcery for they understood not that which was being foisted off on them--but there is little excuse for the continued behavior except to gain control through fear of another being. It all revolves back into "mysticism" and God is not mystical--only wondrously mysterious. He acts not in the dark, secret and witch-ridden places but rather in the sunlight of the openness of ALL CREATION. I, in no manner what-so-ever, have intent to offend Rick for I honor and especially care for him for he is daring where others are too "scared" to risk. It simply takes time to sort Truth from the nonsense of that which bombards the planet.


So much for this, just allow us to move on, Dharma.




One of the oldest and most effective tactics of the devil is false doctrine. The devil would like nothing more than to get you tripped up in some sort of false teaching. In this study we want to take a specific look at some of what the Bible refers to as "doctrines of demons" and see what they are, and how we as Christians can spot and avoid them. We will deal with this subject by looking at four different forms of false teaching: 1) Cults; 2) Counterfeits; 3) Heresies and 4) Fanaticism.


Ok, fair enough. Since I am accused of all of these four things I think we should first define the terms so we have explicit understanding of meaning.


1. Cults: A system of religious rites and observances; zealous devotion to a person, ideal, or thing.


I assume that even though the author claims to even be a "Christian Pastor" of a Church called Calvary Chapel, that he does not consider that they, or himself, is a member of a cult? How can you be a member of a church (body of--) without falling into this category by pure definition?


I am guilty--one hundred percent totally guilty. I come in total service to God of Light, the Christ Truth, the Creation of Godness and the Laws of God and The Creation as given forth for Mankind. The Christ energy, having acquired his Godness, comes again with the Hosts of which I am in Command--I don't believe you can get much closer than that, my friends.


2. Counterfeits: To make an imitation of--with intent to defraud; pretended; made fraudulently to resemble genuine; any imitation or copy; an imposter.


Well, we don't fit any of those for we pretend to be nothing other than that which we are--wayshowers, Truthbringers and friends to a group in trouble. Now, it stands to reason that our friend may be somewhat of a counterfeit teacher for further reason stands that probably there are deliberate tamperings with those books given for your use--from the very ones who now wish to control your world in the service of total evil. You have pronounced yourself counterfeit if you deny that you belong to (in fact, head) a cult--for that is in simplistic language that which a Christian (or any other) church is. At best, the speaker is misinformed and ignorant of terminology. At worst, he is putting you into false expression by deceit and fraud.


3. Heresies: A belief or opinion contrary to the established doctrines of a church or religious system; any belief or opinion that is contrary to established doctrine; the holding of such a belief or opinion. Heretic: One who holds beliefs or opinions contrary to the established doctrines of his religion; one who maintains unorthodox or controversial opinions on any subject.


Isn't this fun? Look how much we can learn just by paying attention and getting explicit definitions free of accusations--also, please note egg mixed with mud on the countenance.


I believe that this man and therefore I must assume that his followers or congregation are heretics. I do not fit the role as to Christian heretic for I do, in fact, travel about with the Christ in total Godness and therefore I certainly do not deviate in any iota from the whole Truth of the doctrine of God--having no interest nor intent to participate in any "group" for I am a portion of the "body of--" God through Christ.

By his own statement, however, this man labels himself a heretic and lumps his congregation within the same snare--I do not believe, as I read his intent, that he follows "the accepted doctrines of a church or religion" and he is also "contrary to established doctrine"--for I assume he disavows the accepted doctrines of, say, the established church of Satan, and perhaps even the Mormons, the Catholics, the Hebrew Judaists and perhaps even the Lutherans.


From whence does the author derive his information? The Bible as truly written as dictated by God does not resemble to any great extent the material which is continually quoted and "interpreted" by self-appointed spokesmen of the WORD. I have noted that the true WORD OF GOD--AND GOD IS THE WORD, is totally understandable without interpretation--the commandments (laws) are explicit in every detail from "...not kill" to " adultery". It certainly requires no self-styled "preacher" to foist off his opinions on an unsuspecting and unthinking public because he deceives them into thinking he is somehow better or more informed than they (sic, sic).


4. Fanaticism: The spirit or conduct of a fanatic; extravagant or frenzied zeal.


Ah so, I am at a loss having not experienced Mr. Brodersen's projections as yet. As for myself and my friends (we have no "group" other than the unity of friendship), we may be passionate about saving the Constitution and coming again into the laws of God and balance within The Creation but we certainly are not fanatics as defined: Fanatic: A religious zealot; a person who is moved by a frenzy of enthusiasm or zeal; given to or actuated by extravagant or intemperate zeal; unreasonably enthusiastic. We write TRUTH as given forth by God and neither insist nor force anyone to partake of it. In looking at the definition and having assumed that the four "terrible attributes" are somehow negative in intent, I assume that this author must have some zeal for his own subject since he regularly espouses his opinions. Certainly he rejects any listeners or readers from partaking in anything other than his doctrines which have very little to do with Godliness as far as I can deduce. So, perhaps there will be clues as we move along--please continue.




There are certain principles that are common to all cults, and their teachings are all very similar. The deceptive thing about the cults is that they appear to be Christian. They will use Christian terminology and will talk about God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. They talk about repentance and salvation, using similar terminology, but in reality, their beliefs are much different than that of Biblical Christianity.


Who says? Who pronounces that that which another states is "against Biblical Christianity"? Further, who decides that which is "Biblical Christianity"? Moreover, do you want "Biblical" Christianity or Christed Christianity? Never mind, I believe the world has overwhelmingly stated the preference as you have voted-in and out the true laws of Christ. Further, is this person saying that he does not refer to the terms listed above? What does he tell the members of the "cult" (group/church) in which he claims leadership?


Many of the cults are growing very rapidly and I believe that their success is partially due to the failure of many churches to hold fast to the Word of God. Many churches have forsaken the Bible and turned their backs on the power of the Holy Spirit. Subsequently, they offer nothing to the person who comes inquiring.


Well, I certainly think the man is probably right about the failures. But I would think that ones are left searching for the Truth that has been removed from their very lifestreams by the self-appointed interpreters of Truth. MORE IMPORTANTLY--WHAT DO YOU OFFER OR FAIL TO OFFER THOSE WHO INQUIRE? COULD IT BE THAT ONES OF THE ORTHODOX, NON-CULTS NO LONGER GIVE FORTH THE WORD OF GOD IN TRUTH BUT RATHER VOTED-IN LIES? The very statement presumes you should give a man that which he WANTS to hear and cautions the "Christians" to not give forth the Truth.


The cults on the other hand are committed to what they believe and there is an excitement among the people. They've got all kinds of programs and people are being drawn in by all the excitement. These cultist churches have a great zeal and therefore become an attraction.


Is this man going to tell me he goes on radio outreach and writes his opinions without zeal or desire for "attraction"? Why, then, does he bother you and especially me? He is the one with the cult, etc. He seems by definition to pronounce himself, and thusly his followers, as Cultists, Counterfeits, Heretics and Fanatics. Oh, but I see, he is going to tell us how to tell the difference.


The question is this, how do you know what a cult is, versus what is genuine? The most common denominator between the cults is their denial of fundamental Christian doctrine. Hands down, every cult denies the fundamental teaching of the Bible.


Well, you who read the Journals can sigh with relief. Genuine: Being actually of the origin, authorship, or character claimed; real; authentic; not spurious, adulterated, or counterfeit; not affected or hypocritical; frank; sincere. Boy, that was close but we come in clear and open in all categories of "genuine".


As to denial of "fundamental" Christian doctrine, since I have not a smidgen of anything but fundamental Christian doctrine, we surely clear that one--but I don't believe the author passes for he tells on himself with the next sentence: "Hands down, every cult denies the fundamental teaching of the Bible." This one is wide open, brothers--the term "every" indicates "ALL" and I would wish he were speaking of his own cult but I fear he is NOT. For he sums it up in the term "...teaching of the Bible". Ah, he would have had my undivided attention if he had only said "teaching of Christ and/or/all one--God". I care not what any of your hundreds of Bibles say in translation--‘tis the WORD OF GOD AND LAWS WHICH ARE IMPORTANT--NOT A BUNCH OF SCRIBBLES BY ARISTOCRATS UNDER A "KING" (JAMES) BY GERMAN SCHOLARS--WHICH I FOLLOW. You ones can follow any that you wish but--to make it home to God on High--you will follow HIS LAWS AND THOSE GIVEN FORTH FOR BALANCE WITHIN THE CREATION.




The cults deny the inerrancy and authority of the Word of God. They do not put the kind of trust in the Bible that you as a Christian would. It is very difficult to argue with a Mormon from the Bible, because for the most part, they see their revelation as being superior to the Bible. The Jehovah's Witnesses are similar in their belief; they have certain study guides which they believe enable them to understand the Bible. They study the Bible in light of their study guides and in so doing, place those guides above the Scriptures. Every cult denies the inerrancy and authority of the Word of God.


How many of you even know what the word "Innerancy" means? It is a noun meaning innerant. So much for that! Well, it means "free from error; unerring". Again the person uses the term "every" of which I wish I could believe the explicitness of his statement. Unfortunately, most "claim" to believe the inerrancy of the book you loosely call Bible. Brother, so do the Mormons call their book-Bible as do the Jehovah's Witnesses. They will read to you the Scriptures from daylight until dark from that which they label "Bible". One does not necessarily have to ever speak the word of God to be called Bible, and furthermore, do not say to me, "...but you know what I mean". Yes I do, and it astounds me in its bigoted ignorance even of your own language.


What is really happening herein is a total denouncement of that which those ones who claim themselves to be Christians and that which you claim, sir, to be your "Christianity" which is not Christian behavior but the mere denouncing of a brother efforting to find his God Truth. It is certainly NOT OF GOD TO JUDGE, MUCH LESS CHRIST, AND THEREFORE YOU ARE MOST UNCHRISTIAN IN YOUR PRONOUNCEMENT OF JUDGMENT. DO I SANCTION THEIR PROJECTIONS AND DOCTRINES ABOVE YOURS? NO, FOR I DO NOT JUDGE EITHER ONE--NOR DO I SANCTION EITHER FOR I FAIL TO FIND GOD AND/OR CHRIST IN TOTAL WITHIN THE TEACHINGS OF EITHER. Does that mean I denounce them? No--it is none of my business but God offers Truth unto the uninformed when they are ready to find Truth above and beyond the tinkering and projections of other MEN! When men stop asking other men and start asking Christ for Christ direction you shall see a light shining beyond your imagination. Moreover, as in the case in point--ME--what gives anyone even a tiny opportunity for projection even in the least amount if you have partaken of none or only little of that which is presented? Wherefrom do all of you "setters to straight" and "praying for the salvation and reclaiming" from "whoever that is who writes that stuff"?


I am most happy that ones who follow this teaching as presented unto me and that one who sets the rules forth in great authority--is not in charge of the passage-way into God's house lest God not be allowed within! Oh well, I see that he will now clarify a few points:




The god of the cults is very different from the God of the Bible. [Hatonn: And for that we most surely thank God.] For instance, the God of Mormonism used to be a man and is a product of evolution. He was a man at one time but through a process of time has evolved into being God and therefore, we who are men today can also become God through a process of evolution. The God of the Bible is eternal and is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Who said? Whose Bible? The one you labeled "Christ" proclaimed that anything He could do, you can do better! That sir, came right out of YOUR Bible. How do YOU know that those ones don't eventually "evolve" into God? Now, you do, in addition, state that, "The God of the Bible is eternal and is the same yesterday, today, and forever." BUT, God also says "...thou shalt not place limitations upon my being for I am without limitation and I am infinite." Where does this author claim "authority" to so limit God in sameness--I suggest God shall be and do anything He wishes to be and/or do. Oh, I see, it is written in YOUR Bible! Which translation is your Bible? Who scribed the translation? When? How much did you PAY for your copy of the book you quote? Is it in no way tainted by another's translation/understanding? I believe most of the Bible which you may or may not have was first written in Arabic but ALL came through the translation of German scholars. Yes, those same Germans who produced Adolf Hitler and the Nazis--surely they did not tamper with any of God's Truth in the flowing through. Again, I CARE NOT WHAT YOURS, OR ANY OTHER BOOK SAYS--IF IT BE TRUTH OF THE CHRIST PATH AND WITHIN THE LAWS OF GOD--IT MATTERS NOT WHO TRANSLATES IT. I find very little of either in these projections thus far in regards to the matter.


The greater point herein, however, is who pronounces the "DOCTRINE" of God. If God is eternal and Man, by your rejection of the Mormon Godness belief--who can know what is the "doctrine" of God? At best all you can do is pronounce the "doctrine" as interpreted by a MAN of what he thinks God's doctrine might be--in my own opinion, even that does not match that which is YOUR doctrine, sir.




Yes, dear ones, as I said--it certainly appears that the clouds are going to be empty and so, probably will the ship home not be overly crowded. I would hope otherwise, as man sees the level of his manipulation at the hands of self-proclaimed gurus. Christianity? There is so little Christ-ness that I begin to despise the very use of the blessed and beautiful term of perfection for it is tainted by its willful integration as title to bigots and traitors unto God.


Allow us a rest please.










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