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Changing The Face Of Religion : Phoenix Journals Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018 - 7:37:51 PM

PJ #29 " END OF THE MASQUERADE ", chapter 1 & 2.
By GYEORGOS CERES HATONN, transcribed by Roel & Christ.
May 6, 2010 - 12:46:14 AM

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PJ 29





WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1991 9:28 A.M. YEAR 4, DAY 244




As we walk through this journey together, KNOW that our appreciation is as great in return as that which flows from you, our brethren, from ground crew. There is little difference in us and you except that you have not the privilege of far-sight and objective perspective. This is the advantage given unto us in working one with another in our task during this time of trial--you to experience and we to give the Word. Suffice it to say that that which appears so negative is not. The adversary's troops have gotten themselves planet-bound and have lost all ability to "create" things of positive-spiritual growth and are stuck in their own mode of destruction. Of course, it is true that if our work is not sufficiently presented, we are caught in "their" trap with them. Let us ever maintain our intent of Truth toward Godness and we shall be fine. We, further, must not allow opportunities to be missed for, if we pay attention, the beast gives us opportunity to change in the midst of that which he is setting up for his own use.




How handy of the Conspirators to begin to focus on "Education". Of course what they will focus on is entirely different from that which we have in mind. It is a blessed opportunity for all of you readers--for each of you is a person, a parent, a child and some of you are even teachers within the "system".


Let US make a thrust forward with speakers, sessions and focus on the Constitution. If "they" stop your input then they have to be in admission of their evil plot. The plan on their part is to push the New World Order, The New Constitution, etc. They are now setting you up in America for the "kill". This is exactly what they did in the Russias--feed the children's and youth's minds and take the country. If you cannot reach the children's minds then you will lose the race. If you can ignite the fire of Liberty, Constitution and Freedom within the breasts of the late high school years and college students you can change this thing within weeks. But first, you must touch the parents so they "give a damn" about their children--for you have been taught to despise your own offspring. Your enemy has caused you to act in manners which overpopulate, create hardship, chaos in the schools, chaos in the home (if homes are even intact) and thus and so. At any rate, please do not allow this opportunity to pass for you can know that your enemy has structured it to gain maximum results toward more chaos.


Dare to have programs of controversial nature--DEMAND that you offer the youth something of value in your churches. The churches, for goodness sakes, are the one thing wherein YOU SHOULD HAVE CONTROL. IF YOU CAN'T STAND AGAINST A MINISTER PREACHING LIES, THEN WHERE IS THE HOPE FOR YOUR WORLD--OR DO YOU PREFER TO DONATE A TITHE WHILE THE PREACHER LULLS YOU INTO HELL?


Can you do it? Of course you can. Right in this bigoted little village, just this week, a Green Beret military man gave a "patriotic military" speech to the community and high school. It wasn't what Col. Gritz would give for it was pro-war and aggression but how could they resist Col. Gritz on "publicity" grounds? You will never receive a more patriotic, country-oriented speech than you will get from James Gritz--IN TRUTH OF EXACTLY HOW IT IS FOR THE MAN DOES NOT SPEAK ON "IDEALISTIC" HEARSAY--HE ONLY SPEAKS OF THAT WHICH HE HAS EXPERIENCED! IN THIS MANNER--TRUTH IS NOT QUESTIONED. THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY OF OPPORTUNITIES TO PLANT THE SEEDS FOR THE FALL HARVEST.


I must remind you that there is no apparent concern on the part of the Government over the lack of income tax payers and the money continues to flow out like water from a broken dam so, KNOW they have mighty plans up their sleeves and it bodes ill-wind for you ones. The only thing between you and loss of your nation is the lack of arms control--THEY STILL DON'T HAVE YOUR WEAPONS BUT THEY ARE VERY, VERY CLOSE, MY DEAR FRIENDS. YOU ARE ALL BUT TIED IN THE SACK AND READY FOR THE ROASTER.


I am going to quote some Headlines now and then shock you--I hope.


1. ZIONISTS DIGGING U.S. GRAVE: U.S. will emerge a defeated and degraded nation in a Middle East War fighting as ally of Zionists to help thieves hold onto Palestine plunder.


2. TALMUDIC LAW RULES USA: "Civil Rights" Are Not Civil Rights But Social Rights, and Not Amenable to Legislation (U.S. Supreme Court-1897).


3. U.S. ON BRINK OF SENSELESS BLOODBATH: Negroes victims of False Leaders Directed by Communists and Zionists.


4. AMERICA STANDS ALONE AND HATED IN THE WORLD: Blueprint for National Suicide.






OK, now when do you think these were written?


1. Thursday, April 1, 1965.

2. March, 1970.

3. March 15, 1965.

4. January, 1968.

5. February, 1966.

6. July, 1968.


I give this as a sampling to let you know that you were in the pits over two decades ago--don't you think it is time to pay closer attention?


Since this is being written specifically as an "Express" I will take the opportunity to respond to a very lengthy inquiry from one of our friends who asked about the coded "secret Kosher food tax" and if it was truth.


Indeed it is truth and I will outline a bit of the information regarding the coding.




The public is all but totally unaware that this "tax" exists. All Food Products marked with "K" or "U" have been taxed by the "Jewish" Rabbis.


On every pantry shelf in America lie dozens of canned and packaged food products which have a small "K" or "U" (within a circle) printed on the label. This symbol informs Orthodox "Jews" that the items have been checked by a rabbi to make sure that they have been prepared in accordance with "kashruth" rules as set out in the Jewish Talmud.


This means that the food does not contain a mixture of meat and dairy products, and no pork or shellfish. American food products already are checked by local and federal governmental agencies for purity and edibility. Jewish certification that they are Kosher in no way makes the product any more wholesome to "Christians"--or to Jews for that matter.


Millions of dollars are paid for Kosher approval. The huge manufacturers of processed food products in America have long kept a tight lid of secrecy on how much money they pay for Kosher approval. This subject is so sensitive that no media outlets dare even bring up this question before its readers. The truth, however, is that untold millions are paid to Jewish Orthodox organizations for this totally absurd Kosher certification.


The first group is Rabbi Bernard Levy's "Committee for the Furtherance of Torah Observance", which issues the "K" insignia. The other group is the "Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America". Now remember that the term "Jewish" is also a "code" indicating "Elite" followers of the Talmud (Protocols) and not the Torah, or religious books of the Hebrews.


In 1975 The New York Times (A Jewish owned newspaper) did publish information in a rare article on the subject. The article states that the food companies advertise extensively in Jewish publications informing Jews that their products have been kosher approved. Such ads are NEVER run in general publications. The "Times" says that the symbols on the products are printed "unobtrusively" on labels which intentionally go unnoticed by the general public.


Companies must pay huge sums to the rabbinical organizations for the right to use the endorsement. At the same time this cost is passed immediately on to you in the form of higher food prices and you who are not Jews are kept ignorant of this information and "tax". This includes items such as Oreo cookies and Jello and all sorts of totally non-"Jewish" traditional food products. Funny thing is, the non-Zionist "Jews" are the only ones who have raised objection and they raised a loud voice against the practice. There are only around 600,000 "Orthodox" (Zionists are NOT Orthodox) Jews in America, out of some 12 million Jews. Therefore, the Jews have objected to this totally unnecessary rip-off of the American consumer (which includes the Jewish/American). It is referred to in the Jewish circles as the "Kosher Food Racket".


The label marking goes back to 1919 when Joseph Jacobs set up the "Joseph Jacobs Organization, Inc." As you might assume, it became a multi-million dollar operation when a million dollars was a gigantic sum. The racket worked so well that organized rabbinical organizations took it over from Jacobs in 1925 and went from the New York area to national distribution. At that point they stopped spending money on advertising and kept the entire "pay-off" for themselves.


As time has passed it has become an open "black-jack" blackmail scheme and by year 1960 there were 225 some odd companies paying the Jewish kosher tax. By 1966 the number increased to 475, in 1975 some 700 and so on. Over 300 rabbis are now at work for the two Orthodox organizations going around extracting huge fees for their kosher stamp of approval.


Would you general readers recognize any of the companies? Indeed--General Foods, Mueller's, Delmonico Foods, Hunt-Wesson Foods, Inc., Proctor and Gamble Co., General Foods Kitchens, Morton Salt Co., The Nestle Co., Lever Brothers Co., Nabisco, etc. Of course you also have to realize that most of these named companies are now facade corporations functioning under huge bankers' Cartel conglomerates. But you end up with this "tax" on foods such as Bartons Candies, Kraft Products, all Heinz foods, Hunts foods, Maxwell House, Star-Kist, Kelloggs, Post cereals, Birdseye Products, Gaines Dog Food (and yet I wonder why the dog needs kosher food?), Kool Aid, Colgate-Palmolive, General Foods, Clapps Baby Foods and on and on. I haven't time nor inclination to scan any further.


I will say that you American taxpayers are hit two ways by this vicious blackmail racket. You must pay higher food prices so that the Jewish scam-tax can be paid. The company writes it off as a business expense and thusly lowers its own tax--WHICH YOU MUST MAKE UP. Then the Jewish organizations collect the total huge revenue and DO NOT HAVE TO PAY A TAX BECAUSE THEY ARE "RELIGIOUS". How the money collected is spent is a deep dark secret never revealed!


I hope this answers your inquiry, readers, but I think this is sufficient. Thank you for being alert.




I thank Donna B. for sharing this information and clipping from an April issue of a national newspress release:


"Boston: (A.P.)--Vice President Dan Quayle said he must have misspoken when he described the Persian Gulf War as a victory for the "forces of AGGRESSION."


"Quayle was praising the U.S. war effort when he made the verbal "slip?" during a speech yesterday to the American Society of Newspaper Editors.


"Reflecting on the war's outcome, Quayle said it was "a stirring victory for the forces of aggression against lawlessness......" and so be it.




Dear ones, if you are not sickened by that which has been Bush-triggered in the Middle East, then I am not sure we have any meeting ground.


Bush had to stop the invasion of Iraq because the Soviets threatened to intervene unless he halted the American advance.


So, at this point the whole area has collapsed into chaos and a bloodbath triggered by Bush's own urging of an uprising against Saddam Hussein--and this time, all of your observers agree regardless of that which they tell you. Those poor refugees were so taunted and worked up and terrified for their lives by the terrorists in their midst telling them (and showing examples) of that which Saddam would do to them that you now have these millions on death marches--running to the unknown from something which does not and never did exist as danger to them. And come on, America--what of those terrible stories about Kuwait at the hands of the Iraqis? Dear ones, Iraq annexed as the 19th province, Kuwait--do you really totally destroy and kill off your own workers? Your own military air force dropped napalm on most of those oil wells which are spewing the pollution about the lands. How much will you accept? It certainly appears to be limitless. Worse, you are now going to foot the bill for even more fire-fighters because the fires continue to burn and your own multibillion dollar extinguishers are failing, when all it would take is one very small air/fuel cell per well and instantly all are poofed out. Don't you weary of the lies dumped on your intelligence?


I want to leave that mess alone for the minute because that which is going on while you are distracted, against the Palestinians, is incredible beyond your imaginings.




Operation Desert Storm is technically over, and a few American troops are drizzling home and being pulled out of Iraq and Kuwait. But--the killing and the nightmare carnage in Kuwait continues, although it is now being perpetrated by the Kuwaitis themselves ON THE LOCAL PALESTINIAN POPULATION.


The stated purpose of involving some 540,000 U.S. troops in battle with Iraq was to free the tiny Arab sheikdom of Kuwait, annexed last August by Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein, and to restore the emir to this throne.


Following the current cease-fire, horrifying scenes of terribly tortured and wantonly murdered Kuwaitis have filled American television screens, inflaming the senses of the American people against Hussein's "inhuman brutality". But ah, it now turns out that some of the worst atrocities, such as the killing of Kuwaiti babies to steal their incubators, are proven to be fakes.


However, the American people are not seeing the heinous horrors now taking place in Kuwait under the direction of the Khazarian Mossad through the Kuwaitis--while the Americans still in Kuwait are forced to stand by and allow the atrocities to proceed!




Before the eyes of U.S. troops, Palestinians, who make up about one-third of Kuwait's population, are being hunted down and deported or detained by Kuwaiti armed forces, secret police and still-intact civilian resistance to the Iraqi occupation.


Thousands of Palestinians, Egyptians, Iraqis, Jordanians and other Arab people, many of whom were born in Kuwait, are being dumped by the busload over the border into the no-man's land of southern Iraq, penniless, without food, water or identification papers.


American soldiers reported on March 5, that they came across the bodies of four Palestinian males, each of whom had been shot in the head and emasculated. However, your U.S. military command insists there is actually no problem "and all that will clear up". Doctors are reporting hundreds of cases of horrible mutilations among the Palestinian population. Among Palestinians brought to one hospital were six men shot execution-style with a bullet in the head. The same groups within Kuwait now describe the killings of the Palestinians as "worse" and "more brutal" than they described prior to the "invasion".


What will happen to those in Iraqi territory? There is one refugee camp located about a mile inside Iraq where more than 600 deportees are receiving only shelter beneath the plastic given them by American troops from the ready-to-eat meal containers. They have had to live solely upon the generosity of passing American troops. But the Americans are now ordered "out". Please, in the name of God Almighty, wake up, people--can you not see your plight? Equally as bad as for those Palestinians are the ones still in Palestine--THEY ARE STILL UNDER MARTIAL LAW AT THE HANDS OF THE KHAZAR ELITE--not able to come out or work or even "live". Shamir answers the inquiries regarding occupation land-building for Jews as necessary and plans are "to continue, for our mission is to develop these lands". America--YOU ARE NEXT!




The facts are, and are now coming public, that it simply is not as presented to you--surprise!


The Bush administration and the Establishment news media, marching in the usual lock-step during the Persian Gulf War, portrayed to the American people the great importance of Soviet involvement in the conflict. BS!


It IS true that there was Soviet involvement and that its impact was significant, but not, however, in the manner that the American people have been told.


While the Bush administration has portrayed the Soviets as helping to bond together the so-called multinational coalition facing the forces of Iraq's Saddam Hussein, the truth is that the Soviets were heavily supporting the Iraqis before and during the battle.


In addition to supplying materiel and military advisers throughout the conflict, the Soviets were allowed by the Iraqis to share sophisticated U.S. technology obtained from captured U.S. weapons when Kuwait was invaded and annexed by Iraq.


In addition, now French intelligence sources reveal openly that Soviet military personnel actually served in forward battlefield positions with the Iraqis.


To create the image of Soviet cooperation with U.S. forces, it was leaked to the U.S. media that the KGB had provided the CIA with considerable, detailed information about Iraq's Soviet-built arsenal of weapons. However, in the middle of the cover-up it is now discovered that most information regarding the arsenal of weaponry, mostly from Russia, was deliberately delivered by Soviet military officers who "defected" last November and have mysteriously gone home again. You see, and Schwarzkopf has told you as much on open television, and I told you a year ago, that this particular little war was planned well over two years ago.


Funny thing about little wars--the truth usually unfolds because the world, except (apparently) America, is getting nervous. The French intercepted Russian radio broadcasts from some 150 Soviet military advisers who remained in Iraq to operate electronic listening posts and receive satellite reconnaissance focused into the area. The fact is that the Soviet military advisers and technical people never LEFT Iraq.


Now, you who think this "New World Order" of the Khazar Zionist Cartel is a good idea, I suggest you had better look again. All you did in this war was give the Khazars a good foothold to manipulate you and that is PROVEN by the very fact that all your dealings since the so-called cease-fire have been to keep Baker in Israel with Shamir and the other terrorists such as Assad, etc. I would be VERY NERVOUS if I were you--for guess what they have planned for those empty military bases which are being "closed"? What will you do with so many military men and women back in an already bankrupt work force? The insurance industry is collapsing NOW, the banks (except for the Master Cartel) are collapsing, the S&L's have collapsed--your nation is bankrupt and the house of cards is in the whirlwind. Your Constitution is totally disregarded by the very men you "elected" to protect you--you locked the foxes inside the henhouse. You have turned your government into a "democracy" controlled by voting numbers into your enemy's hands. Your own President has openly stated to you that you are now a "DEMOCRACY" and no longer a Republic. That means government by the majority vote of Congress--and the majority of Congress is totally and absolutely controlled by the Zionist Elite. Everything from here on in will be controlled through Executive Orders and Emergency Regulations just as was set up so conveniently by the "war". Worse, they no longer bother to hide the facts from you except in the most slip-shod manner. They are so sure of themselves, dear ones, that they simply laugh at you and continue to dump the pornography upon you and call you bigots if you object. Soon--you will NOT OBJECT!


I repeat something I told you long ago--you are expendable and you will be expended except for those who can serve the new Kings. Once you allow the total loss of your Constitution--YOU ARE DEAD! If you don't believe that you are vulnerable and that the enemy is on your own doorsteps--how about just a little comfort zone surprise for you. On April 3rd (1991) your own military officials had to admit, under inquiry, that a MiG intruder (fighter-bomber) was over Florida, undetected by radar or any other means. No interceptors were scrambled to even check out the MiG-23 flown by a Cuban pilot and worse, tower personnel at Key West were unaware of the foreign fighter until it circled the field several times. Dear ones, that particular MiG-23 is nuclear weapon capable! Funny thing about this is that this incident occurred and you readers were told about it when it happened on March 20. Comforting to know that not only do these things happen but you are not informed (and even then the incident goes into the deep freeze) for weeks? Good luck, America.


Not to worry, though, America, for your leaders are right on top of things and ready to stand up for America and the Constitution as shown by your own wondrous Colin Powell to be Guest of Honor and receive accolades "for his service to unification of American-Israeli brotherhood". His appearance was the highlight of the three-day conference in Washington of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. Many conferees even had tears in their eyes as they watched a 10-minute film, made by American-Israel Public Affairs Committee's office in Israel--showing Iraqi missile attacks and the arrival of U.S. Patriot anti-missile batteries.


Dharma, it is long past lunch time and we need a break. Then I wish to discuss a few more points regarding robotoids for I seem to have stirred up the hornets. You will note however, that you now have first-hand information from one who is on the "inside" and knows the CIA very, very well and you got confirmation, precious--even moreso you learned that the replications coming out of Japan are even more superbly crafted than those coming prior to now.


Also please note the newly coming co-ventures and meetings with Gorbachev of Japan's top people--in Japan. Also note that within the week Gorbachev requested 500 million dollars in additional food credits--FROM YOU AMERICA--and got it! That means that all the prior is used up and now the flow will be quite steady. Pray for a good grain crop this year, chelas, for all your reserves are gone! So be it. Let us take a rest, please. Thank you. I ask that efforts to get OPERATION SHANSTORM to the printers be kept high on the list of "to do". I also request that Druthea's transmission from Esu Sananda be gotten into an Express and perhaps someone can work a bit on possibilities of utilizing the Education thrust as mentioned. Hatonn to clear for this session.





PJ 29





WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1991 2:54 P.M. YEAR 4, DAY 244




There are many things you ones must learn to put aside as the lashing of the winds. You come back to work with a bit of a heavy heart mixed with great relief--let us ponder together. Your attention has been drawn to a letter from RK, one of the few of the so-called Christian Community who had stood in open-minded risking. The purpose was to draw this document into my attention--think you not that I already knew the perplexity of the young man? Let us briefly speak of these things and set them aside for they are not worthy of the time consumed.


Firstly, he has not denied your truth nor accepted it--he speaks exactly that which "shows". He risks giving ALL a hearing in an effort to find balance within self, no more and no less. All ones pride selves in being "outspoken" or "individualistic" but continue to wear the same safe costume of the multitudes. We confront instilled beliefs and "druthers" and many skeletons are tucked within the closets of each and this young "Christian" seeker is no different. Further, our work has brought Truth which offers naught but pain and could cost the young man half his congregation--who had felt safe within that particular fold having been denounced by other sects--i.e. the "Masons" within the congregation. The perception is always that somehow we denounce them. Nay, nay--we denounce none save evil and most often we do not name them--they always name themselves.


All on Earth-place say they want to do God's work and be in service unto God at his coming--but all deny His coming. Note that exception is taken to "some" "opinions". Well, chelas, you who know me well, know that I express the direct opinions of God--does this set me apart? Indeed! You all ask for higher help and to be allowed to be shown the way--and then you turn away when the prayers are answered for you had already decided that which you would believe or confront. God has all the time in infinity--so have ye, EXCEPT that as YOU PERCEIVE IT, YOU ARE OUT F THIS SEGMENT! Further, how you respond and act in this segment of experience controls that which you experience in the next.


I know why ones hesitate and cover all assets for it is as Oberli often remarks--Mugwumps (those who sit straddle the fence with the mug on one side and the "wump" on the other). The outcome usually depends upon which side of the fence the mug faces for the kick which will invariably come to the wump often causes a decision to be made. And further, most often the face will follow the nose if not chopped off to spite the face. Soften your stance, brothers, for there is but one thing sure and final--ye will come into and within the laws of God or ye have a long journey ahead. We come to coerce no-one. Further, no-one needs agree with Rick, George, Harry, Tom or Dick--but you'd better pay attention to God and God has sent forth his Hosts in preparation--and I get to head the troops. Ones do not even have to agree with Hatonn's opinions--but where the Laws of God and The Creation are concerned--no bending, no great allowances--they simply ARE and they bring balance, whether man likes of it or not. I suggest that nothing else Man has wrought or practices or "ALLOWS" in actions has brought peace or balance either within or without. In the offering to make available the opportunities God pronounces to the world that the being has not found his own truth, no matter who it is--for if Truth is found the "allowing" is still gentle but the acceptance without discernment is put aside--for you do not give sanction to that which is unsanctioned in Truth. God judges not the Man--but his actions, and the actions of some groups upon your place are simply acts without God. Do you deny the Man? No, but ye do not give sanctions unto his actions--and in presenting forum, in itself, sanctions the actions to great extent. When man cleans of his own nest then he sees more clearly the debris in his brother's. You cannot be IN the pie and also outside it. But you can eat the pie and be outside it whilst you also have it within you. Ponder it. Where do ye ones align with the pie? Yes, I offered the challenge and the letter was the response for the receiver is not ready to catch the ball--it matters not--I too, have time. It is hard, indeed, to take the chalice from God for it requires commitment and decision and, usually, changes in accepted acceptance of behaviors which are humanly resisted. As I say--God has a lot of time and the patience of that which created a universe. Dharma is GREATLY relieved for she has had enough battering and harassment from this village, as have the rest of you involved. Go forth, and experience the lessons and enjoy for it broadens your own understanding. You will see to what extent you have grown and "outgrown" the crutches of mysticism.


I, Hatonn, am not a very popular old fellow for I call spades--spades and no amount of shoveling of you ones will change one iota of the laws of God and my whole intention is to produce those laws in final unflinching format unto you of Shan and so be it.


I ask--again, that you ones refrain from pointing at clouds and stars and pronouncing them craft. You will be given to know when a ship resides within either--but you lose more intelligent and thinking persons by that one bit of loose-mouth chatter than all else that you do. For instance, I can tell you now that there is great, great rapport between me and our visitors of two days ago--and yet, you took them out to see the clouds and we all but lost both of them--worse, all you were pointing to were clouds! YOU are not given to know and I have asked that you not assume such responsibility lest you get eggs spattered upon thine faces--which you did!


We have entered the phase of "deadly game" and you will grow with the team or I must ask that you keep silence. I wish to include all of you who work so hard at the tasks at hand but you cannot have judgment of the value of some of our contacts. These ones have been up to their nauseated eyes with the UFO groupies and clouds and lights, abductions and blood-sucking mutilators. Angry? No, just reminding you--and yes, a bit aggravated for I felt that you ones were beyond the phase of such actions with total strangers--you know not but that these ones are in total service to the CIA, KGB and Mossad--do you? If I cannot ask, and get, mature judgment then I shall have to have these meetings kept between the visitors and myself--I do not wish to do that, friends, for I miss you greatly and I so enjoy our company. Bear with me a bit longer for the time is soon when the silver ships will look nothing like clouds. These things are the personal link with your brothers here with you ones whom they come to serve. Let us please just remember to be discriminating.




I don't even have the proper language to further discuss this subject with you for it is obvious that the general public is so uninformed that I hardly know where to begin. Therefore, in light of that which I gave you a week or so past, I shall try to move back in years to incidents and utilize descriptions as we move along. An excellent place to begin is, say, around your years 1978 and 1979 because robotics were on the scene, having moved from "doubles" and "look-alikes" into robotoids and then on into synthetic automatons which are referred to as "synthetics".


Doubles had been utilized frequently and with astounding results for some years prior to 1978 but in Spring of ‘79 Russia had begun to deploy this astonishing new Intelligence weapon. Those were the "organic robotoids"--artificial robot-like living creatures that simulate human beings. By introducing the robotoids, the Russians were able to make a shambles of the Bolshevik plans then in progress. Preparations were moving fast for a new Bolshevik socialist revolution right there in the United States, but the Russian robotoids stopped it cold. The major problem--then as now--the Zionist Elite have no real loyalty to any cause save their own so that which comes forth is utilized in any manner necessary to gain their own desires and the "host" factor is usually done-in while the wolf hides behind the lead-sheep's wool. Even more importantly, the joint Bolshevik and Zionist Middle East War plan was temporarily thwarted. This prevented the Bolsheviks from going ahead with the rest of their plan for an American nuclear first strike against Russia and so, the next attempt of serious magnitude was set up for 1982. Yes, you read exactly that and if you know not of which I speak--please go read the Journals for I cannot repeat it all.


After that time, the Russians pressed forward with their robotoid infiltration and take-over of the United States.. Within mere weeks, the year-and-a-half SALT II stalemate vanished and the treaty was signed in Vienna; for months major surprises showered the news which were the direct result of Russia's robotoid "invasion". At the time there were ones on your place who were being fed information right out of the Rockefeller Cartel and the CIA regarding these beings and it was being written, censored by the media and you the public tossed it aside like limp popcorn. Well, the two major resources were silenced and you were the loser. As we have bits of time on this subject, I shall back up and give you some scenarios which you can confirm, i.e. Sen. Church's strategy (robotoid) to undo the Cuba crisis and to save SALT II. But this story is for 1979 because it is so important in magnitude.


A most important case in point was to do with America's new relationship with Red China. In 1978, the Carter Administration was in a state of panic over Russia's newly deployed crushing military power in space. The so-called China-card policy was the result. America suddenly dumped Taiwan and recognized Red China but the Russians were working fast to unravel the ties between the United States and China. Russia was determined to re-establish her own working relationship with China. In October talks were continuing between Russian and Chinese officials in Moscow with that goal in view. Suddenly a Federal District Judge ruled that it was illegal for President Carter to breach the treaty with Taiwan. Instead, he said, Congress must be consulted. In June the same Judge had refused to rule in the case, but the Russian robotoid take-over in the U.S. had changed things forever. Out of the blue came the surprise thunderbolt of the ruling. It could hardly have been better calculated to shake Chinese confidence in the United States, and it came at the very moment when Red Chinese negotiators were staring across the table at their Russian counterparts in Moscow.


In every possible way, the Russians were trying to make use of their robotoid advantage while they could, because there was a lesson which ran throughout military history and the Russians knew it well. That lesson was that when one side in the conflict developed a new weapon, the other side would soon counter it with a similar and often, better, one. A new weapon can decide a conflict only if it is used quickly.


The United States was far behind that of Russia in robotoid technology as well as space technology, but then the Bolshevik and Zionist enemies of Russia had achieved their own surprise. The Rothschild interests, which controlled both movements, had for many years been deeply involved in biological research of all kinds. They had not succeeded in learning the secrets of the Russian robotoids, but they had achieved success with something very similar. Those developedments were called "synthetic automatons" or simply "synthetics". A Rothschild synthetic was similar to a Russian robotoid in certain ways. Each is an artificial life-form designed to simulate a human being, but synthetics also differ from robotoids in important ways. For one thing, they are generated by radically different techniques. Both utilize genetic samples from actual humans as their starting point, but beyond that everything is different.


The Russian process is a close relative of recombinant DNA techniques involving hormones and other life forms which could be loosely described as bacteria, simply for lack of better description. The details of the process were shrouded in the greatest secrecy of anything in historical reference--but the process (and I have already described it at any rate) enables robotoids to be generated from "scratch" very, very rapidly. The Rothschild process, by contrast, did not start from scratch--ah ha! Instead, certain tissues extracted from bovine (cattle) were the starting point. Are the lights flickering, L. Howe?


The synthetic is then generated in a process that changes the genetic make-up in order to simulate a person being copied. It is the outgrowth of a discovery made in the 1950's in France. The experiment involved two species of ducks called khaki Cambells (go look it up right after the shock goes away), and white Pekins. The landmark duck experiment of 1959 was reported in a book titled THE BIOLOGICAL TIME BOMB by one, I believe, Taylor, Gordon R. It was published around the late 1960's by the New American Library, New York, N.Y. Taylor described the experiment in these words, quote: "They had extracted DNA from the cells of the khaki Cambells and had injected it into the white Pekins, thinking that just possibly the offspring of the latter might show some character derived from khaki Cambells. To their utter astonishment the actual ducks they injected began to change. Their white feathers darkened, and their necks began to take on the peculiar curve which is a mark of the khaki Cambell." Beginning with that clue, the Rothschild synthetic process continued to be developed--in great secrecy and by the late ‘70's, synthetics were beginning to appear on the scene.


I do not wish to frighten Dharma but she must become aware that it was known that she would write these documents from onset of her time here on the planet--only she did not know.


Her brother was in a very high-level military intelligence position; he was replaced at the time of his original "heart attack" and several times since. For your confirmation, chela, remember that they would not allow you to visit--you were also told by astonished ones that when they first saw him afterwards his hair had turned snow white in a matter of hours--from the research medications. "They" usually do not make such errors in presentation but were caught off guard by a persistent wife who stumbled in prior to having the preparations fully under control. The one who came to visit last summer via Nellis Field and Edwards Air Force Base was quickly identified by you but most people will not even question and will attribute changes to aging and "whatever". Please KNOW, chela, that we wrap you in love and will see you through this journey for it has indeed been a painful walk for you. Don't concern about your father, child, for he has long ago moved on, but it was necessary to have a "body" in his place perchance you went to visit--it would make it far easier to keep you in surveillance. Your brother even remembers a lot of his experience and departure and became quite confused in your presence--it is indeed typical and the clues were all over the circumstance.




On October 9, 1979 Carter robotoid No. 18 was scheduled to hold a news conference. Three days earlier, Brezhnev No. 2 had made his proposals in East Berlin for military reductions in Europe. Robotoid No. 18 had been programmed to react positively to the proposals but instead your alleged President said, quote: "I think it's an effort designed to disarm the willingness or eagerness of our allies adequately to defend themselves." The Russians were totally dumbfounded. This was a fresh robotoid, surely the recurring instability problem could not be showing up so rapidly. After the news conference, he was bundled off for examination and testing, and that produced the second big surprise. It was not robotoid No. 18 at all, but a total synthetic. The synthetic was then transported to Novosibirsk for further study. There, robotoid scientists were able to establish an important and unpleasant fact: the source of the genetic material used in generating the synthetic had been robotoid No. 18; and whereas the Russian robotoids vary somewhat from one to another, the synthetic was virtually identical in appearance to the missing robotoid No. 18. But an important favorable fact was also discovered--the synthetics are inferior mentally to the robotoids. It wasn't clear at the time how fast the Bolsheviks would be able to deploy the synthetics, but the guerilla war between the Rothschild synthetics and the Russian robotoids was underways.


Dharma, allow us to leave this for it is now too lengthy for an Express. I hope that you ones tune in same time tomorrow for the ongoing saga of THE TURNING WORLD. No, day after tomorrow as Dharma has to go to depositions regarding their property. I hope I have whetted your appetite for learning for we have only just begun!


In love, appreciation and gratitude for audience, I stand aside for clearance.


Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Cmdr.



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